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Pakatoons say Indians can be bought with Milo and mutton, Hindraf with KFC

Leadership by example, earlier: BN can buy Indian votes with Milo, beer and mutton curry

All the reader comments are screenshot from feedback to the Malaysiakini article ‘PM finally to meet Hindraf leaders tomorrow‘ (24 March 2013)

The Pakatan pious

Seseorang yang beriman dan bertakwa akan dicucuri nur hidayah.

And below we have examples of the way how a pious person – calling himself ‘Gods Messenger’ – should speak.

PMmeetHindraf godsmessenger

PMmeetHindraf godsmessengerGanesan

Cukup berhemah, sopan-santun dan penuh dengan budi bahasa

PMmeetHindraf snake


I wonder if ‘paul tino’ (comment above) who quotes a Chinese saying is a Chinese …

God-fearing people always beware the devil

PMmeetHindrafsold soul


Note comment above on why Indians “all deserve where [they] are today in the lowest level in the society”.


Godly people are concerned about saving souls


Self-righteousness exalts a nation

Only the people who support ‘Ubah’ have got integrity and principles. They are certain that everyone else does not.



PMmeetHindraf soldout


And it’s Umno’s fault again for buying

Is there anything for which Umno need not to be blamed?

PMmeetHindraf spreadlegs



PMmeetHindraf sellthemselves

“Bunch of beggars”


Low class: “low down shit”

PMmeetHindraf shitraitor

PMmeetHindraf caste

I wonder if the commenter making the declaration that “the caste system is alive and thriving” – see ‘Anonymous_3e79’ above – is another menyibuk Chinese …

“Now BN is doling out KFC”



Those who have truck with devil are so low class (double whammy! nih mesti kena dengan malaikat Jerusubang nih).

Low life



“Pariah”, “pariah baboons”

The Malaysiakini regular commenter (below) who uses the word “pariah” on MIC is himself, needless to say, the most beautiful or handsome person. That we can see from the avatar.


PMmeetHindraf realMsianissues

“Samsu” drunkards

And we mustn’t get away from the working class stereotypes, right? (see James Dean comment below)



PMmeetHindraf samsu

This James Dean fella really MUST be a Chinese commenter lah. He’s so cheong hei, gotta repeat his comment twice about Indians drinking samsu.

“Both are racist leaderships!”

(see screenshot comment by ‘Liars Slaugther’ and ‘lie detecter’ below)

Interesting pseudonyms that these Fighters of Freedom for Expression and Eternal Truth often choose for themselves.


PMmeetHindraf mostracist

PMmeetHindraf racistlow

PMmeetHindraf umnoputra

Book of Revelation


And now we know why they say that Hindraf is equal in its racism to Umno.

That’s because the “so called Hindraf sidekicks [in Malaysiakini] are actually Umno troopers”, muaaa-haa-ha-hah.

“Race blind”

BN people all racist. Umno racist. Hindraf racist. Must learn to emulate the beautiful folks of Pakatan who are Beyond Race.

e.g. the “race blind” preacher below is talking to Psycho, kakakakakah

PMmeetHindraf raceblindjiminy

PMmeetHindraf raceblind

Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

PMmeetHindraf matilol


The Malaysiakini subscriber calling himself ‘Its Now Or Never’ (screenshot below) comments that “If BN is voted in then we can all leave the country for good.

No need to go far lah. Just head on up north to the Republik Singapura Utara.

I hear the island is going to secede and become a new, independent nation under God.

PMmeetHindraf leavecountry


“Labelling with all sorts of things”, bad Hindraf! bad!!

As we know, a certain Jerusubang politician with a following of 61,555 twits once asked God to have mercy on the racists. (Note: The Twit Meter showed 61,550 only just a few minutes ago and the reading has gone up by 5 as I typed a few paragraphs).

From all the Malaysiakini comments, we get an inkling as to who the racists are.

See comment by Onyourtoes (screenshot below)

PM finally to meet Hindraf leaders tomorrow

OYT comments: “See, anyone who showed disagreement with Hindraf is labelled with all sorts of things.”

Ya lor, those Hindraf cybertroopers so bad one.


OYT asks: Are the leaders of Hindraf righteous?

No one can be as righteous as the DAP 2.0 evangelist politicians who put up the slogan “Righteousness exalts a nation” as their blog banner.

OYT asks: Are the leaders of Hindraf honest?

No one can be as honest as the DAP 2.0 evangelist politicians who preach in church all the time.

OYT asks: Are the leaders of Hindraf self-sacrificing?

