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One newspaper’s freedom fighter is another paper’s gorilla

By Fakin’ Fake Calvin

If you insult me, you’re being racist/uncouth/kurang ajar/biadap/*. If I’m the one doing the insulting, I’m practising my freedom of speech.

* delete whichever not applicable

The Star promoted a Twitter timeline that uploaded mocking photos of the PM and scornful comments that said "ugly face"
The Star promoted a Twitter timeline that uploaded mocking photos of the PM and scornful comments that said “ugly face”

If evidence surfaces with regards to the wrongdoing of PR leaders, it is a conspiracy. If evidence, dodgy as it may be, surfaces with regards to the wrongdoing of BN leaders, it is the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth so even God can’t help you.

If BN disburse aid to the people, it is called a bribe. If PR do the same, it is called… well, aid.

If PR defects to BN, you ask how much money was thrown. If BN defects to PR, you say it is the act of a principled person.

If there’s a difference of 2+ billion before a PR project, you blame it on a typo. If there’s a difference, whatever the amount after a BN project (taking into account price variations, incidentals etc), it is corruption.

BN is made up of component parties to cater to the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Bumiputera Sabah & Sarawak, yet they don’t pretend otherwise.

PR is made up of a party manipulating Islam, a party of political rejects with the sole aim of putting a serial adulterer, bugger & liar into the chair of the PM & the piéce de rèsistance – a Malaysian Malaysia party promoting equal rights that is made up of Chinese, speaks Chinese, fights for all things Chinese, swears like a drunken Chinese & preach of Christian love…

Twitter bongkersz Sounds good, acceptable
The Star promotes @bongkersz who tweets his endorsement of PAS strategist Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad’s election sales pitch

As for “short term pain for long term gain”? Try putting it the other way round idiot.

Mun anok kitak bodo kelak manas. Madah sikda skolah, sik juak. Otak nok ada ya mun sik pakei pun sik kitak dapat juak nya second hand kat sapa sapa. Molah malu orang Sarawak jak. Nie ndak orang Malaya semua suka jak nipu orang kedak kawu ya.

FF Calvin’s comment originally @ 2013/04/04 at 8:25 am


For the anti-Najib photos and posters tweeted by The Star‘s favoured personality, see ‘The Star promoting anti-BN twits who mock Najib


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45 thoughts on “One newspaper’s freedom fighter is another paper’s gorilla

  1. PR = High Society Party. requirements to join PR ?

    must be Christian, okay the Heathens will be allowed to join the party, when there is a need to fish for votes from the low class, downtrodden masses.

    must be Anglophile, the official language of High Society People is English. Malay, Tamil, Mandarin etc, what are these languages ? no English, no entry……..whatever that means, we must ask PR, specifically from The Butt Man.

    must be ready to shout Malaysian First, Everything Last. if you don’t identify yourself as Malaysian First, then you are marked as racist.

    preferably involved in Big Business, specifically property development. after all, a certain component of PR is called a Developers’ Associates Party.

    there are other requirements. readers can add their own list. then maybe our landlady Helen will compile it into a reader’s introduction to “High Society” a la PR.

    1. re: “must be ready to shout Malaysian First”

      What is the DAP’s understanding of the phrase since the root word is ‘Malay’-sian?

      When Dapsters shout “Malaysian First”, do they ever rujuk dan runding dengan orang ma-lai first as to what it is they’re shouting about?

      1. the party has a crooked understanding of Malaysian First. its obvious that their command of the national language is abysmal. when we point out, as you did, the root word is “Malay”, the first thing we hear from them is “you racist ! you racist !.

        as for negotiating with the Malays, they will say “Malay who ?”. such is their perversity that they must have reinterpreted the meaning of the word “Malay”. as for their reinterpretation of the word “Malay”, we must first invite a Malaysian First man or woman to explain it to us.

        many words, their meaning, have been reinterpreted over the years. one such word is “gay”. the word used to connote “happy” but the modern day meaning is ………………

        so Helen, we must invite a Malaysian First Citizen to explain to us what the word “Malay” means. Otherwise, they will label us yet again as racist.

        1. LOL.

          All the time I’ve been under the impression that you were a Malay guy. So now you’re telling me that you’re not allowed nor qualified to interpret the word ‘Malay’ but that its meaning is determined by the Firsters?

