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What song do The Scissorettes sing every morning?

By Fakin’ Fake Calvin  

Sad sad day for journalistic world when an art competition is deemed more important than poverty. Shame on the editors & journalists for their slapdash work so that they can spend more time to glorify the queen bee of SJ. I wonder if they sing “[God] save the queen” with gusto every morning before starting the work day?

Comment originally @ 2013/03/21 at 5:57 am

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By Helen Ang

The Scissors, as we know, is the MCA-owned newspaper Jerusubang Star

Fat Cat #1

Below is the executive editor of The Star — the golf-playing Datuk Wong Sai Wan (seated extreme left).


Fat Cat #2

Below is the most famous face of The Jerusubang Star — Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai. He is a Christian evangelist. That’s why his newspaper like that one.

One reader has concluded that the Chinese Star journos would be ones sympathetic to the government because their boss is MCA who requires them to write pro-BN stories. Or to look at it another way, this reader asserted that it’s not likely, for example, that Utusan would hire pro-PAS people to be its reporters (or by extension promote them to be editors so that pro-PAS journos thrived and multiplied in that Umno-owned Malay paper).

So what would you make of the situation in The Star if the top editor is an evangelist?

He’s photographed (in his Sunday column picture byline) leaning against a scooter — see below.

In truth he travels in a chauffeur-driven sleek automobile. I weally dunno why he dowanna be photographed with his car.


Fat Cat #3 & Fat Cat #4

Below is the Six Billion Dollar Tunnel Man.

    Guan Eng pointing to the menu of Healthy Appetite Restaurant
Guan Eng is pointing to his failed accountant Excel tabulation how he saved two billion on the tunnel tender

Curiosity killed the Cheshire Cat

Some of you might be curiouser and curiouser as to aiyah how come ah, the MCA-owned newspaper is so best friend forever (bff) with the politicians who are party rivals to their boss.

The answer is Animal Farm, the famous political satire by George Orwell. The final chapter of the novel tells us how contenders merged into each other so that you could no longer tell which from which.

This appears to be is what is happening between the dinosaur MCA and the new DAP.


Nowadays it’s hard to tell the difference with both parties, between the past prosperous and the present prosperous.

The Star‘s story priority

Back to the comment on the top of the page by regular contributor Fakin’ Fake Calvin (FFC).

He is referring to the comparison between two Star articles:

(i) About 44,643 Malaysian families living below the poverty line

(ii) A children’s art competition in Subang Jaya graced by the SJ Yang Berhormat

The Jerusubang Star allocated 229 words to the story on the 44,643 extremely poor families.

The Jerusubang Star devoted 322 words to a Subang Jaya children’s art competition, out of which 71 words were dedicated to quoting what Hannah Yeoh said.

FCC also believes that the paper’s editors and journalists are inclined to deem an art competition – especially if it is organized in the holy city of Jerusubang – as more important than poverty.

The space (column inches) spared by The Star to tell its readers about the fate of 44,643 poverty-stricken families is too kedekut so that the narrative ultimately makes no sense. You try using 229 words to describe your cat, much less a big issue like 44,643 households mired in grinding poverty.

Like FFC said, the writing was a piece of “slapdash work” — The Star article can be read here.

Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day
Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day

Jerusubang is alternate universe

The Star‘s misplaced priority is one of a piece with the MCA bosses when it comes to catering for the rakyat marhaen.

In an earlier comment in this blog, FFC had also remarked:

“Them fat cats of MCA can only muster 16k between them???!!! And yet they are still deluded enough to believe in their relevancy in the country’s political scene. Game, set & match to DAP.”

MCA the fat cat party running the fat cat Jerusubang newspaper had decided to contribute RM2,000 to each of the family of the police and servicemen killed in Lahad Datu.

The meagre sum – 2k – MCA that thought fitting for a police family would be good to buy the golf-playing Star editors a golf stick.

But the amount of the contribution is also an accurate reflection of the values held by the newspaper and its owner with regard to the inhabitants of Jerusubang (322 words) vis-a-vis the nameless, faceless poor people (229 words).

As to his observation that The Jerusubang Star is similarly inclined to “spend more time to glorify the queen bee of SJ”, well it would be good if the paper could usefully employ the interview time by asking Hannah Yeoh what is the detail registered in the birth certificate of her second-born child.

No, no, no. We’re not talking the taboo, dirty word ‘Race’ here. Poverty is a Class issue.

Low class

After all, “low class” is the favourite word among the DAP 2.0 evangelista politicians.

They also think “hitam metalik’ tribe can be bought with a meal of mutton and a tin of Milo. Well what to do if you’re living in grinding poverty? Would you care which one of the two-party system ruled and robbed the country?




NgaKorMingLow Class




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6 thoughts on “What song do The Scissorettes sing every morning?

    1. There has always been two classes for DAP from time immemorial. The DAP class which itself is divided into two sub classes of high class & politically cum temporarily adequate. As for the other class, it’s known as other class but more commonly known as low or no class.

    2. yet they need the votes of these so called low class people to win elections.

      its funny how the Chinese press never print or report that Hannah Y has been calling non Anglophile non Christian Chinese as low class.

      1. In the tweets, she called the non Anglophile Chinese BN politician Tan Keng Liang (specifically) “low class” as well as the MP Kota Belud.

    3. They hate discrimination but assign inferiority qualities on other people that are aligned to their beliefs.

  1. hahaha…they may call others a low class because it is their own perspectives. but, the people they called low class also have theirs and they even may call the jerusubang and clans as low class too.

    to me, whoever likes to call names, they are nothing but part of it….

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