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Lim Senior & Boy-Boy power in on Johor DAP

When I posted my hypothesis that it would be a good tactical move of the DAP to field an Indian candidate in a Chinese-majority area, I had based it on an announcement made by Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

However Dr Boo had said that a fortnight ago. My theory on Labis – following up on Dr Boo’s remarks – sounds like reasonable strategy on paper but that might be as far as it goes. There’s a popular saying “A week can be a lifetime in politics”.

Coup Lim Clan

Things have been moving swiftly in Johor with state DAP vice-chairman Ong Kow Meng leading a revolt of 16 party branches against Dr Boo a couple of days ago. The Chinese media have additionally reported that the rebels wanted Lim Kit Siang to take over the party leadership of the state.

Then came the bombshell that the 72-year-old Lim Sr is to contest Gelang Patah.

Now on the heels of the Lim Clan coup is tossed another grenade which likely makes my calculations (on the Indian vote factor in MCA seats) something purely academic and overtaken by events.

Guan Eng offers 'Superman' Labis parliamentary seat

Chinese UltraSupermen

The DAP election campaign manager who is dubbed ‘Superman’ is Hew Kuan Yau.

During the Sarawak state election of 2011, Joceline Tan once reported that tempers in SUPP flared when Hew referred to them as the “orang utan party” at one ceramah after another.

The Stop the Lies blog also had something to say about him, here and here. In other words, Hew is notorious. And he’s not someone to be nominated to stand in Johor by Dr Boo.

Malaysiakini’s article (screenshot above) reports that Guan Eng has floated the idea of parachuting Hew into Labis.

It may not happen as yet. But nonetheless, these events one piling on top of another – Kit Siang’s migration south and Guan Eng’s hand beginning to show in Johor – lend further credence to the speculation in political circles that the Lims are plotting to oust Dr Boo.

The Dynasty are shipping their right hand men and women over to Johor like how Guan Eng had previously taken over Penang in 2008 from the DAP state chairman Chow Kon Yeow.

And Johor is a rich state what with Nusajaya, the Iskandar development and all. Getting their hands on more resources will make the Lims even more powerful.

And the dinos in Jurassic Park, how?

Quoting the Johor-based BigCat, Rocky blogs today that in Gelang Patah “there has been a 30 per cent increase in Chinese voters since 2008 when BN won it”. An interesting development which we might soon hear more about in Rocky’s news portal The Mole.

Unlike the Malays where Umno is up against PAS-PKR, the Chinese community no longer possesses any internal check-and-balance due to the MCA’s surrender (and its media machinery covertly backing the DAP 2.0).

Should Dr Boo be eliminated, there is little chance of any check-and-balance within the DAP itself either. Dapsterism – led by the likes of Hew Kuan Yau who is handpicked by Lim Guan Eng – will rule the day.

And the irony or ironies is that the DAP faction in Johor aligned to the Lims have labelled Dr Boo “a dictator” who practises cronyism.


Who is (not) Lim Choo Keong?


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9 thoughts on “Lim Senior & Boy-Boy power in on Johor DAP

  1. kesian jugak dengan Dr.Boo.. bertahun-tahun buat kerja tup tup dikenakan macam tu ajer.. yang lebih menyedihkan, dituduh pulak diktator yang mengamalkan kronisme.

    Tak tahu malu lansung keluarga Lim ni! Halatuju DAP dah menyelimpang jauh sangat dari asal, kalau orang DAP tak nampak juga, tak tahu la apa yang dikata lagi..

    Mungkin lepas ni makin banyak casualties angkara Lim &, pada ahli DAP yang lain, berhati-hatilah – Mungkin, ini hari Dr. Boo, hari awak mungkin esok pulak.

  2. LGE sebenarnya takut kalau Dr Boo menjadi ahli politik nasional. Dr Boo mungkin boleh menggulingkan pemerintahan Dinasti Lim. Beliau adalah seorang doctor yang juga seorang peguam. Sudah bertahun tahun LGE cuba mematahkan pimpinan Boo di Johor tetapi tidak berjaya. Nampaknya dengan bantuan Chua Jui Meng, Boo Hoo Hoo akan menangis jugak

  3. I’ve watched Hew’s recorded ceramah on Youtube before. I admit his ceramah is pretty *ugly*. *Ugly* because almost every words coming from his mouth are laced with vulgarities. If you want to learn more Canto swear words, you can learn from him. Politic wise, I think this Hew guy is probably a notch up more combative and *uglier* than LGE. MCA politicians are definitely no match !

      1. I don’t know, Helen. I think most of your analysis here so far have hit the bullseye, nothing much for a simpleton like me to add. In addition, I think MCA has been severely weaken since OTK-CSL rivalry back in 2008; they’re too busy fighting each other. That rivalry is again being brought back to light recently. In Chinese saying, MCA 不争气 (disappointing), what to do?

        1. Thanks. I asked b’cos you belong to the 15 percent, right?

          Do you even care if MCA lives or dies?

          1. I think MCA will not totally die lah. Old party like MCA won’t just disappear like that overnight.

            On the other hand, DAP’s meteoric rise is just too fast and it may come down hard very fast as well one day (they have their own infightings and rivalries within the party).

            On the other hand, I’ve already done my part trying to sway my peers’ opinion towards the middle ground when the discussion revolves around national politics; the rest is up to them to decide. But pray and hope that Michael Chong will still stick around MCA because I think people will continue to look help from him.

            PS: Btw, Matthias posted his latest writing on MCA/DAP/Gerakan today.

            1. Thanks for the Matthias tip-off. Looking forward to read.

              As for the DAP infighting chess game, it looks like Boo’s bishop been taken.

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