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Why the BN cyberwar machinery can’t match Komtar

A cybertrooper landed in Annie’s blog after I inadvertently brought her (a new blogger) to Komtar’s attention in my posting two days ago — ‘DAP’s biggest social media network is The Star‘.

PenangKomtarThe trooper left comment(s) in Annie’s blog, saying: “UMNO is ignorant that if PR uses Komtar for non-governmental purpose, it is against the law.”

Now that’s an interesting bit of trivia!

It’s certainly not a factoid that every Tom, Dick or Harry would be aware of, i.e. that it is against the law to use Komtar for non-governmental purposes (presuming the statement to be true; I confess I don’t know for sure myself).

Ha ha ha. By displaying this arcane knowledge, the trooper sent by the 28th floor to troll Annie is giving him/herself away.

Second piece of trivia: In the same comment he/she also informed Annie that “UMNO allow Gerakan under Lim Chong Yew to engaged his relative in Sinkapore as an architect to design Komtar building”.

Okay, the spelling of the late chief minister Lim Chong Eu’s name is a bit off but still the bit of info about the architect being Chong Eu’s “relative in Singapore” is once again factually correct. Another display of arcane knowledge.

For the record, the architect is Lim Chong Keat, a younger brother of Chong Eu and listed in the Who’s Who of Singapore encyclopedia.

How many people who ordinarily trawl the Net – no offence to Annie but her blog is only two weeks old, so under normal circumstances it wouldn’t be paid such close attention by a chance surfer – do you think can name the architect of Komtar?


Felicitations to Dear Kim, the beloved Chief Minister

Annie has concluded that her recent online visitor is a member of the Komtar Gang, which I concur.

She wrote:

“I’m not trying to flatter myself, but I believe I’m now under the Komtar’s radar.”

Yup, you are. Congrats on the meteoric rise.


Komtar modus operandi

Annie is sharp to have noticed that the six reader comments landing in her mailbox were timed 16:35, 16:38, 16:43, 16:46, 16:58 and 17:02, that is, each coming at roughly 5 minute intervals.

This pattern is something that any blogger who’s had some experience moderating, or any alert and seasoned blog reader would be able to spot. But good on Annie for pointing it out in print to the general readership as well as clarifying that the half dozen comments “were most likely by the same person”.

Be that as it may, Annie has pointed out some areas where the BN operatives should take note:

  • She applauds these Komtar cybertroopers because “They are indeed very efficient”.
    And it’s true. Umno guys please internalize: The Komtar cybertroopers are very efficient.
  • Annie highlights, “Notice how they immediately latched on a target once they identified a potential threat.”
    Again true. Annie is a blogger whose real estate is only a fortnight old in blogosphere. Yet see how the Komtar cybertroopers have already staked out her blog as a potential threat. Repeat: They are very efficient.
  • Annie suggests that “The BN cyberwar machinery, could never match that. Well, not with the present way of how they are doing things.”
    And her third strike hits another home truth. That’s why the MCA is destined for Dinoland. The MCA brontosaurus is up against the most ruthless and vicious predators, even in the form of this “low level operative” assigned to suss out a new lady blogger.


Let’s just take one example of how they typically operate. Reproduced below is the trooper comment:

Anonymous at 16:35:

“So another guess work by Annie about those men in black in Komtar. Why not Annie go and prove it. Easy, in Komtar just follow anyone in black. Ask the jaga how many men in black. Of course, who will tell the truth especially UMNO is so rich to dish out $$$ and MCA can give free dinner. So giving $$$ by UMNO and MCA to bloggers is kacang putih.”

So quick the Komtar smear campaign

As per the standard operating procedure, the trooper has cast the sickening insinuation that Annie (or for that matter any blogger not pro-Pakatan) is being given “$$$ by UMNO” because the party is filthy rich and throwing cash around like kacang putih. And also slinging mud so that any potential reader passing by may suspect that Annie must be an Umno hack.

It’s a preemptive strike by the Komtar cybertrooper that lends credence to Annie’s observation on how “They are so effective that no one who is considered credible can say a single bad thing about Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng without getting lynched by them in the cyberspace.”

