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Warga emas, 83, lebam setelah ditumbuk muka oleh perompak di Ipoh

Kejadian berlaku di Pasir Pinji, Ipoh Timur. Warga emas diserang di perkarangan rumahnya sendiri.

Dashyat betul penjenayah yang tergamak mencederakan orang tua. Diceritakan oleh Wong San Ying, nenek yang berusia 83 tahun, bahawa perompak itu kemudian mengambil cincin emas yang dipakainya.


Lelaki (gambar atas) yang membuat lawatan untuk bertanya khabar ialah Lee Kon Yin, ketua Biro Pengaduan MCA Perak. (sumber: The Star)

Pasir Pinji terletak di kawasan Parlimen Ipoh Timur. Ahli Parlimennya ialah YB Lim Kit Siang yang bakal berhijrah ke Johor.

Adun Pasir Pinji ialah Thomas Su (DAP) yang menang kerusi dengan majoriti 6,339 undi — lihat jadual keputusan PRU12 di bawah.

Para wakil DAP nampak seolah-olah kurang berminat menjaga kawasan tetapi sebaliknya suka menggolek ke sana sini.

Kerap didengar, mereka-mereka ini lebih sibuk dengan ceramah dan bergiat media sosial daripada memberi perkhidmatan kemasyarakatan.

Kalau si Tony Pua pula, tidak nampak kelibat ketua Biro Publisiti DAP itu pun. Yang dapat tengok hanya wajahnya terpampang di dada akhbar.


Penolong ketua Biro Publisiti DAP pula ialah Teo Nie Ching, Ahli Parlimen Serdang (Selangor).

Mengikut desas-desus, Nie Ching akan berpindah ke Johor untuk bertanding mengiringi rakannya Ahli Parlimen Bukit Bendera (Pulau Pinang), iaitu juru strategi DAP Liew Chin Tong, yang diberikan kerusi Parlimen Kluang (Johor) oleh bos mereka Lim Guan Eng.

Ops Todak memang dilancarkan oleh Dinasti Lim dengan panglima-panglima evangelis yang dipercayai Guan Eng telah terpilih untuk mngepalai asakan DAP tersebut.

Sementara itu, kawasan-kawasan yang diamanahkan kepada mereka oleh pengikut-pengikut setia the Rocket tidak terurus. Baru dua hari lepas, seorang pekedai ditembak mati di Serdang.

Gejala kongsi gelap dan kegiatan Ah Long nampaknya sedang berleluasa di kawasan-kawasan DAP.

DAP berciri membinasa. Politik benci yang didokong mereka itu berputik daripada budaya ‘streetfighter’ (samseng jalanan).

Hairan juga kenapa MCA yang membawa mesej membina tetap ditolak mentah-mentah oleh kaum Cina.

MCA tidak mencintai bahasa kebangsaan

Cuba tengok pada cogankata kempen piliharaya parti tersebut. Ada dalam bahasa Cina, bahasa Tamil, bahasa Inggeris tetapi yang versi bahasa Melayu tiada langsung.

Rasa-rasanya MCA tidak berpijak di bumi nyata Malaysia. Entah ke mana jiwa MCA sudah melayang  …

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9 thoughts on “Warga emas, 83, lebam setelah ditumbuk muka oleh perompak di Ipoh

  1. Rolling batu will gather no lumut…

    Uncle Kit loves “golekking” around to avoid the baggage & responsibilities of an elected representative.Squeeze every drop of goodwill & when murmurs of discontent appear, he’d probably take that as a cue to move on. Just like slash & burn farming where conscience takes a backseat.

  2. Just to digress, I just met my friends who are locals from tawau and semporna. They are Bajaus and local suluks some who are from the force. Apparently, the six policemen who were killed in semporna were literally butchered. I don’t have the heart to explain what exactly they did but suffice to say that they are damned pissed off by the peninsula Chinese who said that it was orchestrated. You don’t screw around with sabahans when it comes to honor.

    Even the Chinese there have some adab.

    But thanks to these swines, the rest of the chinese can forget about having a life in these areas and thank you for showing the natives there about your true colors.

  3. I am amazed that you can relate the crime to the carelessness of MP and ADUN. If that’s the case, majority of ADUNs and MPs whether be from govt or opposition is guilty and esp Homes Minister. Base on your posting above, don’t you think so? At least that’s what I think.

    1. No, just because a crime happens in Pekan or Sembrong, I will not say that Najib or Hisham are to be held responsible due to their neglect of that particular victim.

      However I do and will compare the culture of service between DAP and MCA.

      One of our forum topics last month was ‘What are the actual contributions from your wakil?

      Commenter ‘Orangkampung’ who contributed the topic has an Umno rep for DUN and a DAP rep for Parliament in his area. However, he said:

      “It’s really interesting that the MCA man is always available and approachable and helpful and yet will lose out to the DAP in the GE.”

      Have you ever heard of the Broken Window Theory?

