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There were no Raja-Raja Cina ruling Malaya

Continues from ‘Silent anger among Malays is growing’

The headline refers to a passage penned by a reader of this blog ‘Ayah‘ who commented:

“In 1969, there was anger amongst the Malays; there was anger too in 2008. And the anger has been growing since then but it has been silent anger.”

The operative word is ‘silent’.

In fact, the readership of my blog too comprises a large silent majority who do not make any comment. They just read very quietly.


Before Independence, the Malays were subjects of the Raja-Raja Melayu. In the state that gave birth to Umno, for instance, the Undang-undang Tubuh Negeri Johor was established in 1895 as a formal written constitution.

Earlier Perak had pioneered legislation on Muslim affairs with a series of Orders in Council beginning in 1880.

And earlier, the Ninety-Nine Laws of Perak and the Minangkabau Kanun (digest of code of laws) were recorded in the 18th century, the Kedah Kanun in the 17th century, and the Pahang Kanun in the 16th century.

The Undang-Undang Melaka was a code of laws compiled in the 15th century, from 1422 to 1458 CE. There is also the Malay customary law (undang-undang adat). The Malay rulers have always had the royal prerogative.

R.H. Hickling in his book Malaysian Law wrote:

“What is important to note, perhaps, is that there were kingdoms and sultanates long before the common law arrived in the Straits Settlements between 1786 [Francis Light in Penang] and 1824 [Pangkor Treaty], and that Malaysia possessed its own legal systems long before any Westerner appeared on the scene.”

The peninsula did not practise Undang-Undang Cina and nor did it have Raja-Raja Cina as its rulers. There were the sovereign Malay states and the Melayu were the rakyat of these states.

As regular commenter Shamshul Anuar likes to remind our forum, the Malay rulers through the strokes of their nine pens in 1957 did indeed make citizens en masse of many Chinese who might otherwise not have qualified.

Today, however, there is nary a DAP supporter willing to give Umno its due credit for persuading the Sultans to do so.


Umno was founded by this country’s foremost statesman — Datuk Onn Jaafar.

What kind of a man was he? In 1945, Onn Jaafar was the District Officer of Batu Pahat.

On 16 Aug 1945, the Japanese army surrendered. During the interregnum before the British returned in September to restore law and order, there was anarchy when the Bintang Tiga went on a rampage carrying out reprisals.

Salleh Karim, the ‘Panglima Salleh Selempang Merah’ and his band of followers armed with parang panjang engaged in a gruesome battle with the Chinese communists in Johor.

Kiai Salleh would have massacred the remaining members of the Bintang Tiga in Batu Pahat had not Onn Jaafar, a respected orang bangsawan, stepped in to stop the bloodletting. Two years later, Onn became the Menteri Besar of Johor (1947-1950).

This great man was also the founder of Umno.


Whatever gave anyone the idea that Sino-Malay relations in Malaya were ever hunky-dory (just like a Yasmin Ahmad Petronas ad)?

The Firsters insist that acrimony between the races only started with Dr Mahathir’s premiership (the favourite bogeyman of the Bangsar Malaysians). Do you believe them?

An editorial in The Times (of London) on 2 July 1957 said:

“… one need only look at the Constitution [of Malaya] and the latest amendments incorporated to be reminded how great is the divide between the Malays and the Chinese.”

The Times editorial was penned when the Federal Constitution of Malaya was printed following the submission of the Reid Commission report in February 1957.


The Federation of Malaya Agreement was signed by Queen Elizabeth II with the Raja-Raja Melayu on 5 August 1957.

So what kind of people are they who aspire to be the “first class citizens” of Malaysia?

If you’re a First Class honours graduate, you will be required to meet certain standards of scholarship. If you want to be a First Class citizen, one should think that you’d be required to show certain standards of citizenship too, don’t you think?

On the eve of polling day in March 2008, Lim Guan Eng addressed a Chinese crowd, numbering in the tens of thousands, assembled in a private Chinese secondary school field in Penang. He thundered:

“Is it possible for us to become first class citizens in Malaysia? For 50 years, over a period of 50 years we have been second class citizens, third class citizens, fourth class citizens, aaah. Enough is enough, true or not? So we need to tell Abdullah Badawi, to say to Ong Ka Ting, say to Koh Tsu Koon so that they will know … we want to be first class!”

The Lims

Fifty years of citizenship is not all that long. It is just one lifetime.

Among the reasons (I’m not saying it’s the primary one) that the Merdeka citizenship deal got through despite strong resistance was the warm personal chemistry between MCA founder Tan Cheng Lock and Umno’s Tunku Abdul Rahman. The two founding fathers are popularly depicted as enjoying a “close friendship”.

Most races are wary of ‘outsiders’ and have their guard up. Tunku may have let his guard down thinking that the Chinese are in the main like his close friend Tan Cheng Lock.

If the Tunku had thought so, then he was mistaken. Tan Cheng Lock was a Malaccan Baba from a line of Chinese who have assimilated.

Are today’s Chinese anything like Tan Cheng Lock or his son Tan Siew Sin? Or are they more like Lim Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng?


Not too long ago on 19 Jan 2013, Dr Mahathir Mohamad mooted an idea of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the one million Merdeka citizenships granted to non-Malays.

Since I’m not a mind-reader, I’m unable to detail why the ex-premier tossed his RCI proposal. However, two days prior to Dr M’s mischief, Bloghouse president Syed Akbar Ali had blogged (on Jan 17):

“Allow me to irritate our other immigrant citizenry : would it be too out of place to suggest that we have a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate why 1.0 million immigrants (mostly Chinese and Indians) were given citizenship in Malaya in the 1950s?

“I mean surely there must be at least five million Malays on the Peninsula today who may be wondering why or how that particular incident happened? Were they consulted? Was there a public referendum?”

I suspect Dr M likes to read Syed Akbar.


Among the reasons (I’m not saying it’s the only or the chief reason) there was a Malay ‘uprising’ against the Malayan Union was the perception at that time that regarded the Chinese as alien.

In essence, protests were mounted by the Malays against the British attempt to makeover Malaya, which included absorbing the Chinese. The Malayan Union 1946 mass demos reflected Malay objection to Chinese being made citizens.

The Perjanjian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu 1948 (note the acknowledgment of the nature of “Tanah Melayu” in the agreement name) rolled back the relatively easier passageway to citizenship offered by the terms set two years earlier.

Silent anger among Malays is growing Conrad

Conrad’s comment originally at ‘Silent anger among Malays is growing


Should cautioning the non-Malays that the majority population are silently growing angrier by the day be seen as a form of threat?

Personally, I do not feel that Ayah’s commentary was threatening in tone. What he remarked is what the highest echelon BN leaders have already been saying sporadically throughout the last few years.

Sticking with the vocabulary utilized in this blog’s previous posting, let’s revisit whether the Dapsters “have cause to suffer”:

  • “if DAP and their arrogant, abusive supporters continue the way they have been behaving of late, may God help us all!”, and
  • should they “continue with their emotional and mad response to anything that resembles a challenge to their sensitivities (or superiority vis-a-vis the stupid, low class, no class multitude)”.

