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Ramalan Tun Daim dan alamat sistem dwi-bangsa

Dalam temuramahnya dengan media Cina, Tun Daim Zainuddin meramalkan bahawa BN mempunyai peluang untuk menawan balik Selangor dan Kedah sekiranya mereka boleh menampilkan seorang calon menteri besar yang berwibawa.

Selain itu, Daim menjangka persaingan yang sengit di Perak meskipun harapan BN mungkin lebih cerah sedikit berbanding Pakatan.

Beliau juga berpendapat BN tidak akan mampu mempertahankan sesetengah kerusinya di Johor serta tidak yakin BN akan dapat merampas semula Pulau Pinang atau Kelantan.

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Kain rentang yang dipamerkan oleh DAP di Pulau Pinang dalam kempen PRU tahun 2008

Peluang BN menawan balik kerusi DUN S’gor

Di bawah ialah jadual beberapa kerusi yang terlepas daripada genggaman Umno dalam PRU12.

Umno telah hilang kerusi-kerusi campur tersebut pada tahun 2008 angkara pemilih kaum Cina dan kaum India menolak parti pemerintah.

DUN-DUN yang ditandakan biru mungkin pulang ke pangkuan Umno atas perhitungan BN akan dapat meraih sokongan mantap pemilih Melayu serta menarik balik sokongan kebanyakan kaum India.

Kerusi-kerusi yang ditonjolkan (‘highlight’) warna biru di bawah terletak di kawasan-kawasan yang mana golongan pemilih Cina kurang 20 peratus. Dengan itu, faktor ketaksuban masyarakat Cina kepada DAP tidak akan mempunyai kesan yang mendalam.


Perak: Kerajaan Melayu pekat

Kerusi-kerusi DUN Perak yang dipegang Umno ditandakan warna kuning. MCA ada seorang Adun sahaja di kerusi Chenderiang (ditandakan warna hijau). MIC tidak mempunyai sebarang wakil.

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S’gor: Pembangkang hampir semua Melayu

Kerusi-kerusi DUN Selangor yang dipegang Umno ditandakan warna kuning. MCA hanya dua orang Adun, masing-masing di kerusi Kuala Kubu Baru dan Sungai Pelek (ditandakan warna hijau). MIC tidak mempunyai sebarang wakil.

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P. Pinang: Semua pembangkang Melayu

Kerusi-kerusi DUN Pulau Pinang yang dipegang Umno ditandakan warna kuning. MCA, Gerakan dan MIC tidak mempunyai sebarang wakil.

Bagaimana dengan Johor dan Negeri Sembilan nanti?

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Pecah undi Melayu: Berjasa lwn MCA, Perkasa lwn Gerakan


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29 thoughts on “Ramalan Tun Daim dan alamat sistem dwi-bangsa

  1. I recall that DAP actually put up hundreds of pictures of Hishamuddin with Kris at the UMNO AGM with the words to the effect that “Vote for Gerakan, Vote for UMNO racism”, all along the Tun Lim Chong Eu highway from the Penang bridge all the way to Georgetown.

    Gerakan never responded and in fact DAP were way ahead in poster war (quantity and quality) way ahead of BN even before the GE started in 2008.

    1. This round Gerakan and MCA will lingkup (can’t think of equivalent English word with the same ooomph).

        1. Strong enough in meaning yes, but ling-kup (2 syllables),

          Or-bli-te-ray-ted (5 syllables)

            1. efface Koh Tsu Koon?

              The DAP pollies are streetfighters. They will have Gerakan and MCA for lunch.

              How about sentence like this: In the GE13, MCA and Gerakan will be fish food.

              “Fish food” = 2 syllables

          1. fish food ? but are you sure they like fish food ? judging by their hunger for power, fish food might not suffice. maybe they will soon demand exotic food. exotic food…….any recommendation ?

            come on. these people are not real street fighters. they are saliva fighters. all they do is dirty the streets with their saliva.

            1. You got a point there about ultra Chinamen who can’t stop themselves from spitting all the time and everywhere.

          2. helen,

            brits: done in [2 syllables] or knocked off [also 2 syllables].
            yanks: wasted [2 syllables].

            my vote on the yanks. while also two syllables, it’s one word. and i think it carries the ooomp you’re looking for in lingkup

            sekian, adanya! ;)

          3. I’ll go with “lingkup”…that’s the beauty of BM, some of the words are so short but convey the meanings so colorfully and accurately unlike English…

            Talking about English, there is an indeed a word that would explain the situation succinctly but that’s not a family-friendly word at all….LOL

          1. but kak helen, who’s fault it is? UMNO fight back from the malaise of 2004-2008, but what did Gerakan and MCA do? Lame duck.

        1. Hahaha. My toaster and alarm clock kaput. Not their fault that they kaput (electrical appliances got built-in obsolescence).

          MCA and Gerakan kaput. Their fault.

