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Oh “Look what Tokong said not too long ago”

By Calvin Sankaran

Look what Tokong said not too long ago:

[In The Malaysian Insider, 8 Sept 2012]

“Lim Guan Eng told voters today that the only way to boot Lynas Corporation back to Australia and shut down its controversial rare earth refinery in Kuantan is by voting out Barisan Nasional (BN) in the coming polls.

The DAP secretary-general warned anti-Lynas lobbyists that the recent granting of a two-year temporary occupational licence (TOL) to the Australian miner was a clear sign that should BN win again in the next general election, the firm would be allowed to operate fully without any restrictions.

“That the BN government has no hesitation to issue the TOL to Lynas even before the general election showed its commitment towards Lynas and profits over the people’s health.

“The two-year TOL leaves Malaysians no choice but to choose health and public safety over profits and two nuclear reactors by replacing the BN with a PR (Pakatan Rakyat) government,” Lim said in a statement”. —

Note that he mentioned 2 nuclear reactors, clearly an attempt to whip up mass hysteria.

By their statements, LGE and WT [Wong Tack] clearly proven Lynas and its supporters’ accusation that they are merely using Lynas as a platform to undermine BN and whip up mass hysteria among the Chinese.

What surprises me is the almost casual coverage of LGE’s and WT’s complete reversal of position. One of the favourite tactics of MI, MK and other Pakatan’s alternative media is in the clever but cunning use of the headings. What they do is print wild accusations and out-of-context excerpts as headlines and buries the details and truth somewhere within the text. They know that most people won’t read the news at all and just merely scan the headlines. As such many people take wild accusations as facts.

In LGE and WT’s case, the headlines were so mild and misleading. Had the same thing happened to BN leaders, MK would have screamed “Massive U-Turn” or “Flip Flop”.

As I had stated yesterday, when a low level BN leader makes a negative statement, it is given wide publicity and goes on for months or even years. But when PR leaders make such statements, either these don’t get publicized or quickly buried and forgotten. That’s why Dapsters are quick to forget Namawee, Patrick Teoh, Ngeh, etc but quote Johari ad nauseam.

Comment originally @ 2013/03/13 at 9:40 am

hannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists

Low level BN leader will get wide publicity from alternative media for a negative statement

I would say that over the years the alternative media and DAP (and their Cyber Red Guards) have done a massive job in painting Umno as racist extremists.

Their tactics are simple: One, as in the case of Johari [Abdul Ghani] here, misrepresent what was said and spin as racist statement.

Second, pick up the statements of some low level leaders and present as the view of Umno as whole. I don’t think there is a need to refuse that there are among Umno members who have poor view of other races. But this is not the Umno leadership’s view or the party’s policy.

The thing is when Ngeh accuses Indian votes can be garnered via mutton, it gets little traction. But if let’s say an Umno state leader says the same thing, it would generate a firestorm stoked by Pakatan cyber thugs that he’ll be forced to resign.

When Ngeh calls Zamry Nga calls Zambry “hitam metallic”, the media (including the MCA’s scissor – the Star) conveniently buries in inside pages. But had it been an Umno leader, we will have weeks and months of controversy.

We know that PAS leaders are known to utter racist and chauvinist statements frequently but these are often dismissed by the Chinese.


So the thing is every party indulges in racial / religious politics but Umno gets tarnished by racism accusations the most due to the cleaver and relentless propaganda by PR.

I think Umno has not been effective in countering them. In fact one of the key election strategies of PR/DAP is in accusing and painting Umno as racist. This was apparently suggested by PR’s electoral strategists hired from the US during the 2008 GE.

Comment by Calvin Sankaran originally @ 2013/03/12 at 11:13 am


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16 thoughts on “Oh “Look what Tokong said not too long ago”

  1. Calvin,

    I’ve have an illustration to bolster your observation about the DAP method of spin.

    Lim Guan Eng was quoted by The Malaysian Insider in its article ‘Umno extremist in wanting hudud for all, says DAP’ (2 Aug 2012) as saying the Pakatan

    “common manifesto for the 13th general election makes no mention of an Islamic state or enforcing hudud at the federal level. He said this was in stark contrast to Umno leaders nationwide who recently backed a Johor Umno politician’s call to implement hudud in the southern state.”

    The Johor Umno politician who made the call to implement hudud was Ayub Rahmat, the Kemelah state assemblyman.

    Guan Eng additionally cited Penang state opposition leader Azhar Ibrahim and Kepala Batas Wanita Umno division as having passed resolutions “supporting hudud for all”.

    But that’s all. Ayub, Azhar (who’s retiring) and Kepala Batas Wanita do not represent top-level “Umno leaders nationwide” as LGE has misrepresented.

    The Umno spokesmen like sec-gen Tengku Adnan and info chief Ahmad Maslan have not said that hudud would be implemented.

    On the contrary, Najib Razak clearly said, “Hudud laws cannot be implemented as we have to take into consideration the environment and the reality.” (See The Star, 25 Sept 2011)

    Muhyiddin Yassin said, “Our stand is that in Malaysia, we cannot implement it in the present situation. I do not think in the present condition, it is suitable for implementation.” (See The Sun Daily, 23 Sept 2011)

    See how Guan Eng putar-belit.