Aside from the aggression and arrogance, there is another symptom of the superiority complex syndrome which will light the fuse.



The DAP like to complain that Malaysian politics is unable to transcend Race, Religion and the Rulers (3Rs).

Dapsters are the loudest in constantly whingeing, whingeing and whingeing that they’re “Beyond Race” and that “your God is my God”.

Article 3 of the Federal Constitution did not prescribe Islam for the federation. What the article did was describe the facts on the ground. Did you know that first Mufti of Johor was Datuk Syed Salim bin Ahmad al-Attas who held office from 1895 to 1899, and that his Pejabat Mufti was legally constituted?

Against this long history of Islam in the land, you get today the evangelistas who are not only buta sejarah but defiant of the reality in a Muslim country. These are people who are quite incapable of heeding Tun Daim Zainuddin’s quiet warning (see poster above).

The Malay anger is indeed deceptively silent. The Dapster noise is very, very loud. As I’ve mentioned, think: What kind of people are they…? It should clue us to their next courses of action.


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80 thoughts on “There were no Raja-Raja Cina ruling Malaya

  1. Helen, What 1st class citizen are the Malaysian Chinese looking and talking about? Anybody and i really mean everybody who were and are given Malaysian citizenship is always our 1st class citizen. The only question is : Do they act as and response as 1st class citizen?

    This is the land of the Melayu. The land of our ancestors with our own inbuilt systems and laws and the same system and laws that accommodate the various pendatangs. The only place on earth where your have your own Chinese schools and Tamils schools and set up your various temples and practices your own cultures without hindrances from us Melayu.

    Someone named `D` was mentioning about May13 in the earlier postings ( must be Chinaman) in response to `Razko`s comment. It is the mentality of the ingrateful citizen citing easiest mean to end a response by `Razko`. We Malay say that May13 is nothing but just a child plays but when our lot start the real capitulation of Malaysia then you Chinese would wish that you were still in Shanghai during the Sino-Japanese wars in 1930s which were much SAFER.

    1. Seorang komentator menimbulkan isu Kerajaan Cina Singapura membawa masuk 1 juta rakyat Cina Komunis sejak akhir2 ini dan 1 juta rakyat India masuk dan diberi kerakyatan. Ini adalah satu situasi yagn merbahaya bagi orang Melayu dan Indonesia.

      Ini adalah dasar imperialisma Cina dan Cina-Cina di Singapura sedangkan Singapura adalah tanah Melayu.

      “Di negara jiran Kerajaan nya dgn tak segan silu membenarkan bangsa awin dgn bangsa dari tanah besar atau mereka yg datang dari tanah besr China itu sendiri dgn mudah dapat kerakyatan. Begitu juga kaum India dari negara asal dgn mudah di beri kerakyatan”

      Itulah hakikat kepimpinan Tamil dalam UMNO yang tidak mementingkan Tanah Melayu.

      Sepatutnya strategi jangka panjang diperlukan.

      Perhatikan sahaja Cina PAP di Singapura telah memberi kerakyatan kepada 1 juta Cina Komunis dari Tanah Besar! Ya 1 juta komunis sekarang berkumpul di Singapura.

      1 juta rakyat India kini berkumpul di Singapura.

      Pemimpin UMNO, think tank Melayu, NGO Melayu buat apa?

      NGO Melayu Johor perlu ambil perhatian mengenai 1 juta Cina komunis di seberang tambak.

      UMNO perlu object dengan kemasukan 1 juta komunis Cina ini sebab Singapura itu ada orang Melayu yang kini terpinggir.

      ini adalah dasar imperialisma Cina Komunis. Anak-anak melayu perlu disedarkan.

      1. Imperialisma Komunis,

        “…sedangkan Singapura adalah Tanah Melayu…”

        Itu dulu. Zaman itu sudah berakhir bila Sultan dulu dulu dah jual singapura pada British.

  2. Wow.. you are good Helen. I suppose it is right that when used in the right way.. pen is mightier than sword.

    I hope the Dapters and Firsters got the message. The Dapster noise is very, very loud indeed!

    Jangan nanti .. yang dikejar tak dapat .. yang dikendong keciciran..

    It takes years to build goodwill.. don’t destroy it because of greed.

    1. Thanks RCZ.

      But they consider me a Public Enemy and have been long running a smear campaign against me so that it is now impossible for my writings to appear in the English media without harassment.

      Hope the regular readers of this blog will Facebook my articles as they appear. Much appreciated.

      1. Smear them back Helen dear, that’s the only language they understand and practice. when the Malay leaders meet Malay crowd, they speak on Malay issues and talk on Malay aspiration. We want to be equal if not better than the non-malays. What is wrong with that?

        The malays don’t dare to call ourselves a 1st class citizen! How can we define ourselves as 1st class citizen, when the cities’ lines ( MIND YOU, CITIES NOT CITY ) are not even represented by us? We lack in our presence in ANY ‘rich’ township?

        The Malay’s presence noticeable mostly during “JOM HEBOH TYPE” events, AND THIS IS A 1st CLASS CITIZEN they say……..

      2. Greed and the Chinese…

        This IS still the narrative. Beri betis hendak paha was probably coined for the Chinese.

        Hakikatnya, tanpa semangat kekitaan and persefahaman, negara kita akan berkisar pada isu-isu lapuk sementara negara-negara jiran sibuk membina khazanah bangsa.

        We need each other. The question is whether we are courageous enough to accept our ethnic differences and work to help each other along the way in the spirit of give and take. Berpada-pada-lah apabila memikirkan hak dan kedudukan kaum. Bumi ini jauh lebih penting daripada tuntutan kaum-kaum tertentu, baik, Melayu, Cina, India, Kadazan atau Iban dsbnya.

        1. I believe the Malay people of Malaysia has been courages in accepting ethnic differences whether to the Chinese or Indian or any other races.
          The problem here is only the DAPsters and their ways applied which is totally unacceptable by the masses which generate our worries should our peace is being sacrifies.

          Helen has been doing a great job and what has been posted today were the best that i’ve read.

          Hopefully, this message could be shared into everyone’s posting everywhere in the net….

          History well spoken today………

          1. We Malays dont need the Chinese or indians you fool. Nsynco!
            It was Tunku’s weakness and he was held hostage by the British to take in the Chinese migrants. The Chinese and indian labourers have no right to be the citizens of Malaya. Period.

            We must try to undo what Tunku had done. it is not too late.

          2. Alwie,

            Just like how you have to live with the DAPsters, I have to live with Not-too-late-to-send-back-Chinese. Puak-puak pelampau kan ramai. As long as we still remain a majority – the center and anchor that believes in a multiracial, multicultural and multireligious Malaysia, there is always hope to meet half-way.

      3. Thanks Helen for the Tawarikh. Actually I know my tawarikh but to put it in your style is more informative. Sad though, some people only read the first three lines! You said it not me, remember?

