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Oppo people don’t read beyond 3rd para

Sooner or later the election will have to be called. But I shall jump the gun and take my blog into election mode now (remember the reformatting I promised?)

Postings will be much shorter but more frequent daily.

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“Corruption is corruption, whether more or less”

‘Political expediency’ is telling people what is music to their ears but going to another group of people and telling them something else, says Wee Choo Keong. Principles and not political expediency will ensure that national interests come first.

Excerpts from an interview with the Wangsa Maju MP titled ‘PKR’s gadfly, BN’s critique‘ (The Sun, 14 March 2013) are copypasted below. Continue reading ““Corruption is corruption, whether more or less””

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What song do The Scissorettes sing every morning?

By Fakin’ Fake Calvin  

Sad sad day for journalistic world when an art competition is deemed more important than poverty. Shame on the editors & journalists for their slapdash work so that they can spend more time to glorify the queen bee of SJ. I wonder if they sing “[God] save the queen” with gusto every morning before starting the work day? Continue reading “What song do The Scissorettes sing every morning?”

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Now do you see what I mean

The last I heard, The Star has 27 reporters on its Metro desk. The Metro desk does Jerusubang stories.

It once sent a photographer and a reporter to a Subang Jaya shopping mall to do a story on a children’s art competition graced by the Yang Berbahagia Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Puan Hannah Yeoh.

But The Star could not allocate the requisite manpower and column inches so that justice could be done to a story about 44,643 extremely poor families. Compare the two Star articles below and come to your own conclusions. Continue reading “Now do you see what I mean”