      It’s about our own involvement and responsibility for neighbourhood safety. Comparing between the two, MCA is without doubt more service oriented than DAP. In fact, they are mocked by the Dapsters as MCA is Umno’s running dog who are only good as “Adun Jaga Longkang dan Lampu Jalan”.

      Despite the scorn, at the very least the mockery hints that the MCA reps are present on the ground.

      Since I mention Tony Pua as an MP who is seen more often in the media than in his constituency or by his constituents, allow me to compare TP with the MCA candidate whom he beat in PJ Utara in 2008. That would be Chew Mei Fun.

      At one time, Chew was the Wanita MCA chief. She is known to be hardworking and to attend to her constituency.

      The DAP approach, such as the Kit Siang-and-Guan Eng Rolling Stones and how they’ve decided to move Liew Chin Tong – who parachuted into Penang without even knowing how to speak Hokkien – to Kluang after just one term, is a concrete display and example of how the DAP is carrying out its brand of politics.

      Which is a lack of commitment to the constituency and the community they are pledged to serve. Like Subang Jaya is acquiring the reputation as Selangor’s Sampah Sentral (photos here), and for roads full of potholes.

      It also shows the attitude adopted by the DAP supporters who – true to form and typically – give all kinds of excuses for Kit Siang’s lack of service centres throughout his long career as a Wakil Rakyat.

      They clamour they want change. Young blood. Fresh faces. Kick out the same old BN-Umno that has been in power 55 years.

      But at the same time, it’s perfectly fine for them that LKS who is 72 years old contests in Johor. Kit Siang will be 76 by the time the next Parliament term ends. He’s been in politics since before Singapore split from Malaysia, and probably ere dinosaur eggs were hatched.

      The DAP neglect of local matters in their constituencies as contrasted with their hyperactive politicking on the national stage has a much broader implication on the Ubah (change of direction) that the Chinese in Malaysia are electing to follow.

      1. I used to think that a politician will need to serve their constituency well and I personally do not like people jumping their constituency.

        But then, in my opinion, these people are mandated for 5 years to serve that particular constituency. The voters will know that they are there for 5 years only.

        Anything after that, is pretty much depending on the strategy of each party and of-course voters will have the final say who they want to be there.

        If a particular MP or ADUN is moving on, then it means someone who is well able to take care of the constituency is replacing them.

        Put it in a way, I think they left to Johor for a bigger battle which will be defining for Malaysia and trusting that their party people are also able to serve the constituency they left behind well.

        That’s my take.

        1. What you say is fair enough but in the case of Penang, they have a parachute CM.

          There was in 2008 already a DAP state chairman Chow Kon Yeow and in Johor, there is a DAP state chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

          LGE brought to Penang with him Selangor imports like Jeff Ooi and Dr Ramasamy as well as Liew Chin Tong.

          Non-Chinese who grew up in Penang know how to speak Hokkien (Anas Zubedy is one example). Guys like Dr Rama are imports who before 2008 did not have strong ties with Penang. Dr Rama, for example, was a UKM lecturer.

          The point of the matter is that LGE brought his own cabal with him to Penang. Are we saying that home-grown Penangites do not have the calibre/talents or is it that LGE will not allow CKY’s men to rise up (to occupy the Penang MP, Adun and exco positions).

          DAP Johor has got their own set-up too. The deputy chairman of DAP Johor is Norman Fernandez and the vice chairman is Ahmad Ton (how multi-racial). They are Johoreans.

          But again, like what LGE did in Penang in 2008, LKS is doing to Johor in 2013, i.e. bringing in their own faction’s people (altho’ to be fair, I would not consider Teo Nie Ching an outsider to Johor).

          But if it is true that Kula is being seat transferred to Johor, then I see that as DAP’s political expediency trumping the need to put the interest of Johor constituents first.

          Pakatan is giving DAP 7 seats to contest in Johor. Two have already been announced: Gelang Patah for Kit Siang and Kluang for Chin Tong.

          Assuming two more for Kula and Fong Po Kuan, that leaves another 3. Not sure if Nie Ching will be offered Parliament or state.

          Will these 3 seats be given to DAP’s own Johoreans? We shall see the ratio. As I’ve pointed out before, the party CEC is stacked with Guan Eng’s men (and women).

          Those who have been sacked from DAP (like Wee Choo Keong) and those who have fallen out with the party (ex-PKR Nibong Tebal MP Tan Tee Beng) say that DAP is run like the Daddy Anak Party. As a family firm, it puts The Family first, not the voters first.


          1. Thanks for your reply Helen. I guess only time will tell if such strategy will work or backfire. It’s a party strategy to strike while the iron is hot I think.

            I do agree for the fact that preferably, MPs should be locals.

  4. Sdri Helen,

    Sememangnya hairan dengan tindak-tanduk MCA yang seolah mengabai undi Melayu ?. Betul ke MCA ni serius nak mengekalkan BN di Putra Jaya atau ada agenda tersirat disebaliknya?. Sebusuk DAP setidaknya Laman web mereka ada usaha menarik pembaca dan mungkin pengundi Melayu.

    Apa dalam fikiran anda MCA?. Bosan…..

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