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“Nobody gives a damn even if you die”

Malaysia Today published an article titled ‘Stop the Buku Jingga lie‘ by Hindraf’s P. Waytha Moorthy yesterday.

A reader calling himself ‘Nobody gives a damn even if you die’ commenting in M2Day called the hunger strike by Waytha a “failed publicity stunt”.

Stop the Buku Jingga lie 2013-03-21 10-07-58

The reader might be correct because the “stunt” – into its 12th day today – had indeed failed to get any publicity at all in The Star.

I’m not surprised actually that the MCA-owned paper is totally disinterested in Indian poverty issues that Waytha’s hunger strike is supposed to highlight. Probably takes after its owner MCA. Or then again, it could be taking after its spiritual host DAP 2.0.






The most common reaction by the Bangsar Malaysians to the issues raised by Hindraf is to say that it is not only Indians who are poor.

These Firsters will say that there are poor Malays, poor Chinese, poor orang Asli, poor people in Sabah and Sarawak.

Like the Facebooker typical response – screenshot below – in the same article in FMT.

The well-‘liked’ comment reads:

“Lets fight for all malysians equally. Not race based. There are poor people of all races who need help. Lets fight to uplift all malaysian no matter who they are please.”

Stop the Buku Jingga lie  Free Malaysia Today 2013-03-21 10-52-30

As to be expected of a Bangsar Malaysia comment, it is allergic to ‘race’, decrying: “Not race based. There are poor people of all races who need help.”

It appears to me that the paper most popularly read in Jerusubang is more interested in a children’s art competition held in a Subang Jaya shopping mall than it is in 44,643 “MALAYSIAN” families who live below the poverty line. — see ‘What song do The Scissorettes sing every morning?

So the “poor people of all races who need help” get less attention in The Star – whose media group has an audience reach of 5.63 million – than a Jerusubang social function featuring Our Lady of Subang.

And Waythamoorthy whose movement claims to be the ‘Voice for the Voiceless’ gets no attention in the paper at all for his hunger strike.

Therefore, isn’t the Hindraf tagline that their constituency is “voiceless” proving to be quite true?


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42 thoughts on ““Nobody gives a damn even if you die”

  1. what the Malaysian First crowd dared not say is that they are the people of The City Upon The Hill. but then again, I could be wrong. maybe in their sermons, they could be uttering these stuff :

    “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

    after all, these Malaysian First are known for being perpetually hysterical.

    since these Malaysian First Phony Crowd are so obsessed with White Anglo Culture, maybe this is what their sermons sound like :

    9 January 1961, President-Elect John F Kennedy

    …I have been guided by the standard John Winthrop set before his shipmates on the flagship Arbella three hundred and thirty-one years ago, as they, too, faced the task of building a new government on a perilous frontier. “We must always consider”, he said, “that we shall be as a city upon a hill—the eyes of all people are upon us”. Today the eyes of all people are truly upon us—and our governments, in every branch, at every level, national, state and local, must be as a city upon a hill — constructed and inhabited by men aware of their great trust and their great responsibilities. For we are setting out upon a voyage in 1961 no less hazardous than that undertaken by the Arbella in 1630. We are committing ourselves to tasks of statecraft no less fantastic than that of governing the Massachusetts Bay Colony, beset as it was then by terror without and disorder within. History will not judge our endeavors—and a government cannot be selected—merely on the basis of color or creed or even party affiliation. Neither will competence and loyalty and stature, while essential to the utmost, suffice in times such as these. For of those to whom much is given, much is required.

    could this also be LGE’s speech after the DAP retained Penang ?

    maybe Hannah Y will give a speech similar to the one by Ronald Reagen in his 1984 acceptance of the Republican Party nomination and in his January 11, 1989, farewell speech to the nation if case PR win the GE13 (highly unlikely but for sarcasm’s sake) :

    …I’ve spoken of the shining city all my political life, but I don’t know if I ever quite communicated what I saw when I said it. But in my mind it was a tall proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, wind-swept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace, a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity, and if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That’s how I saw it and see it still…

  2. What this obsession with the Bangsar Malaysians? I don’t see any difference between them and The Taman Tun Malaysians, Sri Hartamas Malaysians, Bukit Kenny Malaysians, Damansara Heights Malaysians, etc? Maybe better to just lump them as Kuala Lumpur Malaysians?