Holy Water

The thing about Dapsters

Getting drunk on holy water makes their entire troglodyte tribe quite incapable of realising that they’re asking for it with dishing out the insults non-stop. See reader comment (screenshot below) from Raja Petra’s column:

With your head buried in the sand 2013-03-15 14-50-31
Click x2 to magnify

Annie’s entry into blogosphere comes at a fortuitous time as the BN side is gearing up for Gempak – Gerakan Menolak Pembohongan Pembangkang – and therefore she will not be at the mercy of the wolves, unlike the isolated Facebook Detergent Girl who was attacked by a swarm of Dapsters.

Khairy Jamaluddin said yesterday at the Gempak campaign launch:

“Pembangkang sudah ada sejarah dalam melaksanakan KEMPEN FITNAH, kami amat risau menjelang PRU-13 ini, lebih banyak kempen yang cuba membangkitkan kebencian rakyat, tuduhan tidak berasas tanpa bukti sahih dilakukan pembangkang terhadap BN.”

Not only fitnah by the opposition against BN but against any individual who does not prostrate himself at the Tokong’s feet. And Annie, as she puts it herself, is ‘In the Komtar’s crosshair‘.

I hope I’m not jinxing Annie by saying that she’s got more balls than the MCA men (whom Darlyn Azlinda thinks are scaredy cats and I wholeheartedly agree).


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15 thoughts on “Why the BN cyberwar machinery can’t match Komtar

  1. Don’t be scared. They did the same with me. Bombard me with so many emails trying to put me down. My advice is simple. Go head on. Do Publish all their comments but do it under one posting entitled “comments of bahalol”.

    I have named them bahalol because I caught them using so many names (impersonating RPK pun ada) from one or two IP addresses. I gave them the opportunity to identify with one name but they didn’t. So I gave them the apt name of bahalol.

    These DAP bahalol threatened to chase me down in every blog. But when I did the above they were simply silenced. Don’t be worried against their threat to write. They have no balls.

    I still write everywhere but they haven’t dare to rebut. You know why? They are a bunch of ignorants (aka stupid). They can’t rebut. And they know i respond tit for tat. So how to chase me? they ban me in various blog. That’s the best they can do. But in the Internet it’s not easy.

    Can you imagine what they will do with our press freedom?

  2. “Goodness me KJ. Please come to Malaysiakini and do your battle here. I don’t think Malaysiakini is biased or deliberately spreading false information or slanders. If you are inadequate and helpless in cyberspace, that is because the truth is not with you, not because others are spreading slanders. You have no answers to the allegations levelled against you and your party. On the contrary, the MSM are helping you to concoct news and distort information to the hilt. You have found your strength there because you have never allowed rebuttal and rejoinder of concocted news and slanders that you dished out daily. So please don’t talk nonsense here.”

    Dear KJ, I have been a consistent lurker on Mkini, maybe even one of its earliest subscribers. The above is from one its regular racist commenters who has no problem “telling it like it is” and cloaking himself in the robes of egalitarianism when it suits his agenda.

    In other words in the nomenclature of this blog and other pro establishment sites, your garden variety DAP apparatchik who perhaps has not drunk the kool aid but whose role is to ensure that others take big gulps.

    I have no idea how your cyber squad is going to counter the “fitnah” of the Opposition but if history were any indication, you would most probably fuck it up.

    You see KJ, in the Chinese dominated English mass of gooiness of the internet blob, if you show any support for pro Establishment ideas, you are either a paid cyber trooper or an ignorant buffoon who is unaware of the “55 years” of UMNO misrule.

    In other words, one is either a mercenary or a moron. KJ, you are from my generation. A lost kid who mistakes an absence of post-colonial angst with the delusion that there is a Malaysian identity which could be shaped by the Establishment which should be either encouraged or resisted.

    Like many others of our generation, you have become intellectually slovenly off the hard work of the young Turks of a post-colonial Malaysia (opposition and Establishment patriots) who had far more courage and political will to shape this country into what it is today.

    There is much to admire and despise about them.

    It is rather preposterous that you NOW want to unleash your cyber goons against Opposition cyber goons. Really ? “What have you been doing all this time? Pacing yourself? Waiting for the right moment to strike?

