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Screenshot below from Anil Netto’s blog, where his story about Bala’s death had garnered 1,378 page views.

Anil’s reader by the name of ‘Gerakan K’ had left a comment saying “RIP” (rest in peace). He was given 5 Thumbs Down.

Anil’s blog, just in case you’re unaware, is popular with Penang DAP supporters.



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24 thoughts on “Bala

  1. I have no comment of this PI Bala.

    Why? I see that he is a man on quest of survival in his life just as En.Azlan, Saiful’s father.

    Whether sworn religiously or by oath, both man live without principles and to me they are a disgrace….

    Therefore, the 5 thumbs down for him (PI Bala to rest in peace) is surely from the same judgement as mine…

    On the other word the thumbs down means…”may he not rest in peace for what he has done”…

    Am I cruel to say this?

  2. Bala death is good business for Pakatan’s rumor mongering and badmouthing of UMNO

  3. Bala’s death will attract more rumour mongering nonsense from Pakatan.

    Double blessing for BN.

  4. my condolences to pi bala’s wife and kids. but to me he had made the wrong choice by getting mixed up with the dark side. his mind and soul was not at peace at all which contribute to his heart attack and demise.

  5. We should ask Pakatan supporters whether they know what Bala the great composer of LIES and FITNAH is doing, now he is DEAD.

    1. I could but it would probably something worse…LOL. Thanks anyway for canning my comments. Hats off sis for displaying a sense of decency and respect for even to those who don’t deserve it, I guess that’s the difference between you and the Dapsters and the alternative media.

  6. Well, he’s dead. Can’t change that fact. I think that when someone dies, it is always good for our own soul to let go of whatever grudges we hold against the person. Of course easier said than done but when we let go, the healing process starts.

    I don’t know LGE or HY or AI personally & yet I have strong feelings about them based on personal observations of their actions. I would have a self satisfied feeling of schadenfreude if they lose the elections but at the same time I could not bring myself to wish physical harm upon them or their loved ones.

    In the same vein, the vitriol thrown at the girl highlighted by SYA is an indication of the race polarization in the country. She was probably looked upon by the Chinese card carrying, Bersih attending keyboard warriors as a traitor to the race based on the comments carried.

    It astounds me how much hatred is behind such comments. I could probably laugh it off if it comes across as ascerbic or tongue in cheek. But to wish a girl to be sexually violated crosses the line in the sand IMO.

    If you have nothing good to say about the deceased, then keeping your gob zipped should be pursued as the best option. I think that when we disrespect the dead, regardless of who they are, it is a sure sign of us losing our humanity, one bit at a time.

  7. It’s ironic since earlier Bala had invoked divine intervention, guardian spirits and said that Altantuya didn’t want him to die yet.

    Maybe it’s just Indian diet, poor lifestyle and stress though.

      1. yerp… UMNO is in nego with martians to take over the whole universe as well! The most absurd and ‘tragic’ is a tweet by abby abadi (reformed ex-celeb) who asked Najib (the way I read it, la) why Bala past away?

        I mean, for real .. i sincerely think that there must be a law against idiots using tweeter or any social networking media.

      2. Blaming people for heart attacks only shows how paranoid people are. Unless they can bring something like proof or evidence.

        Some people are sure Anwar had a hand in Sabah’s intrusion. That Sabah akan hilang video then becomes very frightening. At the very least it would make people think he knows it would be happen. Hard to say, I don’t think even the people listening him ceramah and sing at that time had any idea what he’s talking about.

        Some people believe Anwar screws other men. Pictures and confessions then become convincing. Better not make it a photoshopped picture though. Or make an SD that becomes invalidated by another SD and then make another SD again.

        I bet if anyone dies on BN’s side I’m sure the PAS types would say their prayers made them die.

        1. Then the conspiracy theorists will say that the doctor who signed Bala’s death cert were bought by Umno which has a lot of money and is throwing cash around like kacang putih.

          1. It’s those evil doctors again, I knew it!

            They must have destroyed all those benevolent guardian spirits and deities.

            Now you know why the evil Malaysian government likes to demolish those Indian temples so much.

            Can’t have divine intervention save people like Bala.

            So… how’s that for a conspiracy theory? Just made it up on the spot.

  8. if i am UMNO with that much money to throw away, wouldn’t it be apt to silence the whole oppo? Why would I want to bother with a mere pedestrian?

    Like the ‘injected with HIV virus’ to a certain individual, the person is still alive & screwing almost everything with 2 legs sans gender specific.

    How much BS can, should & need to be tolerated? We really terbalik one.. the more educated Msians have become, the more bodoh we get and it shows. Hannah Yeoh is the perfect icon for when town’s idiot get a hold of modern technology.

    1. Theory why the individual supposedly injected with arsenic is still alive and kicking today is because Anugerah Tuhan not so easy to die one lah. Kebal sebab dia wali.

      1. Dia macam that Highlander movie ek? so the immortal one, leh? aiyo…if that’s what tuhan anugerah to us, can we ask for refund or not?

        1. No lah cannot refund but can ganti Anugerah Tuhan with product of equal value, i.e. God’s Gift (got one prototype, testing in Penang)

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