    Maybe I haven’t been following your blog closely but I don’t understand why you are picking on the Bangsar crowd.

    1. Neither do I. I have read some of her writings. I find it odd she will choose to single out Christians, Chinese, people who live in Damansara, Bangsar, Subang, KL, and put in bizzare theories built on selective reasoning.

      1. (1) re: “single out Christians”

        Are Buddhists and Hindus trying to steal Allah? Are Buddhists and Hindus trying to convert Malays to Buddhism and Hinduism? Are the Buddhist temples and Hindu temples organizing political activities (GE13 forums, seminars) and leading election/candidate ‘prayers’? Have Buddhists and Hindus printed pamphlets titled ‘Ubah’ and T-Shirts saying “Rise up and take Subang/KL for the Gautama/Lord Murugan”? Can you name me a Buddhist or Hindu equivalent of Bishop Paul Tan and Rev. Eu Hong Seng? Do Buddhists and Hindus have anything the equivalent of Jerusubang which is the evangelical churches central? Are the majority of the DAP MPs and PKR Aduns (e.g. Eli Wong) Buddhists and Hindus?

        (2) re: “single out Chinese”

        Our race politics is binary. See screenshot of Facebook response: “… the majority of the insults are uttered by the Chinese. Calling him [Uthaya] ‘garbage’ and ‘dog’.”

        (3) re: “single out Damansara”

        Location of DUMC and Menara Star.

        (4) re: “single out Bangsar”

        Where the Bangsar Malaysia cafe latte idealogues hang out.

        (5) re: “single out Subang”

        The alternative state capital of S’gor, if you go by story focus in S’gore Times and The Jerusubang Star.

        (6) re: “single out KL”

        How silly. KL is where everything, esp. demos and ‘civil society’ programmes and events take place. You think I should “single out” Gong Badak?

        (7) re: “put in bizzare theories built on selective reasoning”

        I agree that some of my stuff are theories but as to whether my reasoning or my reasonableness is any less appealing than what your side has to offer, I leave it to readers to judge.

        However one feather I do have in my cap was in saying as early as Nov 2012 that the Himpunan Hijau smacks of DAP politics. I’ve been proven right. Besides Wong Tack, note also that the HH advisor is Wong Chin Huat who is a fellow at the Penang Institute.

        1. Was at the bookstore earlier. Got myself an expensive book titled “Democracy at Stake?” co written by Wong Chin Huat & Soon Li Tsin at the expense of the 3rd book in the Clifton Chronicles. Anyways, the book analyzes the 16 by elections since the big waves of ’08. I flipped through during the jam & there are a lot of insinuations of fraud in the “analysis”. Full of bullshit ala KTC but against my better judgment, I decided to buy it anyway to better understand their psyche.

          1. Sounds interesting.

            I’ve got the results in a table. All the ‘fraud’ must have happened post-Oct 2009. Before that, the results were acceptable as clean enough.


          2. Unfortunately, most Malays are not able to differentiate between Christians and Buddhists / Hindus …

        2. (1) Hindraf?

          See also:

          Also, complaints about the Mazu statue, Batu Caves, Kek Lok Si, and temples and shrines around Malaysia. And so on and on.

          So why the hostility toward Hindu and Buddhists? Is there actually a sentiment of intolerance to other cultures that you are not adressing?

          (2) People who approach issues with a binary mindset are one of the laziest thinkers. There is a reason why they say computers cannot think for themselves.

          (3) (4) (5) The UMNO building is in KL. Every year, they have their convention there. So is the MCA and MIC headquarters. Does that make KL people card-carrying Barisan supporters?

          (6) KL is also the urban capital with 6 million people in the metropolitan area.

          (7) Your replies 1 to 6 prove it all.

          1. (1) Fair point. I hope the Malay/Muslim readers will take up your challenge to answer.

