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Silent anger among Malays is growing

By Ayah

Helen, the speeches by DAP leaders to mainly Chinese audiences during the campaign leading up to the 2008 GE were reminiscent of what took place in 1969. I attended some of these campaigns in 2008 as I did in 1969. The responses by the Chinese audiences were the same. The speeches were racist in character and the responses were racist!


In 1969, there was anger amongst the Malays; there was anger too in 2008. And the anger has been growing since then but it has been silent anger.

I couldn’t predict what happened on May 13, 1969 and we all suffered the trauma of the period. I cannot predict what will happen soon. Hopefully rational minds will prevail and things will come to pass after the 13th GE, whoever wins. But if DAP and their arrogant, abusive supporters continue the way they have been behaving of late, may God help us all!

Many Malaysians in their 20s or 30s or even 40s don’t know, don’t understand and can never appreciate the history of our nation and the never-ending efforts to maintain racial harmony. They will continue with their emotional and mad response to anything that resembles a challenge to their sensitivities (or superiority vis-a-vis the stupid, low class, no class multitude) and they will have cause to suffer. I write of those from both sides of the political divide but more so of those who appear to be inherently abusive of others.

I pray we will all be spared of any pain from out of all this!

Comment originally @ 2013/03/30 at 6:33 pm

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Lim Guan Eng’s speech begins at minute 1:55

By Helen Ang

The gathering at Han Chiang High School in Penang on 6 March 2008 (two days before the election) has been dubbed ‘the Mother of All Ceramahs’ and attended by 60,000 people, according to claims by the opposition.

Excerpts from Guan Eng’s speech

4:35 — “There cannot be such double standards. BN practices double standards … they have no more issues, they are politically bankrupt aaah (applause and cheers from the crowd). We will not allow ourselves to be distracted by personal attacks.”

6:30 onwards — Translation from Hokkien

“Is it possible for us to become first class citizens in Malaysia? For 50 years, over a period of 50 years we have been second class citizens, third class citizens, fourth class citizens, aaah. Enough is enough, true or not? So we need to tell Abdullah Badawi, to say to Ong Ka Ting, say to Koh Tsu Koon so that they will know … we want to be first class!”

“Do I have your promise that all of you here will vote for DAP?”

Continues: ‘There were no Raja-Raja Cina ruling Malaya’


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61 thoughts on “Silent anger among Malays is growing

  1. By nature, we Malay are a tolerated lot. Time will come when we could no longer hold our silent anger then we run AMOK.

    1. Is this your last resort Helen? May 13? Really umno that scared? It’s about politics and not race. Don’t turn this into a racial event.

      1. really about politics ? then why do you insist on calling the Indians low class and claiming that Indians are easily bought with Milo, curry, beer ?

      2. Read the article, dumbass. We Malays are pissed.

        Of course, by “Malays” I do not include those morons who were born Malay but are too blind to see that DAP are the uber-racists of Malaysia.

        1. I dont think those Malays who are DAP members are moron.

          They might be delusional about being Cina-men-wannabe.

  2. By voting in leaders like Lord Lim, the Chinese remains in the same class now; NO CLASS.

    Come on lah. Accuse others of racism but his actions are supposedly non racial in nature? His tendency to speak in Chinese is not an indication? His lackeys from Penang to Selangor to Johor all the way to Sarawak speaking in Mandarin is an indication of inclusiveness?

    I believe the Chinese aren’t that dumb. Lord Lim may have wrested power in Penang last time out. In fact he will probably ride the waves of that popular victory to another victory this time round with lower support from the Malays & Indians. The Chinese will come round, maybe not this election, but surely in 1-2 elections to come.

    No one is forever. Not even Lord Lim of Penang originally from Batu Pahat. When he eventually falls, it will be with an almighty thud, seismic even.

    That said, funny how stalls claiming to be authentic Penang Char Koay Teow is sprouting around. They all claim to be authentic yet different from one seller to another. And if you take time to speak to them, you’ll find that most if not all are not Penangites. For that matter some even hail from Bandung or Yangon. Same goes for the Penang Balik Pulau durians too. Always claiming to be original but more often than not, a farce. Little wonder then that Penangites readily embrace an “alien” as their CM.

    1. “I believe the Chinese aren’t that dumb.”

      Chinese are definitely not dumb.. but unfortunately as at now their rational thoughts are being held hostage by their greed for power and hatred for everything Malay. So most will do something dumb thus the 85% support for DAP.

      “For 50 years, over a period of 50 years we have been second class citizens, third class citizens, fourth class citizens, aaah. ”

      Seriously Dear Leader? Top 5 richest men in MY are non-Malays. Those that own expensive houses and cars are mostly non-Malays. You control 80% of the economy.. how can you be anything other than premium class citizens? You even have your own schools and universities here.. in other foreign countries you cuma ada China Town aje tau.

