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Why save the MCA’s sorry arse in Johor?

In his exclusive interview with Sin Chew, Lim Kit Siang talks up the “whirlwind” that DAP has got planned, and why it is aimed at Johor.

“Johor is not only the cradle of Umno, it is also a strong fortress for both MCA and Umno.

“If they are thumped by Pakatan in the coming election, there wouldn’t be any chance for them to stage a comeback,” said Kit Siang.

Guan Eng offers 'Superman' Labis parliamentary seat

Ops Todak, according to the psy-war script, is not only about breaking a “new frontier” but a conquest of the peninsular south. Its audacity is a reflection of the overweaning confidence that the Lim dynasty seems to have acquired since Junior became Chief Minister.

On the matter of whether Hew Kuan Yau (the DAP election campaign manager in the Superman T-shirt, screenshot above) is to contest Labis as per Guan Eng’s chess move, DAP Johor chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau responded that his state committee was not aware and nor had they submitted any list of recommended names.

Guan Eng and his father robustly muscling in on Johor is indicative of the Kim family hubris.

Let’s take Johor for Beloved Kim

Lee Hwa Beng – the former three-term MCA state assemblyman for Subang Jaya – makes two predictions. The reason we’re paying attention to Lee is because of the Subang Jaya (read: Jerusubang) factor; more on that shortly.

Lee writes that “Pakatan has targeted all MCA seats as their most winnable seats” — a strategy that certainly makes perfect sense.

He adds that the other two Pakatan parties are allowing DAP the courtesy of executing the coup de grace on MCA. He points to the giving away of two previously PKR-contested seats – Bentong and Gelang Patah – to DAP candidates. It is the Pakatan strategy of facilitating a mano-a-mano fight to the finish.

Lee’s most telling remark is as follows:

“I am sure in the other areas where MCA will face PKR and PAS, such arrangements will be considered.”

Going for the kill

There is an informed opinion among the pundits – Kadir Jasin is one of them – that the DAP will “hunt down” the MCA, and that the “killer kick at the MCA” will be delivered in Johor.

The second prediction by Lee Hwa Beng that warrants notice is his forecast that MCA will lose at least five to 10 seats from the 15 the party is presently holding.

Let’s do the simple math here. Seven out of those 15 seats are in Johor.

Hence it is left to the Umno machinery on the ground and party grassroots to save the MCA’s sorry arse where their Datuks are contesting in the Johor Malay majority and mixed seats.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

Scissors stabbing, stabbing, stabbing

Ong Kian Ming (screenshot, tweet above) is the DAP strategist who was invited by The Star to host a segment of its iPad Live Session programme — yes, that same one which also featured the DAP Twitter Queen.

Aside from Ong’s active involvement is the paper’s New Media programmes, The Star had publicized his speaking engagement at a Barry Wain – author of Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times – public lecture, his various appearances at political fora* as well as featuring him as among the paper’s favourite interviewees — see screenshot below.

 * While there’s nothing wrong with reporting on private university functions [Ong Kian Ming is/was a USCI lecturer], the paper nonetheless does not lavish a similar attention on public activities organized by government universities.
Christians & politics 2013-03-28 13-47-51

“DAP SuperCyber Bully”

It is no coincidence that Ong Kian Ming (@imokman) was fingered along with Hannah Yeoh as a DAP SuperCyber Bully — see tweet (screenshot below) by Jessica Lai.

Given that Ms Lai was at the time of her tweet in December 2010 an MCA Beliawanis national treasurer, we must ask why it is that The Star has given her and her compatriots almost zero publicity in the MCA-owned newspaper while at the same time filling its pages with Hannah Yeoh.

Over the last five years, The Star has constantly and consistently been promoting the Jerusubang agenda.



Star pays MCA up to RM60m dividend

More interestingly, The Star quoted Ong Kian Ming as observing that “Among the non-Muslims, Christians are among the most active and vocal in political advocacy.”

This development in evangelical political activism is obvious. It is only the MCA that is oblivious.

Dr Chua Soi Lek in an interview with Transparency International Malaysia on 18 Feb 2009 told the organization:

MCA is a rich party because of the dividend that we receive from The Star, which is about RM50 to RM60 million. That forms the basis of the funding, but it doesn’t go to individual politicians. That money is party money.”

So there you heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. As long as the MCA continues to collect those big dividends paid out by its paper, the party will allow The Star a free hand to run the business to maximize profits.

Poor people like the Hindraf constituency cannot afford to daily buy the English tabloid.

We have the Asli figure that 85 percent of the urban Chinese are pro-opposition. If these make up the bulk of The Star readers, then the paper will skew its contents to Jerusubang if it is what sells.

