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DAP is a Chinese party, period

By now, many dedicated political junkies would have already come across the hand gesture by Hew Kuan Yau, the DAP election publicity chief. The Facebook photo first began circulating in the pro-establishment blogosphere a few days ago.

Hew Kuan Yau Stop The Lies 2013-04-01 20-01-25

Click here to go to Eddy Daud’s blog. He has a cartoon parody on ‘Whose middle finger is bigger?’

Eddy also cautions that there are always consequences to one’s actions. This is his reminder to Dapsters who seem to believe “they can do whatever they like”.

The Chinese audiences, however, keep on cheering their party heroes, including the antics of the DAP election publicity chief pictured above.

Kurang ajar is becoming the norm. Earlier the middle finger had even been shown to the Raja Permaisuri Agong.

When the Chinese are criticized for their behaviour, they immediately turn around and accuse the critic to be a racist. They whinge that they’re are being picked on by everybody for the sole reason that they’re Chinese. “It’s racism”, they cry.

And they whinge some more decrying the tyranny of the majority — the Ketuanan Melayu ultras love to target the Chinese race, according to this Dapster victimhood narrative.

Well, excuse me, but there are those belonging a smaller ethnic minority — I’m talking about Tamil Hindus — who have also had it up to here with the DAP behaviour. Native Sabahans and Sarawakians too are beginning to be sick to death of the DAP’s bullying ways.

So it’s not only the “Umnoputras” who are pissed off.


Few Indian members in DAP

The Indian leaders in the DAP are window dressing just like the Zairil Malays.

According to Penang Deputy Chief Minister (II) P. Ramasamy, “there aren’t even 807 Indian (DAP) members in the few constituencies mentioned by MIC”.

The linked video (click below to view) is uploaded by Penang Buletin, okay. So don’t give any excuses that it’s doctored or circulated by Umno cybertroopers.

MIC Palanivel is a mega liar- YouTube 2013-04-02 22-22-44

Time to call the DAP bluff

P. Waytha Moorthy gave a most illuminating answer to the question “What are your real reasons for going on this [hunger] strike?”

He replied: “To expose the fact that both sides are only interested in the votes but not the problems of the Indian poor. We want to sharpen this view to our supporters too, so that they will not be carried away by the rhetoric.” (See, Hindraf replies to Mariam Mokhtar’s 10 questions‘)

Waytha spent three weeks starving himself in order to expose the venal hypocrisy of the politicians. He did it so that Hindraf supporters can see for themselves the Pakatan politicians as what they are.

Now the six billion ringgit question is why haven’t the MCA, what with the party’s vast resources, done something to enlighten its purported one million members as to the DAP sham.

Star Media Group’s 5.63 million audience

The Star is superb at marketing. And the paper recently won four awards to prove it.

They’ve got young and savvy marketing teams and hip content providers (see photo above).

So the twelve-billion-ringgit question is why, since the Star Media Group is so marketing savvy, that they’ve done practically NOTHING to sell a positive image of the BN?

A Star report ‘GE13: The battle starts in the cyber world‘ on Sunday (March 31) quoted digital culture commentator Niki Cheong as saying:

“It is embarrassing for a senior politician to have, say, only 3,000 followers on Twitter. It gives a perception that you are not relevant.”

Ooops, MCA vice president Gan Ping Siew has 2,300 Twitter followers.

And may you Rust in Peace (RIP)

Gan Ping Sieu, who is also the MCA Kluang Johor division chief yesterday said “the party’s election machinery and workers were all geared up to ensure that the seat remained theirs”.

It’s urm, uh, most reassuring to hear Senator Gan declare that his party election machinery is all geared up. Er, how about that party “election machinery” (read: The Star) of his do a little something to help raise Gan’s social media profile?

The party “election machinery” is in fact very social media savvy in addition to their award-winning prowess in marketing.

Read The Star column ‘GE13: Polls in the age of social media‘ on Monday (April 1). The columnist explains how The Star Online is using the Storify timeline to bring together the social media elements of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram combined for a punchy multimedia presentation.

We already know that The Star reporters are prodigious tweeters. The Star is way ahead of its competitors in the use of social media.

Johor has seen an explosion of young Chinese voters registered. Pro-BN bloggers have claimed that in Gelang Patah, the number of Chinese voters have increased by 30 percent (13,000) while in Tebrau, Chinese voters increased by 49 percent (11,500) since the last GE.

So in Kluang, what’s the quantum of increase in the number of first-time or young Chinese voters, eh? As the Deputy Youth Minister, Gan Ping Sieu should be on the ball in using social media to reach Kluang’s young demography, no?

Who’s helping to kill MCA?

The upshot is that with all the advantage that comes of owning a highly successful media conglomerate, there is really no reason at all for the MCA to be suffering from poor exposure and adverse publicity.

Compare Gan Ping Sieu’s 2,300 Twitter followers to the latest reading on the Twit Meter.


The middle finger shown by the DAP election publicity chief has not been reported in The Star.

It is impossible for any of the DAP ultra Chinamen as well as DAP evangelistas to be given bad press in the MCA-owned paper.

