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Kalimah Allah issue killing the MCA

For the first time in the history of our country, there will most likely be no MCA Ministers joining the cabinet line-up when the next federal government is formed.

Si Gunting hinted as much. Padan muka MCA that its scissors be the one to announce the ‘glad tidings’.

Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai in his Sunday weekly Star column wrote yesterday:

“Figures from the various intelligence surveys have been rolling in, and they show that the Barisan will still be in power after the polls.
The Malay votes, especially in the rural heartland of the 222 parliamentary seats, have remained strong while the Indian votes, which went to the opposition in 2008, have returned comfortably to the Barisan fold.
Chinese voters, however, remain difficult with the majority supporting the DAP in the 45 Chinese-majority seats.
The problem is that even if the Barisan retains power at the federal level and most of the states, the governments would be dominated by the Malays if the Chinese candidates of the Barisan do not do well. In fact, the Chinese would end up sitting on the opposition benches, as in Sarawak.
There are already growing concerns that the Chinese voters, in wanting to punish the Barisan, will end up voting themselves out of a direct say in the federal government.


Congratulations Star! Mission accomplished

The Star slammed Utusan

See screenshot of tweet below

Octogenarian Dr Mahathir Mohamad had flown to Lahad Datu to pay a visit to the troops. His trip and tribute to the uniformed and armed forces tapped into the national (Malay, since the majority of soldiers are Malay) psyche.

On the other hand, MCA, with its collection of at least two dozen Datuks in the party presidential council alone, had collectively contributed a mere RM2,000 to each of the families of the policemen who were killed by the Suluks.

Dr M at 88 has still got a full tank of political smarts whereas the MCA post-tsunami is nothing but a clueless shell (orang Melayu kata tinggal bangkai aje).

If the Chinese party’s ostensible mouthpiece The Star is anything to go by, the spirit of MCA is already astrally projected to the DAP 2.0.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17
Ong Kian Ming is the DAP election strategist

How MCA committed harakiri

While the MCA has blithely allowed The Star editors and their newspaper to promote the DAP Malaysian First-Malaysian Malaysia, it is Dr M the 88-year-old who is compelled to roll up his sleeves to take the ‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’ bullshit by the horn.

In fact, Dr M has taken so many opposition bulls by their horns that he can well start a cattle farm.

It is really the MCA’s job to take on the DAP. However with the exception of Chua Soi Lek’s superhuman effort, the rest of his party do not even try. Tidur dan koma lima tahun.

It is The Star‘s job to take on the alternative media. But the MCA-owned paper – far from countering the opposition’s propaganda offensive – has itself been at the forefront of furthering the DAP 2.0 cause.

Why has it been left to an 88-year-old to do the heavy lifting while the fat cats continue to look after “the bottom dollar“?

Mahathir Malaysiakini and DAP are racists

Tak boleh harap langsung kat MCA dan Si Guntingnya itu untuk buat kerja — Mahathir: Malaysiakini and DAP are racists


For years the DAP supercyber bullies have been allowed to terrorize cyberspace unchecked while The Jerusubang Star provided copious positive publicity to the Bintang Tiga Evangelistas.

Those who live by the scissors shall die by the scissors

It needed Dr M to forcefully articulate his party’s stance on the kalimah Allah, saying “Umno believes that the word Allah is exclusive to Islam”.

He summed up the hollowness of the evangelista claim, writing on ‘The Allah Controversy‘ in his blog (31 Jan 2013):

  • “Christians and Jews know very well that in all their bibles, the Old Testament and the New Testament, and in the King James and other versions the word Allah had never appeared as the name of God.”
  • “In their effort to spread Christianity in the Malay speaking world the Christian missionaries used the word Allah for reasons best known to themselves. Whatever, the word Allah for God is not derived from Jewish or Christian sources.”
  • “In any case, the need does not arise as most sermons are not in Malay.”

Remember Natrah?

About the Natrah Riots, here

Dr M warned in his blog posting on ‘The Allah Controversy‘ that:

“Religious confrontations can lead to very serious consequences. It can lead to violence and killings even. This peaceful country will not be peaceful anymore if we have religious violence.”

He added:

“While we can have political differences, we should not resort to our religious differences to win elections. It is a double-edged sword and those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.”

MCA failed to back up Umno

I’ve earlier mentioned that MCA had committed seppuku with scissors.