Nosedive in level of support

Ong Kian Ming had previously estimated that Chinese support for the opposition in the 2008 general election stood at 64 percent.

Going by the oft-cited 85 percent today, there is a further drop of 20 percent in Chinese support for the BN over the last five years.

It is important that Umno and the rest of the BN components ask why. The Malay and Indian support have reportedly returned to the establishment and the native support in Borneo is holding steady (discounting any ramifications from Lahad Datu).

One of the primary factors is the backstabbing, particularly by the Gunting Dalam Lipatan media machinery that hardly ever carries any critical write-ups about DAP 2.0.

Only yesterday, Hindraf chairman P. Waytha Moorthy revealed his organization’s analysis that the urban educated Indians will largely go with Pakatan.

So guess which newspaper the urban educated Indians mostly read, and whether some (or many) of them are churchgoers.


Again, “only 9 percent” trotted out

There is the Asal Bukan Umno (ABU) movement that specifically targets the BN’s leading party.

MCA is the second largest party in BN, supposedly counting one million members. Its multimedia machinery has a giant octopus reach to a 5.63 million audience (okay, I know that I keep repeating this figure ad nauseum but it is important to underscore my point).

Recently, the ABU initiator Haris Ibrahim blogged:

“When Soi Lek came out with his Hudud bogey man to scare the Chinese into not voting for the opposition, ABU came out with a comic [‘Soi Lek’s Hudud lies’] to demonstrate that sleazeball Soi Lek was lying through his teeth.

So when Umno and its msm spin doctors started to spin that a Pakatan-led new federal government in Putrajaya would see the nation Christianised, our Counter Propaganda Team (CPT) got down to work to put something out that might put paid to Umno’s latest lie.

The result? ABU’s Jangan Makan Fitnah comic (see panel above).

Backstabber deserves a kick in the butt

Which side is winning the propaganda war?

Examine the kerfuffle, only just a couple days ago, between Gerakan and Perkasa a little bit more closely and you will be able to detect the real sentiment prevalent among the non-Malay BN component parties.

The BN spirit is one of give-and-take but there is no quid pro quo where the MCA is concerned.

MCA continues to permit its scissors to subtly stab the BN in the back as well as covertly – and even overtly – carry the Jerusubang agenda.


OKM is of course Ong Kian Ming, touted as DAP’s Parliamentary candidate in GE13.


Why the MCA mascot is now fittingly the panda



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23 thoughts on “Why save the MCA’s sorry arse in Johor?

  1. Poor people like the Hindraf constituency cannot afford to daily buy the English tabloid. – really Helen Ang? Have fun explaining this soon…

  2. helen,

    UMNO for a start needs not “babysit” MCA anymore. Literally means UMNO must contest in malay areas while MCA faces DAP in chinese majority areas.

    It serves 2 purposes. should MCA win, it can ride high for earning the real power (the Chinese support). MCA members who have the habit of voting DAP will think many times before backstabbing MCA. No more MCA if they themselves reject MCA. And DAP will no longer chide MCA for “submitting” to UMNO as MCA proves its worth by winning Chinese areas.

    But more importantly, it will send message to Chinese that they need to support MCA if they want representatives in Cabinet. There is no 2 way about it.

    1. I agre and let it be for the MIC as well. Oly then we can have a clearer picture of the barisan. This can only be good for UMNO in many ways

  3. well… if DAP start contesting in all Chinese majority area… aren’t that is race politics?

    I want DAP to contest in majority Malay and PAS to contest in majority Chinese.. then only PR can be call as raceless party

  4. one more thing is that.. they are playing the cards that urban people are voting for them.. to me that sounds like the intelligent people are voting for them… so for those who are not voting for them will indirectly being told you are stupid and who among us like to be called stupid?

    so there u go.. a vote of insecurity inner feeling for the DAP

    1. re: “those who are not voting for them will indirectly being told you are stupid”

      Actually, directly told pun ada

      read, vv

  5. Helen,

    Walaupun jumlah 5.63 juta adalah jumlah audien the Star, adakah anda tahu berapa peratus pembacanya Cina, Melayu dan India?

    Saya melihat dipejabat-pejabat kerajaan yang staffnya majoriti Melayu, akhbar the Star yang paling banyak dikepit di bawah ketiak dan dibawa sama waktu sarapan.

    Jika ini diambil kira sebagai benar pembaca berkenaan sudah termakan dakyah DAP melalui the Star, maka MCA dan juga Gerakan seharusnya siap-sedia dengan keranda masing-masing sebab di kawasan selamat bagi mereka di mana majoriti adalah melayu mereka tetap tidak selamat juga.

    apapun mungkin benar kata shamshul anuar bahawa umno tidak lagi perlu fikirkan sangat tentang 2 parti ini. 2 parti ini sebaliknya perlu membuktikan bahawa mereka masih relevan kepada umno untuk BN.