        1. That was the blogger uppercaise who is a senior editor. He said pro-opposition people don’t read beyond 3rd para in the context of Chandra Muzaffar’s articles warning about Anwar.

          1. hi helen….

            heh…heh…as a friend of discripe it ‘a snob/selfish Y Generation with short attention span’

    2. Who ever be the government does matter, changing the government is no fun, if it’s could change life from being good to worse, what the proud of changing the then?.

      DAP has been on dangerous line since 1969 and this bastard had never learn from their past mistake or are we going to repeat history for another lesson?

      If they take Malaysia as their land they should respect the order of the land, the same thing goes to Hindraf, your demand for the equal but at the same you fight to be difference.

  3. Ada Raja Cina di Tanah Melayu sejak dulu lagi, Raja Lee Kok, Raja Di Man, Raja Kek Lawar dan Raja Khoo Lab.

  4. I’m one of your blog’s silent reader. Been following your writings since a few years back. Never missed any of them… and never comment too (this’ my first). Lol-.
    Anyway, keep up your good work! :)

  5. Thanks Helen Ang for your wisdom. I have been following your writing and opinion the last few month, you are right, i am one of those silent citizen, DAP has been very arrogant lately.

    I am not a Malay or Chinese and I have many friends of all races but the DAP seems to forget some parts of our country ‘not so good history’, they must learn and look back at the formation of Malaysia. Our country has been peaceful so nobody in this land should destroy it just because we have differences.

    We have been building a strong Malaysia and in the eyes of the world we have been an example to so many countries. Keep on writing and you have my support in building a new and more progressive country, may Allah bless us all Malaysian.

  6. It’s an open secret that the grass root PAS members are increasingly feeling very uneasy with PAS alliance with biaDAP ever since the kalimah Allah issue was brought up again by LGE. I just dont understand how PAS leaders could put up a straight face about LGE’s dangerous stand on this religious issue. It is a more sensitive issue than all the racial issues fanned by biaDAP politicians and its followers.

  7. Yes u are chinese, what u want 1’st class citizen for me i’m a malay but 1’class or etc i’m just an ordinary malay man and i’m not expecting a lot from govt for me eat enough and live peacefull is ok but u want more than that, i know that chinese strongly got the economy, is that not enough by the way i don’t want chinese to rule this country, enough with singapore that we have given to lee kuan yew the mistake that made by TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN PUTRA AL-HAJ, i didn’t say i dislike chinese just don’t ask for more read history of MALAYSIA, if i’m a chinese i would not bother about it i know the history and i would only thinking about doing business. This is my comment helen, Thank for read it.

    1. The days the Chinese can be expected to just go about their business dealings is gone. Malays need to realize that in a new environment where GLCs and Malay middle class have arrived, old divides will no longer hold and we need to learn how to engage each other in a changing society.

      Malaysians are divided by SES class. Racial ones are a red herring for communal politics.

      1. I’m willing to agree that Malaysians are divided by SES class, i.e. a golf-playing, English-speaking Malay cardiologist and a golf-playing, English-speaking Chinese pulmonologist might have more in common with each other than they have with the pisang goreng and chee cheong fun seller.

        However I disagree that the racial divide is a red herring. Race is a primordial instinct that can be exploited by unscrupulous people (pollies), particularly in M’sia where the Malay race is inextricably tied with Islam and the Chinese race is increasingly becoming evangelicals hell-bent on proselytization.

        1. It is a red herring because the poor Malays and the poor Chinese also probably have more in common with one another than their Melayu baru and timber tauke counterparts.

          Just like the Malays have race insecurities, so does the Chinese. There are plenty of Malays who think the NEP distortions as justified too.

          1. Be that as it may, we might still get the country split into two on such an issue like kalimah Allah. One side supports the use of the kalimah by Christians and the other side is against.

            This divide is racial as now PAS and Umno have banded on the same side whereas DAP and MCA are on the other side.

          2. Helen – this is a fact. Any issues regarding Islam, UMNO and PAS will ALWAYS be on the same side (dont believe the antics put up by PAS leaders, they are politicians and they can’t say what they actually feel).

            Lesson is, outsiders should stop to annoy the Muslims with religious issues like kalimah Allah. Malays can still tolerate being ridiculed at about themselves, but if you mess with Islam, the Malays will strike back hard and very very violently. Non-Muslims should be aware that Malays take their religion very very seriously!

            Trust me!

            1. I know. I’m in complete agreement with you.

              Unfortunately I’m in the minority 15 percent. The feral majority of 85 percent are hell-bent on making us (the non-conformists) extinct.

              I’m an Endangered Species requiring conversation too, just like the MCA panda.

      2. i hate n’sync,

        You have a very good point there when you say racial issues are being used as a red herring for communal politics.

        What more a better example than the owner of this blog?

        Here we have people babbling rabidly that the other races are racist, yet they end the very same paragraph with threats of genocide. They forget the other political side also has a majority Malay composition.

        1. re: “They forget the other political side also has a majority Malay composition.”

          Not after GE13 it won’t.

          re: “people babbling rabidly”

          Let’s wait for the GE results. Unless you’re going to be one of those accusing the EC of rigging the election.

        2. Dear AC-DC,

          Agreed on the point that PR having a Malay majority is fact. This would also mean that BN needs a sizable Chinese presence. It would do everyone a lot of good to remember that a robust two-party system requires multiracial coalition on both sides.

          As such, it would do BN and PR supporters a lot of good to really understand what is really needed in the coming general election. Some UMNO supporters berate MCA and Gerakan for their ineffectiveness. Some DAP supporters consider PAS to be a liability to their aspirations.

          Just like how all Malaysians [need] each other, BN and PR need every party in their line up. Each coalition have a choice to frame their campaign narrative. If UMNO picks the racial polarisation line, it can back fire in a big way.

          1. re: “If UMNO picks the racial polarisation line, it can backfire in a big way.”

            There are things within Umno’s control, and there are things that are not.

            Factor within Umno’s control: Umno may and is likely to maintain status quo by BN fielding 52 Chinese candidates from MCA and Gerakan (40 + 12) like they did in 2008. This despite Umno supporters berating MCA and Gerakan for their ineffectiveness.

            However, what may not be within Umno’s control is to successfully persuade the Malay-Umno electorate to pangkah Dacing should an MCA or Gerakan man be standing. The move by Isma-Berjasa to split the Malay votes in MCA (and MIC) areas to punish BN is one symptom.

            The thing outside of Umno’s control is the 85% of Chinese forecast to vote oppo.

            In the context of the present (2013) and GE13, Umno is not the bigger culprit for picking the racial polarization line.

            By the above sentence, I’m not dismissing that Umno has indeed been responsible for racial polarization through the decades. GE13 is merely the chickens coming home to roost after the Chinese resentment has been building up through the decades and arising from dissatisfaction at how Umno has been running the country, agreed.

            The “backfire in a big way” bit.

