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All out election war on Facebook

DAP would be relying on social media websites to get its election campaign messages across, says party publicity bureau chief Tony Pua.

The Star report today is filed by Regina Lee. Yup, that reporter-cum-Hannah bff whom MCA vice president Gan Ping Sieu is “wow, terribly impressed” with.

Below we learn from Shen Yee Aun that the DAP operates more than 30 Facebook pages.

And don’t be surprised to learn that the DAP’s biggest social media network is The Star.

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By Shen Yee Aun

I remember how after a day when I organize a 180 tables dinner in Klang ( Klang Transformation Dinner ) my mum car get stolen.

I also remember there a period of time when DAP Cyber Trooper copy and paste my personal HP number all over around the places where different people will call me 24/7.

I also remember how my email, blog and facebook get hacked few times.

I also remember how they created political forum and directory just to spin about me back then.

And lately DAP gave an instruction to ask all their paid political pages and few thousands of Troopers to go all out to spread lies to attack me ( 30 over DAP FB pages and thousands of troopers ).

All this just because I defended the young women victim and also just because I gave a speech in Johor that they keep sharing it and cursing me without even replying with facts and figure and in a healthy and intellectual way.

— continue reading the rest of the article ‘Pakatan Rakyat and DAP Supporters Cannot Accept The Freedom and Democracy of Political Choice’ @

Bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star

By Shen Yee Aun

“The matter I raised today proved one thing. They [DAP] will just assassinate, or give instruction to defame, to spin, to kill or do anything to destroy people who disagree with them.”

Shen said he hoped MCMC would investigate the matter and take action against those carrying out such extreme acts as a lesson to others.

Reported by Bernama, NST. FMT, Malaysia Today, The Mole and Harian Metro.

Not reported by The Star.

Update: The Star has reported — 2.20pm, 16 March 2013

Note: The Star story didn’t turn up in Google because the paper misspelled Shen’s name as “Shean Yee Aun” (see screenshot). The Star is very shoddy.

NGO acts against online bullies - Nation The Star Online 2013-03-16 14-15-09


‘Star’ attraction

Malaysiakini interviewed Hannah Yeoh as a first installment in its election series on political ‘Young Bloods’, uploaded today.

If the pro-opposition media featured ‘young blood’ Hannah Yeoh as its star (pun intended) attraction, then a pro-establishment media ought to have featured ‘young blood’ like Shen Yee Aun.

Today the media had carried write-ups on Shen Yee Aun who lodged a police report on how the DAP cybertroopers try to “destroy, assassinate, defame (accuse anyone critical of DAP as being paid) and attack whoever that mention aboutthe weaknesses of the DAP leaders.

Although Bernama, NST, FMT, The Mole, Malaysia Today and Harian Metro all got the story, The Star somehow missed it. Yup, proving again and again how bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star. 

Fresh-faced Shen Yee Aun
Fresh-faced DAP critic Shen Yee Aun

But guess what? The Star today reported on how “Fresh-faced DAP candidate Han­nah Yeoh won the seat in 2008 with a 13,851 majority over MCA’s Ong Chong Swen”.

The upshot is that the MCA paper missed a story where a “fresh-faced”, “young gun” Shen Yee Aun who’s 26 years old took on the DAP SuperCyber Bullies.

Instead this kononnya MCA paper devoted its write-up today to gleefully reporting how Hannah Yeoh – none other than the DAP SuperCyber Bully herself – had trashed the MCA candidate in the 2008 election.

With friends like The Star, MCA doesn’t need enemies.


DAP’s biggest social media network is The Star


I have no Faceook or Twitter.