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Guan Eng leads the lynch mob against ‘Tanda Putera’

This blog received a comment today saying that BN supporters deserved to be called names like “running dog”, etc.

Pakatan supporters are fond of using pseudonyms like Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Malaysian(this-and-that) or ‘peace’, ‘fairnessforall’, ‘fairplay’, etc. Screenshot below is one guy calling himself ‘truth’.


Comment (copypasted above) originally appeared @ 2013/03/30 at 12:18 am

‘truth’ says that if he sees my ugly face in the street, he would really like to spit in it — in my “dumb” and “ugly face”, that is.

One thing I find about hardcore Pakatan supporters is that they seem unable to open their mouth without the spit coming out — whether it’s to spit out curses or to blame BN, to call nasty nicknames (especially with regard to the PM), and well, just to relieve all the bile that they’ve bottled up.

As we know, the Pakatan supporters are always calling the BN supporters “racists”. Similarly, the Pakatan supporters also insist that it is the BN supporters who are spitting venom.



Do try to imagine what the political temperature must have been like during the campaign month in May when the 1969 over-heated election took place as well as what kind of names the Alliance and the opposition supporters then were calling each other.

The first general election post-Merdeka was held in 1959, following approval of the one million non-Malay citizenships. The following GE was in 1964, a year after the inclusion of Singapore in 1963.

Then came the 1969 election. We should remember the social dynamics of 1969 in relation to the two elections that came before it in 1964 and 1959.

History, for the Pakatan supporters however, started at Year Zero (8 March 2008). Well, you know what they say about people who neither remember nor learn from history.

What kind of people are they?

To understand the psychology of May 13, an important question to reflect upon is:

What kind of people were they? (on the one side, the taunters and on the other side, the ones who went amok with parang)

Shuhaimi Baba’s film Tanda Putera is set against the backdrop of May 13.

And below we get a reprise of the “running dog” theme. We’re not talking anymore about anonymous online commenters here. The phrase is contained in a Malaysiakini headline.

It’s very important to note Lim Guan Eng’s role in this (see screenshot below) because the behaviour of Penang Chinese opposition supporters is a significant factor.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

33 thoughts on “Guan Eng leads the lynch mob against ‘Tanda Putera’

  1. Dear Helen….

    The truth, everyone is brought into this world by the Grace Of God. To call someone Ugly and wanting to spit on thy face is something reflecting their own ugly culture. Beauty comes from within. If someone treat us like crap just remember there is something wrong with them.

    Normal people don’t go around destroying the things that made us happiest. ANGER IS THE FEELING THAT MAKES YOUR MOUTH WORK FASTER THAN YOUR MIND. So Helen don’t let Negative & Toxic People Rent Space in your head. Raise the Rent and Kick them Out.

    1. :)

      It’s the racial imbalance I’m worried about, and the effect of Guan Eng’s ‘leadership’ and Jerusubang propaganda. Not to mention their fitnah, imposture and smear campaigns.

      I keep stressing that online comments are not generated by autobots. There’s a mind behind the fingers tapping on the keyboard.

      And while it may be that cybertroopers are paid to be the ringleaders, the sheer volume of the hate comments (e.g. in Facebook wrt the Detergent Ad Girl) come from ‘real’ people out there.

      Another thing I have to stress is that there is really NO huge disconnect. It’s not that Internet anonymity allows a commenter to be Mr Hyde online but he is Dr Jekyll offline. They are still the same person.

      Granted, the aggression and belligerence can be somewhat exaggerated behind the anonymity of blog comments but social media is not as anonymous as blogs are.

      While BN is catching up in blogosphere, it is DAP who has forged ahead on the next frontier of Facebook and Twitter. Social media is a dangerous time-bomb.

      1. you should ask this question to the Chinese.

        do you Chinese really think the Malays are going to put up with this hate politics being directed at them ? how long are the Malays going to put up with this hate politics being dished by the DAP ?

        as Daim has said,

        If the Chinese don’t understand this, they will be sorely mistaken when push comes to shove.

      2. Prior to 2008 the Malay doesn’t know much how the Chinese minds work, much to the negligence of the Malay attitude of being tolerance and acceptance that there is no ways we could reverse history.

