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Cannibalizing DAP Johor, chomp, chomp

My blog is still under attack (see screenshot below). Sorry if readers are inconvenienced by the difficulty in connecting but, please, don’t let the SuperCyber Bullies win through keeping you away. Continue reading “Cannibalizing DAP Johor, chomp, chomp”

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d’evangelistas are so very LOUD

By Fakin’ Fake Calvin

At the crux of it, Malays = Islam = Malays, at least here in Malaysia. As for Chinese, they can be Buddhists, Taoists, Christians, Hindu etc etc.

Based on experience, I find non Christian Chinese to be more accepting of Christian Chinese in relationship, friendship etc. Turn the table round & you see a different picture. Christians will view non Christian Chinese with a certain degree of suspicion, hostility even.

Why so? Because those not professing the same faith are considered heathens, of a lower class. Continue reading “d’evangelistas are so very LOUD”

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Implication of BN going after 65% of the Malay vote

DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong told Bloomberg, “With Mahathir playing the racist card, they are speaking to only the Malay audience in the hope to push the Malay vote up to 65 percent”.

Well, it  IS  logically the survival tactic required in order to win, isn’t it, given the near total rejection of the BN by the Chinese electorate.

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What if DAP had gained power in the May 1969 election?

The 1969 general election was a communal showdown and foreshadowed the 2008 tsunami.

DAP had emerged the biggest opposition party in the 10 May 1969 polls.

Thousands of Malay villages would have likely suffered the same fate that befell Kampung Buah Pala had the DAP successfully come to power then in Selangor. (Ref. Kg Buah Pala: Pagar makan padi) Continue reading “What if DAP had gained power in the May 1969 election?”

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Michelle Yeoh meets DAP 3.0

The name-calling — traitor to the Chinese race, bitch, BN running dog, slut/whore/prostitute, sell-out, and other labels running the predictable gamut of oppo standard vocabulary — is par for the course among the Dapster-Jerusubangites. You can read some of the slurs and spit (“ptui!”) HERE in the Malaysiakini readers’ comment section.

What’s unusual this time though is that the latest victim of the DAP Super Cyberbullies is former Bond Girl Michelle Yeoh — Malaysia’s darling.

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Dear Tuan Syed Akbar Ali

Since I’ve mentioned before that Syed Akbar Ali is my most favourit-est blog to visit, I’m taking the liberty to publicly pose a question to the Blog House president (under the presumption that he will indulge my query due to my rave fan-ship of his blog).

SAA in his latest posting yesterday revealed that he lived in Bangsar for two decades and is registered to vote there. Bangsar is in the Lembah Pantai Parliamentary constituency, and the incumbent MP is Nurul Izzah Anwar.

As a frequenter of Bangsar and someone familiar with its local politics, SAA observes that “Nurul Izzah’s problem is she hardly ever visits Lembah Pantai. No one I know has seen her.”

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The Ibrahim Ali brand name / Hindraf explains the MoU

I read a comment somewhere in blogosphere that Dapsters will link, with the name “Ibrahim Ali”, just about any Malay individual who is in the DAP crosshairs.

In other words, anything Malay that the Dapsters are against will be conveniently tarred with the Ibrahim Ali brush.

Well it appears that the phenomenon is not confined to Dapsters alone but found in Malaysiakini as well, and with an added twist now. Continue reading “The Ibrahim Ali brand name / Hindraf explains the MoU”

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MCA lambat laun akan mati juga, kata The Star

Berita berikut disiarkan oleh Yahoo! News hari ini.

Petikan dari rencana berkenaan hasrat penggunaan lambang bulan menggantikan roket:

“Sesetengah ahli DAP juga mengatakan langkah ini [menggunakan lambang bulan PAS] boleh membantu parti dikuasai Cina itu untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak undi dari populasi majoriti Melayu. Continue reading “MCA lambat laun akan mati juga, kata The Star”

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Melayu Lama blogger gives best reason why Umno must take DAP head on

I just read something in a blog called ‘Reflections by Melayu Lama‘ written by this blogger (see caricature below). It was posted yesterday in his blog under the title ‘When playing with fire just isn’t enough’. I hope you will read it too. — Helen Ang


Umno engaging PAS and PKR is clearly a waste of time. They’re not the ones determining the course for Pakatan and nor are they wearing the pants in that trio. As lead party in BN, Umno needs to face and take on DAP as the lead of the other side.

By Melayu Lama

Post-WWII, right after the axis forces were defeated, locals with an axe to grind in Holland started rounding up pro-German wartime supporters and in some cases people who didn’t help the resistance forces (not necessarily supporters of the nazis nor were they opposers of the resistance, they were just people who didn’t want to get involved or were too scared) and started torturing them in camps. They were worse than the nazis until eventually Allied Forces arrived at axis forces vacated territories and found those despicable camps of the dutch torturing their own. They tortured their own people worse than even the invading nazis themselves.

Pakatan has way too much of an axe to grind and from the look of things, the law, constitution, religious boundaries are all crossed in the name of so-called bigger justice which is to bring down the BN. But if laws are broken, cheating occurs, lies are spread, acts of violence are supported as a means to an end where do we draw the line? If they have all those means at their disposal as a tool to wrestle power do you think they won’t keep those tools to maintain power? pakatan rules by mob and thugs and when we let lawlessness prevail in anyway for whatever circumstances we are no better than thugs ourselves. They have an axe to grind and they will chop off heads, even if it is illegal to do so they will conveniently make it legal. That will be the end of civilization as we know it. They are preaching way too much hate and they must be stopped!

The kind of hate towards the Malays dap people have in their eyes is akin to the hate hitler had towards the Jews. No kidding. Everything is Umno’s and by extension the Malays’ fault. dap is preaching so much hate and saying it’s alright to commit wrongs just to get Umno (the Malays) out of power. No sense of right or wrong. People like that will literally plunder and kill since laws and morals are meaningless to them. Even kaffir countries have moral boundaries that cannot be crossed what more Malaysia and yet they are saying morals are of no question. Morals are the basis of a person’s character. If they are immoral personally, what more professionally?

You can see that many are supporting a particular side based on tonnes of hate. Racists? Of course, kick us bloody Malays out right? Common sense is certainly missing. A lot of those lopsided, “we can do no wrong” type of postings everywhere. Hypothetically, their idols can rob banks and kill bank security guards in the process right in front of them and their (missing sense of) logic will tell them it’s ok because the bank has something to do with BN and the guards are relatives of Umno members. They’re mad.

[to read the rest of the article, please go HERE].

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ISMA akan berjasa melingkupkan MCA ini kali

Presiden Barisan Jemaah Islamiah Semalaysia, Ustaz Haji Mohd Yusoff Haron, dua hari lepas (11 Apr 2013) mengumumkan senarai ahli ISMA yang akan bertanding dalam PRU13 atas tiket parti BERJASA — sumber: laman sesewang Ikatan Muslim Malaysia (ISMA)

Penyertaan ISMA akan menimbulkan persaingan tiga penjuru yang memecahkan undi Melayu. Perkembangan ini bakal menguntungkan pihak pembangkang seraya merugikan BN.

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