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DAP’s biggest social media network is The Star

Newbie on the blog Annie believes that:

“Backed by the numerous pro-Pakatan news portals and sympathetic publications such as Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider, Free Malaysia Today, Malaysian Chronicles, Sinar Harian, Malay Mail, the Star etc, these pro-Pakatan bloggers and cybertroopers are indeed a powerful force.”

She observed that in contrast, BN bloggers appeared to be more of guerrilla outfits “employing a hit and run strategy”.



Screenshot above: Raja Petra Kamarudin believes that there are 100 DAP cybertroopers who are paid a salary to post comments in blogs

Other reports elsewhere have said that Lim Guan Eng has 20 Special Officers in his office.

But the ‘Bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star’ doesn’t want to dig into stuff like this.

Surely with their contacts (e.g. Koh Tsu Koon’s aides, as the Tan Sri had been Penang Chief Minister for umpteen years, would be in the know), this allegation about Guan Eng’s Men in Black is something that the paper can verify or dispel if it is willing to do just a little investigative reporting.

Spreading darkness across the land


The most powerful cybertroop of all

Speaking about the Pakatan bloggers who seem better coordinated, Annie says:

“Their best team is perhaps the one based at Komtar, Penang. They are so effective that no one who is considered credible can say a single bad thing about Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng without getting lynched by them in the cyberspace.”

ref. Annie’s blog (which I’ve added to my blog reading list)


Reader Rashid (comment reproduced above) gives us a tip-off regarding the latest deliberate ‘Make Dunno’ by the stabbing tool whose tagline is ‘Bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star‘.

[Update: The Star has the story but it came out online much later at Friday afternoon than in the NST which carried an early morning time-stamp. However the article may not have appeared in the Saturday print version of The Star. — 2.35pm, 16 March 2013]

Below is the NST report – missing from The Star – on the most recent case of cyberthuggery against a young Chinese woman whose only crime is showing support for the BN.

The Star appears to have buried this story just like it buried the rant by Patrick Teoh (who is the bff of Papa and Mama Dapster) as well as buried the Lim Guan Eng controversial Christmas eve 2012 message.


Pro-BN Chinese women — most vulnerable group

To recap, the trend of DAP SuperCyber Bullying was highlighted as early as December 2010 by a Beliawanis MCA — see screenshot of tweet below by the wing’s national treasurer Jessica Lai.

So far, it has been mostly Chinese women who have been victims of the Dapster gangster.

Even though the alarm bell was rung by Beliawanis and followed by Wanita MCA, the newspaper owned by MCA has, on the contrary, been doing caught cover-up after cover-up after cover-up to shield the DAP 2.0 evangelistas from negative publicity.


Regarding the rape call, a letter to the FMT editor today said:

“Those comments very clearly come from DAP’s cyber-troopers as that particular video which went viral all over Facebook was shared with degrading comments on DAP’s numerous social media pages. We must then ask ourselves what kind of uncouth culture is DAP promoting among our young (young Malaysians being the majority who use social media) today?”

Truth to tell, the biggest DAP social media page is The Star.


Hari ini dalam Star

And here is The Star‘s write-up today:

“Fresh-faced DAP candidate Han­nah Yeoh won the seat in 2008 with a 13,851 majority over MCA’s Ong Chong Swen.”

The Star continues, “Yeoh looks set to defend her state seat and if Ong is indeed fielded in the Kelana Jaya parliamentary seat, those who will be vying for the state seat include Kelana Jaya MCA Youth chief Lee You Hin and Kelana Jaya MCA secretary Gan Meng Foo”.

The reason Hannah Yeoh looks set to retain her seat comfortably is because The Star has been the DAP state assemblyman’s most ardent cheerleader the last five years, featuring her in their pages consistently and even up to six stories over four consecutive days.

