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Why the dresses backstory is very, very important

Remark by a commenter in Syed Akbar Ali’s blog:

Anonymous said

“HAHAHAHAHAH…. Kelakar la Pakcik Syed ni…. No la guys…. I think she is stingy la… jenis berjimat-cermat..

“The last 3 and 2 pictures clearly showed that she wore the same grey dress too, except she had white shawl put around her neck.. Tak baik buruk sangka tau…”


Now we know that the ‘Anonymous’ in the SAA blog is wrong to say that Teo Nie Ching was wearing “the same grey dress“.

Among the readers in this blog, exactly two-thirds of you who responded to my question on the dress believe that it’s a different dress while one-third think it is the same one.

There’s nothing unusual in holding a contrary or mistaken opinion. SAA’s Anon is, after all, in the good company of 33.3 percent of my blog commenters, including regulars, who share his opinion that it is the same dress.

However what I’d like to assess here is Anon’s little lecture to readers of SAA that it is “tak baik tau” if they “buruk sangka”.

Idiot Guide to Malaysian Politics

Taken from Anas Zubedy’s blog.

Anas imagines the lines of Malaysian political logic (I’ve shuffled their order a bit) to run like this:

  • When I disagree it is democracy, when you disagree you are rude, stupid, bought over, influenced, etc etc.
  • My research shows we got more support and will win in the next general elections. Your research that says otherwise sure wrongly done one.
  • All my leaders are smart; all your leaders are idiots.
  • Our idiots are smarter than your experts.
  • A Satan is a Satan as long as he is on the other side. Join us, immediately Satan becomes an Angel.
  • My party and I speak on behalf of God. If you don’t follow us, you will go to hell.

jampi air

Photo: PAS people jampi air, Jerusubangites have their fountain of Holy Water


We can’t dispute that “Tak baik buruk sangka tau…” is a piece of good advice. But in the realm of Malaysian political cyberspace, it’s more often than not — “Do as I say (even if I myself do differently)”.

It is especially good advice for some people to follow before they simply accuse a lady VVIP of such a serious charge as ordering a murder.

And while it’s fine to lecture “Tak baik buruk sangka tau…” over the yellow baju kurung satire, there is undeniably a great imbalance (read: double standards) when the pro-Pakatan people take to preaching Do’s and Don’ts from their pious pulpit.

For example, DAP had clamoured for the head of a Penang Umno division chairman over what they termed his “racist” remark. Ahmad Ismail was eventually suspended by his party for calling the non-Malays “pendatang” after public pressure that incorporated calls for him to be ISA-ed.

At the same time though, the Dapsters are unable to realise that some people view Guan Eng as being more racist than those he constantly criticizes.

Another example: If you were to say that every citizen – particularly the Malaysian First – should be conversant in BM, you will be accused of propagating Ketuanan Melayu. But when they defend Chinese as their Language First, it becomes a matter of universal human rights.

Their modus operandi is exemplified in the disingenuous “Christians are only 9 percent” excuse to infer that they are a weak community.

DAP 2.0 zealots

I hope Umno bloggers and Malays in general will take note that there is the old DAP and there is the retooled version.

The most salient feature of the 2.0 DAP edition is their PAS-like evangelical zealotry. Added to that, the evangelista defenders are the most vigilant in cyberspace as well quick and agile deflectors. How they operate in the political sphere is similar to the proselytization method of the charismatic churches.

These consummate chameleon creatures are something we’ve never experienced before in the field of politics among the non-Malays.

The Anon in SAA’s blog using the Malay-flavoured admonishment, “Tak baik buruk sangka tau…”, sounds like one.


Photo: Douglas Tan

Silver tongues

In the video clip of his talk to Sibu churchgoers, Lim Guan Eng told them, “We need all of you [Christians] to mobilize … I believe if we can have a good turnout, we can overcome.”

The DAP 2.0 evangelista tribe comprise glib operatives who are ICT- and media-savvy and know how to milk publicity to the max. Hannah Yeoh before she was elected YB was an “Event Planner” by profession.

The evangelistas have a strong presence in the media. It is the unique selling proposition of pastors and preachers to talk, isn’t it?


“Con artists”

Take for instance Douglas Tan (screenshot above) is co-ordinator for the DAP Kampar “service team”. He is a columnist both in FMT and Malaysia Chronicle.

A sample of Douglas’ handiwork: In an article titled ‘Empty vessels make the most noise‘, he throws the accusation how “MCA has shown that it is completely incapable of voicing out on issues which are important to ordinary Malaysians, but is more interested in engaging in politicking”.

He alleges MCA to be “con artists” who are “more interested in engaging in politicking” (you’re getting my drift now, huh?)

