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Middle Finger — DAP message to the MCA

Recall how the Chief Minister of Penang had recently lectured on the sanctity of his office:

“On a personal level, Lim Guan Eng can forgive you but as the chief minister, he will not forgive the Penang Club. You can take liberties with Lim Guan Eng because I am an ordinary citizen but when you take liberties with the post of the chief minister, I have the right to defend my office, because my office has the mandate of the people of Penang and I represent them.”

(‘Penang CM: Don’t take liberties with my post’,
Malaysiakini, 25 March 2013)


Spit of the ultra Chinaman

Whatever your opinion of Najib Razak personally, his office nonetheless has the mandate of the rakyat. In the same vein of Guan Eng’s argument, Najib as the office holder represents all of us who are Malaysians.

The DAP supporters, though, are unable to even bring themselves to properly mention our Prime Minister by the name that his parents gave him. Instead, every time they refer to Najib, they will spit out the word “naj**” — the nickname that they choose to call him.

When Tunku Aziz left the DAP, his parting shot was that there is no other word to describe the DAP sec-gen other than “biadab”. The same goes for the Tokong’s cult members.

Malays have had enough of DAP — Najib – BorneoPost Online

Kurang ajar

Stop the Lies, the blog that broke the Middle Finger story is correct to title its expose “a real kurang ajar DAP leader“.

Now get this — Lim Guan Eng nominated his bird-of-a-feather colleague to contest in Labis, the seat previously held by the MCA president in Johor, and currently represented by Chua Jr.

Guan Eng is sending the Middle Finger Man as the DAP herald to the home turf of the MCA president.

And do not forget that Hew Kuan Yau is indeed a popular speaker in the ceramah circuit. Hew is an earthy Mat Sabu-type hit with the Chinese crowd.

Guan Eng offers 'Superman' Labis parliamentary seat

Two black eyes for Panda 

Chua Soi Lek officially launched the MCA panda mascot yesterday.

And you can see the party election slogan today on the MCA website. Its ‘Choose Stability’ banner is in Chinese, Tamil and English. Where does MCA think it is actually located? In Beijing, Chennai or London?

The working class Hindu Indians might abstain from voting in GE13. However DAP is predicted to get the middle-class Indian vote.

What do you think the pro-establishment Malay electorate in Johor will do? (ref. Pecah undi Melayu: Berjasa lwn MCA, Perkasa lwn Gerakan‘)


DAP’s destructive streak

Hew Kuan Yau showing his middle finger at a billboard of the Prime Minister is a piece of news that the MCA should have taken advantage of.

The DAP election publicity chief is gesturing at the 1Malaysia billboard that says “Sedang mereka menghina, kami membina”. Hew is inadvertently providing a picture that speaks a thousand words.

Google however did not turn up any search results with regard to this story in the Star Online (more screenshots here and here on other key words since The Star sometimes misspells people’s names).

Hew Kuan Yau Google Search 2013-04-03 09-27-09


DAP labels opponents “low class”

According to yesterday’s NST, the now infamous photo was uploaded by the DAP election publicity chief to his Facebook on March 28. That’s exactly one week ago.

The NST report also quoted our friend Fakin’ Fake Calvin as remarking: “So Hew Kuan Yau, a leader in a party that brands their opponents as low class is actually what class? Or does he even has class at all?”

An Utusan headline two days ago said, ‘Pemimpin DAP bangga tunjuk isyarat lucah?

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17

Gunting dalam Lipatan

Why did The Star black out the DAP-middle-finger news?

Why does The Star slag Utusan as a paper that prints “outrageous lies”? (see screenshot above of Star Editor tweet)

Not only is “Bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star” but the MCA-owned newspaper slags off Utusan as a paper that prints “outrageous lies”.

What kind of readership does The Star cater to?

How not to let you eat egg when you've ordered it

Kee Thuan Chye is a former Star editor. He comments that MCA “has no balls in standing up to Umno”.

Kee’s comment (reproduced above) had originally appeared three days ago in Malaysiakini. How many of the Star editors and reporters share his opinion? 85 percent?


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16 thoughts on “Middle Finger — DAP message to the MCA

  1. On a personal level, Najib Razak can forgive you but as the prime minister, he will not forgive the thuggish and rude behaviour of some political zealots. You can take liberties with Najib Razak because I am an ordinary citizen but when you take liberties with the post of the prime minister, I have the right to defend my office, because my office has the mandate of the people of Malaysia and I represent them.

    Btw, I didn’t know political parties are males. What balls are Kee referring to?

  2. hi Kak Helen, parliament has been dissolved today. so my only advice including to myself is be wise in choosing our MPs and ADUNs and also Government. I copied this link of entry from AmenoWorld;

    Ustaz Hashim from PAS who involved in AP controversy (apparently the AP was used by his son to purchase a luxury car) has announced that he will be not contesting in this coming GE. A very good move. I hope UMNO especially (yerlah, because my MP is likely from UMNO) will drop anyone who is deadwood (quoted from Tun Daim) and become liability to the party and coalition. I don’t know other parties, but as a non-partisan I strongly urge every reader here please vote for a candidate who NOT ONLY CAN SERVE the constituency but also can be A SMART, GOOD, HARDWORKING, DELIVERING Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Chairman of the GLCs etc etc to the NATION and COUNTRY as whole.

