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  1. The good and bad (depending which side you are on) Mr Lim Kit Siang will live up to a 100 years to be the Emeritus President of Singapore (2040).

    Not because of the good doctors (they are all the same through the ages) but the good medicines. Vide. The Singapore Government’s White Paper on Population. Singapore Indigenous Population in 2040 is 30 %.

    Hidup ! Hidup ! Hidup ! The BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties. It is time to regain what was taken away from you unjustly !

    1. re: ” live up to a 100 years to be the Emeritus President of Singapore (2040)”


  2. As I scrolled down the post, I expected it to stop at Gelang Patah. That you continued right on to Singapore is just creatively hilarious.


  3. All Malaysians especially the Malaysian Chinese. Show your 10 FINGERS TO THE OPPOSITION in full support of the BN as led by the UMNO with the 14 component parties !! 100% !!!

    1. So did I. LOL. Guess Helen doesn’t believe in the next apocalypse predicted around 2018. That’s the only way to kill dinosaurs.

  4. Helen, hari ni punya the star byk jugak puji MCA.. U ada baca tak paper hari ni?

  5. Last pic with shades on looks so handsome, like my fav. singer, S. Jibeng. WTF LKS think he is? He aint no Deng Xiaopeng. His days is numbered for Gelang Patah will be his last stop & Tun M will ensure that.

  6. Were you somewhat implying that uDap harbor the interest of merging Singapore with Malaysia or Singapore ‘swallowing’ Malaysia?

  7. Can I be critical here? if we look on dynasty here, actually the same thing happens to BN. Najib Tun Razak eventhough decades after his late father tenure, but still. Sort of inherited from allahyarham Tun Abdul Razak. His cousin is Hishamuddin Keris, Home Minister. Son of allahyarham Tun Hussien Onn. Mukhriz is said to become Kedah’s MB if BN wins the state. What about KJ and his father in law, Tun Abdullah? But why people don’t see this as part of dynasty and only point finger to Anwar’s family and LGE’s clan. At world level, we see Bush and Kennedy’s family in various government positions.

    if we trace back, if not most but many influential and powerful figures in BN especially UMNO, second MCA is filled by previous leaders’ offsprings and relatives. MIC maybe not very successful in this matter.

    i’m not changing tune or direction but it made me wonder. we can make a long list again on this topic, same like what I commented about choosing our representative wisely.

    Saya rasa patah hati hendak mengundi. Bye.

    1. Tuan Puteri..apa yang menjadi bahan jenaka diatas adalah lebih merujuk kepada kerusi Yang Berkhidmat untuk rakyat yang telah dan akan diduduki oleh LKS. Sampai bila rakyat hendak dibodohkan dengan pemimpin yang terlompat ke sana sini tiada halatuju yang hanya mementingkan matlamat peribadi. Kalau anda patah hati, bawalah diri ke Gelang Patah.

      Memang terbaik la lawak Helen.


    2. Of course you can be critical but pikir la sikit Tuan Puteri, where got party like PKR one lah. The supreme leader is unelected, the wife is a puppet president, the mistress’ husband is the deputy president and the daughter is the vice president. This is not a dynasty but Keluarga 69.

    3. Najib contested after his father died. Hishamuddin contested after his father died, so was his father before him. Mukhriz contested after his father retired. KJ contested and won, but Badawi ungracefully shown the exit. Family members holding senior post in UMNO cannot co-exist.

      Same cannot be said with PKR, DAP, and PAS.

    4. Betul la.. apa Lim Tat, Koh Neck Khuat dll ckp tu pun x leh fikir, apa punya pricess da…..

  8. puteri melayu, the “obvious” different of dynasty between in BN n PR is, during late Tun Razak, his son (now DS Najib) not in the parliment n DUN. During late Tun Hussein his son (now D Hishamuddin) not in parliment n DUN. During Tun Mahathir , he prohibited his son (now D Mukhriz) eveb entering the party hierarchy apatah lagi Parliment n DUN… Tun Abdullah special case, only during his reign so suddenly KJ raise up n now ???

    PR otherwise, in DAP , there are Lim dynasty n Singh dynasty, LKS with his son n daughter in law together in Parliment n DUN, also same with Karpal family… PKR, u know already, father, mother n daughter (not to include best friends forever) ruling the party n also involve in DUN n parliment.. PAS otherwise maybe U. Nik Aziz n His son Nik Abduh influence not to strong n important anymore becoz PAS have been infected with Anwarinas..

