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Gereja di mana Nurul berucap kembali berpolitik lagi

Sebelum ini, Nurul Izzah pernah dilanda kontroversi ekoran kata-katanya yang diluahkan apabila berforum di gereja Full Gospel Tabernacle (FGT) di Subang Jaya.

FGT ialah gereja Rev. Eu Hong Seng, iaitu pengerusi National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF). Continue reading “Gereja di mana Nurul berucap kembali berpolitik lagi”

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Chinese and Christians can expect payback after GE13

Malaysia Today yesterday aggregated my posting ‘Hindraf Q & A’. There is a comment there from regular M2Day commenter temenggong, which I’m reproducing below.

temenggong, March 17, 2013 19:44:44

“the chinese and christians fantasize over racist and bigoted analogies, as in this instance. I cannot recall buddhists and hindus having any hostile agenda, ever, in any part of the world! Is is it hard to understand for the muslim/malay mind?

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