How can anyone compare with Lim Guan Eng who sacrificed his freedom to defend the honour of a Malay girl.

OYT remarks: So what do all these tell us? Hindraf leaders are as capable as any politicians to indulge in self-importance. I would even ask PR to act cautiously when dealing with Hindraf for their loyalty can never be trusted.


The problem with Hindraf …

… is that they dunno how to “look past race”.

To learn how to rise above and beyond racism, please read this article by Hannah Yeoh published in The Star titled ‘Look past race‘.

Look past race - Merdeka The Star Online 2013-03-25 13-12-26

Even Hannah Yeoh’s favouritest Star reporter Regina Lee (see screenshot below) – the one whom the MCA vice president is “Wow, terribly impressed” with – has reported negatively on Hindraf.

To get positive press coverage, Hindraf should drop the ‘Hindu’ from their organization name “Hindu Rights Action Force” and replace with a nice sounding one like, say, City Harvest Action Force (CHAF).

So Hindraf, please learn how to manage events and public perception so that you will get good publicity the next time as CHAF. Promise that you will learn all these from the most beautiful people on the planet, okay?



I have no Faceook or Twitter.

30 thoughts on “Pakatoons say Indians can be bought with Milo and mutton, Hindraf with KFC

  1. seriously, how detached from reality are these commentators? Can they not see that Indians need as much help as they can get? I respect Hindraf for fighting the rights of the Indians, though I am not pleased with their tactics/strategies or the way they go about it.

    I do hope that an amicable agreement can come forth from this meeting with Najib so we can move forward.

    NOTE: KDN should open a counter to expedite the process of mass departure for the people like ‘It’s Now or Never’. I suggest we all do the nation good by helping KDN to free our time doing data-entry, administrative works so that these people can leave as fast as possible. To those emigrating, please don’t come back – you’re not missed!

  2. Helen, a lightbulb of a question just lit up somewhere.

    Do you think these “righteous” type actually believe all that shit they’re saying or they’re just paying lip service?

    I wonder what others think about that? Are they deluded or bare faced liars or an amalgam of both?

    1. Most of these comments come from cyber-troopers and are meant to aggitate ordinary folk. Most ordinary folk I know don’t give two hoots to these comments and they are only playing to their own gallary. Helen shouldn’t fall into theri trap of giving them the media space.

      1. re: “Most of these comments come from cyber-troopers”

        I won’t discount that some comments there in the news portal are placed by cybertroopers.

        It happens even here in this blog ,) and from both sides of the political divide although in the case of my blog, wrt the pro-establisment side, they’re not “cybertroopers” of the Komtar ilk.

        I know I’m read by some officials from the related ministries, e.g. Info Ministry, and from the political parties. (I flatter myself that they do so out of personal interest rather than in the line of duty.)

        My bone of contention would lie in your choice of word “most”.

        How can you be so positive?

        Take the following comment – and since you’re certain about cybertroopers, I could in the same vein venture that the following comment was by a cybertrooper too:

        “The last 3 and 2 pictures clearly showed that she wore the same grey dress too, except she had white shawl put around her neck.. Tak baik buruk sangka tau…”

        We’ve established that they were different dresses. Yet the commenter deflecting from the issue was so cocksure that the “pictures clearly showed that she wore the same grey dress”.

        You’re very sure in your comment that “most” of the screenshots were remarks by cybertroopers. I beg to differ.

        I chose Malaysiakini comments because only paying subscribers can participate in their interactive section and at the end of the day Malaysiakini, at least, would be in the know as to their identities because these readers are registered (and could have paid their subscription by credit card or cheque).

        On the other hand, I have never looked at Malaysia Chronicle reader comments, for instance, because as you rightly point out, it could be a cyber nest.

        Let’s start with one comment where the commenter’s identity is known — Mr KJ John. He is a Malaysiakini columnist.


        He’s seated second from the right, and in the same row are the DAP Aduns for Subang Jaya, Damansara Utama, DAP MPs for Seputeh, Bagan and PJ Utara (this photo taken before March 8, 2008 and their election to office). Beside Dr KJ John is the then sec-gen of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF).

        As to the Hindraf supporters who commented on that particular article, I’m personally acquainted with several of them. So I can tell you they’re not cybertroopers.

        However I can’t claim that I’m friends with those on the other side, i.e. the Hindraf bashers. But let’s examine the rest of your comment regardless.

        re: “Most of these comments come from cyber-troopers and are meant to aggitate ordinary folk. Most ordinary folk I know don’t give two hoots to these comments and they are only playing to their own gallary.”