MCA and its media have done nothing to highlight the biadab behaviour of their rival as well as the DAP’s dirty campaign tactics as well as incessant spitting of insults.

MCA has willingly allowed the DAP to define the image of the Chinaman in the eyes of the other races in Malaysia.

MCA’s role as the country’s definitive Chinese party has been effectively taken over by the DAP.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

28 thoughts on “DAP is a Chinese party, period

    1. Maybe DAP brought in komunis Chinese from Singapore. the Chinese Government in Singapore brought in 1 million communist chinese and 1 million Indians.

      Mana pergi NGO Melayu? Kenapa Pemuda UMNO diam? Sudah dibeli oleh Cina singapura ke dengan komisen saham TM?

  1. DAP is a chinese based party and this is a fact but I think CHinese has no problem with this. The same is for UMNO, MIC and MCA.

    The difference is DAP is not subcordinate of other race unlike the MCA who only take order from UMNO rather than protecting Chinese rights. But MCA is worse now compare to their forefather, MCA is only interested in making billion in the expense of Malaysian regardless of race.

    This is why for MCA sake, they must be booted out and given a ‘zero’ report card in coming election in order for them to come back stronger after given a period for the to cleanse themselve.

    1. Malaysian,

      No big deal if DAP intends to proclaim itself a Chinese based party. It is a Chinese based party catering to the interest of Lim dynasty only.

      the problem is that it continues to incite the Chinese (by saying that UMNO meaning Malays are racist. By supporting DAP, Chinese are bringing themselves into colliding with Malays. It is just a matter of time.

      1. UMNO has been telling the Malays that PAS is controlled by DAP and MCA has been telling the Chinese that DAP is controlled by PAS. So isn’t the BN is using the racial and religion factor to bring the Malay and Chinese to go against each other?

        1. Malaysian,

          If that is UMNO’s intention, than it would have done that 50 years ago when it then controlled almost 70% of parliamentary seats.

          May 13 too would be the perfect setting if UMNO had wanted to play dirty. It simply can use the occasion to punish the Chinese. And Tunku would be very harsh to LKY.

          From what I observe. both DAP and PAS use each other.

      1. err..RM5/posting is for newbies. i think he gets more than that since he seems like a seasoned DAP cybertrooper.

    2. This is an interesting post and revealing post.I would say that it really the first time I am seeing a KOMTAR Gestapo agent admitting the DAP’s true sentiments.

      I am interested to know why would you, who calls yourself as Malaysian, concerned about protecting Chinese rights instead of protecting the Malaysian rights? Aren’t you a Firster by definition? Are you admitting that DAP is only concerned about Chinese rights?

      Secondly, you admit that DAP resents being subservient to the majority Malays. This would then logically means that DAP’s intention is to achieve the political dominance by the Chinese over the majority Malays.

      1. well Calvin, they are trying reverse psychology again. as they know fully well, they have lost the Malay votes, so now they have to shout they are fighting for the Chinese. speaking of fighting for the Chinese, what have they done for the Chinese over the past 40, 50 odd years ? other than being street fighters.. oops saliva fighters, dirtying the streets and the minds of the people with their crude and vulgar language, they have contributed nothing to this country.

    3. well maybe not other race but definitely by other parties like PAS or PKR. Nik Aziz said that DAP has accepted the Islamic state. Evidence in Kedah are aplenty. DAP cannot tell PAS to do otherwise.

  2. Someimes, when I read the sopo blogs, especially about how the GE13 will be fought in cyber space, I wonder about the disparity in outlook between the towners and the kampung people.

    I mean seriously, the kampung people that I know, be they Malay or Chinese do not know the Helens and Rockys, and twitter is such a foreign concept. Facebook, they know but mostly for family doings and photos.

    The younger Malay generation is not interested in reading about politics, but if they do come across some juicy tidbits passed around among their group, they will share with the older generation.

    So we have ceramahs, too many to keep track of, and people talk at kedai kopi, kedai runcit and warung and outside the masjids. In my part of Perak, talk is the Chinese are voting for DAP and PAS cause they want to change to a Chinese government. If that’s not racist propaganda by the DAP, i don’t know what it is.

    1. Most of the intelligence reports leaked by people (who claim that they’re in the know) indicate that the rural vote bank is safe in Umno hands. That’s why in my previous posting I wrote that I’m pretty certain Umno – I won’t bother with the pretense of saying BN – is poised to win the GE.

      The danger is the huge disconnect of the delusional urban Chinese (since the majority of the Chinese population is urban) who are so caught up in their own ‘Ubah’ hype that they are blinded to the reality of Malaysia outside their middle-class cocoons.

      Not only do they shout down any challenge or correction to their navel-gazing, they are so vociferously loud that all they’re able to hear are echoes dinging around their Chinese chambers.

      This cultivation of the cult mentality is even more dangerous, and the danger is most especially to the Chinese themselves.

      It is not a form of ‘threat’ when this is pointed out to them. Instead it is a sombre warning. But they go berserk here and go ballistic there when they are cautioned.

