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YB Kula’s assistant assaulted and needs hospital

It appears to be a targetted attack. The woman, who is an assistant to M. Kula Segaran, the Ipoh Barat DAP Member of Parliament, was assaulted as she was leaving his service centre.

This is not like a case of the woman suffering injuries as a result from random snatch theft. The assailants seemed to have marked and lain in wait for her.


Gangland connections?

Such thuggery is a very serious business and may involve underworld elements.

The attack on the woman came amidst the escalating rift between Kula and his rivals the DAP Perak evangelical warlords.

A couple of days ago, Kula repeated his allegation of “corruptive practice”. We know who he is referring to but the MCA-owned media, which has been silent on the developments with regard to the DAP Perak bitter feud, has refused to cover the story.

TwittermkulaA non Chinese

Attacking opponents

Blog House president Syed Akbar Ali yesterday reminded, “All you Pakatan people must get it through your criminally thick skulls that this country is a democracy.”

SAA was referring to the incident reported to the police by Shen Yee Aun wheren the Malaysia Youth Rights Movement president had revealed:

“They [DAP] will just assassinate, or give instruction to defame, to spin, to kill or do anything to destroy people who disagree with them.”

Shen means “character assassinate”. He probably means “kill” in the figurative sense of the word as well.

However given the increasing levels of intimidation (death threats and rape threats) against opponents of the DAP 2.0 evangelistas, we can’t be too sure now that “destroying people who disagree with them” might not cross the line into physical violence.


Bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star

Shen Yee Aun’s police report on how the DAP cybertroopers try to “destroy, assassinate, defame (accuse anyone critical of DAP as being paid) and attack whoever dares to question the DAP supreme leaders was reported by Bernama, NST. FMT, Malaysia Today, The Mole, Sinar Harian and Harian Metro.

It was not reported by The Star either yesterday or today. Update: The Star has reported — 2.12pm. Note: The Star story didn’t turn up in Google because the paper misspelled Shen’s name as “Shean Yee Aun” (see screenshot). The Star is very shoddy.

NGO acts against online bullies - Nation The Star Online 2013-03-16 14-15-09

The bullying by DAP supporters is getting from bad to worse but the MCA media is keeping this fact under the lid.

And now we see that when yet another woman is assaulted – this time not just verbally like the young woman in Facebook but physically – the MCA paper still remains ominously silent.

Do DAP and their followers realise that ours is a democratic country and not the law of the jungle?

But not everyone though is convinced that DAP 2.0 and their Jerusubangites respect the democratic culture.


What democracy?

There’s the Kim family.

And then there’s the Lim family.

Pemerintah dinasti Korea Utara: Kim Il Sung, anaknya Kim Jong Il dan cucunya Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un, daddy Kim Jong Il & granddaddy Kim Il Sung
Look at the microphone, Guan Eng is on Star TV

Silencing the critics

Commenting on the warlord feud between Kula and the cousins, Tunku Aziz Ibrahim remarked that people who have opposing views to the DAP prefer to keep their silence.

This Great Wall of Silence is due to Dear Leaders the likes of Lim Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng who stifle voices of dissent, Tunku Aziz told the NST on March 12.

He added that some insiders prefer instead to be the “blue-eyed boys or girls” of the Lim regime rather than breaching the endless gag orders.

Dictators are propped up by propaganda

You must be wondering how come the 85 percent of urban Chinese who worship the Lim dynasty can simply fail to see what the 85 percent of Malays who are wary of the family mafia can so clearly see.

The answer is DAP’s effective propaganda and mob thuggery, just like its North Korean counterpart.

In his Twitter below, James Ngeh Koo Ham accused a BN leader of “encouraging alcoholism amongst Indians”.

The Star is silent.

Twitter ngehkooham Beruas alcoholism

DAP’s covert propaganda tool

The NST had carried daily stories on the DAP Perak factional rift over the last week:

The Star on the other hand adhered to its standard operating procedure of whitewashing any negative news about the DAP evangelistas.

See my earlier review of The Star report ‘Bab Ngeh kenakan Kula, perkembangan seterusnya’ where the DAP’s favourite reporter Regina Lee accused Kula of having “vented his frustrations over Twitter” and going on “a Twitter rampage alluding to conspiracy and corruption”.

Since Kula had indeed ventilated corruption allegations, all the more reason then for The Star to aggressively pursue the story. But strangely and most shockingly, all we had from the paper is silence. Why?


Gunting dalam Lipatan

pasteBernama reported (see above) that the entire Umno information machinery has been moved to counter the opposition propaganda.

And here we’ve just had the DAP evangelist James Ngeh accusing Chang Ko Youn, adviser to the Perak Menteri Besar, of “encouraging alcoholism amongst Indians”.

And the MCA media machinery aka The Scissors keeps quiet.