        (i) Wrt to “Most ordinary folk I know don’t give two hoots”

        I’m willing to concur that some ordinary folks – such as the lady who sells eggs in the market – would not be reading MK which requires a not-too-cheap subscription.

        However the question begs: Are the insults thrown at the Indians reflective of a wider and more general attitude, e.g. the stereotype of the samsu/toddy drunkards? i.e. are the MK commenters representative of their community’s racial prejudices?

        (ii) Wrt to “only playing to their own gallery”

        Conrad has kindly done a profiling of ‘On Your Toes’, going by OYT’s own previous comments about “serving the party for a long time”. Conrad conjectures that OYT is probably a retiree with grown up educated children. (Such details about family and working experience do come out in the individual’s comments if he is a long-time and regular commenter.)

        Conrad’s profiling of OYT fits in with the marketing profile released by Malaysiakini themselves to their advertisers (see below).

        I would agree with Conrad’s assessment that some of the regular, longstanding commenters are DAP supporters in their own right.

        The term ‘cybertrooper’ presumes someone who is paid to comment and operating from Komtar (and other party HQs or within party networks). Meaning payment or receiving money is their main objective.

        On the other hand, the Malaysiakini demography – aside from the admittedly planted cybers – reflect older, professional people in the managerial class who are earning a comfortable income. They are not unemployed graduates being “paid 50 sen per comment” (ref. a running joke at the STL blog).

        You have to remember that the race war between the Hindraf supporters and the DAP followers did not just happen only yesterday. It has been going on for years since the Kg Buah Pala saga. Therefore some of the commenters screenshot on this page above, similarly, have been players for years in the Malaysiakini .

        I do indeed recognise a handful of the pseudonyms and they can be found in several of the other anti-establishment blogs and they’ve been on scene since before 2008.

        Recall that M2Day was started in 2004 and Abdullah Badawi himself admitted after the tsunami that the total control of cyberspace by the opposition pre-2008 (before BN wised up to the power of the Net) was one of the factors contributing to the BN loss.

        Therefore, my appraisal is that the majority of the nasty comments thrown at Hindraf were genuine and not by cybertroopers.

        (iii) “Helen shouldn’t fall into theri trap of giving them the media space.”

        Thank you for the compliment of elevating my blog to the level of “media” :)

        But back to the “only playing to their own gallery”. To some extent what you say is true. But the influence of the gallery should be considered.

        Take the known commenter Dr John. He’s in the civil society circuit and he organises events where Tan Sri’s and heads of think-tanks are the invited speakers. In the photo above, you can see that he’s rubbing shoulders with the (soon-to-be) YBs.

        Dr John’s colleague at USCI is Ong Kian Ming, the DAP election strategist.

        He’s got his Malaysiakini column platform.

        And he can rightly be called a “church leader”. While we can concede that the comments within a particular online media is playing to a crowd limited to the portal readership but at the same time we mustn’t forget that these people are also people with their own social and professional networks.

        An important point to consider: Do they behave as rudely offline as they do online?

        I want to stress that the comments are not typed by robots. The fingers tapping on the keyboard are flesh and blood. The mind translating the thoughts into the sentences expressed in cyberspace belong to people who really think that way.

        In my experience, despite what one might say about online anonymity serving to embolden the commenters, the comments mirror the kind of people who make them. If the thought did not cross their mind in the first place, they would not have made the comment.

        I allow that the heightened sentiments could be exaggerated but on the other hand, the real sentiments not expressed on paper (in print, in digital form) could be even stronger.

        Not everyone is articulate. Not everyone has the ability to write. Not everyone can spare the time to sit in front of the computer or to use the iPhone. And to debate or argue with the opponents. But they feel the anger all the same.

        Rather than going into denial mode and deflecting like you have done by claiming that most comments are by cybertroopers, you should instead be studying the phenomenon objectively. When the explosion of anger comes, it won’t be pretty.


  3. Helen,

    Tidak ada siapapun di Malaysia boleh mendabik dada mengatakan dia seorang yang anti-perkauman. Setiap individu pasti akan mengutamakan ‘bangsa’nya sendiri tidak kira dalam apa bidang sekalipun.

    Apabila DAP dan puak2 Pakatoon ‘menjerit-jerit’ menuduh puak UMNO dan lelain sebagai ‘racist’ dan mendakwa mereka tidak memandang bangsa, sebenarnya mereka semua ini adalah HIPOKRIT!

    Melalui lisan mereka mengaku yang mereka ‘look past races’… hakikatnya merekalah yang lebih mempromosi kaum mereka…!