Do not forget who it is that comprise almost all of the MCA newspaper’s top editorial staff. (It sure ain’t the Muslims.) And they can’t even recognise the Arabic letters alif-lam-lam-ha and hence were summoned by the Home Ministry over the publication of Erykah Badu’s tattoo.

On the kalimah Allah issue, the MCA took a position contrary to that of Umno. Its Jerusubang Star reported that MCA wanted the government to remove conditions on the use of ‘Allah’.

MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek also supports the decision to allow the use of kalimah Allah by Christians.

How Malays perceive MCA

Utusan Malaysia and the New Straits Times have taken the bullet for Umno and Malay interests while The Star still goes its merry money-making way.

Both Utusan and NST have been publishing articles critical of the opposition and in the process suffer being labelled “Umno running dog” and its reporters “Umno prostitutes / Umno whores”.

The Star studiously avoids reporting negatively on the DAP Great Ones if it can help it.

The success of the DAP in capturing the “hearts and minds” of the Chinese is bolstered, not blocked, by the tone and direction of The Star contents.

Last week veteran newsman Kadir Jasin blogged: “After successfully delivering a knock-out blow to the Gerakan in Penang during the 2008 General Election, the DAP appears to be aiming its next killer kick at the MCA in the coming polls.”


While The Star‘s shenanigans signed the MCA’s death warrant, it is the kalimah Allah issue and the pro-evangelist slant of the MCA that deals the mortal blow.

MCA and the Chinese should read yesterday’s NST interview with Tun Daim Zainuddin with great care. Mull over his words below and try to get the message:

“If the Chinese don’t understand this, they will be sorely mistaken when push comes to shove.”



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18 thoughts on “Kalimah Allah issue killing the MCA

  1. Helen, you are wasting your time, sometime shit has to happen for the dumbasses to learn. If they want Dap to be the flag bearer for the chinese, so be it.

    Ìn the cyber wars the dapster have win many battles, but the chinese will soon learn, ‘us against them along racial lines’ is a costly hollow victory. And the payback is a bitch.

    1. After the GE, when the shit has well & truly hit the rotor blades, with MCA & Gerakan truly buried, I’d sure as hell like to see the Chinese community turn to DAP for anything & everything they need.

      They deserve everything that’s coming at them. Hopefully they’re ready with their ponchos, lots of water, air fresheners, disinfectants & packets of wet wipes to deal with the flying faeces.

  2. Well, the malaysian chinese sphere of powers will be limited economically like their Indinesiam counterparts, can they live with that?

  3. Don’t you folks get it?

    The stakes for this election is the lowest it has ever been. The Chinese do not care if they do not have representation in Parliament because the perception is that the MCA has done a poor job all this time.

    And they are right. You know why, because just look at the Indian community. I would hardly call what they got as “representation”. So by this logic if the Indians got a raw deal in the racial formula but they manage to survive, what more the Chinese (who did get fairly good deal from the MCA) who are in far more advantages position with or without the aid of political power.

    Here is how I describe the dynamic between the Chinese and Malay community. Before that, I would just like to reference MalaysianinNewYork when he makes the distinction between people and political parties/policies on the Hindraf thread. This is a very important point but one which I will ignore for this particular rant.

    The dynamic is a John Woo standoff. UMNO has a gun pointed at the head of the Chinese community and the DAP has gun pointed at the balls of the Malay community. The Malays wield political power that is sustained by the economic power of the Chinese.

    That is the reality. You do not need representation to sustain this reality. UMNO will do nothing, which would destroy the golden egg, and the Chinese are more than happy to fuck principle in the ass in pursuit of the almighty ringgit.

    Like most issues, the “Allah” issue is a smokescreen. If UMNO were serious in starting a religious conflict it would have happened already. What they fear is the lack of Malay support.

    If UMNO is crippled in this coming election – crippled as in winning but not by a significant mandate from the Malay community – it would just be further evidence that a new Malay power broker is in play.

    All these hacks (excluding Helen off course) warning the Chinese community that they would be without representation is disingenuous political double speak. As I said political power has always been and will always be the domain of the Malay community.

    That is where the fight is. As long as the Chinese wield economic power, they will be insulated from what the disenfranchised Malays and Indians face even with so called political power or representationgvbf.