            (2) re: “computers cannot think for themselves”

            You are so yesterday. Never heard of AI (not Anwar Ibrahim)? Robots are sentient already,

            (3) Damansara: Adun Cheah Wing Yin (DAP) – yes, it makes the township majority DAP supporters

            (4) Bangsar: MP Nurul Izzah (PKR) – yes, it makes the township majority oppo supporters

            (5) Subang: Taken for Jesus. Enuff said.

            i. You accused me of singling out KL
            ii. I replied that KL is mentioned in this blog in the context that it is the venue for events like the Green March. Comparatively, there’s no reason for Gong Badak to be mentioned.
            iii. Now you say: “KL is also the urban capital with 6 million people in the metropolitan area.” Either you’re suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder or Syllogism.

            (7) And your comments show that you’re one of those who can see Mother Mary in that SJMC window.

          2. (1) Looking forward to the responses.

            (2) A bit of information about computer programming; the robot is actually operating on human written software for voice and facial recognition. A real artificial intelligence is still many years away.

            (6) Nope. KL is a large urban center, so large rallies will focus there. You don’t expect protest movements to meet in the middle of Nebraska, do you?

            (7) Nice try, but I am not Catholic. See what assumptions do?

            1. (6) What’s your present statement got anything to do with the preceding ones re your allegation that I “singled out” KL? I’m willing to admit that I single out SJ or JS (Jerusubang), Bangsar & DU.

              But saying that I single out KL just shows how silly you are. How can anyone avoid talking about KL vis-a-vis political happenings?

              (7) It wasn’t an assumption. It was sarcasm.

        3. (1) And why the animosity toward Hindus and Buddhist like the cow head protests, grumbling about Kek Lok Si, Batu Caves, and temples around the country?

          Is there a sentiment of intolerance to other diverse cultures that is being overlooked?

          (2) Binary thinking without considering the variations is one of the most simplistic thinking ever. There is a reason why they say computers, which operate on binary logic, cannot think for themselves.

          (3)(4)(5)(6) The UMNO building is in KL, and so is the MCA and MIC headquarters. Does that mean KL people are card-carrying Barisan Nasional voters?

          (7) I think you just proved my point with your earlier 6 points. No offense

  3. it’s their republic status in republic of Bangsar and also, you forgot to mention the Holy City of Subang aka Jerusubang. Population: Banana, Mother Tongue: English – they’re the uppercrust of the society while the rest of Msia (their neighbouring country) comprised some lowly class people of Malaysia (Read: Pedestrians, Peasants, Commoners).

    also, need to point out these ‘countries inhabitants’ believe that race (as in Bangsa, not the F1 type) doesn’t exist.

    1. You do know that Bangsar, Damansara, etc are populated by a mixed population – Malays, Chinese, Indians and lots of expatriates – Koreans, Japanese, mat sallehs dan lain2. I am from Bangsar btw and I get on well with the crowd here. Frankly, the crowd here is pretty laid back and accommodating of each other (different races notwithstanding). Sorry Ms Helen I just don’t get your animosity towards the Bangsar/KL crowd. Just for interest sake, which part of Malaysia d you hail from?

      1. (1) When did I ever show any “animosity” towards the KL crowd?

        (2) I’m not unfamiliar with Bangsar. Balai Berita, the NSTP office, is located in Jalan Riong as you would know, and I was an ex-NST reporter.

        (3) You say that Bangsar is “pretty laid back”. I’d suggest this very laidbackness breeds a smug complacency.

        You Bangsarians seem to be under the illusion that the rest of the country, like say, Kampung Baru or Chowkit or any of the roads with less than savoury reputations in the inner city of Penang, are as equally laid baik.

        (4) You add that Bangsarians due to your cosmopolitan mix which includes Mat Salleh, Koreans, Japanese dll are “accommodating of each other (different races notwithstanding)”.

        Again, are you projecting your Yasmin Ahmad ‘United Colours of Benetton’ sheen to the rest of the less affluent population? Not everyone speaks the Bangsar lingo.

        1. I am sorry, but I have to back up Mr. or Mrs. Sham here.

          I have hung out in some of those areas you would consider less than savory. Malay areas, Chinese areas, Indian areas. Certainly there are a share of racists and prejudices there, but not to the extent that you are trying to blow up on your blog.

        2. What DO you have against people from Bangsar/KL? I still don’t get it. You have a lot of angst. I’m not trying to belittle you or anything like that but my dear you are looking at things in a very strange way.

