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“Let them talk sampai mampuih asal tak physically aggressive”

Question: “If their thoughts are filled with hate and aggression, and their speech is filled with hate and aggression, what makes you think that what they think and what they say won’t eventually translate into what they do?” (by Helen)

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Culture of Violence: 83-year-old woman victim of physical aggression — story here

By Baulu

That’s my wishful thinking I guess.

But we have seen Lahad Datu. Anything possible now. As for the ultrakiasu, I’m more of the opinion that majority of them are only keyboard warriors, a small fraction are the true samseng willing to pick up fights. See how many of them would rather migrate just because their kids cannot do medic at UM?

Should May 13 repeat, our police and army have had good training with a few rounds of Bersih as well as Lahad Datu. Unlike the terrorist Suluk, its easy to differentiate a Chinese from a non-Chinese. Mopping operation should be faster. So, no worries for me.

Either way, if these ultrakiasu Chinese wish to instigate racial tensions, they will lose, along with the rest of the ordinary Chinese. Plus, I have never met any Chinese who brag of how great a warrior their great great grandparents are. Most brag about their holier-than-thou attitude, low class. Heck, who bother about class during fight or righteousness?

It’s just a matter of time. Maybe not this time, but history does repeat after some cycle. The Malay who fight for ketuanan Melayu will be replaced with Malay who will fight for ketuanan Islam. These This new breed does not recognize class-thingy harped by DAP.

Comment by Baulu originally @ 2013/04/02 at 12:47 am


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27 thoughts on ““Let them talk sampai mampuih asal tak physically aggressive”

  1. Ketuanan melayu is ketuanan islam. Dont harp too much on it, cos it has so far only managed to fare the very malay tuans worse off. Do not brag about whupping chinese, it just shows how backwards you are.

    Fine, many chineses are kiasu. But our own weaknesses have not allowed us to compete to the level where our ‘ketuanan’ manifests itself. If we are to be the very muslims we brag about, then the first step is to accept our weaknesses. Work on it. Then when we have real physical, spiritual and material ‘ketuanan’, we play the chivalrous host. That is muslim. That is what islam inspires us to be.

    1. “Ketuanan melayu” is not about master-slave relationship.

      It was dormant at one point, almost forgotten. But some stupid fellas and incidents brought it back in recent years.

      Now, common Malays know there is such a thing about “ketuanan melayu” and the Malay-is-the boss chest-thumping being revived.

      There are a lot of opportunities in it, if you want to interpret legally, for the survival of Islam and Malay. Cuma sekarang, tak tahu siapa taikor ultrakiasu Melayu and the threshold level of patience.

    2. We Malays dont need the Chinese or indians you fool.
      It was Tunku’s weakness and he was held hostage by the British to take in the Chinese migrants. The Chinese and indian labourers have no right to be the citizens of Malaya. Period.

      We must try to undo what Tunku had done. it is not too late.

  2. I don’t think we should encourage aggressive, abusive, manipulative ‘language’ by anyone, with any excuse (not even ‘ketuanan Islam’). It’s saddening that political, racial and religious divide have made a lot of Malaysian to discard their humanistic morality.

    1. This is now the norm of the day in Malaysia. Just go to any Sekolah Menengah you will see the disparity in relationship between various students. The birds of same feathers flock together and rarely they mix after school hours. This is the result of the Chinese and Indian insistence on having their own vernacular schools and by the time they reach secondary education they are lost in their relationship with others. Without the need to throw in abusive and threatening languages that might hurt feeling of others still secretly we all know Malaysia will `kaput` in the next 2-3 generation more….

        1. When i was in Primary School, my class was truly 1Malaysia, but then at that time I was at a Missionary School. And yes our school anthem starts with the words Holy Infant Jesus. We had pendidikan islam for the Malays and Muslims, Bible study for the Christians and Moral studies for the others.

          I’d like to believe that we all turn out better citizens, more tolerant and understanding of the culture of others. These new liberal, ultra-kiasu, bible-thumping evangelists are foreign to me.

          But even now that my former school has turned into sekolah kebangsaan i find the mix to be equivalent to the racial configuration in my area and the main reason the non-malays are still going to the school is the quality of the school, but that’s another topic entirely.