    Is this comment offensive? But as one Chinese wanker said, the “truth hurts”.

    1. LOL at the John Woo stand-off.

      re: “The Chinese do not care if they do not have representation in Parliament because the perception is that the MCA has done a poor job all this time.”


      re: “UMNO will do nothing, which would destroy the golden egg, and the Chinese are more than happy to fuck principle in the ass in pursuit of the almighty ringgit.”

      :D but some among the adherents of the Gospel of Prosperity still maintain that they’re the most principled ones of all.

      re: “the ‘Allah’ issue is a smokescreen”

      Here is where we disagree. Look at all the riots that occur around the Muslim world over ‘insults’ to Islam.

      re: “If UMNO were serious in starting a religious conflict it would have happened already.”

      c.f. The episode in Penang not too long ago (CNY) where the young Chinese man showed his middle finger to the Raja Permaisuri Agong. If Umno had wanted to encourage a flare-up, that incident would have done the job nicely. Instead the police dealt with it swiftly, and nipping in the bud the likely tensions.

      re: “As I said political power has always been and will always be the domain of the Malay community.”

      The Shamshul numbers reiteration makes that clear.

      re: “As long as the Chinese wield economic power, they will be insulated from what the disenfranchised Malays and Indians face”.

      I don’t think the Chinese will starve. However the elite no happy.

      I think the shift of support currently from Chinese big business from MCA to DAP is b’cos as the Malays become more confident and capable themselves in business, the less need there is to have Chinese partners.

      The Malays at GLC level nowadays feel that they can do it on their own and the ones with Umno links want bigger slices of the pie which necessarily means that there is less share left available to be distributed to the non-Malays (where previously MCA served as the conduit for procuring the business opportunities).

      Let’s just take the 6-8 billion Pg tunnel project JV with the Beijing company brokered by Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping. There’s a lot of big money there. The DAP pollies having tasted the fruits of power want to maintain what they have in addition to acquiring some more.

      MCA has enjoyed power albeit subservient to Umno (but as Shamshul reiterates, the numbers dictate the game) since 1952. Thus it is not the M.O of MCA – being an entrenched part of the establishment – to fan hatred, anger and resentment against the authorities.

      If you were a Chinese, you’d be aware of the levels of hate boiling in the Chinese community.

      Even if you’re not Chinese, you can just look at the Facebook hate campaign against Dr Looi and Wong Kim May (the detergent ad girl) among the recent cases, and Jessie Ooi, Ceylyn Tay, Tan Cheng Liang, the Uncle forced to kneel and plenty of others among the older ones.

      In the Malay cyberworld, hate campaigns take place too against Malay targets but the ones affected (like the DUMC converts) are those deemed to have offended Islam in some way.

      So there in the hate campaigners, we can see two sets of people (different race, religion, language, political affiliation) at both extreme ends displaying violent, bullying behaviour.

      Rather than thinking Umno might hatch some underhanded plot to ignite riots, it will be closer to the truth that with these segments of the extreme population growing fast (b’cos they’re systematically fanned by the opportunistic pollies), there will be a collision.

      This crackling climate – it seems that everyone on both sides of politics are at least agreed that polarization has widened and ethnic tensions have risen – is more conducive to clashes. If there were to be any flashpoint, I would say the spark will be a religious issue.

      Throughout history, men have fought wars in the name of religion and they have killed and died in the name of religion. You won’t get countries fighting wars over a dispute on the KFC franchise (although you will get the business tycoons getting their sponsored pollies to influence the masses in a particular direction).

      In Malaysia presently, there is the old and dominant religious clique, and there is the upstart and brash religious clique. Very unfortunate for the Buddhist and Hindu pelanduk mati di tengah kerana gajah sama gajah mahu berjuang.

      1. As always Helen, you put a good rational fight.

        Re: Riots over Islam worldwide.

        True however I would argue there are two types of riots. The first, one concocted by political elites who use Islam as a tool to suppress dissent and Non-Muslims as convenient scapegoats. The second spontaneous eruptions that conceal deeper class resentments.

        I would argue that UMNO has been extremely adept at controlling the second because there are no “independent” Islamic pressure groups that would disrupt the UMNO/PAS status quo.

        As for the first, well, you know my thoughts on that.

        Re: Young Chinese man flipping the bird, example.

