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Ellese proposes a game we can play

But first.

Highlights paraphrased from an article today in FMT:

  • Shen Yee Aun, who heads the Malaysian Youth Rights Movement, plans to to take legal action against super cyberbullies identified as members of the Red Bean Army (RBA).
  • Shen said the RBA super cyberbullies have threatened, intimidated and racially abused any commentator thought to favour BN or are anti-Pakatan.
  • These bullies are becoming even more vulgar, hostile and unruly carrying out “concerted, coordinated and collaborated efforts” in their mob lynching.
  • He hit out at the political masters of these super cyberbullies for condoning and encouraging unethical behaviour online.

And sure enough, the bullies are quick to prove Shen Yee Aun right by taunting…

…”Cry baby!”, “crybaby”, “Didn’t your mommy tell you if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen?”

and name-calling him…

…”Perkasa lackey”, “as dumb as dumno”, “running dog”, “running dog”, “[Umno’s] PAID lapdogs……woof…woof”, “Another MCA pariah dog”, “BN’s run dog”

as well as advised…

…”Just f##k off if you can’t follow the rules of game.”

***  ***  ***

“Rules of the game”, wor

Wow! The rules of the political game in cyberspace is are dictated by the DAP.

One of the Facebookers who goes by the name Sean Hardy Lucky-Osborne wrote on the FMT article cited above: “Didn’t BN/Umno just induct 3,000 cyber-troopers into the ranks to do their bidding within the cyber-world?”

“Pakatan supporters know how to behave”

NGO to take legal action against cyber bullies Free Malaysia Today 2013-03-23 15-17-57

Another Facebooker Rk Sandhu wrote:

“Shen, you are such a loser. What you have described is BN’s tactics. Pakatan supporters are educated people who know how to behave. It is BN who sends their gangsters and pay cyber crooks like you to spread false lies about Pakatan. …”

***  ***  ***


In an earlier posting titled ‘The name-calling list: What Pakatan and BN label each other‘, I had observed that some BN supporters called some Pakatan supporters “babi”, and some Pakatan supporters called some BN supporters “anjing”.

All the “running dog” insults directed at Shen Yee Aun – collated above – reinforces the accuracy of my observation. And as I’ve asked before, what kind of people are they?

The namecalling list What Pakatan and BN label each other Ellese

What’s the name of the game?

If you’ll go to the FMT page, you can see what kind of ugly names they’re calling Shen Yee Aun for pointing out that they behave like super cyberbullies.

Separately and earlier, commenter Ellese responded to my post on the name-calling list by making a suggestion that we also compile what kind of beautiful names the Pakatan supporters call their idols and heroes.

Twitter manmeetbariar @hannahyeoh looked so pretty

For example, they use the labels “pariah”, “prostitute”, “porn star” and others to describe BN and its supporters. However they use words like “righteous”, “ethical”, “principled” etc to describe themselves.

And while they have only nasty things to say about BN politicians, they have the nicest things to say about their friends.

izzah u r so beautiful!

Hannah Yeoh: “Look past race”

Not just from the twits alone.

The Star carried an article ‘titled ‘Look past race’ on Hari Merdeka penned by Hannah Yeoh where the state assemblyman self-described herself as a “young and a fresh face in politics”.

Obviously the power of suggestion is effective because recently on 15 March 2013, The Star reporter used the very same words, “Fresh-faced DAP candidate Han­nah Yeoh won the seat in 2008 with a 13,851 majority over MCA’s Ong Chong Swen”.


Quote as reported by The Star

The Game

We know the words that the Pakatan side like to use on others.

What we’re compiling are the praises they’ve sung about each other, e.g. like Wan Azizah calling hubby “Anugerah Tuhan”. You can share your total recall in the Comments box below.

Nurul Izzah speaking now


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

21 thoughts on “Ellese proposes a game we can play

  1. “Pakatan supporters are educated people who know how to behave ”

    What a fucking joke.