          Like why lah Gerakan ruling Penang so many decades but when DAP took over, Gerakan don’t give LGE a fight? Hey, Penang was the Gerakan fortress what. They don’t have any resources in the state, meh? Why don’t they fight back?

          MCA pula allow its own media to stab it in the back, and allow 16-year- old girls to run its website.

  2. only you and a minority of Chinese see this coming. the vast majority of Chinese are in a state of complete trance, oblivious to what’s going on around them.

    the most worrying thing is, these Chinese even claim, they even think that the Malays are with them. I doubt these Chinese even know what the Malays think of them.

  3. Helen,

    May I write about Dr Koh Tsu Koon. I notice he was ridiculed as “powerless Chief Minister”, “submitting to UMNO” among other.

    In 1990, Kit Siang in his bid to wrest Penang launched “Tanjung 3” with much funfare. He felt the time was just right. And yes sir. DAP managed to hammer MCA and Gerakan.

    But unfortunately it was not good enough. Again and again, UMNO’s position among Malays remain intact. with Gerakan and MCA only winning few seats, UMNO emerged as the dominant party among BN Penang.

    Due to peculiarity of Malay attitude of thinking about others, Dr Mahathir appointed Dr Koh as the Chief Minister. Ask anyone in this planet, if they see the number of seats among BN components, I believe most will point out that UMNO should get the coveted post.

    Dr Koh, naturally realised that he was there as CM simply because of Malay votes. It does not take a genius to understand why Dr Koh as CM but half of the EXCO is from UMNO.

    But DAP being DAP incited Penangites as usual. It was not good enough. Dr Koh must be bad as his govt has material UMNO’s (meaning Malay) influence. For DAP (without saying it), a good government is a govt that excludes Malays. If there is a representation on Malays, it must not reach beyond tokenism or formality only.

    So, Dr Koh was hammered day in day out as “useless”, “seedless”, simply because GERAKAN is UMNO’s ally.

    So likewise, the current Federal govt is also bad as it (worse still) led by a Malay. A good govt should be like Nizar’s administration where the Malay MB is controlled by DAP’s EXCO.

    Dr Koh as judged a failure simply because he accepts reality that only a moron would want to ignore a race that constitutes 40% of population.

    1. Well, if LKS led the Tanjong Project, now he’s leading Ops Todak.

      re: “half of the EXCO is from UMNO”

      If this is so, why did Calvin say earlier that Penang Malays unhappy with Gerakan administration?

      1. Helen,

        Good question. The truth is that Dr Mahathir appointed Dr Koh from GERAKAN to be CM. And the Malays and UMNO were not that enthusiastic as naturally they felt a Malay ADUN should be given the honour. But as the decision is in Dr Mahathir’s hand, nothing much they could do.

        But at least, Malays were then well represented. Under DAP’s administration, there are Malay ADUNs too. But the general feeling is that DAP plans to get rid of Malays from the island. The feeling is real. My relatives most of them stay in Penang. They say the same thing.

        1. Saya sering dimaklumkan bahawa Tokong disembah oleh orang Cina pulau.

          But the DAP public relations operatives have been quite successful in portraying that LGE is popular among Penang Malays too. Is it true?

          1. Helen,

            DAP Public Relation Officers only manage to convince Chinese that Malays in Penang ‘loves” Guan Eng. As majority of Chinese could not be bothered to read other than STAR, Malaysiakini, they are taken by the the claim.

            The truth is the opposite. Majority of Malays hates Guan Eng. Not mainly because he is from DAP. But Guan Eng is seen as snobbish and acts as if Penang is his personal property. Besides, he is viewed as acting more as opposition leader instead of as head of government.

            But there is no denying some Malays support Guan Eng by default. People in PAS for example hate him too but to reject Guan Eng would make what UMNO has been saying about PAS being bullied as the truth. So, they have no choice but to support publicly although they realise that is the main reason for erosion of Malay supports to PAS.

            As for PKR, Malay support for it almost nil.

            I am more interested to see how Chinese view Guan Eng. What i notice Chinese starts to be wary of Guan Eng. What i mean is that Chinese views is that it is imperative to have a link with the winning team. No one likes to be associated with loser.

            But no doubt they like to give mixed signal to BN. Enthusiastic in presence of Najib but still lamenting that how they (Chinese) are unfairly treated (by who else if not Malay led govt).

            And they will keep on lamenting how miserable they are under BN (or precisely a Malay led govt) to the point they vote themselves out of government.

            1. re: ”
              DAP Public Relation Officers only manage to convince Chinese that Malays in Penang ‘loves” Guan Eng. As majority of Chinese could not be bothered to read other than STAR, Malaysiakini, they are taken by the the claim.”

              Actually the majority read Chinese newspapers. But be that as it may, The Star is problematic for the BN, eh?

  4. Helen,

    Yup. you are right. What i am stressing is that despite proclaiming that they are also Malaysians, in general Chinese fail to understand how Malays look into Najib’s administration.

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