        Exactly. This is what I mean by UMNO controlling the religious pressure of this country.

        Re: Chinese Elites not being happy.

        There are two ways to look at this. Firstly, they are of no consequence because the day-to-day living economy would ensure that the Chinese don’t starve or even be anywhere near the levels of the disenfranchised Malays and Indians.

        The other way it to look at it in purely mercenary terms. The elites hedge their bets. They will continue to finance UMNO, while servicing the DAP. The color of money unfortunately does not pay attention to political colors.

        Indeed UMNO would encourage this connection with the Chinese elites especially if they do not need to make any concessions to the average Joe Rakyat of the Chinese community.

        It is essentially a double win for UMNO. As you say, with the DAP who would probably have influence in a State level depending on how big PR wins, there is big money to be made. While on a Federal level, there is still that sweet spot, where
        commerce and politics meet in a sweaty embrace.

        I would argue for the Chinese elites it is the best of both worlds to the detriment of the average Chinese.

        Re : Chinese hate

        We have had this back and forth before. I do think there is a tendency to translate the online venom to the real world. Put it this way, if the level of vitriol in the online world is present in the real world, Malaysia would not be able to function.

        Then there are variables such as cyber troopers, anonymity etc. to consider. Now I do think there are tensions but there have always been tensions.

        I would argue for personal experience that interaction in a rural setting is less tense than those in urban areas. Again, there are a whole lot of variables to consider, one of which is clash of cultural expectations.

        I will note that I see more partisan “hate” within the Chinese community though. An example would be that bloke in Ipoh and the housing security issue that you highlighted on this blog. If I am not mistaken there, were political undertones to that (please correct me if I am wrong) incident

        Re: Thinking UMNO hatching plots

        I think the assumption that UMNO “will do something” is because as I have argued they are in total control. They control the security apparatus.

        They control their pressure groups. Ironically the security and stability they proclaim is their turf, is what makes them susceptible to these claims. The contradictory statements, Hishamuddin warning that we should be prepared for more campaign violence vs Nazri’s “the terrain has changed” spiel with regards to provocations by either side, is indicative of how in control UMNO is of the situation.

        The historical use of the ISA and the fact that this country which claims to be an Islamic state has had no real serious threats to its sovereignty by any homegrown or foreign Islamic groups.

        This and the fact that the Oppo has rarely exposed UMNO to violence on the campaign trail (and certainly not the DAP) whereas Oppositional groups have been exposed to State sanctioned violence. Even a Hindraf meet up was not spared.

        Re: Flashpoint

        You contend that the flashpoint will be a religious one. I believe that it would a class conflict within the Malay community. Where religion plays a part is that Islam would be used as some sort of class conscious battle cry.

        Re: History and Religious wars

        The problem is context. We have to look at examples where Islam has been at odds with specific religious groups. When we do this, I am sure we would discover the two types of conflicts I described above.

        OK, running late, I will respond to Melonhead, later.

    2. “Like most issues, the “Allah” issue is a smokescreen. If UMNO were serious in starting a religious conflict it would have happened already. What they fear is the lack of Malay support.”

      You are wrong here. If anything, I think UMNO is being the responsible party here in not stoking the religious conflict over the Allah issue.

      The DAP has been going around town with their politics of hate, inflaming the Chinese anger over what they see as injustices, inequality etc. That is easy to do. Stoking emotion to win election is easy to do.

      Imagine if UMNO were to be irresponsible and do the same. You don’t think the Malays too are not happy, what with being more than 50% of the population and yet can’t even share 30% of the economic pie? It is sooo easy for UMNO and Perkasa for that matter, to stoke the Malay racial hatred by saying: first they took the economic pie, now they are gunning for political AND religious power. When that happens…KABOOM! But so far, that is not happenning. even Perkasa is fighting to maintain the status quo, not to fight for more for the Malays.

      And why does UMNO not want to go this way? Is it because of what you say, “they fear the lack of Malay support”? You are wrong on this account. Before, i would agree with you, but after mixing with the Malay crowds, both the ultras and the so-so middle, even some KL urbanites, what i get is a growing anger that the government is NOT doing enough to fight back against Chinese/Christian chauvinism.