      Be rational a bit lah.. learn Confucious once in awhile. Whether you like it or not.. you’re still a minority in this country. Don’t taunt the majority.. you may not like the repercussion

      1. when greed and hatred come together, all bets are off. even rational people, when they are consumed by greed and hatred, they throw caution to the wind, they start taking risks way beyond what they know or could tolerate. as for the repercussion, when greed and hatred are doing the thinking for them, they say “what repercussion ?”.

        as for 儒学, how many Chinese today know of the 四書五經 ? most Chinese in Malaysia are Chinese educated, but hey seriously, how many of them know about 四書 which consist of 大學, 中庸, 論語, and 孟子 and 五經 which consists of 詩經, 尚書, 禮記, 易經 and 春秋 ?
        what 李敖 said about the Chinese in Singapore, you could also say of the majority of the Chinese in Malaysia.

  3. I do not respond well to threats.

    Sooner or later the Malays are going to figure out that the system in place is detrimental to their own aspirations. By that time they would have probably got rid of the Chinese “threat” and turn on each other. Nothng last forever.

      1. Excuse me, may I say a small piece on Conrad’s take?
        Malays (in Malaysia that is) have something to fall back to when all else fail. Their common belief. Our religion advises us that we, bird of a feather will flock together when the shove comes to pushes! Mr Comrad, please remember that.

        Thank you Helen.

    1. dear conrad,

      surely you’re not mistaking warnings [however clumsily worded] for threats?

      i ask because… though you iterate more than once here at helen’s that you are opposition-leaning, somehow you haven’t exhibited that oppo’s typical blinded by prejudice tendencies that you’d deliberately misconstrue.

      you don’t come across as someone who’d let emotion trumps reason either. am i wrong? :)

      1. Mek Yam,

        You are not wrong and thanks for the kind words.

        Just to clarify I do not think Ayah was making any threats and apologize if I gave anyone that impression. I was just responding to the overall “threat discource”.

        I will respond on the other thread… seems like I am becoming this blog’s problem kid :)

        Also, seeing as how the Oppo has behaved of late, I think I will change my status from Oppo leaning to Anti Establishment both BN and PR ……:)

        1. blog’s problem kid? no lah! one of its more opinionated but immensely-readable contributors, more like. ;)

          *speaking of readable contributors, i’m so missing OverseasBumi and Joe. OB & Joe, mana menghilang, guys?*

          1. OB has kept away after levelling the accusation at me that:

            “I’ve reduced my visits to this site because of the ads. Seems like it’s going down the road of papagomo and others– bloggers for money.”

            I replied that since WordPress is a free host (i.e. I’m not paying WordPress any annual fee for using this space), I have no control even if ads were to appear by default.

            I certainly do NOT solicit any advertisers. Nor do I receive a single sen from any advertisers or from any political party or from anyone for all my blogging efforts.

            I told OB (our exchange was in the January of this year) that he could install a software to block the ads that he sees on his page since it bothers him so much. I also told him that at my end, I do not see any ads appearing at all.

            This difference in how the page appears on OB’s computer screen and on mine could be due to several factors: We’re using different browsers (it’s possible that Google could have inserted Google ads), and we’re using different Internet providers or that we’re in different countries.

            Joe is still around although not commenting as frequently as before. Keep your eyes peeled and you can spot him ,)

    2. Nobody respond well to threats, I may add.

      The fact is the average (in every sense of the word) Chinese are anti-Malay and are so racists that their blinkered view about other communities are left unchallenged far too often.

      I doubt the Chinese will ever learn, unfortunately. 5000 years of ethnocentrism can do that to some people.

      1. The ultra Chinamen so easily go ballistic at any narrative that does not cast them in the light of the Sons of Heaven.

      2. Well, the Chinese will soon learn that even legitimate rights to vernacular PRIMARY education can be cast aside by a hostile majority. Remember what the Thais and Indonesians did under the name of assimilation?

        1. Sahabat Cina kita ini hanya tahu meminta tetapi enggan memberi.. Mereka minta bangsa malaysia tetapi enggan serahkan sekolah cina, kebudayaan, bahasa serta nama cina mereka…

          1. Saya kira ada perkara yang tidak boleh diberi. Apakah sahabat Melayu kita akan menyerahkan sekolah agama, kebudayaan, bahasa serta nama Islam mereka? Yang dituntut bukannya identiti Cina, tetapi persefahaman mereka. Jangan kerana benci maka diperlakukan orang bukan Islam sebagaimana orang Islam dianiaya di Palestine. Sekolah vernakular di peringkat sekolah rendah ada tujuan dan asal-usulnya.

  4. Helen, I could not resist to put this to you [YouTube]. This is Malaysia when we fail each Malaysians .

  5. Razko, I pray to Allah that the Malays will remain tolerant as that is what Islam wants us to be. But as you say, if DAP carries on with their entiques,

    I am afraid that 1969 will rear itself soon.

    If they somehow govern this country, we must be ready for a chaotic future.

    1. Di tempat saya Batu Pahat, sudah terdapat beberapa perkumpulan Melayu yg sangat extreme dan bersedia utk berperang dan bergaduh dgn kaum Cina seandainya pd PRU13 ini terbukti bahawa kaum Cina mengundi untuk melemahkan kuasa politik orang Melayu dan kaum Cina sangat perkauman dan berterusan menuduh pemimpin Melayu sangat zalim. Ini amat membimbangkan.