      1. Helen, remember what the cult of Mao did to China and the Mainland Chinese during the Cultural Revolution ?

        1. I thought the oppo supporters are not Chinese? They are Malaysian Firsters. Their race is bangsa Anak Malaysia.

          So China history is “irrelevant” (to borrow one of the SABM favourite words as they had once run Project Irrelevant that said the ‘Race’ box in official forms is “irrelevant”).

          1. of course the Malaysian First Deluded Crowd is not wholly Chinese, although the Chinese form the backbone of the Malaysian First Movement.

            I was implying that, if the Chinese here, that include the First Crowd and their vernacular school educated foot soldiers, if they continue with this cult of personality worship thing, they are going to end up like the Mainland Chinese of Mao during the Cultural revolution.

            1. re: “vernacular school educated foot soldiers, if they continue with this cult of personality worship thing”

              I would not confine the DAP 2.0 personality cult to the vernacular school educated alone. The launch of Kee Thuan Chye’s book by LGE recently was organized by the old boys of Penang Free School which was a mission school, not a Chinese school.

          2. but Helen, you cannot deny the fact that most vernacular educated Chinese are intoxicated by the propaganda of the Mission School Boys and Girls.

            1. The nexus that links the two is evangelical Christianity, and now the sole party voice of the Chinese — DAP 2.0.

          3. true, very true. Christianity is the fastest growing religion in the Chinese community. even the vernacular educated Chinese are embracing Christianity with such fervor that makes you wonder, what will the Chinese become.

            that’s why this Malaysian First Fraud is such a threat to the Chinese community, in fact, I venture to say that this Malaysian First Fraud is a much bigger threat to the Chinese community than the Malay Ultras.

            but thanks to cult worship as practiced and propagated by the Anglophiles and the Evangelists, the Chinese failed to notice this. as the saying goes, the biggest threat, the greatest danger, is always internal, from within.

    2. Orang kampung, you speak the truth but how the truth transpires is not what the origin it is when what is right and fair for fellow Malaysians.

      So if DAP can be racist for political endeavor but why make HINDRAF a scapegoat for the issues that they raise for the poorer segment of the Malaysian Indians?

      Sure there are other communities facing similar predicament, but how are we to know this unless it is highlighted? Here it is clearly highlighted for the DEW Indians, so how does it serves as a political will or the people’s will continue to be castigated even when it is the truth defies how genuinely we can be truly Malaysian without a root trace for just and fairness to prevail.

      1. My take is, between the Malays and the Indians, it is easier for the DAPsters to use the Indian group as the scapegoat, you know less representation, less noise.

        They’ve tried a few times with the Malays and the Malays created a ruckus and tried to turn the table back on the DAPsters, so they chose a smaller, easier prey.

        But the irony is, the Malays as the majority group are playing a minority role whilst the Chinese as a minority group are behaving like the majority unless when it suits them to play the minority role. What I’m trying to say in a round about way is that I don’t trust the DAPsters and if the DAPsters continue to be the LOUDEST representation of the Chinese voice, then soon it will follow that I’m not gonna trust the Chinese too.

        Najib has announced the dissolution of Parliament, gonna be an interesting period ahead. I’m expecting louder noises, more disturbing visuals, more distracting stories, when actually what I want to hear is more relevant plans of actions. Well, let the madness begin.

  3. this is a comment taken from Rocky’s blog regarding the Middle Finger. this one guy by the name of Kenny commented :

    LIM GUAN ENG pandai cakap MENGARUT,
    Boleh lawan sini sana tak TAKUT,
    Bila TENG CHANG YEOW cabar dia nak MENGELUT,
    Tapi mengelut macam seorang si BADUT.

    Kini LIM GUAN ENG nangis bagai diTIPU,
    Nangis bagai ditipu main DADU,
    Kalau takut kenapa cabar DAHULU?,
    Sekarang bola mengecut tertinggal BULU.

    Siapakah badut ini bernama Hew Kuan YAU?,
    Nama ini macam kutu sesat yang MERAYAU,
    Kalau lu tak cakap mana saya TAU?,
    Tapi rupa dia memang macam BANGAU.

    Saya terkejut tengok bangau ini ada JARI,
    Jari bangau ini suka tunjuk sana dan SINI,
    Bahkan juga bangau ini suka makan BABI,
    Inilah tanda Komunis kalau ditadbir suatu hari.

    Cina ingat DAP boleh tolong kaum CINA,
    Kenapa Cina bodoh sangat boleh ditipu JENAKA?,
    DAP tak berupaya nak majukan apa-APA,
    Mari sokonglah MCA yang lebih BERGUNA.

  4. Class personified if we take the High Priestess of SJ words.

    BTW, did you read Star’s few page spread on MCA’s report card today? 4 years & a bit too late I’d say.

    1. The Dapsters will say that the Reuters reporter is paid by Umno to spin that DAP is an “ethnic Chinese” party.

      These Dapsters do not see that the party membership and supporters are “Chinese” (taboo word). They see DAP members as multiracial “Malaysians” first and Malaysian ONLY. Nothing else but M-A-L-A-Y-S-I-A-N — Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

      How come The Star is still disinterested to do the Anak Bangsa Malaysia birth certificate story?

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