        2. Out of 43 in my class, three were Malays, two Bidayuhs & the rest Chinese. But we sure as hell got along well. In fact one of the Bidayuh & Malay learned Hokkien from us all.

          I recalled when a classmate’s father passed away, the funeral was held at the cathedral across the road from our school. The principal granted us two periods off & permission to attend it. The whole class marched over to pay their last respect & offer their condolences. The Catholics & Christians attended the service in church while the Muslims, Buddhists etc waited outside & accompanied the cortege to the graveyard next to the cathedral.

          You’d think that kids growing up in the 80s – 90s were not exposed to the racial polarization evident today. However, this is only true to a certain extent.

          Every year, an inter school athletics meet is organized. All the schools in the division will send a contingent. For some reason or another, my alma mater’s camp is a stone throw away from the camp of the 4 Chung Hua Middle Schools. And that’s where you see Chinese at their worst. Words like “Hua-Na Kui” & “La-Kia Kui” were a norm whenever they’re beaten.

          Even way back then we had the impression that Chinese medium schools were a breeding ground of racial zealots. Can’t say much has changed in 2 decades.

          Note: Hua-Na Kui & La-Kia Kui are Hokkien terms loosely translated as Malay Ghost & Dayak Ghost if taken literally. However the “Kui” when used in relation to race normally means trouble maker.

          1. The Malay medium schools were OK until the ABIM guy became Education Minister and introduced the penerapan nilai-nilai Islam. Now in most such schools the Ustaz/ustazah are as, if not more, powerful than the Headmaster.

          2. I went to a mission school from standard one to form three. We had a relatively reflective proportion of ethnicity in our classes; Malay, Chinese, Indian and Others all communicated in our common language: Broken English.

            When a Chinese friend lost her father when we were in form three, the school organised a bus and gave a free period off for us to go to her house and pay our last respects to him and offer our condolences to her. I think her mother was quite taken aback at how many of us who came; the accompanying teacher had to organise us to enter the house in batches.

            I think if we take away all the skull duggery prejudices, we all want to love each other and be there for one another. But removing that poisoned barb is still a question for the ages.

        3. I forgot. Who was/ were hell-bent against sekolah wawasan which was proposed not so long ago?

        4. Berapa % pula yang bersifat/berperangai spt Helen drpd 99% itu?

  3. As a Malay and having good knowledge and practice of Islam, the non-muslim and liberal muslim will fare better under ketuanan melayu and BN.

    It is not Islam that is at fault, it is the kind of mumbo-jumbo understanding and practice of Islam as exhibited by PAS that will create a lot of troubles for ordinary folks.

    Imagine, you have the remnants of ketuanan melayu (it’s difficult to change the Constitution maa…) and imposed with the will of ketuanan islam group.

    Like Tuan? said “Ketuanan melayu is ketuanan islam. Dont harp too much on it, cos it has so far only managed to fare the very malay tuans worse off”. It’s a horrible mix.

          1. I chose Keluhuran Perlembagaan for the ketuanan-obsessed because we have the Malay definitions and status and rights in the Perlembagaan.

            Kesopanan Dan Kesusilaan, well if people don’t have those values then please go join the animal kingdom cause you have lost your human values.

            1. re: “we have the Malay definitions and status and rights in the Perlembagaan”

              Then DAP should be asked to explain their evangelista rhetoric of Beyond Race, “looking past race”, rising above the pettiness of race, and race-blind yadda, yadda vis-a-vis the party stand on the Federal Constitution.

  4. I agree that Islamic mumbo jumbo as exhibited by PAS will create a lot of troubles for ordinary folks… The scary part is they have infiltrated and taken over Sekolah Kebangsaan.. and even boarding schools. Is it possible for us to flush them out now? Or have we reached a point of no return?

  5. Apabila ‘Baulu’ kata,

    “Should May 13 repeat, our police and army have had good training with a few rounds of Bersih as well as Lahad Datu. Unlike the terrorist Suluk, its easy to differentiate a Chinese from a non-Chinese. Mopping operation should be faster. So, no worries for me”.

    Kenyataan ‘Baulu’ sebenarnya membimbangkan saya kerana:


    1.Berapa ramaikah orang Melayu yang sama pendiriannya dengan ‘Baulu’?