            Again I fear that it may be beyond Umno’s control when so much efforts have been made at discrediting the institutions and agencies of state,

            — like the reflexive screaming and yelling by Dapsters that the EC is playing dirty, the MACC is protecting dirty Umno, the dirty police are Umno running dogs, the army are inefficient and not even able to subdue a ragtag band of Suluks, the NRD is an Umno stooge —

            all these DAP and Dapster attacks on the integrity of state authority is undermining the very foundations as well as creating anomie. In a situation where authority is no longer respected or feared (compare Mahathir’s authoritarian style with Najib’s), then the consequences of “backfire in a big way” may erupt exactly because Umno’s ability to control is already eroded.

          2. I cannot fault your concern about government institutions being castigated in the war of politics. The integrity of state authority, as you put it, is indeed at stake. Perhaps this will give the incoming government, BN or PR, the incentive to fix the civil service as their performance is reflected on the ruling party? Surely, neither populist nor antagonistic measures are productive?

            Malaysians must realize that there are people who are taking this opportunity to bury MCA and Gerakan. Many people think the enemy is DAP, but some Malay supremacists would love to see them go bust too.

            I am definitely aware of such movements and I am not surprised. In their zeal, some Malaysians forgot that MCA and Gerakan cannot and should not leave BN or else the centrist in UMNO will lose their influence. What do you think has been holding back the tide of talibanization and also extremists in the jungle?

            1. I do not see MCA and Gerakan formally pulling out of BN as something immediately happening.

              However, I do see an exodus of Chinese from both parties. MCA claims to have one million members. The pundits are predicting anything upwards of 80 percent Chinese support for DAP.

              Both premises do not square with each other. Hence I’m positive that the ballots tally for MCA in GE13 will not reflect the claimed one-million membership.

              The shell of MCA may remain physically in the BN but it will be a rump party. And needless to say, The Star will continue with its promotion of the DAP evangelistas. Even the MCA website kept its ‘Merry Christmas’ banner up for an entire month.

              And as I’ve pointed out in my posting yesterday, the same MCA website, in its most recent banner, carried its campaign slogan in Chinese, Tamil and English but not the national language.

              If the MCA persists with this behaviour, one really has to try to figure out what is going on in their minds and what kind of people they have on board.

              Gerakan in its recent tiff with Perkasa comes across as belligerent to the Malays. After all, Teng Chang Yeow himself admitted that the rally was organized by an umbrella body sheltering “120” NGOs. If so, why make such a big deal if Perkasa is one NGO out of those 120 showing their support for BN in Penang?

  8. Your thoughts, Helen, on “balik kampung tanam jagung”? Repeated quite recently I believe, by one ant-Lynas groupie?

    1. At two levels:

      (1) Some Malays are ignorant that the white angpow is taboo to the Chinese. By the same token, some Chinese might be unaware that the ‘balik kampung tanam jagung’ phrase is saddled with a negative social baggage.

      (2) So after the brouhaha, the Malay individual is now made to realise that the white angpow is a no-no according to the Chinese custom for festive occasions, and hopefully he will take the cultural lesson to heart.

      In the case of indicating to the Chinese individual that the phrase ‘balik kampung tanam jagung’ carries a negative connotation, how does he react?

      To give one example of Dave, he commented that the sensitivity is

      “the result of living in a bubble where the goal is to racialise everything n find a ethno-religeous scapegoat” and that in being so sensitive, “one turns paranoid n full of… ahem, perpetual hysteria”.

      In my opinion, ‘bodoh’ is forgivable. What is unforgivable is ‘bodoh sombong’ the Dapsters predictably going ape shit every so often each time their bubble is pricked and the facts are against them.

      For example, when I read Kadir Jasin’s remark wrt Lahad Datu that “Perhaps there is wisdom in getting more Chinese and Indians to join the armed forces so that they too can die for one Malaysia”, I anticipated that the usual suspects would go berserk. And they did not disappoint me.

      While I don’t have the figures for army intake, I do have the ones for police recruitment. It’s a fact that the Chinese are not joining the uniformed services. Nonetheless, it can still be productive to delve into the several valid reasons of ‘why not’.

      However all you get from the Dapsters you’d get the usual knee-jerk reflexes, such as their typical In-denial-In-Denial deflections. And needless to say, Datuk Kadir was immediately slammed as a “racist”.

      I’m sure I am not the one person who’s sick and tired of their incessant rage. The viciousness of their temper tantrums is translated into lynch mobbing.

      Another thing I dislike is the kiasu-ness. The Jerusubang Star, staffed with their Jerusubang reporters, actually published that “balik kampung tanam jagung” is a “popular Malay phrase” (in unrelated context and no connection to anti-Lynas).

      And then Dear Dave cites The Star (!!) as a reliable guide to the correct usage of Malay phrases.

      It’s the senantiasa menegakkan benang basah & putar-belit tendency of the Dapsters that makes Malays angry, I believe.

      1. Helen,

        ‘balik kampong tanam jagung’ by itself is not offensive, it might even be said in jest between “friends” but not by anybody especially by the Dapster Chinese. I’ll be offended too if it is said by LGE or his gangs but not by my friend Ah Fatt.

        ‘China Bukit’ by itself means nothing offensive but then …..:>)

  9. Helen,

    You’re among the few dying-breed chinese that not only think logically & rationally but use our history to make a point, but trust me, when i say this, none of the 85 percent will buy it.

    Even the word ‘being grateful’ is not welcomed & considered expletives to them. So, how do make this article of yours not lost in translation or be labelled as you being a BN apologist or pro-Malay?

    Someone commented & implied that greed is a chinese trait; to me greed is not race-selective. It’s human nature to want more & have no comprehension to the word ‘enough’.

    In my naive perspective, it’s more towards ‘terbawa-bawa’ with the westerner’s Human Rights movement. If you ask me, most of the educated chinese are familiar with the American Constitution than our own. Hence, you hear the scream of ‘liberty for all’, ‘equal rights’, etc.

    In each of the chinese person, there’s a black man (circa segregation era) screaming to get out. It’s hard to change a mindset of someone who believe he/her has been victimised, oppressed, etc. That’s why they scream ‘racist’ at every single thing being uttered, to a point the word racist has lost it’s value & real meaning but became a petty cry.

    That’s also the reason when Tun M proposed the RCI, the 85 percent went ballistic & mental: truth hurts but acceptance of facts comes in small quantity these days.

    It’s also weird and baffling when our country is being compared to other developed country as well: population wise, geographically it will be very unfair but to the delusional there will always be ‘why can’t Malaysia be like (insert country)?’.

    Now, if only the chinese would read this article of yours and starts soul searching & thinking rationally, it will be a great thing but to me personally, i doubt it.

  10. Helen,

    Saya kira perlu mengucapkan tahniah kepada anda atas posting yang amat jelas tentang sejarah negara kita.

    Tahniah kedua untuk anda juga kerana memahami ideologi Tan Cheng Lock dan Tan Siew Sin.

    Saya percaya ramai pembaca blog and yang berketurunan Melayu akan merasa lega jika anda ialah Presiden MCA…….


