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Oppo people don’t read beyond 3rd para

Sooner or later the election will have to be called. But I shall jump the gun and take my blog into election mode now (remember the reformatting I promised?)

Postings will be much shorter but more frequent daily.

I shall hold off putting forward my own views. Instead I’ll aggregate (like how I pinched the two Wee Choo Keong interviews) since we’re into the eve of GE13 and there’s plenty of interesting stuff out there.

We’ll also try to shift into forum style. With more topics on the table, you all have more discussion threads to chose from and can talk to each other. The Conrad-Calvin-grkumar exchange, for example, was highly informative.

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MCA – showdown at OTK Corral

Writing on the wall for MCA as crowd yells “No! No!” to Yen Yen @ Anil Netto’s.

When I asked ‘Will Malays vote MCA in GE13?’, I had said that I’d explore in a subsequent part the several factors causing the MCA to stumble.

But on second thought, there are plenty of Chinese out there (the 85 percent) compiling plenty of hate lists on the MCA. You can read them lah; saves me work. Here’s one in The Malaysian Insider (19 March 2013).

However, this counterbalance is a good read: ‘Umno, MCA Yakin Pengundi Cina Pertahan Benteng BN Di Johor‘.

The Umno Kulai MP Nur Jazlan Mohamed says that Johorean Chinese are different from those in the rest of the peninsula, which is true. I can vouch that Penang Chinese are different too.

DAPSubangJaya (DAPsubangjaya) on Twitter 2013-03-20 14-39-11


Onward evangelistas

Expect an onslaught from the DAP 2.0 evangelist politicians.

The tweet above is by the DAP leng chai Adun for Canning, Perak.

DAP is wowing the crowds. MCA is not. Recall how rude the diners were who attended the MCA free/subsidized mega dinners. They went to eat and continued eating (or chatting) when the speakers took the stage. Some even walked out when Dr Chua started speaking.

Dear Leader Guan Eng is chest-thumping already (see tweet). So will the DAP tsunami successfully sweep from the north to the south?

DAPster stone throwers


The next recommended link, ‘Is Chandra Muzaffar evil when he speaks sense?

I got the headline for this posting from the uppercaise blog where Gobind wrote: “Opposition supporters only see that Chandra is again walloping Anwar and Pakatan. (Many don’t read beyond the third paragraph.)”

Gobind also said:

“Chandra is not the first to observe that changing the people in power does not automatically mean an end to corruption. All through history, people have found the revolution eventually perverted by the very people who rode the wave into power.”

If anyone’s interested, I’ve got this piece ‘The revolution that devoured itself‘ which I posted on 11 Aug 2012.

For those interested in a kinder view of Chandra, please check out Anas Zubedy’s blog.


forumSo okay, please gimme your feedback whether this length, this fast pace and this number of links and topic variety is optimal for you.

If yes, then we’ll adopt this format from now until polling day.

You’re welcome to share your recommended links or to request for forum topics to be put up. For the past ones proposed by readers, click icon in the sidebar (look up, up, up, top right).


Postscript: If you’ve read this far to the very end, you’re not a very promising nor potential material for an opposition follower. They usually don’t read beyond the third paragraph.


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29 thoughts on “Oppo people don’t read beyond 3rd para

  1. It seems it is not only the STAR purportedly MCA papers that is full of DAP reporters. Even NST the purportedly UMNO paper is full of DAP supporters. Rita Jong will report verbatim what Gobind or Manjeet Singh against police officers/govt prosecutors. But Rita Jong will not report on what the prosecutors case.

    This is such a blatant tamil murder case that NST is defending is incomprehensible. Gobind words accusing police of lying or cursing will be printed large. This a case where a Malay women Sosilawati was tortured and burned along with 3 other Malay men by Indians and NSt is treating this as another murder case

  2. i think the length is about right .. and i do hope there’ll be more participation from both sides for a more ‘colourful’ discussions.