    2. Benarkah membezakan si Cina dengan bukan Cina terlalu mudah dengan hanya melalui wajah?

    3. Bagaimana dengan seorang Cina-Muslim dan keturunannya yang berwajah ‘cina’ tetapi tidak memakai ‘baju-melayu’, tidak ‘berjubah’ dan tidak ‘berkopiah’ hendak dibezakan?

    Fokus kenyataan ‘Baulu’ seolah-olah terlalu mudah membuat ‘mopping’ sekiranya tercetus api perkauman adalah kurang tepat.

    Harus diingat bahawa terdapat ‘anasir’ luaran berkepentingan yang tentu mahu ‘ambil-bahagian’ maka tidakkah nanti berkemungkinan ulangan sejarah yang diperkatakan ‘Baulu’ bakal mempunyai episod dan drama yang berbeza, lebih buruk dan lebih lama?

    Masyarakat Malaysia hari ini berdepan dengan suasana politik yang amat teruk dengan sikap individu yang sanggup mencabul kesopanan dan akhlak dirinya sendiri hanya kerana terlalu percaya pihaknya benar.

    Sikap mana-mana parti politik yang menuduh parti lain sebagai ‘rasis’ seharusnya dilihat sebagai tuduhan yang serius dan perlu dibuktikan di mahkamah. Keagresifan DAP dalam kempen mereka yang menuduh UMNO sebagai rasis, Hindraf sebagai rasis, Perkasa sebagai rasis seharusnya diambil tindakan undang-undang seawal mungkin.

    Tindakan pemimpin-peminpin dan penyokong-penyokong yang bersifat ganas samada melalui perkataan hasutan, ugutan mahupun tindakan fizikal seharusnya dihentikan oleh pihak berkuasa kerana yang hidup di bumi Malaysia ini bukan mereka sahaja tetapi majoriti rakyat yang cintakan keamanan serta kanak-kanak yang tidak tahu apa….

    Setakat ini kelihatannya tiada apa pun telah dilakukan oleh pihak berkuasa seolah-olah ketiadaan bukti walaupun telah banyak disiarkan melalui media sosial dan media massa aliran utama.

    Adakah ini kerana tiadanya akta ISA?

    Saya mahu bertanya dengan pembaca satu soalan mudah yang tentunya dapat dijawab dengan mudah dan mungkin Helen dapat membantu:

    ‘Apakah pada pendapat anda, selepas melalui 13 Mei, sehingga ke hari ini, faktor utama yang menyebabkan kita semua hidup harmoni tanpa adanya rusuhan antara kaum selama lebih 55 tahun?’

    Sekiranya faktor berkenaan benar, kemanakah perginya faktor berkenaan sekarang ini?

    Saya sedang berfikir…………….!

    1. Alwie, saya tidak setuju dengan setiap idea anda, tetapi anda mengetengahkan soalan-soalan yang amat baik.

      Ini menunjukkan betapa sempit dan dangkalnya pemikiran si Baulu ini.

      Kononnya mudah untuk mopping up 7-8 juta orang. Macamlah takkan ada kesan negatif terhadap ekonomi, atau campurtangan kuasa besar dan UN.

      Kita berada di Laut Cina Selatan dan Selat Melaka. Kita bukannya negara yang tunggal di dunia ini.

      1. AC-DC, you’re a putar-belit menace. When did Baulu ever say “Kononnya mudah untuk mopping up 7-8 juta orang”.

        He was alluding to May 13 troublemakers. Don’t drag the entire Chinese population of Malaysia into the realm of troublemaking.

        You’re really showing the symptoms of Dapsterism. When PAS is criticized, they make as if it is Islam and its 2 billion ummah worldwide who are criticized, instead of it being just their Tok Gurus.

        And now when Baulu criticizes potential May 13 (version 2.0) troublemakers – you know, the ones who make people’s temperature go up by showing the middle finger – you make as if 7.5 million Chinese are all showing our middle fingers and every single Chinese living in Malaysia will be “mopped up”.

  6. God bless you Helen.
    I see and understand your fight and motives.
    You fight for truth.
    That, is an uphill battle.
    Especially braving the chinese side who are kiasu, and braving the malay side who are ‘ketuanan’ mindset. (Pls note that i refer to a subset of each group and i can’t truthfully define the respective percentages) being a chinese yourself.
    Be strong now.
    May we all get to taste the imagined harmony which we see being played on tv everynow and then.

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