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“Evangelistas look down on Indians” / On mamak and mualaf too?

By MalayPrincess

That’s what I was trying to deliver in my comment of previous entry about the dress…

Google image search result only showed HY [Hannah Yeoh] wore a Punjabi dress… NO RESULT for SARI… even for Elizabeth Wong, Teresa Kok and Teo Nie Ching. Even if they had wore, the result maybe not in the top 10 pages in Google search.

Look at the expression on her face (and she’s not in sari, at least on this occasion)
Example of DAP body language: Ng Wei Aik (Guan Eng’s pol-sec)
And the sifu himself

DAP & evangelistas look down to Indian. Not only through verbal & written messages, but also can be seen from the BODY LANGUAGE.

These evangelistas more willing to be seen in mosques, with Malay Muslim folks rather than be seen inside temples with Hindu Indian.

Why? Because Hindu Indian have nothing to offer to DAP? Who marginalize who?

I wonder if Mr Ram is an Indian or Sikh or Punjabi?


Despite getting married to an Indian guy, HY is reluctant to be associated with the people of his* her dear husband. Completely shun away from anything related to India [Indian] ethnicity.

If I were to marry anyone non-Malay, I would have some interest to get to know their culture, customs, food bla bla bla…. and yet she’s a politician. But she doesn’t use this advantage to gather support from poorer segment of Indian in her constituency. I forgot, in Subang Jaya there’s no poor people…. all rich one…

She only represent the so-called EDUCATED HIGH CLASS people.

Comment originally @ 2013/03/26 at 8:47 am

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Helen’s comment:

* “people of his (sic) dear husband” — the pronoun ‘his’ might not be so far-fetched after all, looking at who is wearing the pants in that Anak Malaysia household

Do Dapsters hate mamaks?

They’ve successfully run several campaigns to boycott the kedai mamak in Penang.

Buletin Mutiara in an editorial referred to the mamak as “Melayu celup kopi”. Yap Lee Ying, the director of the Communications Department, Penang state government, had to issue an apology for that slur.

Below is a tweet by DAP Senator S. Ramakrishnan saying “Mamak the fake Malays taking over Umno. Beware original Malays.” (punctuation amended)


Do Dapsters hate mualaf ?

Do you think they mock the Chinese “bin (and binti) Abdullahs”? Is the convert’s new Abdullah name something that Dapsters use as a code word for pouring scorn?

What about any pro-establishment Chinese who goes against the DAP line suddenly being conferred the imaginary status of Muslim convert by these Dapsters?

What about Chinese individuals being given Malay names in a derogatory manner by these Dapsters just because the Chinese concerned are fluent speakers of the national language?


What is the race of Hannah Yeoh’s second-born?

We know that the firstborn was registered as a “Chinese”.

There is unfortunately a stigma attached to being Indian in Malaysia due to the social ills besetting the community, the lack of upward mobility if not the poverty trap.

Isn’t that why we hear the grotesque distortions by the Firsters that Indians are only found in India (which by the same token extends to Chinese only to be found in China). Meaning we’re only Malaysian and nothing else here.


“Ethnic cleansing”

Observe that Ong Tk’s comment calling Uthayakumar “garbage” received 33 Facebook ‘Likes’ whereas Maya Aditya’s rebuke did not get a single thumbs up.

Knowing that Indians are at the receiving end of public bullying, the DAP 2.0 evangelist politicians – not just Hannah alone but the Ngehs and the Ngas and their ilk – rather than using their positions to help improve the image of Indians so that this marginalized community will have greater self-dignity, have instead embarked on the race taunting themselves.

The Anak Bangsa Malaysia-Malaysian Malaysia-Malaysian Firsters tried to “ethnic cleanse” the Indian racial identification. Like sweeping under the carpet. If Indians simply don’t exist in Malaysia, then nobody has to bother about resolving their myriad problems.

Selangor Times (23-25 Nov 2012)
Selangor Times, edisi 98 (9-11 Nov 2012)
Selangor Times (9-11 Nov 2012)

The Selangor Times, instead of highlighting Indian politicians who celebrated Deepavali, chose instead to use the evangelical Christian Hannah Yeoh as their festival personality. None of the Indian Hindu reps were featured celebrating.

Postscript: Hannah Yeoh is not wearing sari in either of the Deepavali photos above either.

Role of The Jerusubang Star

Do we see “real” Indian faces in the pages of the paper in many positive contexts?

Even their associate editor going by the name M. Veera Pandiyan insists that ‘races’ have never existed.

Yeah, the Indians do get featured in The Jerusubang Star but mostly as mugshots of criminal suspects shot dead by police or mysteriously dying under police custody.

Needless to say, The Jerusubang Star‘s kiblat is no secret.

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17 thoughts on ““Evangelistas look down on Indians” / On mamak and mualaf too?

  1. I dunno who hate who or what, but LGE really hates Penang Club.

    “To err is human, to forgive divine. On a personal level, Lim Guan Eng can forgive you but as the chief minister, he will not forgive the Penang Club. You can take liberties with Lim Guan Eng because I am an ordinary citizen but when you take liberties with the post of the chief minister, I have the right to defend my office, because my office has the mandate of the people of Penang and I represent them,” Lim said, Malaysiakini reports.