    Anyway, now trending or buzzing over fb would be the death of the DCNS lawyer: believed to be due to suicide. Off course, the oppo is angling it more skewed to Najib. One of my fb friends, kept sharing the story from various oppo friendly portals and I don’t have the heart to tell her that the deceased is also known as ‘Gangster Lawyer’ by the french.

    I guess, uppercaise is right .. third para is too taxing for them to peruse and researching on a subject perhaps to tedious.

    1. BN must be getting more efficient. Bala & the Frenchie within a week. I think they’ve moved on from cyanide since that method failed to kill someone…

      1. Just curios, was there ever any scientific evidence confirming cyanide traces had been found in the body / blood / hair or whatever of the fellow who alleged cyanide poisoning? Thanking you in advance for your response, Fakin’ Fake Calvin”.

        1. Nope. Don’t believe there ever was. If he was truly poisoned, they could have kept his hair or nails for evidence. But we all know they never did or they would have gone all over town with the test results ages ago.

          1. I agree. Quite far-fetched, I would say. If they want to finish him off, they would have done so, just like they did with A. Kugan and many others. But I believe they were hoping that Anwar would died by himself from natural causes, hehehe.

  3. Similarly with so called expose on Taib Mahmud..Going through their past exposes, it seems most of the countries ‘targetted’ are from the 3rd World or Developing that is believed in need of a regime change.

    Open Society is also among one of the funders which kind of convenient & at the same time peculiar to me.

    As much as I want to believe the credibility of globalwitness, I also have to take the whole thing with a pinch of salt: these days, nothing is what it seems.

    1. “As much as I want to believe the credibility of globalwitness, I also have to take the whole thing with a pinch of salt: these days, nothing is what it seems.”

      I think the problem with this kind of thinking is that it relates any information obtained back to the credibility of messenger. I think the credibility of the messenger should be questioned only after we have determined the legitimacy of the message. We do this to protect the integrity of our institutions.

      This is why hacks can go about “not trusting” anything that comes out of UMNO even if there are legitimate points raised. Ironically, this is also the theme of this post.

      As far as I can tell, this was a classic sting that unfortunately because of the corrupt cultures endemic in “third world” countries, official buffoons easily fall into.

      There should be an investigation to see how far this goes up the political food chain and the lot of them sacked. Not that I beleive this will happen. Old White Hair Uncle has UMNO by the short and curlies

      1. I read what I want to read, I write what I want to write, I hear what I want to hear and I cannot help it if I cannot see what I want to

    2. It took Taib less than a day to issue a rebuttal. In fact it was published in the Malay Mail the next day. Compare that with PR politicians who takes weeks to respond or some who’d just deny & ignore the pachyderm.

      Anyways, I do know Alvin Chong personally. IMO, he’s a prick who speaks malarkey & is sure hell full of himself.

  4. What has DAP given to the Chinese in particular? Nobody wants vernacular school. Just go to the US, UK, Singapore even. If it hadn’t been for MCA, these people would have to go to national school.

    MCA has done more to the Chinese far more than anyone could ever imagine. If it hadn’t been for the Perikatan coalition, Malaysia would have been part of Indonesia a long time ago.

    Lim Kit Siang and son just came in to steal the thunder.

    People seems to forget history. And when they’re comfortable, they become complacent. This country isn’t built in a day.

    1. Dap has given the people a lot of sodium. This in turns create a thirst. With thirst comes the need to quench it. Of course the beverages comes with a catch. Vote me in & you get the drink. Familiar much?

      They’ve promised the moon before but that’s because they never had the ability to form the government. Now that they do, they’ll claim only the rocket will get you to the moon. Let’s hope no one is then left stranded on the moon with no way to get back to earth when the rocket renege on their commitments.

    2. What do you mean by “nobody wants vernacular schools”? If what you say is correct, why are the number of enrolment (collectively) in the Chinese-language schools are reported as increasing year by year?