      Ramai dari tuan-tuan yg memberi komen adalah dari bandar bandar besar dan tidak memahami perasan orang Melayu ketika ini. Terlalu banyak tuntutan orang Melayu sendiri yg kerajaan tidak penuhi. Tahukah tuan tuan apa tuntutan Melayu? Kebanyakan kami orang Melayu tidak kisah jika negara ini di bangunkan semula dari abu dan debu.

      Asalkan bukan UMNO bagi kami adalah bermaksud Asalkan bukan Melayu!!! Kaum Cina bermain api pada kami!!!

      1. Darman,

        Kebanyakan mereka orang bandar yang enggan mendengar. Saya juga risau dengan keadaan ini. Saya menyedari sentimen ini bila balik Batu Pahat. Menjadi tanggungjawab kita untuk tidak meng api apikan keadaan. Percayalah dengan pasukan keselamatan namun kita teruskan persiapan kita di tanah kelahiran Kiyai Salleh ini. Bersiap siaga tidak menjadi kesalahan.

      2. Nak tanya, En. Darman.

        Bagaimanakah “Cina boleh berkuasa” bila ada PKR dan PAS dalam Pakatan Rakyat? Yang sebaik mungkin, DAP tidak mampu memenangi lebih daripada 20% kerusi Parliamen.

        Nak bangunkan semula dari debu? Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, dan Cambodia tidak pernah “bangun semula dari debu” sejak pertempuran berdarah di negara mereka. Tengoklah betapa papa kedana rakyat negara tersebut.

        Kita juga terletak di kawasan strategik Laut Cina Selatan dan Selat Melaka. Apakah negara lain akan mengambil kesempatan? Negara Filipina pun sudah tunjuk berani nak rampas semula Sabah.

        1. The strategy of DAP is not difficult to discern – the have learnt well from the colonial masters the British. DAP is using the age-old strategy of “Divide and Rule”. The British managed to take over Malaya despite their small army and without bloodshed using this policy. As such DAP is merely following their footsteps.

          DAP’s strategy is simple – divide the Malays into three equally strong groups and then play them against each other so they bleed themselves to death. And when the Malays are weak, DAP is strong.

          The most ingenious part of the plan is using Malays to enslave Malays. That’s why DAP would agree to allow Anwar or Hadi to be the PM while they will occupy the DPM position. This is the model that the British used – they deployed their Residents who “advised” the Sultans.

          That’s why DAP is bent on portraying UMNO as racist extremists while happily supporting the dangerous policies of PAS.

          1. Like I said, how can they control when 20% is the maximum percentage of seats they can win.? Even that is being optimistic. PAS and PKR together will have a higher number of seats than the DAP.

            The DAP needs PAS and PKR, PAS needs PKR and DAP, and PKR needs PAS and DAP. The good thing is all 3 are roughly equal and can keep each other in check.

            UMNO also needs its component members to survive, although some arrogant people in this blog do not think so,

            1. You’re wrong to say that DAP can only win 20 percent max of the Pakatan haul. Where did you pluck that figure from, your armpit?

              It’s the success rate, and not the total amount of seats contested, that determines the top dog.

              PAS contested 66 seats and won 23. Success rate of 35 percent (see table)

              PKR contested 97 seats and won 31. Success rate of 32%. However, 8 of its MPs “lompat” (one passed away, one reverted to PSM). So after the defections, PKR registers a success rate of only 24 percent.

              DAP contested 47 seats and won 28. Success rate of 60 percent.

              So even though DAP contested only half the number of seats – 47 – compared to PKR’s 97, in the final tally DAP currently has 29 MPs (incl. Sibu by-election) compared to PKR’s 23 MPs (after defections).

              Don’t lah try to spin for kindergarten children that DAP can only manage maximum 20 percent control of Pakatan.

              Even now, we can do the math. Presently Pakatan has 75 seats between them. Therefore, their seats ratio is DAP-PKR-PAS 39:30:30 (rounded figure)

              DAP is 40 percent of Pakatan’s strength now. Since PAS and PKR will fare badly in the next election, DAP’s ratio can only go up after GE13.

              And you’re also wrong to claim that Umno needs all its component parties. Actually Umno only needs PBB. Between them, they’re can build a two-pillar Muslim-Bumiputera coalition.


          2. Success or no success, what matters in the end is the number of seats in Parliament.

            The present DAP tally is 28 out of 222. It is only 12%.

            To win 45 seats (20%) will be very optimistic itself.

            PKR itself was actually the biggest gainer in GE12, with +30 new seats.

            “And you’re also wrong to claim that Umno needs all its component parties. Actually Umno only needs PBB. Between them, they’re can build a two-pillar Muslim-Bumiputera coalition.”

            79 + 14 = 93

            That is far less than half of Parliament.


            1. You know, the more you spin, the more you’re revealing yourself to the readership here.

              Below is the link to the Parliment website. Click the url and you can see the list of DAP & PKR Parliamentarians. Unless you need to return to kindergarten to learn how to count (maklumlah your friends pun dunno how to use Excel and Microsoft Word), it’s 29 DAP MPs and 23 (twenty-three) PKR MPs.



              In the second place, don’t lah asyik nak putar-belit. Why shift the ground? That’s so slipery, just like your ‘AC-DC’ pseudonym.

