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Karpal Singh steps into Twitterjaya today

Karpal Singh today got himself a Twitter account as well as an official Facebook. Karpal is one year older than Kit Siang.

KarpalSingh (KarpalSinghDAP) on Twitter 2013-04-04 20-21-05

Karpal is following 24 Twitter accounts. These are mostly the DAP Dirty (two) Dozen, including the rest of the top of the opposition twits.

The first three that Karpal signed up to follow were the Twitter of the DAP, of his son Gobind and of Kit Siang.

First and foremost, loyalty to the party.

It’s sweet that the lion cub has been put second in papa’s pecking order.

Kit Siang coming third bespeaks of the duo’s long, long comradeship through thick and thin.

KarpalSingh (KarpalSinghDAP) on Twitter 2013-04-04 20-28-49

Lion King

I took the screenshot above just some minutes ago (102 followers in the topmost frame and 125 followers in the following frame). Upon refreshing Karpal’s Twitter page now, I see that the DAP chairman has increased his following to 241, i.e. doubling his number of fans in the time I take to type a few paragraphs.

Who wants to bet that Karpal will overtake the MCA Young Gan’s 2,309 Twitter following in – I give it max – 48 hours, if not less.

Senator Gan Ping Sieu is the Deputy Youth Minister. Takkanlah YB Gan rela dirinya untuk diatasi seorang septuagenarian (berusia 70an tahun) yang baru sahaja hari ini menjejak kaki ke alam siber?

No doubt about it. DAP are the kings of cyberspace.

Sitting in Jurassic Park

Gan Ping Sieu (ganpingsieu) on Twitter 2013-04-04 20-48-26

Mungkin kali ini The Star cermat sikit

dan tak buat promo gila gaban bagi wakil-wakil parti kesayangan mereka.

The Twitter handle @TheStarEC belongs to ‘Star Editor’s Choice’.

Star Editor’s Choice is the admin voice for the tablet medium of The Star.

The Star is the foremost media in the mobile format (Apple iPad and Android) and in employing apps. The paper’s digital version is handled by a young team that recently bagged three Gold Medal awards for best marketing.

The Star is “Malaysia’s #1 English daily” (the claim it makes for itself) because the paper – like the DAP – takes care to keep abreast of ICT.

Twitter TheStarEC okm star

The Star gives birth to Twitter stars

“Yup @imokman [Ong Kian Ming]’s a star!” — tweeted The Star Editor with overbrimming enthusiasm.

The Star gave Ong Kian Ming five hours of airtime in a single appearance on the newspaper’s Twitter show in July last year.

Ong is the DAP election strategist. Even when he was invited by The Star to star on their show, his political ambition and participation were no secret.

OKM enterpolitics

See screenshot of his tweet above — he plainly admitted “YES” in capital letter when asked if he planned to run for political office.

And boy was The Star was over the moon to hear the news.

The Star Editor tweeted “show of hands for those who’d vote for [OKM] ! ;)

For the dinosaurs unfamiliar with emoticons, ;) indicates oooooh, so thrilled and happy.


How to become a Twitter star?

Well, there’s the bare-faced promotion. It does sure help a lot when a multimedia conglomerate with an audience of [you know the figure by now, right] million goes all out on a publicity blitz for you.


Press to put your name out there

Ong Kian Ming gives another hot tip on how to raise a pollie’s public profile:

“Get quoted in the press often to get your name out there”.

And sure enough, The Jerusubang Star bends over to oblige by often quoting the DAP 2.0 evangelista pollies’ names.

OKM press savvy

Hannah Yeoh

Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day
Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day

While The Star today may be overtly more careful in not going overboard like they did in their Jerusubang cultism orgy, but nonetheless they covertly still do things likeThe Star promoting anti-BN twits who mock Najib‘.

As well as spinning for Guan Eng in the brinksmanship recently with BN Penang chief Teng Chang Yeow. Reporting on the same story,

See the vast difference!


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

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    1. KS will hit 300 in another 10-15 minutes or so (despite the hour being midnight).

      Methinks you should also be charitable and go boost GPS’s numbers by one lah. Dapat pahala budi.

      1. Wah lau wei…. Last tweet 22 hours ago… I just did a charitable thing by being his 2310th follower… Hmmm, maybe can buy that number at the lottery a’ah? Dapat pahala nasib kot?

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