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Guan Eng & gang going ape shit at the gomen

By Conrad

As you can [see] on the Mkini news thread of the upcoming meeting between Hindraf and the PM, DAP apparanchiks and kool aid drinkers are calling anyone supportive of Hindraf as BN cybertroopers not to mention generally going ape shit.

Now, I have only recently begun posting here but I have never once called anyone a cybertrooper, even those trolls who posts driveby comments.

What these wankers don’t seem to understand is that they keep asking for a “two party system” but when anyone attempts to engage with BN they become the “enemy”. So what exactly is there to be gained by this mythical two party concept?

Now if they say that Umno cannot be trusted (and there is enough evidence to support this) what of PR?

Isn’t there a case pending where PR has said that election promises are not binding?

Comment originally @ 2013/03/24 at 2:30 pm

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DAP method of linking critics with BN

By Helen Ang

Dear Leader attacks Consumers Association Penang through Guilt by (fictitious) Association

Excerpts below from Malaysiakini article ‘Guan Eng warns of “hostile and dangerous” NGO‘ (22 March 2013).

Note the phrases that I’ve underlined in bold red where Guan Eng deliberately tars his critics with the BN brush.

The Malaysiakini report was written by Susan Loone.

  • Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has warned the public to be wary of NGOs who has adopted the BN line in opposing the proposed RM6 billion integrated road system.
  • Some so-called independent NGOs have adopted the BN line and aligned themselves to the BN – you know who these organisations are and they are playing on the sentiments of the people,” said Lim at the launch of the Bukit Bendera election centre last night.
  • Lim said these NGOs have also adopted the BN line to accuse the state of not having an accountable open tender process for the project which includes an undersea tunnel linking the island to mainland.
  • When BN has aligned themselves to some of these NGOs, they become very dangerous. They look very independent, but they are talking BN’s talk,” he alleged. “Be careful of these NGOs. Can or not? Can or not?” he asked the 200-strong crowd, to which they gave a resounding “yes”.

It is Lim Guan Eng who is a clear and present danger with his unscrupulous methods. It’s no wonder too that the Dapsters are so vicious.

Guan Eng casting imaginary links on CAP

In another further examination, see the phrases used by Guan Eng – which I’ve highlighted in bold red – on how the DAP Chief Minister has slurred the CAP president and tried to link SM Mohamad Idris and his NGO Consumers Association of Penang to the federal government.

Federal govt is Guan Eng’s enemy

Penang chief minister’s open letter to CAP

Dear Sir,
We refer to your recent statement opposing the Penang state government’s traffic decongestion projects […]
Whilst we welcome public views, such inputs and even criticisms from our detractors must always be based on objective analysis and facts, not subjective outbursts and sentiments. […]
Regrettably, the federal government has decided to play partisan politics at the expense of the public by stubbornly refusing to fulfil their promise of a monorail. […]
This RM10 million offer was rejected by the federal government without any reason given.
Similarly our proposal for Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang or MPPP to set up our own bus companies to provide public transport was rejected by the federal government.
At no point did CAP
support the state government’s efforts nor questioned the federal government for not accepting the money payment made by the state government to provide free bus services.
Clearly, the federal government intends to choke Penang to death with traffic congestion. […]
As a responsible people-centric government, we refuse to do nothing, play the blame on the federal government and wait to be choked to death by traffic congestion. […]
The state government agreed to a toll for only 30 years as we did not want to go to a state of war with the federal government by not charging toll, as then the federal government will have legal grounds to stop the tunnel project by claiming that we are deliberately sabotaging the toll collection for the second bridge.

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From today’s NST interview with Tun Daim Zainuddin

Even the extremely reticent and usually guarded ex-Finance Minister had this to say:

“The DAP is really a Chinese party. It’s not a multiracial party. It’s chauvinistic, but claims to be Malaysian Malaysia.

“You can see in its last party election, members don’t want even a single Malay to be in the top leadership.

“This is very clear. That is their idea of Malaysian Malaysia.”

Practically everybody can see the hypocrisy except the Chinese themselves.

Now when something is terang lagi bersuluh to everyone else and it is only the DAP followers who cannot see what is so evident, and when these supporters go ballistic upon being told how the rest of Malaysia views them, then we have to ask what magic detergent does the DAP use to wash the brain of the Chinese?

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DAP evangelista Bintang Tiga

Syed Akbar Ali’s blog carried in full the press statement by the Malaysia Youth Right Movement with regard to the super cyberbullies.

