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The name-calling list: What Pakatan and BN label each other

Brace yourself.

It’s not going to be pleasant but the word cloud will provide us a mental map to the terrain of our killing fields. Consider this a necessary political science case study.

Below are the labels that Pakatan politicians and their people have slapped on BN and things related:

  1. bUMNO, dUMNO, scUMNO
  2. Barisan Najis
  3. MCA – lots and lots of put-downs on the acronym
  4. MIC – ditto but fewer (or maybe they’re in Tamil and we don’t know)
  5. Mamak, mamakthir, kutty, mamakkutty, mahafiraun
  6. N**** (play on the sitting PM’s first name)
  7. Big Mama, *** Rosmah
  8. Moo
  9. Kerismudin, Hisaputing
  10. Chua Soiled Leg
  11. Porn star
  12. Saifool
  13. Racists, bigots
  14. Low class
  15. Anjing

And below are the labels that BN people have slapped on Pakatan and things related:

  1. DAPigs
  2. Pakatoons
  3. Fuckatan Riot
  4. DAP – D for ‘dictator’, etc, biaDAP
  5. Parti Ajaran Sesat, PAS-PIS-PUS
  6. Tokong, Dear Leader
  7. Biawak
  8. al-Juburi
  9. Nik Ajis, Mat Sabun
  10. Lim Kit Sial
  11. Kapal sink
  12. A**min
  13. Chauvinist
  14. Ultra kiasu, ultra Chinaman
  15. Babi

***  ***  ***

My own blog has contributed “Dapsters” – coined by reader ‘melonhead’ – to the political lexicon.

I shall update the list if you can think of any other notable ones that I might have missed.

Updated: 10.37pm


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37 thoughts on “The name-calling list: What Pakatan and BN label each other

    1. Yes, I was aware. But now come to think of it, “Tokong” also name given by their own side! Heh, heh, heh.

      And heh-heh-heh some more…

      1. Where the information is available, maybe you should also mention who coined the “nicknames” and/or the circumstances which led to the “nicknames” being coined

        1. Sure. Readers can chip in.

          I’ll move this posting to Highlight.

          ‘Ultra kiasu’ is the trademark of Ridhuan Tee’s column.

  1. Supremo Swing = Lim Kit Siang for swinging from one constituency to another, the latest being Gelang Patah.

    Mr Sue = Lim Guan Eng for his penchant of using the phrase “I sue, I sue you if you write”.

    Jambu Boy = Anwar’s office boys are really good looking. look at Rafizi, look at Saiful, well Saiful is now ex boy, Fareez Kamal Intidzam etc.

        1. If you send a guy to check, he may get *ahem-ahem*… If you send a gal to check, she may get *ahem-ahem*… He wants, nay insists on the young, rubbery, I mean bergetah ones…

    1. Yes, thanks. Aware.

      Are there any others? Dr M has been given a whole slew of nicknames. I’m surprised that only al-Jubz came to mind when I was reviewing Anwar.

      Generally, I think MCA is gentler than the streetfighter DAP. And also that Umno pollies will more or less refrain from employing the nicknames, at least publicly, but the DAP politicians themselves (particularly LGE) engage in name-calling.

      But I gotta to say though that among their followers, both sides are equally bad :)

    2. That was before his infamous and arousing audio tapes with Mah was on line. Now Mat Sabu is [edited].

  2. RPK ‘coined’ a new acronym in his recent article; i.e. ABC = “Asal Bukan Cina”. I am beginning to feel that it will be used a lot post GE13 when the country is run by a Malay government with a Chinese opposition.

    Btw, I am sure which category the acronym should be, by BN or by PR. I am sure where RPK’s political leaning to now.

    1. ha ha ha ! now this is getting more interesting. I seriously think the Chinese educated Chinese have no idea what this ABC is since, I believe, most of them have turned again him after he made comments about PKR and PR that were not to their liking. here’s the problem with these Chinese that lean towards PR. when they don’t like what’s being written, they boycott you.

      by the time they know about this ABC, its going to be too late for them, no way back. frankly, I don’t think that RPK is leaning on BN or PR. he’s just saying what’s really happening out there, the political climate. and from the looks of things, its getting more and more unfavorable for the Chinese.

      but as always, thanks to the alternative media and the Chinese press, they have no idea what’s really going on and what’s about to happen.

  3. I got my own…Mat Syabu, Nizar The Bizarre, Anwar Laknatullah, Nik Ajis, Passe, iayo, lupa banyak…gimme one more day…got hundreds of terms for these god-damned pakatan.

  4. I don’t know about u..but sometimes I prefer the word “puak puaka” to refer to these buffoons…haha

  5. I read somewhere BN = Be End…???

    what about Y.B. acronym? which coalition deserve as per below meaning?

    Yang Berhormat (original meaning)
    Yang Bekerja
    Yang Boroi (banyak makan rasuah)
    Yang Buas (ferocious, buas songlap projek)
    Yang Bodoh
    Yang Biseksual??? hahaha….who deserves this the most?

  6. Like your post very much. It’s refreshing and put some sensical perspective. Can you do what each of them call themselves as well after this.

    1. Koolness. Sounds like a plan.

      You and the other readers can start with a few examples here and I’ll compile your contributions into a next post.

  7. Fuckatan Riot would make a cool name for a rock group like Pussy Riot. Just sayin’

  8. Just name callings?

    Why don’t you put all those parody youtube making fun of each other too, the DAP gangnam, the BN bangkang dari longkang

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