      Wherever I go, except for the Bangsar, Taman Tun group who are more concern with calling other Malays low class (that is another story all together), 99% of the malays that I spoke to, that I eavesdrop on (i do this, esp when picking up my children from school), that i befriended lately, all say one thing and one thing alone: Cina dah melampau dan kerajaan tak buat apa apa. Nak tunggu apa lagi? Sampai depa ludah kat muka kita???

      The anger is palpable. And the trigger was none other than the Allah issue.

      So, why UMNO is not stoking the anger is best known to them only, but to play the same game that the DAP is playing is very easy to do. The people who would be more than happy to die for what they believe in, i.e. the sanctity of the name Allah, is there… in large numbers, just waiting for a chance to ‘berjihad’ and die in the name of God. It is so esy for UMNO to stoke this, to take advantage of this. But they are not doing this, even when they know that the Malay anger is targetted at them too for their inaction.

      So, what Daim says is true, when push comes to shove, the majority always wins.

      DAP is playing with fire. The sad part is, they are not the one that will get burn. Their money and power will protect them. The little people on the street will have to pay for the crimes of the politics of hatred. As usual, it is you and I that will have to pay for it.

      Don’t believe me… go speak to the Malays…. even hubby dear is scared at what is going on… and he lepak more with the Malay crowds. He thinks the non-malays are clueless at reading the Malay psyche. He thinks if things go the way they are going… KABOOM! Someone needs to keep the sanity. And right now, UMNO is the one that is doing that. But until when?

      1. re: “the non-malays are clueless at reading the Malay psyche”

        Yes, and when people try to enlighten them, they go ape shit.

      2. Someone wrote somewhere that the Malays were the most tolerant people in the world and would avoid confrontation at all cost.

        But their easy-going attitude should not be taken for granted.

        If pushed to the corner, they would strike back hard, really really hard. The British learnt it during the ‘incursions’ into Malay lands and during the Malayan Union period. The Chinese learnt it the hard way during May 13 1969.

        Ever wonder how the Malay word ‘Amok’ came about?

        It’s a very serious blunder by DAP to play up the ‘kalimah Allah’ issue.

      3. Re: “If anything, I think UMNO is being the responsible party here in not stoking the religious conflict over the Allah issue.”

        Agreed, in fact I have laid the blame on DAP’s doorstep.

        Re: “inflaming the Chinese anger over what they see as injustices, inequality etc”

        These are legitimate concerns. Nearly every system in the world is powered by inequalities and injustices of some sort. PAS and PKR highlight the same concerns. The question is, are they doing anything to change it?

        Re: Stoking emotion to win election is easy to do

        I keep saying this. Both BN and PR use appeals to emotions. It is a partisan thing, which is indicative of a moral and intellectual deficiency.

        Re: “Imagine if UMNO were to be irresponsible and do the same”

        But there are doing the same thing. The Home Minister sits with the cowhead protestors. Sympathetic noises by the State are made to the folks who spat out the Holy sacrament.

        Mahathir claims that Malays will be beggars in their own land on one hand then claims that the Malays should throw away their NEP crutches on the other. I mean didn’t PAS attempt to increase the Malay quotas in Terengganu or something?

        Re: You don’t think the Malays too are not happy, what with being more than 50% of the population and yet can’t even share 30% of the economic pie?

        Now we are talking. On the Hindraf thread you made reference to the fact that Indians are their own worst enemy, remember?

        Why is it that for all the advantages the right wing faction[s] of UMNO claim you would lose, and “fight to protect” (sic) after all these years of UMNO being the most “trusted brand” why is it that the Malays who make “50%” of the population still lagging behind ?

        Could it be what KJ claimed as “leakages” in the policies? Like I said an inevitable class conflict.

        Re: “It is sooo easy for UMNO and Perkasa for that matter, to stoke the Malay racial hatred by saying: first they took the economic pie, now they are gunning for political AND religious power”

        Actually this is exactly the polemic coming out of UMNO. The current election propaganda is that PKR and PAS are the running dogs of the DAP. Heck, even Shamsul on the Hindraf thread claimed the same.

        As I said, PR did not invent the politics of hate, they merely refined it. Mahathir claims that the Malays will lose power. Ibrahim Ali claims that not only will Malays lose power they will also suddenly turn homosexual if Anwar comes into power. Fun and games.

        Re: “….growing anger that the government is NOT doing enough to fight back against Chinese/Christian chauvinism.”

        Well I am not going to dispute your personal anecdote. But remember though confirmation bias is always at work.