Drumroll …

According to his Twitter profile, Douglas is a member of the City Harvest Church KL (located in Subang Jaya).

Like Hannah Yeoh, Douglas has a law degree. He is also speaker on the DAP speechifying circuit.

Douglas TanTwitter


Screenshot above: KL Chan, the Selangor Times editor, tweeted about DUMC

Douglas Tan, member of the City Harvest Church Subang Jaya, represents the DAP 2.0 breed who are able to influence media coverage.

The 2008 tsunami brought in a wave of people like Douglas to the DAP. This new force of carpetbaggers is sweeping out the old. The most importing aspect differentiating the new from the old is their evangelical Christianity.

Among Ye Olde DAP MPs elected in 2004 were Fong Po Kuan and M. Kula Segaran. Unconfirmed reports say that both these Perak reps have now been successfully ousted from their state.

Kula was in the news recently over his escalating rift with the evangelical warlords cousins whereas Fong Po Kuan’s tiff with Ngeh and Nga is well-known and severe to the extent that she almost decided not to defend her Batu Gajah seat in 2008.

Two more Perak DAP big guns heading south

With the imminent departure of Kula and Fong as reported yesterday, the evangelicals would have succeeded in taking Perak DAP (like they did Subang) for Jesus.



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35 thoughts on “Why the dresses backstory is very, very important

  1. that’s not bad at all. if the Evangelists gain complete control of the DAP, it will also serve the interest of radical Malays i.e the Ultra Malays. after all, the Ultra Malays too want the same thing as the Evangelists of the DAP. they want a “War”. a “War”, well, not actual war, but a permanent state of racial and religious tensions so that they can have a valid reasons for the preservation of the status quo.

  2. It is actually an interesting situation actually. On the one hand we have the evangelical cretins of the DAP spreading their politics of love and on the other we have the real “threat” of Christianity injected into the Malay polity by the influx of Indonesian (many of them undocumented) migrant workers.

    (Btw I consider religious freedom an aspect of freedom of expression, so on an ethical level I am divorced from mainstream Malaysian thought.)

    Complicating matters is of course the Islamization process that UMNO carried out in a bid to bolster Malay solidarity in the 70’s which if anything exacerbated the class conflicts within the Malay community.

    Not helping matters is the internal dialogue within PAS that normally favors the hardliners and UMNO being politically inept, would have to counter with more religious provocations of their own.

    Ultimately though the capitalistic Christianity of the DAP would not have much effect on mainstream Non Malay society. The people who would be affected are those who do not fall under God’s grace as defined by churches like the CHC.

    If PKR and PAS do not get a significant mandate from the Malay community eventually, the DAP 2.0 train would be stranded on their way to commercial paradise.

    Douglas Tan is a symptom of the new kind of politics of the DAP. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot say that you believe in a secular democracy while funding religious groups.

    You cannot say you believe in a secular democracy and chase the religious vote without making it clear that the principles of secularism trumps whatever religious needs these people feel are not being addressed.

    Check that. The Malays too would suffer under an evangelical intrusion into the political scene. Not because there will be conversions or anything like that, but because the DAP will continue to fund institutions that foster an unquestioning belief in the authorities, much as UMNO has been doing.

    It is in the best interest of those who have power and those desperate to claim it, that a large section of the Malay community remains in the thrall of the business as usual politics that both sides offer.

    I will make a prediction here. Eventually when the class conflict in the Malay community boils over, the biggest winners will be PAS.

    1. Not if PAS continue its alliance with DAP – not only PAS sympathisers but also some of its members are against such a relationship

  3. I want this country to be healed after years of pilferage, greed, lies and corruppptiooon!!! – Douglas Tan’s “maiden” speech in Ipoh, October 2012

    Real cliche. Who the h**l drafted the speech? I want something new!

    I surmised that this Douglas Tan is a mere 27 years old boy from his Tweet handler. MCA’s inception was more than half a century ago and have at least made some contributions for the Chinese community long before Douglas baby was even born! Now, who’s the empty vessel here? Douglas boy or MCA?

    1. Just to answer this lousy engineer, Douglas is merely 26. He has mentioned in the said speech that his grandfather was a founding MCA member in Kepong and is still currently a branch chairman in his ripe old age. I believe that he has seen with his own eyes, or hear from his grandfather the works of the MCA to know how rotten it is in the inside. Or else why would he leave his comfort zone which his family has built up?

      And according to his reply on Youtube, he drafted the speech himself. Give him some credit when it is due.

      1. Why would he leave his comfort zone? Probably he’s one of those sanctimonious and self-righteous young men who naively believe that the Opposition can “save” Malaysia, and thinks it’s trendy to be anti-establishment. I know his gramps. He has been a prominent businessman for decades, and a nice man.