        Much of that attitude is changing too now with most Malay are visiting social media site the only thing they could seldom leave a remarks much to their believe of non aggression but the feeling is building up.

        If we look back the history of May 13, who was the aggressor, with only small achievement on their side they dare to tell the Malay balik kampong, which kampong? Malaysia is their mother land.

        Though how much we don’t wants history to be repeated, with arrogance attitude much of the Chinese now, there noting much could be done, just hopping the last straw would never come.

    2. Please don’t take this personally as I’m in no way referring to you. Regular readers would be able to spot who my comment is intended for.

      Ain’t it novel for some (not you) to spout of the beauty of God’s creations & at the same time condemn them of their humanistic iniquities.

      And it would be a remiss of me to talk of judging others without calling to mind the parable of the Pharisee & tax collector which is oft ignored when extolling one’s righteousness.

      As for judging others, how apt is it that the sinless should cast the first stone at the adulterer. What’s that about stones & glass houses again?

  2. Helen,
    You quote: ‘Social media is a dangerous time-bomb’.

    Thousand years ago, Prophet Muhammad pbuh has said that ‘umatku pada akhir zaman akan berdepan dengan fitnah yang besar’..

    It is a realising facts that it is the internet social media and it is time-bomb!

    Therefore, your worry of — ‘It’s the racial imbalance I’m worried about, and the effect of Guan Eng’s ‘leadership’ and Jerusubang propaganda. Not to mention their fitnah, imposture and smear campaigns’ — is my worry and fellow Malaysians worries too.

    Whatever people may comments on the film ‘Tanda Putera’, we cannot deny the facts that it happened before and it will again if nothing is being done early.

    The hatred campaign launched by Pakatan aka DAP is a dangerous move and eventhough there are laws to govern such behaviour, the authority seems to be neglecting it.

    Probably the current law is not ISA and now everyone can guess why the oppositions really want the ISA to be abolished….

    I could not imagine how life would be should the May 13th incident reoccur……can you?

    1. About anti Tanda Putera hatred campaign, its proof that DAP is no better than Perkasa. This unstable LGE should bring this matter to court instead of go to street. Or maybe he already get instruction from his dreaming PM.


      “I could not imagine how life would be should the May 13th incident reoccur……can you?”

      Surely I can imagine. I’m from Batu Pahat. My late father among Kiyai Salleh’s followers. He never fail to keep remind us about this event.

      Just be prepared. We can survive that day (1969) without proper preparation and surely we can survive now. Furthermore, joint force between police and army during Lahad Datu War should make us less worries.

      1. re: “My late father among Kiyai Salleh’s followers.”

        Kiyai Salleh was armed with ?? (pisau panjang?) against the commies who had guns.

        How many days was his rampage? What kind of man was he before the amok?

        1. Helen,

          The weapon suitable during his time and during his rampage, commies with guns also equally being beaten. His rampage only stop after Dato Onn ‘interfere’. If you ask me either Kiyai Salleh will won the war, my answer is nobody will win especially in stupid war.

          1. Oh, now I remember and make the connection. Tabik Datuk Onn and his stature. A great man.

  3. Helen,

    What is it with “Tanda Putera?”. It is just a movie about the unique relationships between a Prime Minister and his deputy and the backdrop is the defining moment of nationhood: May 13.

    For years, UMNO, Malays, Tun Razak, Dato Haron were demonised for creating May 13 (as per DAP allegation). The Malay mentality of not talking about the painful episode as a way of “jaga hati” is abused fully by DAP to tell its “version” of May 13.

    I read Tunku’s book about “sebelum dan sesudah may 13”. Tunku did not blame Tun Razak. Both of them were caught off guard with the incident although the warning signs were there then.

    For many young Malaysians, they could not comprehend the magnitude of disaster that took place. So, they succumb to useless politicians who described those who remind the danger of uncontrolled “tongues” as scaring tactic.

    As such, quite a number were simply speechless (that after confidently blaming Tun Razak) when I told them on provocative procession in the very heart of Malay settlement, Kg Baru. Apparently, they have no idea on provocation against Malays back then.

    The truth is that DAP does not want other people (especially Chinese) to know other “version” of May 13. The “real” DAP will be for all to see should the movie generates interests and make people curious.