    1. Saya kira Panda Parti itu mungkin akan pupus kerana sikap DAP yang terlalu bengis.

  11. Thank you Helen for your posting. Unfortunately the 85% have closed their minds and their hearts….


  12. The facts.

    1. The DAP founded by Lee Kuan Yew sat on their butts for 44 long years and not contributing to the mainstream politics to help the Malaysian Chinese. Now the DAP talk big.
    2. The DAP is in a triumvirate in which they are No. 3. or THIRD CLASS unlike the non-Malay political parties in the BN as led by the UMNO with 14 component parties with equal ranking.
    3. Dr Tony Pua who went up to Cambridge by the back door like Lee Kuan Yew said loudly that Malaysian Politics are Malay based. This is open admission by the DAP that DAP is Third Class !

  13. When I was in a sekolah rendah and menengah kebangsaan, race was never an issue. We gel along very well. I believe Malaysians still have what it takes to be one and united despite our political differences. The common enemy is not just one who stirs the racial card. But one who are corrupt, full of greed, practice cronyism, selling our beloved Malaysia by giving citizenship to foreigners in exchange of votes etc. I can’t wait for the Sabah RCI’s verdict. Then we will know the truth.

    While we are concern about racial sentiment, we should also be very concern about the things I’ve mentioned above.

    1. To, Brownny…me too Sir.Till now I’m still wondering what happened to the beginning years of 60’s and 70’s too.I missed those kind of days…..untill now they are still my best freinds. GOD pls bless us..

    2. hahaha.. I stopped reading after the 3rd sentence.. I thought you were for real.. haha..

  14. Something tells me I need to take a break from this blog. My arguments have become tinged with emotion and certain responses in this thread remind me, why I flamed out on internet discussions, some years back.

    Therefore, I will try to be brief.

    [Sorry I hate n’sync; our duel on the other thread will have to be cut short :)]

    Re: “Should cautioning the non-Malays that the majority population are silently growing angrier by the day be seen as a form of threat?”

    Well I did clarify my post as far as Ayah’s original comment is concerned. Let us forget about the silent majority for a minute and how much the readership of this blog is representative of them.

    My whole issue with threats is that we should not condone them in any way. Anger may be justified but violence rarely is.

    Want to use your religion as a rallying call for unity? By all means. The Malays are the majority and if they were not split, then there would not be this crisis of confidence. However, they are which is why we get all these threats from Establishment figures.

    The Malays are angry because of the Allah issue, well some Malays are and those who are not are considered turncoats. But what the hell right? As long as you can blame someone for your impulse to violence, the Evangelical Chinamen will do.

    Some Malays are angry that the Chinese have so much. Never mind that the Malays Elites have been milking the community for decades, but the loud mouth Chinese idiot will do as a convenient stand in.

    There are always reasons to lose control and when the Establishment is on your side, there is very little reason to fear the consequences.

    And Pakatan Rakyat. Well not too long ago, Pas warned those so called newly created citizens not to come out and vote. And the ape shitters on Mkini gleefully indulged in their own violent fantasies. But what the hell, right? Everyone is doing it.

    This is supposed to be a democracy and you vent your anger at the ballot box. Hate the Chinese? Do not vote for them. Do not vote for any party associated with them. Think they are getting uppity? Do not vote for them? Think they are demanding too much? Do not vote for any party associated with them.

    The fact that the Establishment sees fit to “warn” people that these so-called silent majority Malays are angry, just makes me want to vote Oppo, and I have more or less gone off them.

    What the Establishment should do, is warn these so called angry Malays that if they stepped across the line they would be thrown in the slammer.

    And if the Establishment really wanted to defend Islam they would ask for a two third majority to amend the Constitution making the word Allah only for use by Malay/Muslims. That is the way a democracy is supposed to work.

    But this is not really the issue is it? It is all about keeping people in line. Be grateful. Be respectful or there could be violence.

    I believe that there will be an eventual showdown within the Malay community, a class conflict that would envelop every Malaysian.

    But in the meantime, if the Non Malays are wiped out by angry Malays because the ballot box ain’t good enough, well them’s the breaks.

    1. Not in Malaysia alone but in other countries, minorities risk being made the scapegoat on account of different race and different religion.

      If you were a vulnerable minority, you would take all precautions to minimize the possibility of getting yourself cast as the bogeyman, right?

      But no. What do the Dapsters do instead?

      You describe the “loud mouth Chinese idiot”. It’s not a singular noun phenomenon. These ultra smart and terribly loud folks (folks in plural) embark on a vicious bullying spree. So they’re not such a vulnerable minority after all, eh?

      re: “impulse to violence [vented on] the Evangelical Chinamen”

      Correct. It has happened already. The spate of church arsons during Round One of Kalimah Allah.

      The self-proclaimed “persecuted” band of martyrs have putar-belit dan gunakan pelbagai tipu muslihat to steal the name of Allah.

      Malaysians who are not Christian evangelists do not do that. Buddhists and Hindus do not hijack the kalimah Allah.

      re: “when the Establishment is on your side, there is very little reason to fear the consequences”

      This is where your own injunction “be respectful” comes in. The cow head protesters in Shah Alam should be legally and socially sanctioned, i.e. coerced to be respectful of the symbolism of the Hindu faith. The Establishment has failed in this respect and I concur with your faulting them.

      re: “What the Establishment should do, is warn these so called angry Malays that if they stepped across the line they would be thrown in the slammer.”

      Due to the pressures arising from the tsunami, our dearest wishes have come true and the “draconian” ISA is being done away with. Hence the ISA deterrent can no longer be waved like the sword of Damocles over everyone’s head.

      Therefore, it is of no avail for the Establishment to “warn these so called angry Malays that if they stepped across the line they would be thrown in the slammer”.

      The angry Malays can only be dealt with After The Fact (when the act has been committed). Like they say, be careful what you wish for. We wished for unfettered freedoms, and not the Dapsters have the freedom to freely insult everyone and throw their weight around.

      re: “It is all about keeping people in line. Be grateful.”

      It’s about rationality and understanding our cultural milieu, especially since the Dapsters are going so far out of line. Bersyukur is a Malay-Muslim thing. Since we are, after all, living in the midst of a Malay-Muslim society, we should understand how minorities came to be allowed to remain here.

      The establishment is touting ‘Stability’. MCA has made the word its GE13 campaign motto. I agree with the MCA and the BN that the DAP, as the strongest opposition party, is jeopardizing the country’s stability in its power-hungry dash to Putrajaya.

      To save from having to repeat myself, my earlier reply to Shamshul applies as well for the remainder of my response to your comment. See,

      1. Allow me to chip into your dialogue with Conrad.

        “Not in Malaysia alone but in other countries, minorities risk being made the scapegoat on account of different race and different religion.

        If you were a vulnerable minority, you would take all precautions to minimize the possibility of getting yourself cast as the bogeyman, right?”

        It is the extremist racist groups who usually make scapegoats of minorities to cover their shortcomings or to keep their hold on power. No action of minimisation would help the minority, as they will eventually be made the whipping boy by extremist groups when they want. The extremist groups will always see and treat minorities as the ‘Other’, only to be tolerated and as a convenient scapegoat.