    – via Rockybru

    Man, he sounds pathetic and whine-ny.

    1. LGE takes everything so personally. He repeatedly attacks Jos Tan. He attacks SM Mohd Idris. Zairil attacked Khoo Kay Peng (the blogger, not the billionaire). The CM’s proxy DAP-MPPP councillor attacked Jessie Ooi.

      Shen Yee Aun complained that his e-mail was hacked. I personally know of others crossing the path of the CM whose e-mail were hacked too. Coincidence?

      1. My dear, anytime someone refers to themself in third person, you know dia sudah ada sikit sakit. I am being charitable with the sikit.

        1. Since you’re making a point of it, I can see that it’s kinda scary. Like the royal “we” majestic plural.


              The “Lim Guan Eng will not forgive you” bit – like Rocky says – is reminiscent of “Be afraid, be very afraid” … cue scary music.

              Speaking from my own personal experience, the LGE-worshipping bloggers are fruits that don’t fall far from the tree.

              That’s why I’ve been saying that it is worrying when DAP-in-the-image-of-LGE has got a grip of 85 percent of the Chinese. Wake up, the rest of Malaysia, wake up!

  2. Obviously they look down on mamaks as well, since they somehow think mamak, kutty and the likes are insults.
    It’s confusing, because DS Anwar Ibrahim that these DAP people seemingly want for PM has Indian blood as well. Just like their most hated nemesis Tun Dr M.

      1. We know of Wan Azizah’s Peranakan Cina heritage, but I have heard something about Anwar’s family being a little bit complicated. I didn’t think Mahathir having Keralite ancestry as particularly problematic, so naturally it mattered little about Anwar’s family. I learnt that he has a few step-siblings, no thanks to disclosures during the Mahathir-Anwar UMNO saga.

  3. Predictions and whats happening on the ground suggests that PKR and DAP will bite the dusts this time in Selangor. If ever any of the YB.s from the oppositions still retains their posts, word is that they’ll be minced meat in the august dewan of the state of Selangor.

    Any soothsayers predictions will not count, but by the same hypothesis that the lasts general elections was because the malays hated the previous PM and his kitchen cabinets, thus last time the opposition won only because of the malay “throw” their votes. But the opposition tak kenang budi, bullied them some more. Buat mereka macam lembu keldai, memperbodohkan kan mereka ngan jani janji manis. Aishah “the has been singer” can relate to this through her song “JANJI MANIS MU”.

    Damage has been done to the malay voters by [PKR, DAP]. Do they thinks that by going to mosques, giving dirt cheap limau mandarin, wearing baju kurungs or by saying that manifestos are not meant to be honored is real politiks?

    Pakatan thinks that the malays are divided, but when the tokong touch on the ALLAH issue, he’s dead meat for sure. Even PAS is divided and dare not, would not, could not tell their followers to accept that ALLAH can be shared in the bible. Their leaders can talk bullshit, their followers are telling a different tale altogether.

    Of course , their wakil rakyat is bounded by the solemn oath of being with the parti ajaran sesat, or otherwise the have to cerai their wives with talak tiga.

    1. I have the same impression for Selangor but my friends in Pakatan (PKR n PAS) are so confident that not only they can retain but also improve on their performance in PRU 13. At first I thought that its only the politicians talking but this view is echoed by a relative of mine, who is a Selangor State Government officer, whom I met over the weekend at one of the khenduris.

      At the national level, Pakatan is confident of maintaining their states as well as regaining Perak while at Parliament level – some are giddily thinking about life in Putra Jaya.

      On the BN side, there are several differing views ranging from the most modest being an improved performance at Parliament only (ie status quo at State levels), all the way to winning back some of the Pakatan-led states.

      Taking recent developments into account, I am of the opinion that BN will get their two thirds in Parliament while at state level, lose Perak but wins back Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan

      1. I would be most interested to see how the Johor Chinese vote.

        Penang Chinese have become a s-c-a-r-y people … shudder, shudder. Just one term of 5 years and to see what LGE has done to them.

  4. Dapsters hate anyone who doesn’t drink the kool aid.

    They (Dapsters) are masters at taking genuine class/racial issues and turning them into binary problems/solutions which are defined and favor the Dapster narrative of Bangsa Malaysia.

  5. he sounded more Gollum/Smeagol if you ask me! I wonder whether when LGE looked in the mirror, he will start a conversation with himself?

    Can you imagine, him drenched in Brylcreem screaming ‘precioussssszzzzssss’.

    1. Tokong: We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious putrajaya. They stole it from us. Sneaky little umoness. Wicked, tricksy, false!
      LGE: No. Not malays!

      Tokong: Yes, precious, false! They will cheat you, hurt you, LIE.
      LGE: Malay is our friend!
      Tokong: You don’t have any friends; nobody likes you!
      LGE: I’m not listening… I’m not listening…

      Tokong: You’re a ISA detainee and a Bangsa Malaysian.
      LGE: No!
      Tokong: *Capitalist*.
      LGE: Go away!
      Tokong: “Go away?”

      Sorry couldn’t resist.

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