    DAP is on a dangerous mission. And the mission will bring Chinese into collision course directly with the Malays. And many Chinese do not know that it is them who will clash with the Malays, not Kit Siang.

    1. re: “What is it with Tanda Putera?”

      In my opinion, it is a Shuhaimi Baba personality conflict.

      As far as I’m aware, Malay bloggers and Malay entertainment reporters were invited to the several separate previews.

      (Presumably there were special screenings too for VIPs, industry people, Info and other Ministry people etc.) But the oppo pollies like Tony Pua (he’s the DAP publicity bureau chief), Nurul Izzah etc have not seen the film.

      To the best of my knowledge, Chinese bloggers and Chinese media were not given previews either.

      After the controversy blew up, I feel that SB should have invited the Chinese newspaper editors and their political columnists as well as alternative online media reps, non-Malay broadcast journos, etc to view her film so that the dark cloud can be cleared.

      And her dismissal of Kit Siang’s concern was antagonistic. According to the accounts by those who have watched the film, there was a scene of the man pissing at the flagpole.

      LKS is concerned that he is implied to be that man. The Tanda Putera Facebook flat out said that it was him. This is a matter that SB should have sorted out responsibly with LKS before he resorted to taking court action.

      And then there was that ‘private’ screening for the Felda settlers where journos were asked to leave the dewan. That action gives the impression of secrecy, i.e. and would naturally raise suspicions.

      Under the circumstances, I think it is arrogant of SB to say that she will screen the film (from now until its general release in the cinemas) to whomever is willing to pay her the cost.

      I feel that as a matter of courtesy and in view of the Chinese antsy-ness, she should have extended the olive branch and invited LKS, Dr Kua and the few other vocal critics to a scheduled screening.

      If she could show the film to Malay bloggers as her guests, why be so difficult when the oppo lawmakers want to watch too?

      1. Helen, your arguments make sense…to rational human beings. I am not privy to the issues behind the screenings but it is not difficult to guess why.

        SB is obviously pissed that the movie was completely twisted to give a racist tint even before screening. Allowing Chinese bloggers and PR politicians to view it would only make things worse as they already made up their minds. It will be politicised no matter who is really in the movie.

        I find it hard to comprehend the situation. DAP openly claims that UMNO caused May 13 but when someone else even hints the violence was initiated by DAP, hell breaks loose.

        Why are the Chinese equating DAP with the whole community? What if the Malays do the same when DAP accuses of UMNO being the instigator of May 13?

        When Hindraf accuses the Malays of ethnic cleansing, it is merely a case of “fighting for the underclass” and when DAP accuses UMNO of mass murder during May 13, it is just “fact”.

        But when SB even hints DAP started the whole thing, the entire Chinese community gets worked up and claim this is a racial intimidation.

        1. Calvin,

          Again why so upset with a movie. If Dr kua published a book on May 13 that put Malay leaders in bad ,light(meaning they were accused of creating May 13), why cant the Chinese especially the DAP people just watch it?

          why the objection? Why? Because they are things that Kit siang do not want us to know. which bring to a conversation I had with ‘hajis and Lebais” way back in early 1990s in Kg Baru where i resided during my bachelor days. All of them said they saw kit Siang cursing the Malays and uttered offensive remarks on Malays.

          But again camera was a rarity in those days. plus there was no Youtube then.

          And one incident really riled the Malays. Where one man urinated in full view of ladies of Menteri Besar’s household. It was considered ultimate act of insult to expose one’s private part before ladies.

          Many wre not aware that official re[ort by the Govt clearly named Kit siang as the instigator. Only kit siang was lucky as the ruling race happened to be Malays. In some other countries, Kit siang with entire families will be decimated.

  4. Sebab inilah pembangkang akan kekal sebagai pembangkang. Mereka mendakwa bahawa mereka adalah alternatif terbaik untuk menggantikan BN namun mereka terpengaruh dengan kelakuan BN yang mereka benci.

    Sedari dulu mereka mendakwa BN tidak mengamalkan kebebasan media (saya setuju dengan dakwaan ini) namun itulah yang mereka laksanakan bila memerintah terutamanya di Penang. BN gunakan kuasa kelulusan permit dalam mengongkong media manakala pembangkang guna kuasanya untuk menghalang malahan menghalau media yang tidak sealiran pemikiran.