        Re: “It is so esy for UMNO to stoke this, to take advantage of this. But they are not doing this, even when they know that the Malay anger is targetted at them too for their inaction”

        I would argue that they are talking advantage of this but as I have argued numerous times before a religious showdown would disrupt the gravy train fuelled by Chinese money.

        You may think that the Malay community is not split and angered collectively by the Allah issue. You may be right, and the results of the election may prove this.

        However there are other Malays perspectives that think this is a smokescreen meant to detract from the real substantial issues. They may be right, too and the election results may confirm this.

        If UMNO really wants to push this issue and the best way to gauge which Malay perspective is the mainstream one, UMNO should make it a campaign pledge that if it wins a 2/3 majority, then UMNO would amend to the Constitution making the word “Allah” the sole province of Muslims in Malaysia.

        Thank you for your response and I hope you do not think I am one of those Non Malays who go ape shit, when confronted by Malay opinions.

        I think I have been civil in my responses and attempted to articulate my position without resorting to any of the methods that I accuse the DAPwankers of using.

  4. Helen,
    In surely agree with melonhead.
    To add…..:

    Orang Cina yang tinggal lama dan betul2 bercampur dengan masyarakat Melayu amat memahami adat, budaya dan kepercayaan orang Melayu/Islam. Kumpulan orang Cina ini kebanyakannya generasi lama.

    Orang Cina yang konon bijak-pandai, moden dan tinggal di bandar-bandar sering menganggap mereka tahu adat, budaya serta kepercayaan orang Melayu/Islam walhal apa yang mereka lakukan samada melalui percakapan atau perbuatan secara sinis mencabar kesabaran. Golongan Cina ini majoritinya dalam generasi baru yang tidak faham apa yang generasi lama mereka faham.

    Pada orang Melayu/Islam yang amat terkenal dengan kesabaran (boleh dilihat praktisnya dalam UMNO), senario perbuatan kaum Cina memang sedang diperhatikan. Harus diingat, orang Melayu/Islam ini mempunyai budaya yang mudah difahami melalui pelbagai cara. Even, Pak Ungku (Prof) pernah sebut kalau nak kenal orang Melayu, kajilah peribahasa dan pantun mereka.

    Jadi, kata-kata Tun Daim berkenaan adalah teramatlah benar dan cuma difahami oleh mereka yang mahu berfikir.

    Saya bimbang keterujaan orang Cina berpolitik hanya kerana adanya media untuk dunia tanpa sempadan telah melalaikan mereka untuk memahami jiran terdekat mereka iaitu orang Melayu/Islam yang sehingga hari ini, masih berpegang kepada….

    biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata!
    alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan!

    rasanya ada ramai orang Melayu/Islam di sini yang boleh share peribahasa, pantun dsbnya bagi memudahkan kefahaman masyarakat terhadap budaya orang Melayu/Islam..

    1. Ingin menambah.. selain peribahasa dan pantun, melayu boleh dikenali melalui silat nya. Bandingkan Kung Fu Cina yang bertarung dengan muka serius seperti hendak menelan lawan dengan silat gayung yang muka manis seperti sedang meraikan tetamu, namun persamaan nya adalah untuk menumbangkan lawan. Perhatikan juga silat jawa (silat saya) yang keris nya diletakkan di belakang badan..

      Teruja untuk melihat apakah keputusan sahabat cina kita kali ini. Beranikah mereka menguburkan MCA dan menjalani kehidupan tanpa wakil,dalam kerajaan..

  5. Kalimah Allah, tak boleh habis punye kalimah. My stand, isn’t religion is under the jurisdiction of the state? If Sultan Selangor baginda said no Kalimah Allah allowed for other religion in Selangor, then pls respect this, don’t be bangang and lawan boss la. This is all good news to BN what, they will win this election by default because we have donkeys as opposition. If they are 1% smarter, UBN will be shaking, kakakaka.

    That Daim is a very very dangerous man. I think he is the dalang behind a lot of things. He just came out to talk because he were forced to. But that is a good warning to Cina biadap. Only I doubt the DAPs will listen. I believe he also sponsored a few Malay chaps into DAP, may be buying an insurance.

    1. re: ” I believe he also sponsored a few Malay chaps into DAP, may be buying an insurance.”