  9. I tergelak betul tengok post ni. Cik Helen ni funny jugak ye….

    I wonder, anak LKS, LGE masa tahun 2026, di mana ek?

  10. Ironically Lim Kit Siang is the ultimate manifestation of Dulu, Kini dan Selamanya, you cant think of any DAP leader unless it Kapal Sink, Kit Siang or Tokong.

    1. Forrestcat

      Lately I often become restless. i have been trying to recall Kit Siang’s contribution (if there is any). Unfortunately how hard I tried, I can’t think of any..

      Kit Siang has been there for almost 50 years from the days of Tunku. Malaysia witnesses the change of leadership 5 times then.

      And surprise ,surprise. I just realised that 10 Yang diPertuan Agung appointed and then left office. But Kit Siang is still there. He was there in 1964 and I was not born yet.

      Now my daughter is taking SPM. And yes. Kit Siang never calls it a day. Now what a record. Kit siang has the habit of preaching to others. He preaches about democracy when everyone including himself realises how “dynastic” DAP is.

      He talks a lot about change. Yet he is the manifestation of “dinosour” in truest sense. He preaches to others (especially UMNO) on “competency”, but DAP fails a simple math standard when it comes to DAP internal election.

      Yup. that is Kit Siang. One and only.

    1. DAP confirmed Liew Chin Tong.

      MCA weighing between the Deputy Youth Minister and the Deputy Higher Education Minister.

      Your two options are like a choice between having a root canal or having your wisdom tooth extracted without anesthesia.

        1. If like Rakesh you were a Kluang voter and had a choice between DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong and MCA’s two Deputy Ministers (either Gan Ping Sieu or Hou Kok Chung), which option would be less painful?

            1. Can you make any guesses as to which way certain voter segments will go? I’m curious about the young, first-time Malay voters in the urban areas.

              I’m also curious as to how Johor Chinese will vote. I’ve been informed that they’re a bit different. I know that Penang Chinese are different (especially those that live on that small island).

              Kelantan Chinese are different too. But without a doubt, DAP has got the Kinta and Klang Valley Chinese in the palm of their hands and the Penang Chinese drinking from their Holy Water fountain.

              My hunch as well as what I’ve heard is that young Johor Chinese will be anti-establishment. Malays?

          1. Helen,

            Actually there’s a big silent group of voters that may not come out to vote because they’ve grown tired of BN’s excesses and will not vote for BN, but they also do not want to vote for PR because they do not want Anwar to be the PM and some of them despise DAP and/or PAS. This group of voters are looking for a viable alternative party to kick out BN, but they are smart enough to see that PR is not the kind of 2nd party they are hoping to better govern the country.

            I have a feeling that you belong to this group, ya?

          2. It’s no easy to guess how the young urban Malay voters (age less than 30 yrs) will vote. But I can guess that 95% of them will not vote for DAP. The 5% could be those Malay Bangsarians firsters.

            The split in Malay votes, in general, will be between UMNO and PAS. This is more apparent in the rural areas, except in Johore (I’m from Johore). PAS has not been able to spread its influence in Johore because Johorean Malays are different than those from Kelantan or Kedah. They are also as religious as their kind in Kelantan, but they are more pragmatic in issues relating to Islam and in their daily religious affairs.

            Actually the worry for BN is that Malay voters may vote for PAS if BN fields an MCA candidate. BN can count on Malay voters to vote for BN if their opposition is from DAP or PKR. In a duel between PAS and BN UMNO, BN might lose in Kelantan but not in other states.

            So, we shall see now good my guess is when GE13 is over.

  11. LKS of 1999 resembles Anwar of 2013….very sakit looking…like he dunno what just hit him. Wondering whether he was elected that year? Maybe he did.

    1. The Years:Constituencies listed were where he contested. However, he did not win in all the elections. He lost in 1999.

      The photos are approximates to the age. Not all of them are dated, so I couldn’t make perfect matches.

    1. Some politicians can live forever. Like cats, pollies have 9 lives.

      Dr M is so awet muda I’m beginning to be convinced he will still be a newsmaker in 2067.

  12. Circa 2040, final stop for LKS, Fu Xing Gong a.k.a. Snake Temple, Penang as God of Forked Tongues.

  13. takpe, dia lama pun duduk kat bawah saje. apa pun tak boleh buat. tak macam mahathir, lama-lama duduk atas macam-macam dia dah buat

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