        “Correct. It has happened already. The spate of church arsons during Round One of Kalimah Allah.”

        But has there been repeated attacks on churches since then?

        Even without your claimed provocation, Hindus and Buddhists have been made whipping boys by the likes of people such as Ridhuan Tee, the cow head protesters and Zul Noordin, just to cite several examples.

        The big question: Is this prejudice deserved by the community, or is it due to bigots who cannot accept the existence of other communities in Malaysia?

        “Due to the pressures arising from the tsunami, our dearest wishes have come true and the “draconian” ISA is being done away with. Hence the ISA deterrent can no longer be waved like the sword of Damocles over everyone’s head.”

        Who says you need detention without trial to prosecute people inciting violence? If I make a death threat toward someone or his family, I can be charged and punished under the current laws.

        “Bersyukur is a Malay-Muslim thing. Since we are, after all, living in the midst of a Malay-Muslim society, we should understand how minorities came to be allowed to remain here.”

        Should not minorities be deserving of equal rights and treatment as well? Look at this beyond the scope of just the Chinese. What about the Indians and other communities?

        What we are having is a political party faced with the possibility of losing power. So predictably, out come the racial threats to try and keep everybody in line.

        1. You’re deploying the “anti-Semitism” whinge.

          A particular Jew is a bloody arsehole.

          But when he get ticked off, he screams that the person who ticked him off is an anti-Semite (let’s say it’s a white man who gave him an earful). So he’s making out as if the majority is persecuting the minority, and he’s unpopular solely b’cos he’s a Jew. And not b’cos he behaves like an arsehole.

          If you AC-DC are screaming persecution b’cos kononnya the majority kenakan you due to your race, then you’re mistaken.

          It’s your behaviour. A lot of Indians I know (okay, admittedly there’s an inbuilt bias in my social circle b’cos my friends are sympathetic to Hindraf) are thoroughly pissed off by the Chinese opposition.

          Long before Waytha announced the Hindraf abstention strategy, my Indian friends were already fed up with the DAP Chinese (probably stemming from the Kg Buah Pala fallout).

          Since Indians are a smaller and weaker minority than the Chinese, you can’t jolly well accuse the Indians are imposing the tyranny of the majority on the DAP Chinese.

          I’ll bet that the GE13 will show that DAP has lost every voter segment with the exception of Chinese and Christians.

          So get your understanding correct before whinging. It’s your behaviour that’s the turn-off.

        2. e.g.

          A particular Jew is a bloody arsehole.
          But when he get ticked off, he screams that the person who ticked him off is an anti-Semite (let’s say it’s a white man who gave him an earful). So he’s making out as if the majority is persecuting the minority, and he’s unpopular solely b’cos he’s a Jew. And not b’cos he behaves like an arsehole.

          Do you know, the above example aptly describes some of your readers who think criticism of Barisan Nasional is an attack on the Malay race?

          What I notice is you spin everything into a simplistic binary Malay versus Chinese/Christian issue with generalisations and assumptions supported by handpicked data. Case in point, your post “Chinese and Christians can expect payback after GE13”, that fuzzy math with Perak parliament and state seats, and support from the mouth frothing readers expressing their wet dreams of genocide. When a person criticises your idea, you go hysterical. I would say you are worse than those opposition fanatics from PAS, PKR or DAP because at least those bums do not threaten to exterminate a race or religion if they do not get their way.

          Helen, it is not my darned problem if I do not agree to join your cultists in your echo chamber to drink your racially-poisoned Kool Aid.

          1. re: “When a person criticises your idea, you go hysterical. I would say you are worse than those opposition fanatics from PAS, PKR or DAP because at least those bums do not threaten to exterminate a race or religion if they do not get their way.”

            When you start making statements like the one above, it really saves me taking the trouble to write reasoned responses.

  15. Helen,

    DAP keeps telling that Chinese are treated as 2nd class (meaning by a Malay led govt).

    For the uninitiated, what DAP said is the gospel truth. But the Constitution itself clearly says about priority in terms of scholarship, bussiness opportunity, civil service given to the Malays.

    And the Constitution takes into account the willingness of malay rulers to grant massive citizenships to non Malays again as I often repeat here in scale unheard of in other countries. But of course, part of massive citizenship grant is seldom told.

    I believe in all honesty Chinese generally know about it. They I believe understand the magnitude of sacrifice the Malay rulers did back them to accomodate their parents . But they (the chinese generally) keeps quiet as a tacit consent to DAP’s continous slandering against the malays.

    This would make Malay leaders to be feel guilty. Naturally, Chinese will receive more and more.

    What the chinese tends to forget is the side effect of it. Just because the Malays holding their anger does not mean they accept this nonsense. DAP’s success in Penang( to hold the Chief Ministe’s post) gives false hope to chinese. That this victory will soon be emulated in other states.

    But they often do not see the sign of times. already PAS sees massive erosion of Malay support due to Malays being unhappy with PAS renouncing its principle to please DAP. Already Malays have been telling UMNO leaders that should MCA be allowed to contest in Malay majority areas, UMNO must accept that they may lose the seats.

    Already Malays are becoming more vocal Already there are Malay NGOs formed to remind both UMNO and PAS that should they abandon Malay rights, they(UMNO a nd PAS) too will be “abandonned’ .

    Many of my Chinese friends are shocked when I told them off that Malays and UMNO are not racist. This is the “beauty” of separate system. It eventually result in only one thing :separateness. as these people do not mix with other races from tender age, their empty brains are filled with prejudices about “others’.

    So, they look down on other people as “hitam metalik” .

    1. Dear Shamshul,

      re: “the Constitution itself clearly says about priority in terms of scholarship, business opportunity, civil service given to the Malays [after taking into] account the willingness of malay rulers to grant massive citizenships to non Malays”

      Amendment 8A was added to Article 153 (after the NEP was imposed following the May 13 riots) to allow for the strong dose taken by the ‘quota’ system post-the race riots, according to Dr Kua Kia Soong, see

      — “the willingness of malay rulers to grant massive citizenships to non Malays” was in 1957

      — the NEP was launched in 1970

      the Reid Commission did not conceive of the ethnic preference favouring Malays to be entrenched as a “special right” for perpetuity; in fact they recommended that it should be reviewed after a period of 15 years

      given the circumstances in the late 1950s, the Malays of that period required the affirmative action programmes just as my recent blogs postings have similarly suggested that poor Indians be given the same affirmative action programmes today to help uplift the affected segment of the community

      however my agreeing with the idea of temporary quotas for Indians (vis-a-vis the Hindraf blueprint for Displaced Estate Workers) does not mean that I endorse “special rights” to be constitutionally put in place for Indians from now until forever

      “Meritocracy” is the DAP code word to get rid of ‘Bumiputera’ quotas

      the resentment of the DAP Chinese gets more acute the longer the quotas are kept up, and this resentment of 1/4 of the population but a quarter that is having more influence (e.g. the Christian segment of the Chinese control the English media) than their actual numbers is DESTABILIZING to the country.