    The appeals to emotion, the inability to construct rational arguments, the non-sequitors, the straw men arguments, the rape fantasies, the online harassment, the hypocrisy, the conflation of race, class and religion, the newspeak, the lies in lieu facts, the racism, classism’s and just about any –isms that they blame on BN but practice in a sub rosa fashion, the condoning flip flopping agendas , the group think ,the inability to exercise self-criticism and finally, the dispensing of kool aid, does not an EDUCATED supporter make.

    This behavior is actually the behavior of Ur- fascists.

    1. Call themselves ‘educated’? Malay call it ‘ Masuk bakul angkat sendiri’.. lama lama gantung diri ha ha

  2. Pakatan cybertroopers and supporters are living in denial. They may be educated but they certainly do not know how to behave. All their tweets and comments on posts certainly make them sound barbaric and moronic.

    And all those who profess to love Christ and God are committing the sin of slander and bullying, the very acts that Christianity is against. These “holy” people are hypocrites. In particular, Hannah “low-class” Yeoh.

  3. Damn it, I forgot to add in that list, one of the more important elements – the ad hominems.

  4. The DAPsters are as educated as the Nazis and Europeans who started two word wars and conducted genocide.

  5. They believe deficit budget will bring our country more debt and bankcrupt us but they always have deficit budget and incur more debt.

  6. They always believe in full free and democratic election save for their own internal election where they must have room to manipulate.

  7. PR believes in welfare state and direct subsidy of rakyat unless it comes from BN. Thus BR1M etc. etc must be objected.

    They believe they can give one off subsidy but whenever it’s done by bn its money politics,

  8. They don’t believe in gutter politics. They believe in principled politics. Thus all their lies and fitnah are righteous.

  9. PR believes in making promises and put them in writing such as manifestos but none of them need to be fulfilled. They practice principled politics and thus non fulfillment is righteous. But others must fulfilled all of them otherwise janji dicapati.

  10. Uncouth Brainless A$$ Holes them DAP fanatics. Acting like big time mobsters as they criticize on issues that they don’t even understand. In fact, the lot of them are nuclear physicists, security experts, economic gurus etc whose fanaticism precludes the possibility of questioning leaders who can’t even use Excel spreadsheets correctly.

    They are hoodwinked by this bunch of habitual purveyors of fatuous excuses & prevarication whose is led by a man, believing in his own divinity in his lascivious climb to the apex of the pyramid of power.

    For skeptics looking in, we all know he’s far removed from any sliver of divinity. In fact his pruriency for worldly gratification is best defined by his pursuit of the very enchanted & very forbidden rainbow.

    1. Typo: In fact, the lot of them are instant armchair nuclear physicists, security experts, economic gurus etc

  11. As you can on the Mkini news thread of the upcoming meeting between Hindraf and the PM, DAP apparanchiks and kool aid drinkers are calling anyone supportive of Hindraf as BN cybertroopers not to mention generally going ape shit.

    Now, I have only recently begun posting here but I have never once called anyone a cybertrooper, even those trolls who posts driveby comments.

    What these wankers don’t seem to understand is that they keep asking for a “two party system” but when anyone attempts to engage with BN they become the “enemy”. So what exactly is there to be gained by this mythical two party concept ?

    Now if they say that UMNO cannot be trusted (and there is enough evidence to support this) what of PR ?

    Isn’t there a case pending where PR has said that election promises are not binding ?

    1. I just popped over to the thread and saw a comment posted by an mK regular only a couple of minutes ago. It’s so hilarious (‘like’) that I’m copypasting it below.

      Anticommunalist Jiminy Qrikert, please get Ambiga to shore up your Indian votes for PR ! Its your best bet as Ambiga will win you all the Indian votes that you need !

      Perhaps Waytha’s fast hit a spot of Najib’s humanity and the outcome of the meeting will allow him to end the hunger strike.

  12. sorry mates, not really a PR supporter here. but you guys really deserved to be called those names. Helen ang , if i see your face on the street i do really feel like spitting on it. i thought ugly people are smarter, you do look like a pure nerd and i expect you to have the instinct to tell what is right or wrong for the country. but after reading a couple of your articles , i’m surprised that you are as dumb and as ugly as you look.

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