              Your original comment was:

              Bagaimanakah “Cina boleh berkuasa” bila ada PKR dan PAS dalam Pakatan Rakyat? Yang sebaik mungkin, DAP tidak mampu memenangi lebih daripada 20% kerusi Parliamen.

              Meaning that you were implying Malays need not fear a Chinese take-over of power should Pakatan rule in Putrajaya b’cos PKR and PAS with their Malay YBs & members will internally check-and-balance the DAP Chinese within Pakatan.

              Thirdly, Umno’s 79 seats were collected in the last Parliament (GE12). In the next Parliament, it will have more.

              In 2004, Parliament had 198 seats. Umno alone won 109 Parliamentary seats. Umno didn’t even need the help of PBB to obtain a simple majority. It got a 55% share of Parliament all on its own.

              You can see the GE11 results table here,

          3. I am basing it on the election results. PKR won more seats than the DAP, as shown in the Wikipedia link.

            Speaking of learning to count, was it not you who made a grave assumption error with your calculations of some Perak parliamentary versus state results a few weeks back?

            After your big error was pointed out, you moved on to another constituency, while ignoring the data that contradicts you. Now is that not spinning? :-)

            In 2004, or GE11, the Barisan Nasional and UMNO won with a large victory because of support from all three main races. I do not think that is repeatable today with divided support among each race groups.

            Meaning that you were implying Malays need not fear a Chinese take-over of power should Pakatan rule in Putrajaya b’cos PKR and PAS with their Malay YBs & members will internally check-and-balance the DAP Chinese within Pakatan.

            A so-called Chinese take-over is impossible, as the DAP is unlikely to win more than 20% of Parliament seats. Even in the unlikely case the MCA and Gerakan decides to switch camps, the percentage will be less than 25%.

            1. re: “you moved on to another constituency”

              Hullo, it’s only the Kit Siang camp doing that lah, the family travelling circus.

              If you insist on ignoring Umno’s big win of 109 seats out of 198 in the 2004 GE as a fluke, why do you at the same time stick stubbornly to PKR’s big win of 31 seats in 2008 even tho’ their 31 MPs have been reduced to 23 today due to defections?

              You reject it when I cite Umno’s 109 but you’re still so kiasu trotting out the PKR’s 31 MPs when the party has long ceased having that hihghest number among the Pakatan trinity, and this change is reflected in the Parliament website.

              re: “I am basing it on the election results. PKR won more seats than the DAP, as shown in the Wikipedia link.”

              You argue that the GE11 results are obsolete today and that Umno will be unable to repeat its solo performance of acquiring a 55% share of Parliament.

              However when I point out to you that PKR’s 31 seats is also an obsolete success which it will be unable to repeat, and that PKR will for sure lag behind DAP in the coming GE13 results, you still want to tegakkan benang basah by reiterating “31”.

              And don’t lah shift the ground again. The issue has never ever been that DAP can manage to take over power on its own. After all, there are only 45 Chinese-majority seats out of the 222. Of course it can’t.

              The big question among the Malay voters is whether, if Pakatan is successful in taking over Putrajaya, will DAP be the taiko in their coalition overpowering PKR and PAS? Just like Umno is the Big Brother in BN.

              If you’re going to keep shifting the ground over a fundamental issue like this, very soon the readers will just skip reading your comment when they see your handle ‘cos your putar-belit makes their temperature go up, the same reaction that the Tokong elicits.

          4. So what makes you so confident that UMNO can go without the help of other component parties in the Barisan Nasional except perhaps the PBB?

            When Barisan Nasional won in 2004, the majority of the Malays, Chinese, AND Indians supported the coalition. With the support split or a little over for/against the opposition that performance will be hard to repeat.

          5. I thought DAP is going about town about how they would lead Putrajaya from the Deputy Prime Minister seat. Bukankah begitu? Boleh tanya Anwar tak? I mean, mungkin DPM I dan DPM II macam Deputy Chief Minister I and Deputy Chief Minister II kat Penang. Kena cari seorang India daripada PAS untuk cukupkan quota, atau Indiakan sahaja LGE.

            Anyone DAP supporters care to clarify? Itulah sebabnya shadow cabinet tak boleh announce. Panas siot!

      3. Darman,

        Actually this is exactly what I hear from the Malays of Penang too. There is so much anger among them. They were unhappy with Gerakan but it is nothing compared to what they feel about the current DAP’s rule.

        To be fair to PAP in Singapore, at least they try to be fair and helpful though often seemed to be patronizing. But DAP is infinitely more dangerous as they are seen as vicious and racist who hate the Malays.

        All the talk about Malaysian Malaysia and Bangsa Malaysia is seen as a smokescreen for anti-Malay.

          1. You might find this strange but how the Malays in Penang felt about Gerakan is something akin to the feelings of Singaporean Malays towards PAP.

            Gerakan was clean, efficient and pretty good in governance. But they were so in love with their policies of meritocracy that they simply ignored the plight of the Malays who were slowly but surely being pushed aside from the mainstream development to the margins despite living in one of the richest state in the country.

            The Malays felt they were being marginalized in their own country. If you are in Penang you would realise that unlike in the rest of the country, you can hardly find upper middle or middle class Malays. Most of Malays in Penang live in the mainland or in ulu places in the island like Balik Pulau.