    No, you who were supposed to be the bright young boy of UMNO was still attempting to use the tools (MSM, political one-upmanship) of your betters in UMNO attempting to carve a niche for yourself in the eco system of patronage and sycophancy, instead of leading the charge in the fetid swamps of the internet.

    Like I said, intellectually slovenly.

    And how exactly are you going to counter the lies of the Opposition? By offering up your own lies ? By engaging in the thuggery that you practice in the real world? KJ, are you really the kind of leader that this endeavor needs when the reason behind you not being enthusiastic for standing for election is because you have become the whipping boy of UMNO?

    You who in a moment of stupidity that unfortunately blights our generation claimed that instead of Ketuanan Melayu the emphasis should be on Kepimpinan Melayu.

    Maybe instead of spending all this money on your goons, you should apply pressure on the Star to advocate for the MCA. Maybe in this way, the wider reach of the Star may mitigate the damage that the alternative media has caused on UMNO’s credibility with the Chinese community.

    Moreover, if you are serious about all this countering of “fitnah” maybe you should tell your cyber dogs of war, that the best way to do this would be continuously exposing the flaws of the Opposition [in a rational manner] in concert with your MSM organs instead of engaging in racisms and lies of your own.

    Maybe it’s time to tell Utusan and whoever else is in your payroll to pay attention to bloggers like Helen and others of her temperament and how they counter the opposition fitnah in an accessible and cogent manner.

    You may not be able to defend UMNO/BN track record but by attrition by truth (one sided though it may be) you may be able to raise enough doubt in Malaysians who have may have forgotten that the UMNO years were not as “hellish” as the Opposition wants them to believe.

    It would also be good in this propaganda war if you could reign in the twits who are the outsourced thugs of UMNO. All these numbskulls do is give ammo to the Opposition, who are bankrupt of ideas and just respond to provocations and expose “corrupt” practices which they themselves engage in just maybe not in the grand scale of your side.

    All the best KJ, I hope you get what you deserve and you may interpret that any way you like.

  3. their smear campaign is getting dirtier by the day. since I happen to comment regularly at Stop The Lies, one of their troopers have hijacked my name and post loads of trash and nonsense. so you see, bloggers are not their only targets. even regular blog readers like me who comment on something are targeted by this SS Gang.

    1. Yup. I saw that. They copied your racist comments in Ridhuan Tee’s blog and posted in Stop the Lies blog. I don’t think that’s any wrong unless you use multiple identity to write in different blogs. PPP, Zendra, Anonymas, Pembangkang DAP etc normally write the same way and make some same spelling errors.

      Hmmm… Just wonder they are the same person or rather, so hard to believe they are not the same person.

      1. my racist comments ? you must be on dope. I have never commented in RT blog.

        1. Is that so? you wrote in stop the lies before that you are ” Pembangkang DAP ” in other blogs. And you only use ” Pembangkang DAP ” to counter Penyokong DAP’s allegations towards BN in Ridhuan Tee’s blog. Sudah lupa ke?

          1. ah you want to try this again ? after The Butt Man’s latest revelation, you need to do damage control and the best you can come up with is, what ! to say that I m all the above that you mentioned ? oh my, your tactic is outdated ! people are already familiar with your tactic. try something new.

            PR pay you RM1 per comment and all you come up with is this ? you forget already ? but I will tell you this. I will not respond to your provocation anymore. why ? because all you do is launch baseless accusations. if I continue to respond to your provocations, I will only provide you with more ammunitions. but if you are indeed what you claim you are, then come to Stop The Lies. why ? scared ?

            1. Dear PPP,

              Why don’t you hop over to Ridhuan’s blog to check out Anon’s allegation?

              With all the imposture going on, there’s bound to be ‘mistaken’ identity.

  4. I personally think that the kitty is rather cute, shriveled balls & all. As for MCA, for all its bravado, here’s what I think they’re really feeling;

    1. Congrats for making Rocky’s blogroll. Expect to get quite a bit of traffic redirect. Which means that the cybertroopers will be keeping you busy ,)

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