  5. The DAP leadership has not got the excellent academic credentials of Lee Kuan Yew their mentor and sponsor. He had a double star First in Law from Cambridge and probably a Third Class in the Bar Finals. Without a clear mind, the DAP has been in the Opposition for 44 years without doing the Malaysian Chinese any worthwhile service. By turning the Mandarin into a political issue, the DAP leadership has done great harm to the Malaysian Chinese community. Mandarin is only a language unlike under the British when subjects were on China and books were imported from Shanghai.

  6. Even Lee Kuan Yew who dominated 2 generations of Singaporeans with his superior attitude is now shown to failed in all policies which dealt with human inter-relationships except his money, money, money and tall hollow shining towers policies etc. What do you expect of the DAP to do especially in Pulau Pinang. They are going to kill off this lovely island with their muddled thinking. Imagine does anyone realised that a political party can sit in the doghouse for 44 years and claims to lead the Malaysian Chinese by sitting on their butts ! And those who think they will get Lee Kuan Yew if they vote DAP will be very sorry – their maestro has failed miserably in Singapore by screwing down the Singaporean Chinese population which now become 62% from the 100 % when he took power in 1959 !

    1. Do you mean to say that there were no Malays, Indians and “Others” in Singapore in 1959? This is surprising news indeed …

    2. QUOTE: ” What do you expect of the DAP to do especially in Pulau Pinang. They are going to kill off this lovely island with their muddled thinking.”

      Who is muddled thinking, you or DAP? Can you give specific instances of DAP killing off Penang? Or giving projects to their families? If you want proof that UMNO leaders are giving projects to their families, I can give you many.

      1. what about the tailoring contract in perak? ok i know it’s not in penang but hey, corruption is corruption

        1. You are right, I condemn the tailoring contract. To determine who is blacker, you need to total up all the corruption, right? You can’t say corruption is corruption just like that. Otherwise, why does the judge mete a heavier sentence for bigger quantum of corruption, compared to a lower one.

        2. Corruption is corruption, so you mean if you take, better take billions because the punishment is the same? Actually, what does the al-Quran says about that? Hope you can enlighten me.

  7. The length and links are fine with me.

    I actually prefer your shorter posts.

    We Y generation have short attention span.

    1. I actually try and try to keep my posts shorter :)

      I shall try even harder!

      Like I’ve said, if you guys talk more, I can certainly talk less.

      I wanna pass the ball and your participation (reader-generated content) will allow this blog to float without me having to paddle so hard.

      1. Length is OK. Links to earlier posts etc is good for a refresher too.

        As for me, I consider the posts & comments as an intellectual stimulant. With the exception of a few hit & run commentors bent on earning their bacon, I find most have substantial info attached & a myriad of viewpoints.

        I think there’s a niche group that’s attracted to your blog. Despite the fact that you’re BN inclined, we see PR inclined readers making interesting & honestly, thought provoking insights too. All that adds to the allure I suppose if one prefers discourse rather than the incessant insults & throwaway remarks.

        Shorter = better? Not necessarily. A bit background & your viewpoint required to kickstart the discourse methinks.

  8. “If you’ve read this far to the very end, you’re not a very promising nor potential material for an opposition follower. They usually don’t read beyond the third paragraph.”

    Hey now, I’m Oppo leaning, so I need to comment on this. The reason why we don’t read beyond the third para, is that Establishment types seem to suffer from Asperberg’s after the third……mwahahahaha.

    Seems good to me so far. I know the theme of this blog and enjoy reading the comments, so participation is a plus for me. As far as referencing other articles, it’s all good. People may have missed it the first time round, and some deserve a second airing or more attention.

    I would prefer it if you attached your own comments to the articles (I do come here for your perspective) for context, though.

    1. If you’re oppo “leaning”, that doesn’t make you an oppo “follower”, particularly the blind followers.

      Those people herd mentality.

  9. QUOTE: “Chandra is not the first to observe that changing the people in power does not automatically mean an end to corruption. All through history, people have found the revolution eventually perverted by the very people who rode the wave into power.”

    Right, diapers will be full of shit again, even if you change. So never, never change diapers! Is that what Gobind is trying to say?

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