        1. Naivety is not exactly a bad thing, Gillian. Douglas may seem to be like how you describe him, sanctimonious and self-righteous. I don’t see any problem with that because that is exactly how a youth should be and not be someone who is passive. It is okay to make mistakes and learn from it. It is all a process of learning and building, after all.

          1. LL…naivety is not necessarily a bad thing, like you say, but it could be dangerous, in politics. And it’s ok to be righteous, but not self-righteous.

            Self-righteousness is defined as a feeling or display of (usually smug) moral superiority. Youths who are self-righteous will eventually become arrogant and disdainful of anyone who do not share their sentiments or opinions.

            And all the adulation from DAP supporters will definitely feed his ego and encourage him to believe that he and his affiliations and opinions are superior to everyone else. A good example is Hannah Yeoh.

            BTW, it’s Gil, not Gillian. I’m a guy. Cheers!

  4. Do check out part 1 of the interview with Tun Daim in the NST today. He made some interesting observations about DAP. Among others;

    “The quality is not there”
    “The DAP is really a Chinese party. It’s chauvinistic, but claims to be Malaysian Malaysia”

    By comparing PAP to DAP, Tun Daim inferred that DAP is not very intelligent.

    Part 2 will be out tomorrow.

    1. i have known this for a long, long time. just becoz they spot english names like joseph, david, hannah, terasa etc they think that made them look smarter ? hell no. zilch, no substance from day one.

  5. Helen, I’m writing this to warn you and other readers here. The PR cyber troopers have come up with a new strategy of undermining people who are against them.
    Yesterday I posted comments at Stop The Lies and this PR trooper came in and accused me of being a fake Pakatan Puak Pembohong. He then went on to say I was impersonating the real PPP and post comments. Me impersonating me? That’s a joke. Today he’s doing it again.

    It looks to me that PR troopers, maybe their paymasters, their strategists at Komtar, they may have come up with this new strategy where anyone who post comments against them, they deal with this by just accusing the commenters of impersonating people. It is like you Helen writing a comment where you say “the Dapters are getting desperate and they keep on attacking me” and then this PR trooper comes in and he posts “this bitch is impersonating Helen Ang again.

    These PR troopers are getting desperate now. Helen, you have my email address so if someone comes in here and claims he’s me, then you’ll know what I’m talking about when I write this comment. I hope you pass this information around. thanks.

    1. I’ve said before that they are vicious and ruthless. Now it looks like they’re sick as well.

    2. Bro, they probably hired schizophrenics now. You must be getting them hot & bothered for them to make concerted attacks at you. Just keep it up man, & give ’em hell!!

      1. my name is a sarcastic parody of their masters. now they are getting desperate. I m not surprised by all this. I m not worried at all. people know my writing style. these attacks on me reminds me of the attacks they launched, and are still launching at Helen.

        no big deal. by the way, I will be going to Johor this afternoon 2pm to check out the situation there. most likely I will only be back on Wednesday, I’ll be very busy over there, maybe no time to go online and post comments.

        1. I hope you don’t come back. Why not go to Lahad Datu and fight the terrorist instead of being keyboard warrior.

          Thanks to your mamak kutty, now the whole nation has to bear the cost of keeping the terrorists at bay.

  6. Douglas Tan is a self-righteous, sanctimonious, young, wet-behind-the-ears evangelist-wannabe.

    I know him personally. He’s cocky, arrogant and full of himself. I know his parents, too but I can’t stand talking to him for long. He makes me wanna roll my eyes,

      1. LOL. As much as it may seem absurd to hear the question asked, most Christians who whose parents were Christians & not of the ‘born again’ garden variety would understand the reasons why such a question is relevant.

      2. This is a very important point.

        These born agains are the most virulent strain of religionists. The same can be said of those who embrace Islam.

        I mentioned this before, how these born again wankers comment on how lucky I was to be born into the faith and by rejecting it there is a special place in hell for me.

        I am sure I am generalizing but anecdotally this prove true, in my experience

        1. Dr M’s been the only prominent national leader to have put his finger on the pulse wrt the clash of civilizations, in our case Islam vs Christendom.

          He’s way ahead of the curve. For donkey years he’s been saying about the Malay votes splitting but it was only with the Obama election 2011 that we saw the consequences of the trend clearly unfolding, i.e. white votes split roughly 40% for Dems, 60% for GOP but the minority votes en bloc solidly behind the incumbent.

          Am sure he’s privy to the highest level intelligence. So now he’s saying this about religious riots. I wish more people would pay attention to him, at least from his own side even if the other side habitually dismisses his warnings as scare-mongering.

