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One question

Is she wearing the same or different dress?

Sorry I can’t match the photo sizes. They’re originally like that.



I’m seriously asking this and have a reason.

I hope readers will have a close look and tell me what you think.

The answer to the question, here.


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41 thoughts on “One question

    1. Thanks. I hope other readers will weigh in.

      I know what you mean. Baju kurung is one example of more or less uniform design/style.

      1. the design is a bit similar, I would say the similarity is about 10%, especially the upper part of the dresses, the lines but the material used is definitely different.

    2. Definitely differrent Helen tapi saya “lihat” the bra and undies are of the same colour and texture….he he

  1. i’d say different. the one in the smaller picture seems lighter in shade, looks shinier and more creased [perhaps of crushed satin] and do not have the two rows of pipings(?) found on the one in the larger picture. she must like the style and the shade. :)

    1. Thanks for your input. I’ll elaborate in a later posting why I posed the question.

      More views from others please.

  2. They seem different to me and after this tease, I am really looking forward to your reason……

  3. Isy! -isy! Helen… Kalau dah pompuan tu pompuan juga… Lelaki ada yang pakai seluiar 2 minggu tak basuh2… Mcm saya ni hehehehe

    1. :D

      Look lah, and tell me please.

      Good practice to instill awareness in men to notice more.

      1. Same top, different bottom. 2 pcs attire, smart on economy of scale. 2 pairs of top and 2 pairs of bottom, can produce 4 dresses.

  4. nampak sama tapi tak serupa… the fashion look similar…but totally different dress, above one is like baldu material, below is satin???…

    hair style also different, but big smile & white shining teeth are the same.

    baju kurung also got many styles… baju kebaya, kebaya labuh, kebaya Cina (why kebaya Cina only?), kebarung (kebaya + kurung), baju kurung manik2…and so many to write down here…but proud to see baju kurung is still be worn widely compared with cheongsam…

  5. Aiya Helen aaa.. dia pakai baju lain lain ooo.. baju kulung aja dia ada satu …. dia ada sikit suka tunjuk bahu ooo… baju kulung takbley.

    ooo tapi aaa… dia punya senyum sama aja… dia kasi muka keras ka…

    1. After much analyzing (lols), I’m going with Impiety on this and personally, I prefer the crumpled version.

  6. Different. You can see with the see through material in the second pic what appears to be a design of sorts.

    Two different but similar dresses yet she only has one yellow baju kurung. Tells you how where on her priority list the Muslims are…

  7. Different… one pleats the other without… but from previous posting i remember she hv only 1 set of baju kurung

    1. but why they only have BAJU KURUNG? wonder if they also have SARI to compliment their Indian voters? Kak Helen, if you can share any photos of these evangelistas wearing SARIs, go inside the temples, distribute oranges to Indian folks. or STAR forgot to cover this kind of story.

      I myself tried google images them wearing SARI…but only BAJU KURUNG & SELENDANG appear…maybe wrong keywords???
      Got one image HY wearing PUNJABI style dress…so far still no sari…baju kurung many results…(quite free time today…)

      Elizabeth Wong, image with baju kurung(decent one with selendang), cheongsam (sexy one)…but no SARI!!!

      the lady in question, you’ll be surprised becoz actually she got another color of baju kurung. Other than yellow, got blue one… and one image wearing cheongsam…but still no SARI????!!!

      whyyyyyy??????”multicultural party should wear multicultural dresses”….how come no SARI??? why SARI is left out????anyone can explain to me????

      1. Dioarang tak reti nak ikat sari, kot ,)

        Gambar lawa seorang mantan timbalan menteri MCA (bekas senator Heng Seai Kie)


  8. tak silap saya, gambar-gambar ini adalah di majlis yang sama, makanya baju yang dipakai adalah baju yang sama.

    1. Majlis yang berlainan, kot.

      Rambut berbeza.

      In the big photo, the hair at ends is curly (permed) and in the small photo, hair is straight. In the big photo, the bangs across her forehead. In the small photo, the bangs more spiky, like gelled.

      Also, in the big photo, no Kareena Kapoor scarf.

  9. Similar design but different dresses; look at the patterns on the first and the plain one on the second. Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks. It’s interesting to read feedback from women commenters and men commenters in contrast. I appreciate the guys giving a helping hand in this.

      1. Sari or no sari…. I am not going to vote for her again. During the last election, I voted DAP and PAS for the Parliment and ADUN respectively. Not this time around. I have never seen her at all in Bangi. That ADUN is even worst. He has a PhD in Islamic studies but useless and can be seen only when the election is near.

  10. Looks like two variations of the same design. Can’t wait to see what’s the connection.

  11. I think she has a common dressing approach; kasi tunjuk itu shoulder laaa…..both dresses have the same theme. :)

  12. Bahagian atas sama hingga dada nampak sama.. Dada kebawah berbeza.. Ok la tu Helen.

  13. Different dress, but almost same design, without that loose scarf. In the picture with Khairil, he is not wearing a bra. In the small picture, can see her left hand, but with Khairil, don’t know where she put that left hand of hers.

  14. I think same dress…the flash from the camera and the lighting of both rooms make them look different. Hubby too thinks the same dress. So, that makes TWO people to add to your count of those that think they are the same dress…

    1. Cute that you got your hubby to give his view as well. Stay tuned. Am posting the answer shortly.

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