            The feeling among the Malays was that the state government doesn’t care about the economic disparity or the well-being of the community and when this was raised the usual standard reply was that the policies are fair and meritocratic.

          2. There divide is clear. On the mainland, the Malays form the majority. While on the island, north west is the center of the universe as far as the Dapsters are concerned.

            South West is a large district (probably double the size of NW) consisting not just the geographic SW but also the South East region (Bayan Lepas area). Traditionally most people here lived around Balik Pulau area which consisted mostly of kampungs and Penang’s only national park. The population of Chinese is increasing because of the feverish new housing developments in the Bayan Lepas area. You might be interested to know that the infamous Bayan Mutiara falls under the same district.

            The anger among the Malays is that DAP is pushing them out to the mainland by bringing in more and more new development projects – housing and commercial. Thus the population profile is changing – soon there will be more Chinese here too. And the Malays are also losing their traditional land, culture and their way of living.

  6. Helen, (maaf, kali ini komen saya panjang sikit)

    Saya baca dengan teliti komentar ‘Ayah’ dan saya dapati apa yang ‘Ayah’ maksudkan adalah benar. ‘Razko’ pula menyebut kenyataan bahawa beliau dan sepertimana sifat orang Melayu yang khas iaitu sentiasa ‘menyusukan kera di hutan walau anak mati kelaparan’ namun sedia to run ‘amok’ jika tahap kesabaran sudah tidak dapat dibendung.

    Hujah ‘Ayah’ adalah hujah prihatin, hujah seorang yang berpengalaman yang tidak mahu melihat ‘pisang berbuah kali kedua’ manakala hujah ‘Razko’ adalah cetusan seorang Melayu berjiwa muda yang penuh gelora, memerhati dari jauh dan menyimpan dendam.

    Mungkin puak DAP yang lebih cina dari orang cina ini terlupa bahawa antara sifat orang Melayu yang saya paling tidak suka walaupun ianya tetap ada dalam diri saya sendiri ialah ‘dendam’ yang diperap berpanjangan yang sekiranya tersilap jentik maka buruklah padahnya.

    Kenyataan ‘Calvin’ ternyata benar dari sudut kematangan beliau bahawa puak DAP yang terlebih cina yakni mahu ‘lebih sudu dari kuah’ sebenarnya meletakkan mereka dalam kedudukan yang amat rendah di mata orang Melayu. Harus diingat bahawa orang Melayu melihat Malaysia ini sebagai rumah, sebagai kampung halaman. Orang Melayu melayan semua kaum lain dengan segala toleransi dan kesabaran melalui budaya mereka iaitu memuliakan tamu, memuliakan jiran, memuliakan musafir. Sebab itu pendatang asing seperti indonesia dan bangladesh amat mudah menyusup masuk dalam masyarakat Melayu sepertimana kedatangan kaum Cina dan India satu ketika dulu.

    Tetapi, orang Melayu tidak mudah menelan tingkah laku biadap yang ‘menyerang’ mereka walaupun secara sindiran atau kiasan.
    Jiwa lembut orang Melayu memang mudah tersentuh dengan kebaikan tetapi agak lewat bertindak atas hal yang melibatkan tindakan provokatif….selalunya tindakbalas adalah bersifat resolusi terakhir maka terjadilah ‘amok’.

    Saya percaya seperti ‘Ayah’, majoriti rakyat amat bimbang akan senario semasa.
    Puak DAP melalui ketua mereka yang sengaja melupakan sejarah adalah amat dikesali. Andaikata berlaku sesuatu yang tidak diingini, kita sering terlupa bahawa tindakan kita sebenarnya menjejaskan generasi kita yang akan datang.

    Ramai terlupa bahawa hidup kita, usaha kita pada hari ini bukanlah untuk diri kita, sebaliknya untuk generasi akan datang maka tindakan berceramah, berkempen, mengeluarkan kenyataan yang bersifat perkauman, provokasi, kata-kata nista atas tujuan mengugut dan menghina. fitnah dan sebagainya adalah bersifat negatif yang relatif balasannya tentulah ‘keganasan’….

    DAP melalui LGE dan bapanya LKS termasuklah angkatan muda mereka seperti HY telah lupa bahawa apabila semakin banyak seseorang itu bercakap, akhirnya ‘meludah ke langit juga’ kerana pasti akibatnya tertimpa ke muka sendiri.

    Keseronokan dipuja oleh penyokong akan membuatkan seseorang merasakan dirinya hebat lalu melekatlah sifat sombong. Sifat ini lama kelamaan akan buat sipemakainya ‘yakin-diri’ bahawa apa yang dibuat dan dikatakannya benar belaka dan apa dilihatnya pada orang lain cuma kesalahan dan cacat dan cela. Itulah sifat pemimpin DAP yang telah menjangkiti pengikut mereka dan itulah sifat yang paling dibenci oleh orang Melayu….

    GE13, pastinya menjadi medan politik negara yang bakal mencipta sejarah terbaru. Harapan kita ialah bukan sejarah berulang……

    1. AlwieAbdullah,

      Dan orang Melayu mesti tolak ahli mpolitik Melayu yang siang malam jual Melayu, ugama atau apa saja demi kuasa.

