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Insulting 30,000 Indians

In the comment (screenshot below), ‘ss’ seems to have some trouble believing that a poor Indian – “the Hindraf constituency” whom the movement speaks for – cannot afford paying RM1.20/RM1.50 for a copy* of The Star daily.

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Why save the MCA’s sorry arse in Johor?

In his exclusive interview with Sin Chew, Lim Kit Siang talks up the “whirlwind” that DAP has got planned, and why it is aimed at Johor.

“Johor is not only the cradle of Umno, it is also a strong fortress for both MCA and Umno.

“If they are thumped by Pakatan in the coming election, there wouldn’t be any chance for them to stage a comeback,” said Kit Siang. Continue reading “Why save the MCA’s sorry arse in Johor?”