    1. re: “hakikatnya merekalah yang lebih mempromosi kaum mereka…!”

      Yang saya lihat di DAP, evangelis mempromosi evangelis.

  4. All the screenshots yang you pamerkan mempunyai nilai estetika, nahu, ayat-ayat dan ide-ide yang sangat mengagumkan bagi generasi SMS and Facebook (for me lah!). As an ex-educator, kalau itulah standard bahasa inggeris yang mampu di cernakan oleh pengomen-pengomen tersebut, maka negara Malaysia kita telah terselamat dari buta english tujuh keturunan lagi.

    But, I wonder if it was written by let’s say less than a dosen trooper? Ada kemungkinan tak?

    1. Beberapa orang, umpamanya OurYourToes (seperti disebut juga oleh conrad), Jiminy Qrikert, fairnessforall, wanderer dan Rakyat1M adalah pengomen regular sejak dulu-dulu lagi. Jenis penyokong parti tetapi saya rasa bukan sibertrooper.

      ‘Mr KJ John’ pula ialah kolumnis Malaysiakini.

  5. It is funny how you locked in on oneyourtoes comments. He is the resident DAP nutjob with his faux folksy quips. A closeted racist who is too enamored of Singapore and the DAP, who runs down anyone who is critical of PR.

    I honestly think people like this are detrimental to national unity although I will never censor their speech. Cretins like him are the old-timers (Chinese mostly) who have been nursing a grudge against UMNO (and the Malay community) for years who see the ascendance of the DAP as a means of payback.

    They will say no coalition is perfect (in defense of PR) but it is merely lip service because they will do nothing to rock the boat.

    I know I do not have much good to say about BN but in the cold dark hearts of supporters like onyourtoes, burns the cold fire of revenge for perceived decades long “injustices”.

    The fact that they say they are Bangsa Malaysians means very little when this guy and other like him have said that when it comes to political power for Indians – “beggars can’t be choosers”.

    1. “I think your thinking is so warped that whatever knowledge you had has now got Pakatanised.” – Gandhi from the Mkini Hindraf thread.

      “Pakatanised”. Wonderful word to describe the process where the kool aid takes over.

      1. From what I have gleamed from his comments over the years, he is most probably a retiree with grown up educated children. His English is plagued with that Anglo hang up, you know, where “big” words are used but in the wrong context not to mention he sometimes takes potshots at the Ah Bengs of his community.

        His hate of the Indian community is sometimes tempered with civil comments as if he aware that he comes off sounding like a racist. These guys are long time DAP members most probably card carrying.

        You can tell by his comments about “serving the party for a long time” that he is most probably aware of the change in culture of the DAP but his sycophancy to LKS and LGE indicates that he does not care, so long as UMNO is banished.

        That’s my amatuer profiling of him. Too much Criminal Minds, I think.

        1. Thanks for the profiling effort.

          The BN formula has reached its expiry date.

          I don’t see how the country can carry on with ignoring the ABU attitude especially if Umno comprises 3.3 million members (citing Daim’s figure yesterday). Multiply this 3.3m with a few more family members in their households, and the number is bigger.

          As the second largest BN party representing the second largest community, MCA is to be blamed for this.

          And its scissors is a failure chief enabler both by omission and commission. DAP has got the young Chinese in its palm.

          1. I think you have the right of it.

            Here is another example of “Malay hate” by DAP (most probably) supporters in the follow up Hindraf/PM meeting article:

            “Ya! Someone have come up a very good idea here. Hindraf leadership just lead all the Indians to convert into Malays like the Satan and many of the UMNOBAU members and leaders have done it! And the Indian problems will be solved overnight! ABU! ” – LiarsSlaughter

            Now even if one does not subscribe to Mkini and is unable to read the articles, the comment section is accessible to all.

            Now, I suppose you could make a free speech argument and all that jazz but who are we kidding, it is all about disseminating propaganda and this is the kind of shite that is aimed at the urban English speaking audience of Pakatan Rakyat.

            In other words, the commenters are part of Mkini. The invisible limb so to speak. So, do not go around whining about Utusan Malaysia.

    2. Decades long of injustice? Do you mean since 1969, or perhaps 1949?

      Of course, we should not rule out “the veterans” who were born AFTER 1989…

  6. I jz cant w8 for them to leave. leave n maybe they can join the kiram~ not everyone can afford go down south or down under & house price @ north republic alsp goest up already

  7. Careful now hell. It is really not difficult to cut and paste your comments and that of your sick entourage to attain the same effect.