    Keduanya, saya ada komen tentang Opportunist DAP ini….dan inilah buktinya kenapa mereka mahukan Johor pula. Lebih-lebih lagi Johor cuma sebelah selat terberau….dekat dengan singapore…tempat mahaguru LGE bermastautin. orang johor lebih tahu apa yang mereka mahu….dengan 2 pilihan:

    1. kekalkan BN dan terima berita-berita rasuah, kronism dan sebagainya yang sering dikaitkan dengan UMNO pada setiap hari untuk 5 tahun akan datang atau,

    2. beri Pakatan menang dengan majoriti kepada DAP. johorean perlu melihat saja sekiranya mereka dimakan oleh singaporean yang dahagakan tanah…dahagakan pasir, dahakan air…dsbnya.

    memang ini satu dilema kan?

    1. >> Jika ini diambil kira sebagai benar pembaca berkenaan sudah termakan dakyah DAP melalui the Star…

      Dakyah apa? Iklan melambak dlm akhbar tu. Hampir setiap muka surat ada iklan. Baca iklan ada la. Saya ada beli The Star sekali-kala, biasanya hari Sabtu, sebab ada ruangan bisnes (BizWeek). Itu je yang saya baca. Kalau setakat nak baca analisis politik drpd Joceline , Baradan atau Azmi Sharom, baik baca kat Internet, sebab percuma mah! Tabungkan RM1.20/RM1.50 tu, jangan bazirkannya.
      Btw, apa agaknya sentimen masyarakat Tionghua di Johor, huh?

  6. The scissoratis saw it fit to run a piece on Canning assemblyman today instead of say, ermmmm I don’t know, senator GPS perhaps?

    1. Thanks for the tip-off.

      If you have the time, pls check out Simon Thong’s blog ( on the Canning assemblyman. Cikgu Simon was the uncle bullied in Taman Kaya.

    2. Just read the Adun Canning piece.

      You might have jinxed the Senator but still, perhaps we should open bets on when he makes his star-studded appearance as well as see how many ‘subordinates’ (as he is after all a Deputy Minister) precede his appearance in his party-owned paper.

      I’d say it would be bylined to Regina.

      1. A feature piece on the terribly impressed senator? I’d say hmmmm, not before the elections… Regina should have his direct line anyways but chances are she’d interview some DAPSY figure before the Gregarious Pickle-head Senator

      2. Btw, I just read the good senator’s chat with Malay Mail. Dunno if it’s online yet as I didn’t check. It was headlined “Gan slams ‘territorial politics'”. Some shots were fired at MCA. Maybe his fate is finally sealed & Regina won’t need to interview him after this.

  7. The subterranean link Kim is building would be christened Penang Island-Butterworth Link (PEN*SBUTT). After they take over Johore they’d build the Johore Bharu-Singapore Subterranean Connection (JUBSKONEK). And of course they had already decided to award the contract to the no.1 underground driller the world had ever known.

    1. Since they love the drilling so much, they will probably give Inul an honorary citizenship if they actually make it to Putrajaya.

  8. I was at Jln Alor earlier for a meal with some friends. Parking at one of the back lane carparks I saw a simple structure in blue which is the operations room for BN/MCA Bukit Bintang. After lunch I popped by just to ask some questions & see what they were doing to win the seat. Guess what? There was no one there with the doors wide open. After waiting for about 5 mins & helping myself to a bottle of water & looking at a number of banners with one Frankie something who I suppose is the MCA candidate for the seat, I left.

    I’d advise them to concentrate their efforts & resources elsewhere, where they stand a chance of putting up a decent fight.

  9. Well that’s the game, isn’t it ? Collecting your revenue from the Star and making noises that you are still an active component of the Barisan National.

    I wonder where all “this party money” is going ? Who knows if some of it doesn’t find it’s way into DAP coffers. Just sayin’.

    The MCA has lost the Chinese vote, well a significant percentage of it anyway. And Wathaya is right about the urban middle class Indian vote. It kind of makes me happy that these Indians pastors in these evangelical churches are ripping of the Chinese Evangelical community. God bless them.

    And yes, working class [Hindraf] Indians, don’t read the Star or browse Mkini on their lunch breaks. God knows how the Tamil vernacular papers swing these days.

    I have no idea why I am so bothered by this. As a Pakatan leaning supporter all this should be music to my ears. Oh wait, the smugness of it all. Pakatoons love to go about a two party system but what’s left when you have destroyed the “enemy” ?

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