      Contoh paling tak guna ialah anwar Inrahim. Semoga orang Melayu tolak beliau dari politik Malaysia. Kerana dia le ramai orang DAP “naik tocvang:. untuk hadapi DAP yang rasis ii, perlu ditolak Melayu yang sokong DAP ni.

      Jangan salahkan DAP saja. sikap Melayu yang suka khianati bangsa sendiri juga punca masalah Melayu dihina.

    2. Alwi,

      Bersetuju dgn Shamsul. Cuma ingin menambah bahawa kita kena ubah sikap. Gunakan UMNO dan PAS sebagai alat bukan UMNO dan PAS gunakan kita. Belajarlah dari sahabat cina kita yang mempunyai DAP, MCA, Dewan perniagaan Cina dan NGO pendidikan dia yg sangat berpengaruh.

  7. I don’t understand how somebody’s aspiration to be 1st class citizen is deemed so offensive and abusive to the Malays.

    1969 was different. Many Chinese and Indians were immigrants and not born in this land. Decades after the birth of Malaysia, all races toiled and contributed to the building of this nation. It is only natural everyone expect to be 1st class citizen and treated equally.

    Out of curiosity, I wonder what people like Ayah think of those newly Malaysian-ized Indonesian immigrants? Will Ayah felt the same disdain if they demand to be known 1st class citizen? I sure know for a fact many are already reaping benefits exclusive to bumiputeras.

    1. everyone is equal before the constitution. but then again, some people just have to come out and say they are 2nd class, 3rd class citizens.

      well, the Malays too can say they have been treated unfairly by the Chinese. remember the job ads with “Chinese only”? Malays too can say the same thing to the Chinese. But they didn’t yet the Chinese are making all the noises.

    2. HH, kenapa LGE dan ramai kaum cina mengatakan mereka adalah warganegara kelas dua dan hanya Bumiputra warga kelas pertama? Kata kata ini hanya untuk menimbulkan kebencian kepada bumiputra dan kerajaan.

      Mahukan HH dan kaum cina kita bertukar kedudukan, HH dan cina jadi kelas pertama dan kami jadi kelas kedua dengan segala kekayaan ekonomi dan kewangan, sekolah Melayu, universiti Melayu, tenaga pengajar Melayu, pekerja pekerja di sektor swasta majoritinya Melayu selari dengan Melayu kuasai ekonomi!!!

      Gunakan bahasa melayu dalam urusan ekonomi dan sebagainya. Harap HH jawab!

    3. Typical Chinese mentality. Always demand being bangsa malaysia but still cry for chinese education and culture.

  8. enough is enough, as a malay ….sudah bosan maa.

    MCA won the seat only in majority malay area. This time …let the MCA competing DAP in cina majority area. As a johorean and actively invove in politic …. I know how johorean will teach the umno leader. some overhaul is being done ….people do make mistake and so the johor umno. we still have time to make correction and prevent the same mistake to be repeated in the future.

    Will Johor malay vote DAP? May be LKS last dream before he die.

    After PRU 13,the biggest challenge is to abolish multiracial school system and any malaysian who against it should be labelled anti-patriotic. How to discuss unity if malaysian has been devided by races since primary school.

  9. Dear Lanang

    You quote “HH, kenapa LGE dan ramai kaum cina mengatakan mereka adalah warganegara kelas dua dan hanya Bumiputra warga kelas pertama? Kata kata ini hanya untuk menimbulkan kebencian kepada bumiputra dan kerajaan.”

    You consider all races that helped build this nation equal?

    You asked if the Chinese are willing to trade their economic status in return for 1st class citizenship?

    I was thinking why not both? Why should anyone (regardless of race or creed) be villified for being successful?

    I am not being rude, but I am really interested in your thoughts.

    1. HH, adakah kamu bersetuju bahawa kaum Cina adalah warganegara kelas kedua di Malaysia ini? Pada saya ini tidak betul. Sebab itu saya cadangkan kita bertukar kedudukan: kedua-duanya iaitu orang Melayu jadi warga kelas 2 dengan segala kekayaan ekonomi yang kini di miliki orang cina dan kaum cina menjadi warga kelas pertama. Kedua-duanya sekali.

      Hakikatnya tidak ada kelas-kelas dalam warganegara Malaysia. Dap dan kaum Cina sengaja memainkan isu ini untuk menimbulkan kebencian terhadap kerajaan pimpinan orang Melayu. Sebab itu disebut ABU (U=UMNO bukannya BN). Dituduh UMNO/BN kuat kroni sedangkan dap dan pkr lebih kuat kroni.

      Tidak ada satu syarikat Melayu pun yang memperolehi projek-projek orang Cina yang berjumlah ratusan juta dalam sektor swasta. Apakah ini bukan kroni kerana hanya syarikat orang Cina saja yang memperolehinya. HH, ini bukan saja kroni tetapi rasis.

      Apakah HH sendiri mengakui bahawa semua kaum adalah sama kedudukannya? Kalau HH akui, berikanlah hak-hak orang Melayu sebagai warganegara negara ini. Saya tidak sedikit pun mengeji atau menghina kejayaan mana mana kaum. Kejayaan kaum Cina adalah kerana bangsa Melayu tidak rasis.