    2. Setuju dengan tuan. Memang menyampah dengan BN ni tetapi pembangkang ni sangat kurang bijak. Saya jangka selepas era anwar dan LKS, BN akan jadi pembangkang yang kuat.

  6. Saya sudah lama bependapat bahawa DAP ada lah parti ultra kiasu. Kerana sentiasa mahu menang, tidak mahu kalah, mereka tidak mahu terima konsep Ketuanan Melayu dan Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak di Perkara 153 Perlembagaan negara.

    Sejak penubuhan parti itu, mereka telah memikul sepandok Malaysian Malaysia kononnya, mahukan sama rata dengan tidak memperakui Kedudukan Istimewa Melayu dan Bumiputera itu. Mengungkit hal itu sehingga menyebabkan pergaduhan kaum 13 Mei 1969.

    Ramai antara mereka yang keturunan kongsi gelap, penjahat dan gengster yang datang dari China ke Penang di abad 18, masuk ke Larut, Perak, dibawa oleh puak Ghee Hin dan Hai San di abad 19. Yang telah bergaduh berbunuhan cuba menguasai lombong kepunyaan puak lawan, sehingga menyebabkan Perang Larut I,II,III & IV, mengakibatkan 250 lombong bijih timah Mmelayu kepunyaan Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim lenyap.

    Penjahanam mereka. Kerana menyebabkan pergaduhan kaum 13 Mei 1969, DAP sudah lama terkenal sebagai anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam. Cukup aneh ultra kiasu pemimpin PAS dan PKR sanggup sekatil dengan mereka kerana bertujuan mahu menang PRU13. Akibat mereka selalu tidak mengikut undang undang dan peraturan, seperti di masa pemilihan CEC mereka hujung tahun lalu, ahli ahli telah melaporkan salah laku mereka itu kapada Pendaftar Pertubuhan. Sekarang ada kemungkinan DAP di gantung pendaftarannya, atau mungkin di batalkan, seperti UMNO telah dibatalkan dahulu dan timbul UMNO baru.

    Maka Lim Kit Siang kata, kalau DAP di batalkan pendaftarannya, DAP akan bertanding PRU13 di atas teket PAS atau PKR. Maka 1-2 hari lalu sudah keluar di sana sini gambar gambar LKS memakai ketayap putih dengan nama “Ustaz Lim Kit Siang” dan cogan kata “Undi lah PAS.”

    Saya mahu Pendaftar Pertubuhan batalkan pendaftaran DAP. Kalau UMNO boleh dibatalkan pendaftarannya dahulu, mengapa DAP tidak boleh.

    Mereka sendiri yang buat salah. Ahli ahli mereka sendiri yang komplen ke Pendaftar Pertubuhan. Bukan itu sahaja, ada yang membuat demonstrasi berkenaan perkara itu.


    1. Dear DAP Adviser,

      Since we know that your party’s 20 CEC members comprise 17 Chinese + 2 Punjabis + 1 Indian (Kula), let’s take it as a fair conclusion that the DAP leadership council is Chinese.

      Since you’re the “DAP Adviser” to the party elders, I take it that you’re Chinese too, going by the above indicator.

      To reply your question “Helen Ang, why don’t u get marry [sic]?”, the answer is because there are not many men to choose from if I wanna marry within my race.

      You see, with 85 percent of the Chinese being DAP supporters, that leaves only 15 percent acceptable Chinese who are not. Halve that number taking away 7.5 percent women, and that leaves only the remaining 7.5 percent men to choose from. I’m afraid that most of those non-DAP Chinese men would be Johoreans, and they’re too far away to cross my path. What to do …

      (2) Why don’t YOU go to Lahad Datu? You can sign up. I’m presuming that you’re a man. The army doesn’t want women (so I don’t qualify by gender). The troops presently there are all men. As a Malaysian Firster, you should have been the one first to have gone there.

      (3) re: “I know who u are and why u doing”. That makes you one of the many thousands of readers who do. I’m not blogging anonymously. Anyone who opens this blog will know who I am.

      (4) re: “Remember this if u do a good deed u will be rewarded but now u are doing a bad deed. still u will be punish too. Aren’t you afraid?”

      By the grace of karma I shall be reborn as a cat with sharp teeth and razor claws. You will surely be reincarnated as a sewer rat. Aren’t you afraid?

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