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Wong Chun Wai, I buy you a mirror neh

In his column today ‘Political chameleons‘ about the changing colour of the anti-Lynas DAP Bentong candidate, head honcho of the Star Media Group Wong Chun Wai wrote:

“That’s precisely the trouble with NGO leaders, especially some activists in Penang, who decide to take a partisan political stand. They begin to make compromises and, worse, they begin to lose their neutrality as they openly side with Pakatan.

“At least one former NGO leader has taken up a Senator’s post while others have been co-opted into various state government posts. Others cannot remember which hat they were wearing when they made statements.”

Datuk Seri Wong fingerpoints the NGO activists who “begin to lose their neutrality as they openly side with Pakatan”.

Openly siding with Pakatan

What he says is true. There are certainly a number of Penang NGO activists who are like that.

Wong makes a reference to DAP’s Senator Ariffin Omar although the former Aliran secretary is not mentioned by name. But then again, how many Penang “former NGO leader has taken up a Senator’s post” of late?

When Wong alluded to “others [who] have been co-opted into various state government posts”, another Aliran card-carrying member comes to mind — Dr Lim Mah Hui who is on the Penang Institute board of directors as well as appointed an MPPP councillor.

Therefore when Wong infers that CAP is a good NGO because it “does not need to flirt with politicians and has kept its credibility fully intact”, readers can make the logical connection as to which Penang NGO has been flirting shamelessly with PG1 (number plate of the CM’s car) and seen its credibility as a social justice organization eroded.

Hint: The NGO’s top office bearers endorsed Wong Tack’s candidacy.

Does Lim Mah Hui think Lim Guan Eng is a funny guy?

Star pot calling NGO kettle black

Against the NGO activists “who decide to take a partisan political stand” (in Wong’s words) and who (to borrow from Wong again) “begin to make compromises and, worse, they begin to lose their neutrality as they openly side with Pakatan”, there is an even greater number of Star reporters who fit Wong’s own description.

To reiterate, Star reporters:

  • “decide to take a partisan political stand”
  • “begin to make compromises and, worse”
  • “they begin to lose their neutrality as they openly side with Pakatan”
  • “cannot remember which hat they were wearing when they made statements”
  • [and] “That’s precisely the trouble with [The Star]

Here, I can show you Twitter proof. More here.

HannahTwitter TEH

And The Star promoted him

Teh Eng Hock, at the time of making the tweets above, was in the process of handing over the reins of the Star-National Journalists Union (NUJ) chairmanship to his successor. So it’s someone reaching the pinnacle of Star-NUJ chairmanship, and not just any on-the-beat journo, who was publicly mocking Rosmah Mansor.

And that too deriding Rosmah on the social media platform of an opposition politician who responded “hu hu hu” to the suggestion that Rosmah is the “biggest [mama] of them all”.

Photo below: Rosmah at the said event covered by Teh Eng Hock where “ladies in sarees [ ] melting under the sun” attended.


All the Pakatan’s men

The Star is the very same vehicle that has enabled the Pakatan self-promotion and publicity – particularly by DAP 2.0 evangelistas – and helping them to spread their reach. Look at the list of Twitter personalities promoted by the paper.

There is not a single name (see below) belonging to any BN politician. All The Star‘s beloveds are opposition figures.



Method employed by Stalin and Goebbels

Wong Chun Wai in his article today mentions, in connection with the side-effects of cyanide use, that “the same allegations have been recycled, with the hope that if a lie is told a thousand times, it will become fact”.

The idea that a lie repeated a thousand times without facing challenge might eventually get to be believed is one that comes from the propagandist’s playbook.

And the footsoldiers of the opposition’s most effective propaganda master are the DAP cybertroopers and the Dapster volunteer corps.

Their online thuggery makes sure that anyone attempting to rebut the Tokong and Jerusubang proclamations and decrees are hounded and harassed to the point of being taught a lesson never to mess with the DAP 2.0 icons ever again.

The trooper slander and outright lies against critics are a form of mudslinging and unfortunately when you throw mud every day, year after year, some of the mud sticks, serving to discredit the victims.

BN complain that Guan Eng is “streetfighter”

As the BN side has been complaining and complaining, some of the Pakatan people have become synonymous with smear campaigns to character assassinate.

They play the dirty fitnah, the vicious leitmotifs and the popular tropes on the same groove endlessly and effectively.

Has The Star ever seriously addressed this issue of cyberbullying and cyberslandering?

The paper doesn’t have to go far. Just interview Dr Chua Soi Lek about all the name-calling that he has been and still is subjected to in cyberspace.

But quite to the contrary, what we get from The Star is its own National Union Journalist leader running down Rosmah Mansor as “Big Mama”. And mind you, he was given a promotion to executive level by the paper shortly after the episode.

The Star must have condoned, if not covertly applauded, his action.

The Star majority supports which side?