          1. The American experience is different. The White population is losing the demographic game which is why the occasional retreat to nationalism.

            The Non Malays here are losing the demographic game. What the Malay polity is facing is a class showdown. A clash of civilizations here in the context of a religious clash, is a probability only if the powers that be manufacture one.

            A class conflict within the Malay community is inevitable.

  7. A little sharing on these “born again” chosen people of God.

    A bit of background;

    Today is Palm Sunday which marks the start of Holy week for Catholics. The holy week leads to the Easter Triduum with Holy Thursday, Good Friday & Easter Vigil culminating in Easter Sunday.

    As the name suggests, palm fronds play an important part in the liturgical celebrations today. The fronds are blessed & kept until next year where it is burned & the ashes used for Ash Wednesday which marks the start of the Lenten season.

    So it came to pass that I’m attending a house warming party at an evangelical’s house today. I left the palm fronds on my dashboard when the host came out to welcome us. He asked me if those were the fronds from Mass today of which I answered in the affirmative.

    And so he led us to the living room where more of his kind gathered. At first the conversation was cordial as I was asked to about the symbolism & significance of the palms in our worship. When they realized that I was more than capable of explaining, they changed tactics, as a pack mind you.

    Catholics were then accused of crimes committed in the past, perverted liturgical literature, idolatry etc. Even the palm fronds were said to be no more than grass that grows in the fields. I deflected as many criticism as I could until I decided it was time to fight back, despite my reservations.

    I pointed out that their denomination were obsessed with outward shows of faith such as restrictions on consumption of porcine products, coffee & in activities that result in physical enjoyment. I went for the jugular by pointing out that they should refrain from having sex [if] the act was not one of procreation as it brings pleasure. I went on to point out that the bible says (since they’re fond of quoting the good book) nothing from the outside makes you unclean but instead it is what that comes out from inside that makes you unclean.

    Beaten, for now, one of them remarked, and I quote “May God have mercy on you Catholic souls for such are your wicked ways…”

    Needless to say, we made our apologies & left for lunch elsewhere.

    That my dear friends, is a typical example of how evangelical types go about spreading their ideologies. And they’ll rejoice if they’re able to convert one from the main denominations i.e. Methodists, Anglicans & Catholics.

      1. Their kind don’t require the mercy of God as they are impossibly upright. So they’ve kindly asked God for mercy to be shown to unbelievers such as you & me… :p

    1. I have had similar experience with these evangelicals, my brother…and it was NOT pleasant, I tell you…

    2. that’s the most awfulest story i’ve ever heard – isn’t that kind of offensive to even think “May God have mercy on you Catholic souls for such are your wicked ways…”,,I mean what brand of Christianity is this until you can so easily judge one another under the same belief?

      1. Aj, I’ve no issues whatsoever with others questioning my faith. I believe that is a good test as to whether the foundations of my faith is on solid or shaky ground. In fact I’ve always been curious & asked many a priest or theologian on matters I’m unclear of. I think understanding our faith is better than merely adopting a herd mentality.

        That said, the fundamental teaching of Christianity centers around love. Oft quoted in the bible about the 3 things that last; faith, hope & love and the greatest of these will be love 1 Corinthians 13: 13. Even the 10 commandments are centered around love with the first 3 being acts of love to God & the remaining 7 towards men.

        On the cross, Jesus said “Forgive them for they know not what they are doing” which again is an act of love by forgiveness. In the garden of Gethsemane before Jesus was arrested, Peter took a sword & cut the ear of a servant but was rebuked by Jesus who subsequently healed the wounded servant. Again, the act of a pacifist.

        As I mentioned in my exchange with Helen earlier, they cast the first stone for being spotless in character. That can be found in John 8: 1-11 where an adulterous woman was brought before Jesus & the elders wanted to punish her according to the law of Moses which prescribed death by stoning. Thus Jesus responded by asking the one without sin should cast the first stone.

        My point is as a human being we must acknowledge our weakness & failings. We are no where near to perfection. It rankles me when I see a bunch of these evangelical kinds readily judge others (including Christians of other denominations) when they should look into a mirror to see their own failings.

        And the worst of their kind are those who spout all kind of mumbo jumbo about righteousness when they’re so full of hatred, bile & calumny.

  8. the way I see it, these evangelistas are just like the type of a PAS hardcore totok geng members…. so.. righteous and benevolent.. yet.. the moment they realized you are against them.. they will spew hatred.. lies.. demonising you and quick to offer u a place in hell.. heck.. they act like the heaven belongs only to PAS memberS with a big sign “NO ADMITTANCE -PAS MEMBERS ONLY”.. LOL… and I really am despised them.. huhu

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