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Perkembangan terkini di Gelang Patah

Petikan rencana tentang pengaruh media sosial:

  • Access to social media sites is the highest [compared to other websites and online news sources] according to the Malaysian Digital Association report.
  • Sites such as and attracted 6,467,257 and 4,238,824 unique browsers while attracted 926,874 unique browsers in the same period [2012] from Malaysia.
  • “As a result of its prime position, most of the political news associated with the next general election, scheduled to be held very soon, will be transmitted via social media.
  • “Social media in Malaysia has been influential in keeping important political issues in the forefront in the last five years. Hence, when evaluating the social media-related outcomes of the next general election, it is the net impact of social media’s political influence in the LAST FIVE YEARS and not just the campaign period that analysts need to consider.”

Sambung baca rencana oleh Prof. Madya James Gomez, School of International Studies, Universiti Utara Malaysia di TMI (26 Mac 2013)

95% malaysian love u so much Cm Lim

Lawatan setiausaha-agung DAP ke Gelang Patah @ Facebook CM Lim Guan Eng (

CM Lim Guan Eng Facebook 2013-03-27 15-09-45

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15 thoughts on “Perkembangan terkini di Gelang Patah

  1. CM..I admire u…the perfect actor and manipulator…..95% from a group of racist plp love U…..

    1. Very possibly DAP over-banking on Chinese support. The Johor Malays looking at the todak melanggar will likely become more defensive.

  2. 95% malaysian love the tokong…well then….where is my invisibility cloak or are Malays simply Bunians to the Evangelistas…

  3. I am all the more convinced that Pakatan people has lost the ability to count. 33 individuals do not 95% make.

    1. LOL.

      What to do. Even their top leadership and failed accountants dunno how to use Excel properly.

  4. 95% malaysians…..their style la bro. Always sell the rakyat’s name, rakyat this rakyat that. When Nizar lost his job as Perak MB he cried foul claiming that he was chosen by the rakyat as the state MB.

    As far as I am cocerned and sebagai orang Perak I only voted for my rep to the state assembly and the parliament at the last GE. Tak ada pun kertas untuk pangkah dan pilih Nizar sebagai MB, malah tak kenal langsung siapa dia.

    As with LGE tak pernah pun saya participate in any referendum or bancian to say I love him. Nak love LGE? My vote: PUIIIII!

  5. 95 pct my foot. Chinese population is only 24 pct of Malaysian population, rounded to the nearest integer. Get real. Minority shouldn’t talk like majority. It creates hatredness and makes itself easy target for backlash. That is political stupidity.

    1. re: “It creates hatredness and makes itself easy target for backlash”

      When the backlash occurs, they will say that the hatredness is b’cos everyone else (except the Dapsters lah) are “racist”.

  6. I doubt very much that anyone can mistype 6.3 to become 4.08.

    So it is confirmed that DAP really don’t know how to count using their fingers and toes let alone use a calculator or worse still MS Excel.

  7. wtf 95% malaysian love cm lim? total bullshit. same like big hoax chinese contribute 90% malaysia tax. eat my shit.

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