Wong Chun Wai claimed: “Our reporters have been threatened by both sides of the political divide but that’s the price we have to pay if we are to pursue the issue passionately.”

I wouldn’t know about the pro-establishment side of the political divide but below is evidence of a Star senior staff being ‘slurred’ by the opposition side [updated: Word within quotation marks amended at 12.18pm].

Lim Guan Eng was quoted by Soumi News as saying:“我知道,陈宝珠是马华总会长蔡细厉的热情粉丝及拥趸,至于是什么原因,要问她才知道。”

Wong Chun Wai is again right. His subordinate had been verbally abused by Guan Eng not only at that public event reported by Soumi News above but also during the public event tweeted about by DAP Subang Jaya below.


Running with the hares and hunting with the hounds

See the screenshot of another tweet below by a Star senior editor tipping off Hannah Yeoh to content which is to appear in his paper the following day.


Who is paying the price?

To recall Wong Chun Wai’s statement, “Our reporters have been threatened by both sides of the political divide but that’s the price we have to pay if we are to pursue the issue passionately.”

Yes, the said reporter (editor actually) has been harassed by some DAP politicians but it is a price that Joceline Tan is paying alone in her personal capacity.

See screenshot, tweet below.

The Star, though, has paid no price at all.

In fact, The Star is still making brisk sales with its multimedia group reaching an audience of 5.63 million as well as raking in a lucrative profits from advertisers who want to market their products to the 5.63 million audience seen as potential customers with a big disposable income.

We heard it from the horse’s mouth. The Star executive editor Datuk Wong Sai Wan recently declared at a forum: “You do everything and anything for the bottom dollar.”


DAP SuperCyber Bullying

Now what makes Hannah Yeoh think she can get away with her tweet that attempted to incite a lynch mob against Joceline Tan (and me)?


(a) Because Hannah thinks her Media Darling status is secured and she is certain the new media will back her to the hilt.

After all, 85 percent of urban Chinese are estimated to back DAP and the majority of English media practitioners (even if they’re not Chinese) are predominantly English-speaking Christians or who come from a mission school background.

She walks on water due to the media fanning the mob adulation.


TwitMeterMarch2013(b) Because for far too long the opposition supporters, particularly Dapsters, have been allowed to get away with maligning Joceline Tan in the cyberspace where they are king.

(c) Because The Star, with its reach to a 5.63 million-strong audience, has been complicit with the DAP SuperCyber Bullies as well as colluding to promote their Bangsa Malaysia idols.

Gunting dalam Lipatan

Wong Tack being a “political chameleon” as alleged by Wong Chun Wai is bad but the latter’s own outfit being a Scissors in the Fold is worse.

Wong Chun Wai believes that Wong Tack “obviously owes the thousands of people who took part in the anti-Lynas protest walk an explanation”.

The Datuk himself obviously owes the 15% urban Chinese minority under siege by the feral 85% pro-DAP majority an explanation too as to what has his newspaper been up to.


Questions for Chun Wai:

(i) Why has your paper been binning numerous of Calvin Sankaran’s letters to the editor which were critical of Lim Guan Eng?

(ii) Did your staff leak his personal particulars to Guan Eng’s people? Calvin suspects that your reporter divulged his details that caused him to be harassed.



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  1. Dear Chun Wai,

    – Why do you even bother putting up your email but choose not to reply to the email sent to you?

    – Why are letters of criticism on your editors are neither acknowledged nor replied? I should know, I sent a few in which the emails were copied to you too.

    – Do you read Helen’s blog? After all Goebbels was spoken about here just a few days back. Lo & behold! We see reference to the sadistic doctor in your piece today.

    – If you believe in free speech, why did you spike articles by Marina Mahathir several times before?

    – The Star gave Lee Chong Wei & Pandelela Rinong RM100k for the Olympic exploits. I may be mistaken but I’ve yet to see any contributions for our slain men in Sabah. Surely for a business entity with 5.6m reach, a substantial donation isn’t beyond you all?

    – With the exception of Idris Jala’s Transformation Blues, you’ve not invited more government ministers to pen a column to better explain government policies. Why so? And why instead your editors see it fit to award a column to some socialite, beauty queen whose writings was eventually exposed as plagiarized?

    Would appreciate some honest answers to the questions above. Thanks in advance.

    P/S: You do look ridiculously like someone in the angst of mid life crisis with your tight jeans straddling the Vespa… Just saying…

  2. Bila baca artikel Wong Chun Wai dalam The Star mesti teringat kat Helen. Nak tau sangat apa Helen akan kata. La ni tau dah.

  3. Its funny how you continuously bleat about thuggery when you and your minions are the worst of the lot. Your constant bitching about race and religion and obessesion with your political agenda has made you downright incoherent. So before you buy mirrors for others, look into one. Bad hair notwithstanding.

    1. best comment so far.

      it’s alright when you call people names but when people call you names they are called bullies and gangsters.. what makes you?

      ss is spot on..
      take a look at yourself in the mirror first.

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