    1. All the comments copypasted were sourced from a single thread on one article. If they attained an “effect”, then well and good.

      As for other copypaste jobs, are you proposing that I compile all your wonderful comments that you’ve submitted to my blog? I can oblige if you ask nicely as you’re among the most beautiful people on the planet too.

      And as for the other readers, I’m sure they’re ‘begitu teruja’ that you consider them a “sick entourage”. All the more they will realise what kind of people are Lim Guan Eng’s strongest supporters.

  8. This goes to show how much the Pakatan Rakyat despises and look down on Hindraf and Indians, whereas the Indian members and leaders of DAP and PKR deceive themselves about how well-regarded they are by their parties. They should know by now that they are in their respective parties as “party decorations”.

  9. For hindraf to meet the the prime minister of malaysia does not necessarily mean that everything is going on well with the the hindraf followers or their leaders. Do not be swolllen headed by preempting that the PM of Malaysia will kowtow to Hindraf.! This is my personal feelings, nothing to do with the ruling governments. Don’t jump the gun. Its just preliminary talks of towing the line.

    For the Hindraf clan to claim their demands, its just not gonna work, Try talking to the queen of England for their demands, thats whats they boasts about, Indians are being TRADED by the colonials posts merdeka. Go ahead go to the parliaments of the Great Bbritain and try to create a ruckus, i’d say they’d get the boot out of England, Why not go to the United Nations, or else get Nelson Mandela or Aung Sang Su Kyi for support.

    Even Aung San Su Kyi abandoned her ideologies towards whats happenning to the “dark” muslims in her country. Talking about matrydoms and hippocrisy, she is just another living hippocrates. Better still get the support of the Israelis leadership, that real politiks.

    These hindrafs guys cant even get past the gates of India parliaments.! So be it, if the hindrafs wants to be an opposition front to the Indians of Malaysia, it cant be help. After all please bank on the right horse. For once I welcomed the true colors of the opposition within Malaysia, may god blessed.

  10. Even the leader of hindraf voluntarily wants to “participate” in this GE with Pas as their flag bearer. You go into a meeting with your enemy and try to deny this facts.? Who the hecks will believe an enemy.? Kasi betis mau kaki, kasi kaki mau paha, lasts lasts mau tergadai body kah wei.? For an instance hindraf does not interpret indian votes, minority maybe, Indah khabar dari rupa.

    Latests, even PAS does not want this uthaya what nots in their camps. Why the hell he wants to come back anyway, he should have stayed in the UK and harrased the queen of England, that would make a big impact. After all he accused the Mat Sallehs of selling his, ‘their roots. Stick to his gun and demands his rights from the god forsaken orang putih mah, why come back.

    A lawyer buruk at its best, to deceived his own race.

    1. P. Uthayakumar is the one who asked for the PAS ticket. He heads the Human Rights Party (HRP) which is considered the political wing of Hindraf.

      Hindraf is an organization and not a political party. The trio who met with the PM this morning were Uthaya’s younger brother Waytha Moorthy, Hindraf deputy chairman W. Sambulingam and their advisor N. Ganesan.

      Waytha is the one who received political asylum and lived in exile in the UK for about 5 years. Not Uthaya who was in Kamunting.

  11. Helen, I find the comments by the “pakatoons”, as you called them, so fascinating that a question crept into my head – didn’t any of the poor Indians receive any of the various aid packages, such as BR1M etc, given out by the BN Government in recent years?

    The reason I’m asking is that their comments about UMNO / BN Government is so bad that an outsider / non-Malaysian reading such comments would assume that the poor Indians are being specifically excluded from getting any assistance by the Government. TQ

    1. My uncle (well, he’s an Indian taxi driver who has been taking me to/from work daily for a year now and I hate introducing him as my driver when we eat or go out together, hence the label uncle) applied for BR1M only this year: he was misinformed previously.

      He was told that BR1M is only for bumiputera/melayu and he didn’t qualify. Only when I told him that it’s open for all, he submitted his application via UMNO, mind you and not MIC. Even some of our Indian villagers in the kampung where I am staying, look for my uncle to submit their applications or for the borang.

      1. NOTE: the second appearing uncle in this comment is an actual uncle. LOL..I called everyone uncle anyway, only after rereading the comment I realised my comment doesn’t make sense.

  12. No hindu, buddhist and taoist culturally have it in them to make such vulgar and condescending remarks. Only christians have such hate in them.

    In the ensuing politics, Hindraf taught them and Anwar a lesson and Pakatan/DAP lost the elections. The losers are now whining.

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