      Jika Melayu rasis seperti dap dan kaum cina yang lain, pastilah kaum cina tidak akan kaya raya seperti sekarang. Kenapa terus-terusan menuduh Melayu sebagai rasis dengan mendakwa kaum cina adalah warga kelas kedua dan ketiga? Jika ada kelas kewarganegaraan, apa kriteria untuk menjadi warga kelas kedua dan ketiga? Mungkin HH boleh perjelaskan.

      1. Adakah HH menuduh BANGSA Melayu sebagai rasis ataupun KERAJAAN sekarang ini?

        Kalau siDamanlasso fikir tiadanya perbezaan kelas, agama, bangsa di Malaysia, maka anda tak peka tentang situasi sebenar. Saya bukan hanya bermaksud tentang Cina, tetapi orang India serta Dayak, orang Asli dan lain lain.

    2. HH ,

      belajar bahasa Melayu dulu la….baru jadi Malaysian sebenar. Cuba tengok Indonesia, Thailand…. Bangsa CINA semuanya berbahasa “Tempatan”. Bukan macam di Malaysia, semua sibuk dgn Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Ibunda masing2. Lahir di Malaysia, tapi bahasa melayu hancur… sebabnya? Tak ramai yg nak hantar anak ke sekolah Kebangsaan…

      Aku tau kau pun sama jugak. Bagaimana nak mengenali kaum lain dari asas? Bergaul cuma bila di universiti, itupun mungkin sikit je…

      Bila masuk zaman bekerja, perspektif tentang Melayu masih di takuk lama (malas, bodoh).

  10. Tolong jangan ‘Racist’. Hormati kaum lain seperti Melayu hormati kamu. Gunakan “bahasa” semasa berurusan jika anda benar-benar lahir kat Malaysia.

    Hormati kepelbagaian kaum dan keharmonian di dalam negara ini. Jangan bangkitkan suasana kurang aman. Tolong jangan libatkan kaum atas dasar politik.

    Jangan bangkitkan kemarahan pihak lain. Jangan bergaduh dengan kaum lain. Barisan terakhir pertahanan negara juga adalah Rejimen Askar Melayu Di-Raja. Ingat itu.

    Terima kasih. Saya juga pernah duduk Bayan Lepas dan masih terdapat orang ‘anda’ yang masih tak boleh bertutur di dalam bahasa Melayu. Ingat.

  11. Salah satu cara utk kawan2 cina senegara kita buat org2 melayu senegara rasa kita semua ni Malaysian adalah dengan menyertai pasukan keselamatan seperti tentera, polis, bomba dll.

    Jangan bagi alasan gaji kurang lah, dan mcm2 lg. Org2 melayu xde kira pun pasal tu, selamba je join, korang pulak yg lebih2 menyalak cakap kita pun orang malaysia, kita pun ada rights tau, ( Pls ler ).

    Orang cina buat duit manyak2 bila umah kena pecah masuk, kena ragut mintak melayu settlekan ( polis )…. saya bagi contoh keadaan di KL dan PJ., cina semua duk sibuk kejar duit, jangan salah faham, xde masalah dgn org cina pandai buat duit, memang dari dulu lagi orang cina pandai buat duit dan saya kagum dengan itu, tapi dengan tidak melibatkan diri dalam bidang pertahanan dan keselamatan negara, org cina sendiri telah memberi signal yg teramat jelas kepada org2 melayu yg mereka tiada semangat patriotik dan cintakan tanah air ini, mereka sendiri yg buat diri mereka rasa seperti outsider, tidak adil saya katakan kalo xde org cina yang join pihak keselamatan, tapi jumlahnya terlalu sedikit berbanding dengan nisbah mereka sepatutnya, senang je nak cari tempat banyak melayu, kat KL dan PJ, gi jer kat pejabat kerajaan dan balai polis jumpalah ramai orang melayu kat situ. Kenapa saya kata begini?

    kita lihat sajalah singapore…. dari polis dan tentera kiri kanan atas bawah semua orang cina join…. (pangkat2 besar dari PM, menteri, ketua polis, ketua tentera semua orang cina sana pegang, kenapa di Malaysia org cina tidak join?

    Sebab di malaysia majoritinya orang melayu, tu yg nampak org melayu ramai join berbanding bangsa lain (biasalah kawan2 cina saya selalu jawab)….. ataupun memandangkan org cina pandai dari segi pembelajaran dan bisnes dari org melayu, maka mereka ada masalah utk menerima arahan daripada org melayu???? hikhikhik YA Tuan…

    Tapi sama jugak dgn kes singapore, kita cuma terbalikkan saja… di singapore org melayu minoriti, org cina majoriti, di singapore semua sama rata kononyalah dari Uncle Lee diorang tu (muntah) …tanya ler mana2 org yg ada PHD, master degree ke, selalunya dari segi psychology bila sesuatu puak mendominasi sesuatu keadaan lebih2 lagi dari segi kuantiti, mereka tidak akan sesekali berasa senang dan selamat untuk memberi ruang kepada golongan minoriti ini untuk bertapak walaupun seinci coz they only stick with their own kind.