MCA Kelana Jaya membuat laporan polis
MCA Kelana Jaya, Ong (in pink), made police report against Hannah Yeoh

Star buried another story

And get this! The MCA’s Ong Chong Swen mentioned in today’s article had previously lodged a report against Hannah Yeoh. Ong accused Hannah of slandering the MCA and the government. The Malay Mail and the NST provided coverage when the police asked Hannah Yeoh to go in for questioning.

The story covered by Malay Mail and NST was missed by The Star. ‘T’is mighty strange indeed.

And today, when The Star mentioned Ong Chong Swen the MCA candidate, the paper forgot all about that earlier episode where bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star.

Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day
Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day

This Star reporter (photo above) claims that “balik kampung tanam jagung” is a “popular Malay phrase”.

Second daughter another Chinese?

If The Star is able to write a story on Hannah Yeoh today, why did not the paper ask her the simple question of what race her second daughter is registered as. After all, the Dapsters scream that Malays are “racist” and that BN parties such as MCA, MIC and Umno are “racist to the core”.

Since the charge of “racism” is continually levelled at the ruling party then this matter of the race of Baby Ram #2 should be given an airing. After all, we’re aware that Baby Ram #1 is legally a Chinese as categorized in the birth certificate, her patrilineal descent notwithstanding.

Hold MCA responsible for its media

BN and their supporters must hold MCA accountable for all the highly damaging pro-opposition slant contained in the Star subtext. See ‘Nasir Safar, Ahmad Ismail, “racism” and the MCA chewing grass

The Star Media Group with its reach to a 5.63 million audience has been amplifying the DAP election campaign material far and wide.

Jerusubang is in control of cyberspace precisely because The Star and other media serve as enablers to the DAP SuperCyber Bullies.



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15 thoughts on “DAP’s biggest social media network is The Star

  1. Notwithstanding The Star’s silence on the female BN supporter being bullied on FB, I wouldn’t count Star as DAP or PR’s biggest social media network – anyone reading The Star for the last 2-3 years would wonder whether Malaysia consists of provinces other than Penang, Selangor or Kedah and if yes whether all the other States are run perfectly.

    1. Come to think of it, The Star considers Subang Jaya our 15th state (like how Wilayah is a Federal Territory) and this Subang Jaya is the country’s alternative capital.

    2. Helen, helen the Malays dont really pay crap to the STARS. They speak Malay so are not bothered by STARS Chinese or Mail Malay Indians Fernandes ex SUN all anti Malay. They are singing to their own congregation.

      Tapi jangan lupa Melayu bukan bodoh mcm Tun Mahahtir fikir. Atau lemah mcm orang sulu fikir.

      Silap hari bulan orang Melayu akan jumpa orang Cina dan India lagi.

      Kau orang nak cakap mat salleh berbelit-belit cakaplah. Sains dan Matematik tetap dalam Bahasa Melayu. Mahathir keling dan kuncu nya Muhyiddin jangan fikir jual tanah dengan Syed Mokhtar ingat dah pandai benor.

      Kini orang Melayu tahu Syed Mokhtar anak keling dari Pakistan bela kambing sekolah sampai SPM saja tapi curi harta orang Melayu, bumkputera konon. Bacalah biografinya yang ditulis oleh orang India.

      NST konon akhbar UMNO tapi ramai keling dalam NST berderet-deret boleh speaking London ingat keling ni dia terrer lah kat Tanah Melayu.

      Biarkan-biarkan si labu dengan labinya…

  2. You are right in saying that the BN-supporting Chinese females face the biggest risk. This if you recall, was exactly the case during the CPM’s armed struggle where the Chinese supporting the govt were often killed /tortured /raped. That’s I maintain that DAP is CPM 3.0.

    CPM tried to take over the country using gueriila warfare but DAP is more successful with cyber attack.

    1. When they start bullying Malay women, then there will be a risky racial dimension.

      1. This is the communist way to keep Chinese support for themselves bullying any Chinese who dares to befriend the Government. Of course they wont bully Malay women because that is outright confrontation with the enemy.
        But bagi orang Melayu, baru mereka tahu. Cina tetap Cina tapi Melayu UMNO/PAS yang termakan duit kontrak Cina konon promote 1 Malaysia.

