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Screenshot below from Anil Netto’s blog, where his story about Bala’s death had garnered 1,378 page views.

Anil’s reader by the name of ‘Gerakan K’ had left a comment saying “RIP” (rest in peace). He was given 5 Thumbs Down.

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Malays wise up to the MCA’s double game

By Darlyn Azlinda

Seriously, in my opinion, MCA is scared.

The Chinese in MCA is actually the minority of the Chinese in Malaysia. Well, you can guess who is the majority, right? Look at in any social media, Umno and PR followers are actually quite balanced. Even MIC followers play their parts well to counter.

Then see MCA and DAP. It is like langit dengan bumi! Continue reading “Malays wise up to the MCA’s double game”

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YB Kula’s assistant assaulted and needs hospital

It appears to be a targetted attack. The woman, who is an assistant to M. Kula Segaran, the Ipoh Barat DAP Member of Parliament, was assaulted as she was leaving his service centre.

This is not like a case of the woman suffering injuries as a result from random snatch theft. The assailants seemed to have marked and lain in wait for her. Continue reading “YB Kula’s assistant assaulted and needs hospital”