    Jadi Malaysia dgn Singapore xde beza ler, kita terbalikkan keadaan, sini melayu majoriti dan berkuasa…. di singapore, cina majoriti dan berkuasa… berhentilah dari syok sendiri lah yer yg duk menyalak pagi malam tu about better Malaysia lah konon ….yg cuma ada persamaan antara malaysia dan singapore cumalah PAP dan DAP… big brother dan small brother :D

  12. Like Helen, me too dream a continuous racially harmonious country. Why? Because in peace, we all can take care of our love ones without fear. We all could prosper to whatever dreams we have, provided that we are keen and hardworking.

    In the whole wide world, Malaysia is probably the only country unique with its multiracial mix but live harmoniously in peace. There are many other multiracial countries but often times we heard clashes from abroad.

    However, our racial harmony is thin in nature. It has sensitivities that easy to erupt. So the question that we need to know is how can we make a thicker racial peace in our country? The solution is simple but not popular and easily accepted by many. The key to a more solid racial harmony is racial integration from early learning days.

    I have experience of both racially integrated school and segregated school. In segregated school my interaction with other races is limited close to none.

    In this school racial prejudice and hatred are easily hardened without any counter response to correct the wrong mind-set. All that we can see, the other races are taking advantage of our race and make our race poorer and poorer. In this school we thought other race conspire against our race to monopolize the economy and supplies, making business seem impossible to our race. In this school, we only see that we are the victim. We only saw that we are the only one that was suffering and struggling to make the end met. We thought other races are always better off in their living.

    But when I was in racially-integrated school, I discovered that, there are other people from other races who are equally struggling to meet the end. There are people from other races who is nice. Sometimes even more honest than our own people. In other words, in racially integrated school, all that we saw everybody is just people. Everybody has their own struggling stories. Everybody is just trying to feed their family. The only different is some races they are more careful in spending their earnings, while our race mostly spend like they millionaire.

    That’s why majority of our people did not retire well. They did not plan for passive income for their retirement. For those working in government, they rely on government pension. They think pension is a surety, but in fact is circumstantial. No one can guarantee the gov will still be rich to support pension. Our population is exploding and pension money may not be enough for everybody in the future.

    so my point is integration is the solution for racial unity. I have more chinese and indian school friend in integrated school than my segregated school, which in fact none. In integrated school, by interacting more with other, I could understand them better, learn to respect the custom and language better and certainly work together in understanding.

    The problem that we are facing now is that segregated school still stand tall. These school must go. All schools should be racially integrated. Even for religious school. The fear that racial customs and religious teaching will fade if integration took place is baseless. Racial customs and religious teachings could still be sustained in this kind of school.

    We could administer 2 sessions school time. First session is for common subjects that should be taught to all student regardless of race, like BM, English Math etc. While 2nd session is for racial customs or religious studies. In the 2nd sessions student attend their own class that fit their custom and religious background. The objective is to place everyone under one roof so that interactions will happen for them to learn to respect each other etc.

    We can’t work together to achieve Wawasan 2020 if physically, emotionally and intellectually we are segregated. If segregation persists, prejudice persists and racial harmony is just too brittle to survive years to come. Don’t you agree?

    1. If we desegregate the school system, it must come from all sides. UITM will have to be opened to the other races, and the same with the matriculation program. Less emphasis on racial quotas and more toward economic standing. A poor Indian with good results and co curricular activities deserves more entry than a son of a Datuk.

    2. helo bro..
      we malays have no problems with that BUT its the bloody chinese just FAILED to assimilates into the society..dont talk about racial harmony when you still send ur kids to vernacular school n you can see where did it leads the kids to..mixed only with their fellow chinese/ chinese/indian about chinese/indian things..where is the racial intregation? pls live up and get real..but the INDIAN i can understand and most of them can intergrate with malays..but the chineses are too much with their bloody overdemanding..i wonder

  13. Saya pernah tinggal di penang, sy pernah tengok macam mana diorg halau penduduk kampung degil menjual tanah dengan membuat tapak pembinaan berdekatan kawasan rumah dengan tahap kawalan keselamatan yang rendah.

    aduan dibuat, tapi mana mungkin pegawai akan berada disana 24jam, dan nanti dituduh menganggu pelancaran projek. suasana bising dan habuk memaksa orang kampung yang miskin pindah.. Diorang takde duit dan sedang membesarkan anak kecil. Demi membesarkan anak dlm suasana selamat dan kesihatan dan keselamatan diri, diorg terpaksa lepaskan diri.

    Tiada tempat tuju, mereka terpaksa terima tawaran.. Jika cina yang memegang tampok kerajaan bukankah potensi ekonomi mungkin agak sengit sesama cina… Cuba bayangkan hongkong macam mana?

    Berapa kos living..tengok drama cina pun asik asik berebut syarikat jer. Kalau drama melayu plak rebut harta tok nenek jer.. Org lain depa tak sibuk… Saja tambah lawak bagi saya henti nangis baca komen kat atas takut amok betul-betul jadi kat sini.. sbb sy terpaksa rawat banyak pesakit akibat gaduh

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