        Mereka ini tidak ada credibility untuk memimpin Melayu. Kesucian Tanah Melayu, budaya dan bahasa, perlu dipertahankan sebagai hak dan pusaka orang Melayu seperti wasiat Raja-Raja Melayu.

        Orang Melayu perlu terima hakikat kesilapan dan kelemahan kempimpinan UMNO sebelum merdeka seperti Tun hussein dan Muhyidin. Semangat sahaja tidak mencukupi. Pemimpin Melayu mesti ada craftiness dan kepintaran berfikir selain memahami musuh-musuh melayu.

        Selaras dengan Pekembar (UMNO) yang terdiri dari 51 NGO melayu semasa ditubuhkan, maka cerdik pandai dan pemikir Melayu perlu menyumbang melalui NGO untuk mengembling pemikiran yang terbaik. Pemakanan yang kurang di zaman jepun membuat pemimpin melayu pendek mcm sanusi dan muhyiddin dan tahap pemikiran yang terbantut.

        Sekarang orang Cina/india mempunyai gold mine/tin mine/plantations/airine/astro yang tak sepatutnya diberi.

        Bagaimana mengenal pemimpin UMNO yang bodoh? Mereka ini boleh dikenal dari gesaan bodoh seperti “Orang Melayu jangan iri hati dengan orang cina” atau “Orang Melayu perlu contohi orang Kafir Cina”.

        Melayu yang cerdik perlu ingatkan pemimpin UMNO ini Tanah Melayu dan lombong/emas/bijih adalah hak orang Melayu 100% bukan 19%.

        Orang Melayu memerlukan pemimpin yang ada carta untuk menangani budaya dan bangsa Cina/India long term bukan cakap benda2 bodoh hanya kerana digula-gula dengan wang hasil kontrak Cina. Umpamannya seorang Presiden UMNO, anak-anaknya menjadi Pengarah 300 syarikat Cina! Tak payah sebut lah boleh cari di internet sendiri.

        Pemimpin Melayu PAS pun sama bodoh. 4000 hektar diberi kepada kafir harbi Ngeh dan Nga di serambi Mekah sedangkan Melayu Kelantan miskin kedana! Pemimpin PAS kumat kamit tapi dalam hati, aku bagi tanah pada kafir Cina hahaha tak ada orang tahu..hehe.

      2. I do not know if I am reading too much into this but these DAP cyber bullying against Chinese women also reinforces a certain negative sexual stereotype about Chinese women.

        The manner in which these attacks are carried out, the language, the photos shopped pics and the “rape fantasies” feed into the general narrative that Chinese women are loose or immoral which the DAP seems to have no trouble with since I have yet to see any comments from the Mandarins condemning these attacks.

        The fact that these attacks cross the English and Chinese language mediums to me indicates that it is an internal conversation going on, with the so-called righteous Jerusubangites drawing a moral line against the MCA, which ironically does not include the manner in which the MCA is attacked.

        The fact that Indians sometimes join in these attacks also points to a warped sense of inclusiveness in the dynamic.

        Again, I could be wrong. Just throwing this out there.

        1. Possible since Chinese women don’t tutup aurat / wear tudung (case of judging by appearances and religious dressing norms).

          If you’re free on a Sat. afternoon, try Googling these names who’ve been victims: Jessie Ooi, Tan Cheng Liang, Ceylyn Tay, Tee Hooi Ling (all politicians) and Joceline Tan.

          Also there was the case of the ‘models’ (umbrella girls) hired for the MCA Youth assembly/convention about 2-3 years back.

          Probably a number of other ‘nameless’ ordinary women have been victimized as well.

  3. Apropos nothing, it would seem that LKS is going to annouce his candidature in Johor.

    1. Like how his son swept into Penang. Too bad for the DAP state chairman who had been working the ground for donkey years.

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