      I can see your point that Article 153 was crafted for inclusion in the FedCon as a balance to the granting of the en bloc citizenships in 1957 that would necessarily change the legal face of Malaya overnight.

      The facts on the ground in 1957 were that the Chinese were already here, and the only other alternative was that they be deported (with the exception of the Straits Chinese and the kampung Chinese of the Melayu pekat Malay states like T’ganu and K’tan)

      To Umno’s credit, the party did not choose the path of deporting the Chinese transient workers, which it could have taken.

      That’s why I wrote this article. Umno is levelled the accusation by LGE that they are Nazis, and Malays are called the most “racist” of races by the Dapsters.

      If we trace back history and study what kind of men the founder and the subsequent president of Umno were, and how Umno handled the Independence process, then both the DAP and Dapster allegations are not persuasive.

      In fact, and this is the greatest and saddest irony of all, the best chance to have achieved the DAP’s ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ was under Datuk Onn Jaafar in the early 1950s.

      It is because of the behaviour of Chinese (such as the ones like the Lim Dynasty) that Article 153 was drafted to safeguard the Malay ‘Special Position’.

      [Note: The ‘Special Position’ was amended and expanded to include the natives of Sabah & Sarawak after May 13 when the quotas were further accelerated and tightened by clause 8A added to Article 153].

      According to the recommendation by the Reid Commission (the framers of our Constitution), the priority granted Malays — via the Special Position 153 as its enabling mechanism — was to have ended after 15 years … in 1972

      The NEP was to have ended after 20 years … in 1990.

      The reason we haven’t moved beyond the quotas are two-fold: The Malays claim that the targets are yet to be met while at the same time, the behaviour of the Chinese scares the shit out of the Malays, so much so that they’re holding on tight to 153.

      THINK!! Given the behaviour of Dapsters today, which Malay would dare let go of Article 153?

      Thus we see that Special Position has regulated the Sino-Malay relationship because that’s the realpolitik of Malaysia.

      On the Chinese side of the equation, there is a lot of unhappiness over the status quo, and hence the DAP’s Politics of Hate winning the game and killing off the MCA.

      It is my belief that the 2013 election will be a replay of 1969, not necessarily in terms of body count but how the country will go through a second round of polarization as a direct effect of the election results.

      Race relations are negotiated by people. Malaya took the course it did b’cos of the r/s between Tunku and TCL.

      If we had Wee Choo Keong, for instance, leading the Chinese community instead of Lim Guan Eng, the tone of the race discourse would be different than what we’re looking at now.

      Personally I would, needless to say, like to see our society move on beyond 153 and to discard the categorization of Bumiputera and Non-Bumiputera introduced post-May 13.

      However with DAP capturing the “hearts and mind” of the Chinese, there is as much chance of a positive negotiated outcome (to recalibrating the race equation) as there is of Malaysia winning a gold medal at the next Winter Olympics.

      DAP is pouring all the blame solely on Umno and “Umnoputras” (read: Malays, but who else) for the estrangement that we suffer as a divided soeciety. They do not have a capacity to honestly ask themselves how the behaviour of the Chinese the past decades have contributed to the situation.

      A simple example: How many of the 85% Chinese who are DAP supporters are able to hold a simple conversation in the national language of Malaysia? And they clamour for ‘First Class’ citizenship status?

      Dapsters are indeed buta sejarah. They’re so bodoh sombong that they’re unable to see how they are the authors of the Chinese community’s destruction. That’s why Lim Guan Eng fully deserves the title al-Nakba.

      1. You are right in your view hear (Helen) but one thing I belief why this thing happened, our education system that allowed separation surely adding to the situation of divided soeciety that never ends.

      2. Helen,

        Unfortunately your voice , Helen although contains the truth is deemed as “treason to the Chinese DAP”.

        Many Chinese I believe realise that DAP is actually bringing them to “war path” against Malays. But as goes the saying, silence means consent.

        What many Chinese however choose to ignore is that they will be on the front line facing the Malays. DAP as usual will “cuci tangan”.

        By saying that i am not denying the existence of good Chinese who values friendship with other races. But they are in minority. DAP has sytled those who criticizes DAP as against the chinese community. Just like PAS that loves to fashion those who question their leaders as against Islam.

        I often wonder why the generosity of malays is so ‘legendary”. Say for example LKY in 1960s with his antics in other parts of the world, would the paramount leader would have behaved like Tunku. The obvious answer is simply sending the troops in and decimate the belligerent state opposition.

        1. Was not Singapore expelled from Malaysia? That is according to Malaysian history.

          They did not secede from the Federation. They were expelled for being a different political faction.

          1. AC-DC,

            yup. Only in other countries the paramount leader would decimate the beliggerent state leader.

  16. TDZ has given his predication on the outcome of GE13 in his interview with SinChew yesterday… So looks like only Penang will be ended up as an opposition state, hmmm….

    1. Forgot to add that there will be a close fight in Kelantan and Perak (I mean according to TDZ’s crystal ball)

    2. Actually, I am looking forward to see DAP screws up Penang for another 5 years. I bet there will be zero Malay hawkers on the island and zero low cost housing in the whole of Penang. It’s baffling to think of why Penangites, who are always tauted to be the most pragmatic peoples of Malaysia, would allow DAP outsiders to tell them how they should live in Penang.

      1. like what Ahmad Ibrahim said, they are in perpetual hysteria. that’s why they allowed outsiders to tell them how they should live in Penang.

  17. Boy oh boy! Since when we become so hateful of each other. Back in the days, we used to have the ‘Akta Hasutan’ in full force. Thats when we get Ops Lalang. Funny people with funny idea get locked away for obviously good reason – to maintain harmony.

    Yeah, so okay, so maybe certain race feel marginalized compared to others, but they may benefit from other things. You can’t have the cake all to yourself.

    All in all, the nation benefits from everyone’s contribution. We have a stable country. Unemployment rate is low. Inflation also low. GDP at 6%, comparable to others. Does anyone feel marginalized (saved for the illegal Banglas and Indons who tried very hard to blend into our society)?

    I hope the election is over and done with. And after that, lock the funny-funny people away.

  18. I’m new here and from what I read, you are all smart people writing here. I am a Malay but my grandmother is a Chinese convert and I am really sick to hear each one of you trying to justify the case of your own race.

    For once, please, as a Malaysian, stop being selfish to another fellow Malaysians. Can’t you not see, that the problem of this country is not because of some DAPs or all UMNOs. It is very fundamental – Good Governance.

    I am a Malay, and I would like to reiterate here that even your are UMNO, as long as your are corrupted, out you go! More embarrassing because you are also a Muslim. I also say, even you are DAPs, but you can govern this country well and not corrupted, we welcome you, because you are better than some other Muslim.

    Grow up, what past is past. Don’t ask why Tunku did this, why Tan Cheng Lok did that. No one of you qualify to comment because simply this has changed since past 50 years. UMNO has changed, DAP has changed, PAS has changed. Bottomline – do not selectively choose history to suits your needs.