Both the Perak evangelista warlord cousins speak, write and tweet in Chinese, which poses a barrier to monitoring efforts by the Umno media.

In all of this The Star is no help despite its Chinese-dominated staff.

In fact the paper serves only to hinder, as indicated by the spin put on the Kula story by Regina Lee (her Twitter handle is @reginalah, see screenshot of Hannah tweet below).


The Star protecting the evangelistas too

Shen Yee Aun tells us that his e-mail, blog and Facebook have been hacked, that he’s received nuisance calls 24/7 after his mobile number was pasted all over cyberspace, and that the cybertroopers created political forums to “go all out to spread lies to attack” him.

Shen also revealed that the DAP has more than several dozen Facebook pages to carry out their gutter politics.

TwitMeterMarch2013And yet we hear none of this in The Star!

MCA’s own Wanita and Beliawanis were among the first victims of the DAP supporters’ bullying. The Star, as we’re aware, chose to side with the tormenters.

The Star‘s own Joceline Tan has been a victim of bullying not just by the DAP supporters alone but by Lim Guan Eng (“the CM told her off in his speech“) and by Hannah Yeoh.

And again nothing from The Star!!

The DAP’s secret weapon, i.e. its social media network enabler, is none other than The Jerusubang Star.



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6 thoughts on “YB Kula’s assistant assaulted and needs hospital

  1. MCA being the owner of the STAR publications do not expect and assumed that the Malays as a whole would support them, do they? There are Malays being in the oppositions and in the pro governments who speaks fluent Oxford English, thus we the Melayu’s in both sides knows what is MCA up to.

    Simple equations to summarise, BN wins Chinese wins, Bn lose Chinese wins. These are the “guntings dalam lipatan” that is propagated by the cowards in MCA. Enjoy the rides while they can, hope that they upheld what their leaders say. If they fail to garner enough confidence in the GE13, they would not want any posts be it in state or parlimentary level. Do not piggy back riding on other races efforts.

    Prove your worth MCA and start overhauling the STAR managements. Its not government’s entity. its business. Being the owner do something or otherwise i’d say put your balls between your butts. We are not stupid, its enough to be used by the other piggy party, but to be used by an ally, thats too much. You are not an invicible party.

    Prove your worth, dont be an excess baggage for others to drag on to. Simple, kami bukan buta, bukan pekak telinga. Dah lama dah kamu mempergunakan kami untuk survive, Time to earn your daily wages bro. Jangan makan gaji buta, atas kepentingan parti orang lain you wants to piggy back to obtain glory, its enough, prove your worth.

  2. Intersting that Opposition violence is reflected inwards, while BN uses violence against its poltical advesaries (reflected outwards).

    I feel bad for Kula’s assistant but as long as Kula remains silent and continues to hedge his bets, I find it very difficult to feel any sympathy for a man who continues to support a political party which has obviously no use for him beyond window dressing

    1. I don’t know what you mean by “Opposition violence is reflected inwards, while BN uses violence against its political advesaries”. You mean to tell me that one is preferable than the other?

      I think the lady who made the BN detergent commercial would beg to differ. This is the truth in politics today. PR supporters, with their almighty righteousness, does not allow ANYONE to endorse BN.

      BN supporters, on the other hand, seem to have no idea how to respond to this kind of dogged viciousness.

      I don’t vote, but just for fun, I would love to just plaster a “Saya Sokong BN” sticker and let the PR supporters go bonkers.

      1. “I don’t know what you mean by “Opposition violence is reflected inwards, while BN uses violence against its political advesaries”. You mean to tell me that one is preferable than the other?”

        I do not think one is preferable to the other but merely as a phenomenon, I find it interesting that the Opposition violence is reflected inwards.

        Just as how I find it interesting that the Chinese community is devouring itself in this political war. Is there a theme, maybe. But then again I find many things related to the Opposition interesting.

        And if BN supporters do not know how to respond to such attacks, then too bad for them. The MCA allows the Star to subvert its message. UMNO chooses to use the system to persecute its political opponents and then whines when people don’t have much faith in our instituitions. There are few victims here.

        “I don’t vote, but just for fun….”

        See, I find this interesting too.

  3. man on da street says, “Prove your worth MCA and start overhauling the STAR managements. Its not government’s entity. its business….

    i reckon that MCA will just leave the Star mgmt alone because it’s business. 5.6 million readers is a lot of money. overhauling may cause lost of profits…

    man on da street also says, “Simple equations to summarise, BN wins Chinese wins, Bn lose Chinese wins”.

    it is affirmative to me that MCA will just ignore what the star is doing. simple reason is that the reputation of MCA is already gone 5 years ago and there is no point trying to buy back the Chinese confidence to MCA thus jump-ship is the best option and the best timing is…… a question mark?

    i’d rather wait n see…………..

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