  4. Well, this whole Bangsa Malaysian BS, is actually a version of the BTN for urban middle class Non Malays. The idea is to control the discourse so nobody will dare question the cypto racist policies of the DAP. Like I said before all this is newspeak for a PR era.

    1. Menara Star Phileo Damansara (HQ of The Jerusubang Star) is the BTN (DAP version) indoctrination central then.

      1. Maybe they discovered a new gospel in the concrete slabs of the Klang River. The Gospel of Hannah ?

    2. Maybe it’s time for a third force to enter Malaysian politics.

      A new political party based on other values and ideologies other than race and religion.

      Anyone think such a party has a chance of surviving?

      1. Reading the comments here (including my own) I don’t think so.

        I used to be an admirer of Thomas Sowell (before he become a shrill GOP cheerleader) but he does occasionally produce some good solid pieces.

        Google his piece “Is Demography Destiny ?”. It is in an American context but I’ll leave readers to make the necessary leap of cultural context.

        The relevent bit is this –

        “If non-white voters can only be gotten by pandering to them with goodies earmarked for them, then Republicans are doomed, even if they choose to go that route.

        Why should anyone who wants racially earmarked goodies vote for Republicans, when the Democrats already have a track record of delivering such goodies?

        An alternative way to make inroads into the overwhelming majority of minority votes for Democrats would be for the Republicans to articulate a coherent case for their principles and the benefits that those principles offer to all Americans.”

  5. I grew tired of some people complaining about having to put down their races in the government forms when the same people insist of having sekolah china dan sekolah tamil.

    1. We should stamp out hypocritical doublespeak like that. I’m sure there are a lot of Malaysians who would give that course of action the stamp of approval…

      1. race based schools are different than religious schools.

        the same people who bising2 about cina schools have no qualms migrating overseas where there are no cina schools. that’s hypocrisy to me. heck, they even send their kids to stingkapore schools where there are no cina schools.

        so, some people should stop b***tching about having to put down their races on govt forms if they are not willing to give up race based schools, institutions, dewan perniagaan cina, persatuan cina bla..bla.., dong ziong movement, etc. live with it.

        1. Religious based schools transmit culture just like any other educational institution especially at formative ages. The issue of migration is a non-sequitor. People migrate for various reasons including Malays.

          If your argument is that people should stop bitching about putting down race on whatever government forms, they come across because of groups propagating race based agendas, then you should oppose any race based groupings including political parties.

          Otherwise, you are being as hypocritical as the ones you claim you despise.

      1. Second, make it illegal to have job advertisements which require job applicants to have language skills apart from Bahasa Malaysia and English … rightly or wrongly, preponderance of job advertisements which says “Able to speak Mandarin” etc etc etc actually reinforces the perception that the Chinese are not willing to share the economic pie with the other races

        1. Why is it okay for the govt sector to require job applicants to meet Bahasa Malaysia requirements, for the corporate sector to state that applicants must be able to communicate in English but when the same goes for Chinese speakers, you propose that it should be made illegal?

          1. why didnt the advertisers just mention that the want Cina people only, instead of beating around the bush by saying ‘Able to speak Mandarin’?

            1. I don’t blame you for suspecting that the ‘Speak Mandarin’ requirement is a mechanism to filter out non-Chinese just as you can’t blame me for my suspicion that the govt prefers to hire Malays.

              However, I don’t believe that requiring language skills is something you can fault the employer b’cos anybody can learn any language that he chooses (unlike Race that you can’t change except for a few folks). Najib’s son and the Malay deejay are Mandarin speakers.

      2. DAP can’t stop that anti Malay attitude because they are under the illusion that their party is a multi-racial party and it fights for all Malaysians’ rights.

        DAP people are delusional Cina people who think that others are too stupid to see their real skins.

  6. Dear Helen, life for the rest is cheap when we individually are okay. That is the modus operandi of Malaysians. There was BN and now we have PR No use blaming the politicians and those like minded when we individual Malaysian sanction it with a partisan view for what is political rather than what is the truth and reality without an expectation for the community. The fault is not of the politicians but how they can maneuver it for us as we are summer soldiers and sunshine patriots as and when it fits us without any conviction for the rest. Like how LE says ” Such a clinche ” Lets fight for all malysians equally. Not race based. Is this for real!!!.

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