Hindraf meeting Najib today

By Malaysian in New York

I think it is very welcomed where the PM can hear it direct from the very people who represent the downtrodden one unlike hearing it from the apple polishing Indian-based coalition partners like MIC, PPP, MMSP, AMIPF, etc. These other buggers have only been filling their own pockets without bring to light the genuine problems of the poorer segment of the Indians.

To be fair to Umno, they have made the necessary allocations for the other parties to take care of their people and have requested them to provide the feedback but nonetheless these buggers would say everything is okay as long as they can stick it into their pockets and maintain their power. So in actual fact, I will not lay all faults on Umno’s foot as the coalition partners are equally responsible.

The only problem is sometimes, the advisors of the upper echelon of Umno still depend on their political partners rather than dealing directly. Let me give you an example, Parti Makkal Sakti Malaysia under the traitor Thanenthiran. He was brought to the attention of Najib through several power brokers within MIC. Najib just took it for granted without knowing that this guy was just an opportunist not the actual leader of HINDRAF.

The genuine Hindraf leadership had been approached by these Indian power brokers, yet they refused to meet them but insisted that any dealing needs to be direct with the decision makers- Najib / Anwar.

Najib, being the premier naturally delegates through the coalition partners to bring uniformity for the people but unfortunately he realized that it was not working anymore therefore he has gone to the ground directly to engage the aggrieved communities. In this sense I must say that Umno has evolved but not the coalition partners.

I am not sure what the outcome [of the Najib-Hindraf meeting today] will be but in hindsight at least the premier gets to hear the issues on firsthand basis besides depending on his nonchalant political partners on the gravity of the problem.

Many may condemn Hindraf as a traitor bearing the past events between Umno and Hindraf but the grassroot Indians do also realize that Umno has evolved or are trying to evolve on its own without depending on their coalition partners but engaging the real stakeholders of the Indian grassroot community as seen in this instance.

I don’t think the grassroots are worried whether it BN/PR but rather who can come forward to solve the issues to restore their position as fellow Malaysians in equal footing without infringing on the interest of the other communities.

Comment originally 2013/03/25 at 7:21 am

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12 thoughts on “Hindraf meeting Najib today

  1. But Helen, first it was hunger strike till someone listens.

    Now that PM is willing to listen, the hunger strike is to continue till PM accepts the Hindraf blueprint.

    Want to talk, lets talk. No pressure. The PM could have just as easily ignored him.

    Talk about underhanded….

    1. Am not sure how things will pan out.

      I don’t see how Najib can unilaterally decide to endorse the blueprint today (as it involves a huge sum of money) and if Waytha means what he says to the letter, then the fast would have to continue.

      However from the public perception point of view:

      (a) Brownie points for Najib for appearing to have a heart. This earns him goodwill from Hindraf Indians

      (b) That Najib has agreed to this meeting amidst Waytha’s fast shows that Hindraf is not a spent force as its Pakatan detractors like to make out

      (c) Coverage has been blackout by the MSM, some coverage by the alternative media particularly FMT and least in TMI plus I’ve been told, there is some lively interest by the Tamil papers.

      The last is the Hindraf constituency, not TMI or MK.

  2. For a start, Najib should give them 5% discount on house purchase, more scholarships to deserving Indian students, more places in IPTA (probably take away some Chinese ‘allocations’ for medicine in IPTA and give them to the Indian students), open UiTM for Indians and open MARA polys and technical institutes to Indians. Probably set up NEP-type policy for Indians.

      1. Thus, the principle of, ‘ you scratch my back, I scratch your back!”.

        The Chinese must learn that living in a community is about give and take.

    1. @Setem, UiTM was set up for orang Melayu and Bumiputera, under law and constitution. It is something you and everyone else should not dispute.

      But we have similar mechanisms for the Malaysia Indians’ community like AIMST and TAFE (for example). Remember, your community leaders wanted to lead the Indian community because they declared they knew better. You be the judge.

      Yet, the detractors (aka PR hordes) would scream death at your suggestion as being irresponsible for emulating the affirmative action programmes for orang Melayu Bumiputera.

      Well, this is positive discrimination. Even Obama is doing this now in the States. By all means, your suggestion is positive, and the Malaysia Indians leaders and politicians should take heed.

