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Why the MCA mascot is now fittingly the panda

The MCA panda soft toys will be sold at the party division offices and election publicity trucks making their rounds nationwide.


The panda is listed under Category 1 (maximum level of protection) of the Chinese [China] Wildlife Conservation Law of 1988


Why is panda the MCA mascot?

Because it is the recognized symbol of international wildlife conservation


The panda is looked upon as the “ambassador for all endangered species”

MCA = Panda because

(1) MCA is an endangered species, just like the panda

Endangered Species: Definition — species that are likely to become extinct throughout all or a large portion of their range

Panda scientific name: Ailuropoda melanoleuca


(2) MCA is threatened with extinction, just like the panda

CITES is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

The panda has been put in CITES’s Appendix I.

Appendix I lists species that are the most endangered among CITES-listed animals and plants. They are threatened with extinction.


(3) MCA urgently needs the public to know about its conservation crisis, just like the panda

IUCN is the International Union for Conservation of Nature. It is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental organization.

IUCN is “the clarion call for fighting the extinction crisis“.

pandaSprawl2The panda is on the IUCN Red List: “The overall aim of the Red List is to convey the urgency and scale of conservation problems to the public and policy makers …”

  • Present best estimates indicate a total wild population between 1,000–2,000
  • There has been a general population decline
  • Small population size a threat to the viability of this species
  • Natural habitat in isolated mountain ranges
  • Reintroduction of captive animals may be limited by lack of suitable release sites

(Source: IUCN Red List)


(4) MCA’s habits and behaviour are like the panda

Pandas spend more than half the day – both daytime and nighttime – just feeding.

The panda does not have the ability to digest its food efficiently and thus derives little energy and little protein from its food consumption.

Because they can consume up to 45 pounds of bamboo in a day, it is sometimes necessary for pandas to travel to a new location once the bamboo supply of an area is depleted.

(Source: Fact sheet, Defenders of Wildlife)


(5) MCA as an Endangered Species requires protection

The most serious threat to the panda is loss of habitat.

The Endangered Species Act is very important because it saves native wildlife from going extinct.

  • Once a species becomes listed as ‘endangered’, it receives special protections by the government
  • Endangered Species Day is held on the third Friday of each May

“Once they are gone, they are gone forever and there is no going back.”

(Source: Endangered Species Act)


“A giant panda is born pink, hairless (and) blind” — BBC, Nature

What can you do to help the panda?


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9 thoughts on “Why the MCA mascot is now fittingly the panda

  1. Knowing what a bitch you can be at times

    But this time I salute you good article

    I think pandas are chosen because they are cute and lovable just

    Like MCA boss? Ha ha

  2. Eh, pandas are cute. The MCA has never been cute. Well, ok, some say that CSL is a cutie pie. But still……

  3. We can help by getting FedEx’s Panda Express to fly in & relocate the MCA genus to the panda rehabilitation & conservation center in Chengdu, China. One advantage is that most if not all can converse in Mandarin.

  4. helen…you may be correct associating MCA with Panda in term of it’s near extinction.

    however, there is a difference between the two…. the panda’s doesn’t own a newspaper to tell the world that they deserve to live in this planet but MCA does.

    the worst is MCA is not using their very own tool… and therefore their extinction to be is well deserved….

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