    Selagi pembangkang mempunyai kepimpinan yang serupa dengan BN maka tidak ada keperluan untuk menggantikan BN dengan PR. Buat sahabat Cina, jangan terlalu menaruh keyakinan terhadap keikhlasan perjuangan LKS sekeluarga. Gerak laku DAP ini merupakan tanda awal parti ini adalah MCA dalam pembikinan.

  5. Now you know how youre regarded beyond your clan of umno cyber assholes. Dont try to create tensions with threats of may 13 you ugly person. Youve tried very hard over the years to pitch this as a malay vs chinese affair when all it is really about is governance. So screw you and your cyber ass wipes.

    1. ss…

      That’s where you are wrong. There are numerous times that Helen criticised UMNO/BN as well and those who opposed just write back with an ‘agree to disagree’ manner.

      I don’t think (as far as I can remember), Helen been attacked by pro-BN readers in such vile, personal and downright rude. That my friend, is the difference between you DAPsters and the pro-BN people.

      I sincerely don’t understand what’s Helen’s hair or looks got to do with Malaysian politics: unless it’s a slow day in the land of delusional aka Jerusubang or you guys mysteriously transformed to kindergarten level. Oh what a waste of fine education, if the latter should be the case.

      I also don’t understand why LKS should be worried of the perception by the public that he’s the one implied as pissing on the flagpole. Well, Najib was implied to murder Altantunya, Rosmah was implied to purchase a ring worth 24Million, a murder, overseas shopping spree, etc.. but I don’t see them going around trying to censor what people are saying, ‘sharing’ on fb/twitter, etc.

      Normally, those who are anxious and would like to sweep it under carpet, would be the one whose guilty, no? If you, ss didn’t do it .. do you even care what people think, cos you know yourself better, right?

      I am fascinated by all these keyboard warriors spouting vile, threats and venoms – it’s a sign of desperation, a sign of insecurity and mentally weak they are that resorting to name calling is the best they could do.

      On another note, someone should highlighted to ‘truth’, LGE is nothing near Brad Pitt and he’s not that bright either – Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word (for the recent typo error of 4 Billion to 6 Billion for the tunnel): people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stone!

      1. Speaking of keyboard warriors, we have a lot of idiots here who are releasing their latent racism with threats to amok, wave parangs, and threats of genocide.

        But like in the Lahad Datu incident, most of these keyboard warriors not only hide behind their monitors, but I have also seen some of them offering settlement and concession to the Sulu pirates.

  6. hi there ss or may i call you shit @soiled great to have have you back prowling these backwaters …..anyways guess its your lucky day to be honoured with a cool name instead of having only 2 alphabets to your pathetic existence, cant blame you though. Ahh as for the ass wipes hmmmm guess from you new name you will be needing them much more to frolic with. cheers shit@soiled

  7. I cant wait to see Tanda Putera … What about this movie that is scaring the shyit out of Tokong, LKS and his JeruSubang dapsters? Something in the movie must be hitting them right on the nose. Tellings things as they happened on the grounds probably amounted to an expose on the tokong’s papa ….

    1. Sharifah,

      Yup. Shuhaimi Baba had ‘penetrated’ the defence carefully manufactured by DAP.

      All these years, DAP has been telling chinese community that Tun Razak with Dato Haron (meaning UMNO) started May 13. As such a movie that differes from DAP’s version is not welcomed.

      In other words, Shuhaimi Baba is chalrenging DAP’s control over Chinese mind.

      1. re: “Shuhaimi Baba is challenging DAP’s control over Chinese mind”

        I’m skeptical that it can happen. Remember the cyber hate campaign against Alan Yun, the Chinese actor who had a small role in the film. He was predictably lynched as a “running dog”.

        When Tanda Putera is released, I predict mass hysteria will afflict the Chinese. And there will be the usual ballistic and berserk runs.

        1. Helen,

          Yup. They say the truth hurts.

          But if we want the truth, me must accept the facts.

        2. Helen,

          DAP may forget that it too is invincible. There will be time where Chinese has to face painful time of deciding: Chinese legitimate interests or DAP.