    Wake up, this is new Malaysia and the only way for a country to prosper is to have a check and balance i.e. a two party system.

    Neither UMNO or PKR should be allow to govern for more than one or two terms. UMNO has shown what they can do for 50 years. Let’s now give chance to the other so that we, Malaysian, can judge for ourself their performances.

    It is just unfair to be premature in judging the outcomes without being brave enough to face it ourselves. We had bigger setback in the past, and we has prevail. This this, we will still prevail.

    1. “Let’s now give chance to the other so that we, Malaysian, can judge for ourself their performances.”

      we voters gave them the chance to govern 5 states, now 4, for the past 5 years. what have they done ? those states under Pakatan are a mess. Kelantan 23 years under Pas and what is that state like ?

      we know their performances. if they cannot do it at state level, what can they do at federal level ?

      “it is just unfair to be premature in judging the outcomes without being brave enough to face it ourselves. We had bigger setback in the past, and we has prevail. This this, we will still prevail.”

      not premature. as I have said, they have had 5 years to prove themselves at state level. and guess what ? they failed. and Kelantan has failed for 23 years.

      and the final part of my comment on you Iriaz :

      “I’m new here and from what I read, you are all smart people writing here. I am a Malay but my grandmother is a Chinese convert and I am really sick to hear each one of you trying to justify the case of your own race. ”

      you’ve just revealed yourself. if you’re a Malay as you claimed you are, you wouldn’t have said :

      “I am really sick to hear each one of you trying to justify the case of your own race”

      by saying that, you reveal yourself as a bigoted non Malay, I say non Malay because if you are indeed a Malay, your statement should have read :

      “”trying to justify the case of OUR respective races”.

      this is not the first time, and certainly won’t be the last time me, and other readers hear from you. I have noticed that opposition hacks are getting increasingly sophisticated in their arguments. nice try.

      1. you said that was a “sophistication in their arguments”?

        i could smell a dapsters or a pkr cybertroopers writings from the moon laa…

        maybe Iriaz is a new recruit who is still under probation from his/her masters either in komtar or in segambut. RM5.00 per posting, maybe.


        1. you do have a point there. maybe. after all, I have come across their troopers posting comments in the wee hours. their troopers could be in a state of manic trance due to substance abuse.

          I mean, if you are paid RM5 per comment, at least post something of substance. this looks like the case of PR troopers consumed by substance. the substance ended up going to their brain cells instead of here.

  19. A timely and well researched piece. But is this a little too little a little too late? Is it like the proverbial “pouring water over a duck’s back” (or the Malaya equivalent of pouring water on a keledeh leaf?).

    The arrogance of the DAP is reminiscent in many ways of the arrogance of the various opposition parties immediately prior to and after the general elections in 1969 that gave rise to May 13.

    The blow by blow responses to the many fanciful claims by the opposition in blogsphere denegrating Malay culture and their primal position as the original inhabitants of Tanah Melayu is welcome timely and needed.

    The belief that somehow if the Malays do decide to get up and strike like they did in 1969 will be met by US or Australian intervention as is believed by many in the opposition is a sadly distorted and misconceived notion.

    The DAP and Hindraf (of the Waythamurthi faction) are sadly birds of a feather. What lies ahead of us all if the opposition continues with its distortions and disinformation campaign is anyones guess. None of it good.

    1. Dear GRK,

      Yes, true that this article is “a little too little, a little too late”.

      Alas I’m a pro bono blogger and have no resources and a limited reach. All other media avenues and wider platforms have been denied me through the Bintang Tiga Evangelista smear campaign and harassment.

      I take issue with The Star because, with their hundreds of well-paid editors and their thousands of reporters, they have done precious little to staunch the DAP’s Politics of Hate.

      Quite to the contrary, The Star has been PROMOTING!! the Jerusubang agenda. The English language media is the Military Industrial Complex under the control of the DAP evangelista cabal. I consider the MCA-owned newspaper to be part of the mafia, along with TMI, TNG and the rest.

      Hence I take issue with the MCA b’cos in the pursuit of the profit motive, the party has allowed the paper that it owns to pander to the Jerusubang demographic through The Star‘s ethos and content, and to append my tireless reminder, the Star Media Group’s reach to an audience of 5.63 million pairs of eyeballs.

      Agree fully with you about the opposition’s distortions and disinformation campaign. They have injected Fitnah poison into the national bloodstream.

      I’m resigned to accepting that the die has been cast. There’s not much that anyone of us puny people can do to avert the day of reckoning.

      1. I am less pessimistic than you, and I believe we have a lot of voters who just feel like a change is necessary like Iriaz.

        The key, imho, is to make sure both sides emerge from the GE intact and do not slip into extreme polarisation. If BN wins, we know what to look out for in the next few years. If PR wins, we also know what to look out for in the next few years. Risks and opportunities are always there. None is a risk-free choice.

        1. I’m not projecting that May 13 will break out immediately following the announcement of the election results like it did in 1969.

          However with the biracial split as CSL has himself been warning direly) and given LGE’s manipulative megalomania, the rift will not narrow but instead widen.

  20. The Chinese had it so good, Most or majority of them have become very very rich. That is ok. That is not the issue. This country is not perfact. But it has been able to be free from disharmony in spite of the organised world Jewish banking cartel trying day and night for the past 100years to destroy peace all over the world. Do google ‘Alex Jones’ and ‘David Duke’. Please listen to them, may be we can benefit , so that we do not fall into the trap of racial war. We have so much to thank Allah swt that our present government was sane and prudent in spite of human errors and short comings.

    1. David Duke is a white ethnic supremacist. He is with the Ku Klux Klan which promotes the discrimination of minorities.

      1. Correct. David Duke is so flawed and way out on the right field he cannot even hide behind this “racial realism” thrash.

  21. aiayakk.. if everybody is a true Malaysian people with a true citizens why always speak English.. count 1 2 3 .. how many can speak good Bahasa Kebangsaan.. even u want to be a citizen of other country u need to speak the National Language well before u get it..what happened here? why not all so called citezen go for a test to confirm just like in USA..

  22. Racial issues are not an uncommon among Malaysian, be it Chinese, Indians or Malay. But having 3 different type of schools teaching 3 different languages aren’t helping either.

    DAP are full of lawyers who knows about laws but apparently lacking in History. Certain things aren’t suppose to be an issue but made as an issue by them. Such as the kalimah Allah. For 50+ years of independences, only now the issue is being raised? Why not 1957, when the constitutions are being written?

    Or are they using it so growing numbers of Christians (by name) will vote for them? Why do I say by name? Because a majority of them doesn’t even follow nor knows the Bible by its heart.

    I am not a Christian nor a pious Muslim, but I came from a long pious Methodist background, who doesn’t eat pork nor drink alcohol (until drunk).

    Wallahualam, thanks for reading :) . Keep up the good work.

  23. the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the oil

    even if the Malays silent anger is justified – when something bad happens – the DAPsters and their ilk WILL play victim. They’re not stupid.

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