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Musang berbulu ayam kenakan Najib melalui perang saraf

Perdana menteri telah mengadakan perjumpaan dengan Hindraf pagi tadi.

Niat baik Najib Razak telah diperlekehkan. Wakil-wakil Hindraf yang bertemu dengan PM pula dilontarkan pelbagai kata-kata nista oleh puak pembangkang.

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Pakatoons say Indians can be bought with Milo and mutton, Hindraf with KFC

Leadership by example, earlier: BN can buy Indian votes with Milo, beer and mutton curry

All the reader comments are screenshot from feedback to the Malaysiakini article ‘PM finally to meet Hindraf leaders tomorrow‘ (24 March 2013)

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Hindraf meeting Najib today

By Malaysian in New York

I think it is very welcomed where the PM can hear it direct from the very people who represent the downtrodden one unlike hearing it from the apple polishing Indian-based coalition partners like MIC, PPP, MMSP, AMIPF, etc. These other buggers have only been filling their own pockets without bring to light the genuine problems of the poorer segment of the Indians.

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