  8. Helen, the speeches by DAP leaders to mainly Chineses audiences during the campaign leading up to the 2008 GE were reminiscent of what took place in 1969. I attended some of these campaigns in 2008 as I did in 1969. The responses by the Chinese audiences were the same. The speeches were racist in character and the responses were racist!

    In 1969, there was anger amongst the Malays; there was anger too in 2008. And the anger has been growing since then but it has been silent anger.

    I couldn’t predict what happened on May 13, 1969 and we all suffered the trauma of the period. I cannot predict what will happen soon. Hopefully rational minds will prevail and things will come to pass after the 13th GE, whoever wins. But if DAP and their arrogant, abusive supporters continue the way they have been behaving of late, may God help us all!

    Many Malaysians in their 20s or 30s or even 40’s don’t know, don’t understand and can never appreciate the history of our nation and the never-ending efforts to maintain racial harmony. They will continue with their emotional and mad response to anything that resembles a challenge to their sensitivities (or superiority vis-a-vis the stupid, low class, no class multitude) and they will have cause to suffer. I write of those from both sides of the political divide but more so of those who appear to be inherently abusive of others.

    I pray we will all be spared of any pain from out of all this!

  9. With freedom of access to information and the higher literacy rate as per compared to 1969, I doubt there will be a repeat of the tragedy. We all know of ceramahs that was disrupted by hooligans and mat rempits and not forgetting Ah Long wannabes who throws red paints on buses. If at all there will be a repeat of 1969, then it is these people who have instigated it.

  10. If I had had a son whose face had looked like Lim Guan Eng’s, I would have had immediately ordered plastic surgery for him. That tokong has a face like a sadist.

  11. Saya berpeluang menonton Tanda Putera baru-baru ini. Saya mengaku saya hanya mengetahui sejarah 13 May secara bits and pieces, setakat apa yg boleh didapati dari internet.

    The movie had a backdrop of the May event as well as some communist action. Apparently the kampung people had to face the communist, the people in town had to face the chinese aggressiveness, it was some poll time then. The movie tried to show reference of timeline for those critical scenes. Unfortunately for those ignorant of the history like me, it made no difference. The main point for 15 minutes or so, the message I’ve got, “the chinese were (maybe still as nasty) especially because they were linked to Communist and DAP, as portrayed in the movie.

    On a second thought, they were not trustworthy because in the cinema where they showed Chinese words on the screen, why didn’t the rest of the Chinese told the rest of the movie goers what was written? Hence non-Chinese were slaughtered by parang man.

    Anyway, that hate-feeling towards Chinese were forgotten once the movie focused on the relationship between Tun Razak and Dr Ismail.

    I went back impressed with Dr Ismail and that hate-feeling was replaced with the hope and pray that the Chinese today are not like what I saw in the movie.

    Let them talk sampai mampuih asal tak physically aggressive.

    1. (1) I wonder if the cinema-parang episode (in Tanda Putera) a real incident or is it just an urban legend? This is something the DAP and the pro-Pakatan media should debunk.

      (2) re: “Let them talk sampai mampuih asal tak physically aggressive.”

      If their thoughts are filled with hate and aggression, and their speech is filled with hate and aggression, what makes you think that what they think and what they say won’t eventually translate into what they do?

      1. That’s my wishful thinking I guess.

        But we have seen Lahad Datu. Anything possible now. As for the ultrakiasu, I’m more of the opinion that majority of them are only keyboard warriors, a small fraction are the true samseng willing to pick up fights. See how many of them would rather migrate just because their kids cannot do medic at UM?

        Should May 13 repeat, our police and army have had good training with a few rounds of Bersih as well as Lahad Datu. Unlike the terrorist Suluk, its easy to differentiate a Chinese from a non-Chinese. Mopping operation should be faster. So, no worries for me. Either way, if these ultrakiasu Chinese wish to instigate racial tensions, they will lose, along with the rest of the ordinary Chinese. Plus, I have never met any chinese who brag of how great a warrior their great great grandparents are. Most brag about their holier than thou attitude, low class. Heck, who bother about class during fight or righteousness?

        It’s just a matter of time. Maybe not this time, but history does repeat after some cycle. The malay who fight for ketuanan melayu will be replaced with malay who will fight for ketuanan islam. These new breed does not recognize class-thingy harped by DAP.

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