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Who is (not) Lim Choo Keong?

“When I was MP for Kuala Lumpur Bandar (now Bukit Bintang), there was no animosity between government executives and myself because if your arguments are factual and based on research, they will listen.”

“It took me eight months to research and argue why the Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia share swap deal was not right, but in the end, the Government took action.” — Wee Choo Keong

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I’ve copypasted below excerpts from a Q & A with Wee Choo Keong conducted by Razak Ahmad – note that the MCA-owned paper did not assign a Chinese reporter – and published in The Star today.

[Bold emphasis added by this blogger]

Asked to comment on why the DAP is very confident it will do well in the coming election, Wee Choo Keong replied: “They are thriving on the politics of hatred so, of course, they are pretty confident, so much so that they are not even bothered to explain the issues.”

“Let’s get to Putrajaya at all cost”

Q (from Razak Ahmad): What is it like nowadays?

WCK: Now the situation is very scary. We are told we must change the Government but there is no proper explanation why. We have people who say “we must get rid of so-and-so and get rid of the Government, system-wise never mind, that comes later”. What is happening now is a power struggle instead of constructive engagement to put right the system.

Q: There is not enough focus on actual policies and improving the system?

WCK: The Opposition’s manifesto and saying things like “if we come into power you don’t have to pay for your child’s education”. They are not looking at the system, which involves a policy based on an ability to study rather than pay, and how they plan to implement that.

Everything also boils down to allegations, never mind if it is not true, just sling enough mud and hope that some of it will stick.

When you question the 2008 Selangor Pakatan Rakyat manifesto on why some items were not implemented, they say a manifesto is not a promise. Really, then what is it? To me, a manifesto is a binding social contract, and this applies to the Barisan Nasional as well.


“Let’s be honest – change for who?”

Q: Why were you sacked by the DAP?

WCK: When I was the editor of the DAP organ, the Rocket, in the mid-1990s in my capacity as DAP national publicity secretary, I had problems even buying a computer for the office because the leaders made it hard for me. They wanted a ‘yes man’ to do 100% propaganda but at the same time, they demanded more freedom from the Government.

It was a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

I was also asked at party meetings why the leadership did not really highlight my plight when I got hit with the MBf Holdings Bhd case which got me disqualified as an MP in 1995, whereas the full party machinery stepped in to defend Lim Guan Eng when he got charged in court (under the Sedition Act).

My answer to them was, “because I’m not Lim Choo Keong”.

I was sacked for not showing love and affection for the party.


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4 thoughts on “Who is (not) Lim Choo Keong?

  1. after GE13, when the Chinese that support the DAP found out that they have lost, and when the government start implementing policies that are much more unfavorable to them, policies that are much worst than those of the NEP, I hope they will do some soul searching.

    I hope they can start asking themselves this question: why do they, the Malays, the Indians, the Natives of Sarawak and Sabah, why do they hate us so much ?

    1. I dont hate the Chinese, I only hate DAP. They thrive in fueling hatred amongst the major races in Malaysian. They said UMNO practiced racial politics when at the same they were doing the same thing. Their hypocrisy is another reason why I hate DAP.

      Ask sane people in Sarawak how DAP had exported their disgusting ways in the state. Chinese in Johore had lived and worked well with other races for a long time, and DAP is going to change that.

      Blame DAP if BN government start to implement policies that favour everyone except Malaysian Chinese. For a start, the BN government should allocate more scholarships, more subsidies, more assistance to the Indians. BN govt should thumb its nose to the group that did not support it.

  2. i am a chinese and sadly, i have to agree to what is written because you cannot keep on making demand and not give.

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