    He operates below the belt like his Mama counterpart, the pot who’s always calling the kettle “low class”.

    1. yet the biggest irony is that they need the votes of these “low class” people to win the election.

      1. Let’s put this question out there…

        Why Najib no recognize UEC?

        Goodies for civil servants = bribe
        Goodies for “Chinese” education movement supporters a.k.a. DJZ = not a bribe

        You know why? Because Najib can recognize UEC besok and those DJZ monkeys will still vote DAP, a party with ZERO record on “Chinese” education movement.

        Besides, who told you that civil servants will vote for BN just because of the goodies?

    2. What is DAP if not ruled & inhabited by sultans of spins.

      As for the voters, if fooled once, shame on DAP. Fooled yet again, proven beyond doubt to be blind as bats & clueless as hell.

    3. “When Ngeh calls Zamry Nga calls Zambry “hitam metallic”, the media (including the MCA’s scissor – the Star) conveniently buries in inside pages. ”

      The internet blogs is really a democratisation of opinions as envisage by Zukerberg. Previously The Star has been controlled by Chinese tokeys who promote their race gambling interests unashamed ly. 84 special draws when the punters win too much etc. Then you have the NST controlled by Tamils who claims to be bumiputeras for some strange reasons.

      In NST the Singhs and Indians writers would promote Jiwa/Singh/Tamils in highlights. Even the football national team was criticised as having too many Malays!! Yes this is Malaysia and yet the Indian writers in NST want to see racial quota for Indians.

      Even in Chinese republic of Singapore, all the players are Malays and they won the KFC with no problems but Indians in NST has the galled to criticise a Malays filled team! Who gave them the platform to write in NST? Isnt NST is suppose to be UMNO or Malay owned?

      But luckily with the internet we can google and read that Subahan Kamal an UMNO leader is in fact indian! haha. That is why as FAM vice president he choose a lousy two bit Indian as coach. Munir Majid NST editor is Indian, Kalimullah an Indian reporter who became multimillionaire curtosy of another Indian UMNO minister.

      There in lies the problem with BN and UMNO. With Indians in NST running down Malays, it is no surprise that even the Malays have become disenfranchised from UMNO refusing to vote.

  2. what’s this? i tot Anwar Ibrahim said can open lynas if it safe and since it is proven safe already. there will be no change in lynas affair in malaysia right?

    so much spin.. i’m dizzy, so much flip flop, i still wear crocs

  3. I was misquoted, said LGE
    It was taken off context, said Wong
    It’s a manifesto not an actual promise, said Khalid.
    It’s a spin by BN, said the Red Guards

    ..and the chinese community get conned again & again. LOL..

    To the 85percent – you’re holding out for a hero, sorry that you end up with a zero!

  4. Ingatkan Cina pandai sangat?

    Ke dah jadi mutant dah semua? Banyak sangat makan jagung?

    Orang yang nak bakar Lynas, boleh Lim Kit Siang panggil Green candidate?

    Orang macam Lim Kit Siang sedap ngata filem Tanda Putera racist?

    Why you Chinese vote all these DAP goons anyway? You want this country so much ahhh? I thought this country is so bad and you all hate it, want to emigrate at first chance!

    I don’t care about the DAP much anymore, I’m more pissed off at the Chinese who vote the DAP now.

    Which is probably the majority of them.

  5. Look like a certain race is unwittingly against their own motherland race:

    (Not written by any local paper, alternative or not nor by a hack)

    while the leader of another race is actually batting for the motherland race of the race that hates his guts and his own race.

    And to top it all, the leader of PR is actually wicketkeeping for another race that hates the race that supports his agenda . Me…I am going to the races….hahahahahahahaaha

  6. Oh, look what he did to the fishermen:

    -Gadaian Rejim Utara-

    Dinihari dikejut pagi cemerkap; menghinggut kedamaian yang sedikit. Laungan kebesaran dikecilkan demi menina-bobo gerombolan Rejim Utara. Embun bergegas mempamit semalu dan rumputan. Semilir laut menampar debu di jalanan menjadi kabut merengsa pernafasan. Saban hari, cadas berganti asfalt-berganti cadas semula, sesering siang berganti malam-berganti siang semula.

    Apalagi tertinggal, sebelum tiba senja, semua telah tergadai. Timbunan tanah mengambus pantai adalah kuburan para nelayan. Pangsapuri servis dan penhouse jutaan ringgit menjadi nisan berceracakan. Tak memadai tebus-guna tanah pantai, kuala dan jeti; perut lautpun ingin dirobek. Terumbu karang adalah kantung-kantung nelayan pesisir, bakal jerlus-tembus dek kerakusan manusia.

    Jelang malam terkumpul lagi harapan. Mungkin esok semilir laut mengirim dingin kabut basah melindap panas cadas dan asfalt; menyejuk setiap hela nafas. Biarkan embun bergantungan lama-lama pada semalu dan rumputan. Seri pagi akan berkembang walau mentari mungkin kesiangan. Desir daun-daun lalang berdendang lagu rintih para nelayan. Moga-moga, tertebus kembali harapan!

    Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang.
    ©Ibnu Din Assingkiri

  7. we are equal but the same time we are different with the the same rights….boleh faham ka?

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