The MYRM statement said:

“As it’s getting nearer to the General Election, online cyber warfare has become more intensified and more violent.”

Not to mention the slander and outright lies that they spread.

It is a grave mistake to isolate the violence, the viciousness and the campaign of hate to the cybertroopers alone. Online behaviour has most certainly spilled over to the offline.

It is the Chinese collectively who have allowed the brainwashing to reach this intense level.

BN must demand an answer from the MCA as to why it is allowing its scissors to play min yuen and collude in the process of indoctrination.


Chinese and Christians can expect payback after GE13


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9 thoughts on “Guan Eng & gang going ape shit at the gomen

  1. Actually, this is part of the reason why I register myself to vote for the 1st time in my entire life..before this, I couldn’t give a flying **** on what’s happening in Msian politics. I remember 2008, I stayed up late to watch the GE result and when the oppo won few states, I thought.. well, it’s about time.

    After the GE, I remember there were write-ups upon write-ups on the oppo and how they walk the talk. In particular, I remember a write-up of LGE taking an AirAsia flight (or was it MAS) but he took the economy seat. I was thinking that perhaps the oppo was a good thing then..but after few months, I noticed that in all their press release/speeches or anything that require them to act in taking care of the states they’ve managed to secure was blaming the previous govt for all the inadequacies.. again & again & again: Whatever they said they going to do ended up with excuses and not implementation.

    I mean, if you know that you can’t fulfilled it, why promise in the first place? People voted you in for solution, not for giving excuses.

    I tried reading Harakah, MKini… but all the contents sounded as if Malaysia is a hell to live with – as if all these years, we’ve been living in some communist country under some screwed up dictator.

    Off course, I’ve been told about some politicians secret lives by some friends who are in the know and I find it hypocritical when some masked themselves behind religion.

    1. Me too! I’m really disgusted at the hypocrisy and self-righteousness of the Pakatan Rakyat, especially the evangelical DAPs. I’m voting them out!

  2. Haven’t you been going ape shit at anything and everything Chinese, Christian and most importantly non BN? Look in the mirror.

    1. From Day One I’ve thrown my full support behind the vernacular school system whose rationale for existence is undermined and threatened by the Firster ideology.

      I’ve said that my late parents spoke Chinese, and Chinese is my home language. I talk to my dog and cat in Chinese too.

      I’ve mentioned that my birth certificate Religion detail says ‘Buddhist’. Isn’t Christianity a religion that defined the West’s Christendom? When has Christianity ever defined China?

      I do not exalt the English language (on the contrary, I’m anti-PPSMI). I do not quote Shakespeare or English poets in my blog. I do not say I “love London”. How can anyone suggest that I’m remotely Anglophile?

      Unlike the Anak Bangsar Malaysians who declare that Indians are only to be found in India and Chinese are only to be found in China, and unlike the Malaysian Firsters who claim that to self-identify by race is to be “racist”,

      I, on the other hand, have clearly stated ‘Aku Cina’ — look at my blog sidebar.

      The fact that you can pass the comment that I go “ape shit at anything and everything Chinese” proves just how perverted Dapsters are, and adept at spreading fitnah.



    2. Postscript:

      Dapsters are identical to PASters.

      Whenever someone criticizes the tuan guru, the critic is made out by the penyokong tegar PAS to be anti-Islam.

      Whenever anyone criticizes Papa or Mama Dapster, their pengikut gila taksub accuse the critic of being anti-Chinese.

      Fine. I hope readers of this blog will now realise that for many of the urban Chinese electorate, DAP = Chinese and Chinese = DAP.

      1. I used to have the perception that DAP = Chinese, urban Chinese = DAP, rural Chinese not necessarily will support DAP.

        But now, the situation is 90% Malaysian Chinese = DAP.

        So, BN government allocation for Chinese ministers in the cabinet should be zero.

        1. Oh..Maybe Najib should keep Ng Yen Yen as Tourism Minister as she is doing a great job now. As a token to the 10% Chinese who still supports BN.

  3. LGE says: “The state government agreed to a toll for only 30 years as we did not want to go to a state of war with the federal government by not charging toll, as then the federal government will have legal grounds to stop the tunnel project by claiming that we are deliberately sabotaging the toll collection for the second bridge.”

    I call on the Federal Government to call LGE’s bluff and challenge him to build the tunnel and NOT collect any toll. The Penang government will either bear the full cost of construction, or it can kiss the contractor/concessionaire BUGC goodbye!

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