    Some MPs and ADUNs are very good, serve well his people at his/her area but not good enough to become a Minister/Deputy Minister and whatsoever at NATIONAL LEVEL. This is very HUGE DILEMMA. Because I give example, Nazri Aziz…he probably is damn good that his people keep voting him in Padang Rengas. Whatever the people have problem he always solve. But at national level, he’s not really liked by Malaysian, for countless reasons.

    Same goes to Hishamuddin Keris, he maybe excel at his job as MP for his constituent but HE is VERY SUCK at his job as Home Minister. What he can do is giving countless warning….and being laugh stock.

    Deputy Minister for Health Minister is Dato’ Rosnah Shirlin. To be honest, I don’t think she suits to be Deputy Minister of Health Minister given that she is unable to manage her own weight. I already commented on this issue on other blogs previously. But will do again here *o*. No offense to other chubby, plump, fat, fleshy ladies out there but she is Deputy Minister. And I could’t stop laughing when I read her statement on obesity or diabetes issue on newspaper. Does she have the authority to speak on that? pfttt…

    Rais Yatim? He should resign and spend his old day peacefully with his grandchildren. We are now in IT age but I don’t know what he’s been doing. Full of sing, dance programmes only. No constructive development programmes for so called art and culture.

    Shahrizad? How come she can manage a ministry if she didn’t know what’s going on in her own kandang lembu?

    These bad apples give bad name to UMNO and BN. I don’t know other coalition parties, but CLS has once quit admitting his scandal. That was so honourable action and should be an example to other Malay Muslim leaders.

    Who else? So many laaahhh from BN if I wanna list down.
    So, my fellow readers…please think not only from your view as people at your constituent. Think macro…national level. For example, if I vote this fellow, he/she would be appointed as minister of certain ministry. Is she/he fits the position? Can she/he be a smart minister that benefit many people and not only the crony?

    Think 1000 times! For Muslims, it’s even better we perform solat istikharah to ask Allah decide who is the best for the constituency and also for the nation and country.

    1. It is so unfortunate that I don’t vote back at home in Taiping. I’ll definitely NOT CHOOSE DAP no matter how good they are.

      But for ADUN Gombak where I am registered, I’m still in a dilemma. Although for MP, it will definitely not for pro pluralism pro lgbt team.

      I have a niggling feeling that I just can’t accept what they did to Hassan Ali. So, that might just be the sole reason for me not to vote PAS. Walaupun UMNO boleh menang pacak bendera, yang menang pasti PAS di ADUN Gombak.

    2. Sharizat already annou ced she won’t contest. Speaking of deadwood, if Malaysian voters to follow your advice, 90% oppo will be voted out.

    3. Apa susah? Kalau tak cukup level MP berbanding calon lawan, undi rosak atau undi parti lawan-lah. Prinsip demokrasi katakan. Sepatutnya yang tak ada kaliber MP simpan untuk DUN aje.

      Satu orang ada 2 undi, undi Parlimen dan undi DUN, bukan gitu?

    4. Indeed +1. Najib should realize that if he wants to win over the people, he needs to choose the reps that the people likes, that are clean, that are not dodgy. If you start putting on old horses with lots of scandals behind them, it would be another disaster

  3. Dear Kak Helen,

    If the UMNO’s win the election with the big mandate, I am scared that all of the above pics will be thrown to the jails. The reason why because of Malay are really hate the arrogant Chinese DAP and the Star chief editor.

    1. Nahhh…… Umno don’t keep grudges over personal stuffs like that coz they do that too from time to time as well.

      The only “jail” I can think of, is like Helen’s blogsphere. Where the other inmates like us make them our punching bags.

      1. Please think about this, okay.

        My blogs is one of the ones where we track the DAP SuperCyber Bullying.

        But blogs have a limited reach and as an independent blog admin with no resources or support structure, I have to take the vicious Dapster blows all on my own (altho the readership here does provide a ‘force field’ shield of sorts).

        If BN was as powerful in the propaganda dept as the Pakatan followers insist, then the readers here would actually have the opportunity of a wider platform for their discussions hosted in the mainstream media.

        Meaning kalau BN kononnya are in total control of MSM, the multimedia empire owned by MCA would naturally be the best agent to defend victims of the DAP SuperCyber Bullies.

        Or if the ordinary netizen wanted to complain about DAP SuperCyber Bullying, then The Star would be the most natural outlet to air their grievances.

        Is this the case?

        A lot of Malays I’ve come across feel that DAP supporters are Malay-bashing and Islam-bashing. But these DAP supporters and their DAP idols and icons are instead the media ‘celebrities’ manufactured by The Star.

  4. Look at our Gunting spins the news on LGE vs Teng. When LGE chickened out of Teng’s challenge, the NST reported that with headline “Guan Eng Biggest Joke of GE13”. But Gunting was apologetic and reported as “LGE is tired of Teng’s political games”. I sometimes get confused if I am reading the Star or the Rocket.

  5. BTW the Seer of Subang Jaya has declared (via her Twitter of course) that ““From prison to 3rd April 2013, Anwar Ibrahim is one step closer to becoming our new PM.”.

  6. that fat ass muthafucka is not a batman. please do not wear batman tshirt. u should wear pigman shirt.

    1. Please don’t insult a pig that way. Even a pig is worth more than this “high class” wannabe masquerading as a superhero.

  7. BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties show the Opposition the 10 fingers !!

  8. helen weh,

    lu boh liang sim eh? cheng hoo thau teng kaliau boh eiong eh lang kaliau lu pun ai phor.

    soi lek khia thau, lu bat soi lek boh? sia soi tenglang, sia soi ma hua.

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