      Orang Melayu Bumiputera’s dissatisfaction led to 13th May 1969.. we don’t wish for a repeat with Hindraf and the Indian community against the orang Melayu. The majority of orang Melayu Bumiputera see this demand by Hindraf as an attack against orang Melayu by the Indian, at least early on.

      But we all live in the same house, and it’s no good fighting against each other when we could have achieved so much more working together. It’s just that the Malaysia Indian community need to sort out your own house before taking your frustrations and dissatisfaction to the streets.

  3. I sympathise with the Indian plight. I live near an Indian squatters. I witness on a daily basis their hardship. More than anything, i realised that they need opportunity to improve themselves, and guidance in which to do so.

    There is a SRJK built right at the heart of the squatter area, but unfortunately, the kids go there upto a certain age and then are pressurred to quit by their parents in order to work and help in bringing in some money. With no qualifications and no job opportunities because of the lack of qualifications, many join notorious gangster groups in order to earn a living.

    Thus the need to not only give them more opportunity, but also to have a support and guidance system as to show them the way.

    So, i am very happy that at least the government via Najib is willing to listen to the plight of the real Indians. And i hope the Indians will take this opportunity to better themselves, with the help of those who are sincere in helping them (i really hope Najib will do so as PR have proven to just use and abuse the Indians).

    On a separate note, I would like to relate a story. When i was growing up, the neighbours on both our left and right were Indians. They are in the lower-to-middle income group. One day, the Indians from the squatters decided to earn an honest living and open up a basuh kereta place. Since there was an empty lot infront of our houses, they asked permission to do so. My parents said they have no problem as long as the parking space in front of our house is not blocked. They asked the other neighbours too. Then, they set up the car washing stall. Business was good, with many customers flocking to their stall as the price was good. A month after it was open, DBKL came and confiscated their equipments. When queried, DBKL said that they received complaints by some members of the public. The stall owners thought it was us, as we were of a different race. But they found out later that it was our Indian neighbour who complained and wanted DBKL to take action.

    The moral of the story here is: sometimes it is your own people who do not want to help you, rather have you downtrodden and be of lower class to serve whatever agenda or feeling of superiority that they have or want to have. So, the Indians themselves must change their mindset and start to help their own community irrepsective of their class/caste.

    1. You are right, that is why we need you the the regular Malays as Malaysians to understand that the predicament when it involves humanity not one that based on ethnicity as Malaysians

  4. Indians with problems be it monetary or others will come over to UMNO Pusat Khidmat in my area for help, i once questioned them why they do not approach MIC, here is their reply…”mana ada abang MIC, langsung tarak nampak muka, itu hari BR1M kita mari sini angkat borang,” that sums it all.

    1. Thank you for the Malay Malaysian you can be for Malaysian Indians to serve the needy.

  5. couldn’t agree more. me too surrounded by friendly Indian communities makes me feel pity for them. sorry if it’s offensive, some Indian back in my hometown are lot worse than orang Asli, in terms of socio-economic condition. at least Orang Asli, they got the jungle to survive or to have self-sustain economic activities.

    one of important agenda is creating more jobs opportunities and education. i talked to a young Indian lady, she said she wanted to be a policeman and asked me where she can apply. i also dunno hahaha… but I said to her… maybe you can check the website to see if there’s any vacancy or opening. the interest is there but maybe lack of effort from related agencies? if government can spend money on many carnivals or tours for example Tourism Malaysia, why can’t government/MIC/PPP go into estates all over Malaysia to find talents for their organizations? many of them are not exposed to the internet, therefore it’s government or Indian based parties to reach this people.

    if we go to shopping complexes, we can see majority are Chinese and Malay. if in KL,it’s top up with foreigners. it says a lot about Indian’s community disposable income generally. no job, no money, no education…. almost nothing…. turn many Indian youth into gangsterism. hire them as soldiers, policemen, firefighters… if BN willing to do this, BN should be alright. Chinese? sorry ya Kak Helen… most of them never satisfied regardless how many they receive….they want more and more… *sigh*

  6. Thanks MiNY for the write up and thanks Helen for posting it.

    Very interesting comments so far.

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