          Aiyah, Article 160 of the FedCon defines ‘Malay’ what:

          (a) “professes the religion of Islam”
          (b) “habitually speaks the Malay language”
          (c) “conforms to Malay custom”
          (d) place of birth (Malaya/S’pore before 1957) requirements

          So the best example of a Malaysian First according to (a), (b), (c) is Ridhuan Tee lah. Yet he’s the Firsters most hated figure.

          1. that’s why I said the Malaysian First Crowd has a crooked understanding of “Malaysian First”. Black becomes white, white becomes black.

            as for RT, I agree. He is the perfect specimen of Malaysian First. Him becoming the Malaysian First Crowd’s most hated figure is not a surprise, as far as I m concerned. That’s because RT got there first in becoming Malaysian First. He crossed the finishing line first.

            RT reminds the later day Malaysian First Crooks that he got there first and therefore the later day Malaysian First Crooks, if they are really Malaysian First, they must follow his example. Naturally, the later day Malaysian First Crooks, they have no other choice but to vilified him as a turncoat, a phony Malaysian First.

            Helen, its all about who got there First. RT got there First. So this Malaysian First thing we’re hearing today, its a reinterpreted version of the RT version.

            countless other Malaysians, including Malays, Chinese and Indians, when we come out to defend the federal constitution in its entirety, we have been bombarded by the present day Malaysian First Crooks as a bunch of racists that must be eradicated from the face of Malaysia.

            gotta go now. Just got a call from the office. We shall continue at a later date.

  2. I notice the inconvenient dichotomies of right/wrong or true/false doesn’t seem to concern you at all. You’re just MCA, MCA, MCA like that’s your whole reason for existence. Well, one day you will be dead. I hope MCA is worth your existence.

    1. ah here it is. a Malaysian First Citizen. see Helen. now you can ask him, this Sunny fella, what Malaysian First really is. I believe this Sunny fella will obliged.

    2. Similarly, your kind don’t seem to give a shit about the steady dose of lies fed to you by PR. How deluded can you get when you claim “short term pain” = all the goodies offered by the orange book which in turn will lead to “long term gain”? Seriously, pray tell what long term gain are we looking at coz I really couldn’t see it with an artificially boosted economy which will lead to higher inflation & cost passed on to the bottom of the pyramid – to you & me.

      As for one day mortality claims each & everyone of us; you should remind those leading the opposition that. When you have 70 & 80 somethings contesting the election instead of giving way you’d think they believed that they’ll go on forever. Let’s hope all that cussing, blatant lies, false accusations, manipulations, self righteousness & middle finger is worth their existence when the face their ultimate judgment before the Creator or when they’re reincarnated whichever tickles their faith fancy.

      1. A few examples: Get that Cow Woman’s family to return the rakyat’s RM250 million and that’ll pay for quite a lot of PTPTN scholars. And not to mention BN spent RM36m in just one month to advertise itself (see Maybank IB Research). And all that hundreds of millions paid to spin doctors APCO, FBC and that Joshua Trevino. That’ll help pay for cheaper cars. And if UMNO were telling the truth, it wouldn’t need to fund a massively money losing media monopoly to keep trumpeting its ‘truths’.

        1. You seriously wanna talk about cheaper cars? Check out the conversation johnnymalaya, ihaten’sync & me had a couple of months back.

          As for advertising, ask yourself how much PR ploughed into cyberspace misinformation through the supposedly “free media” that it espouses. So much so that even when clarified by the jeweller concerned, no retraction was made about Rosmah’s supposed 20+million ring purchase. That’s just one case mind you.

          Wanna talk about hypocrisy? Mr Superman wannabe points middle fingers & swears like a sailor is considered acceptable. Anyone remotely against PR does that would be subject to condemnation.

          As for NFC, did Rafizi expose the case? He seems to think so. As far as I could remember, the issue was revealed in the Auditor General report.

          I could go on & on but I won’t as I would wanna waste MBs on someone who wears a rose tinted glass.

          Short term pain for long term gain? Humbug!!!

          1. re: “how much PR ploughed into cyberspace misinformation through the supposedly ‘free media’ that it espouses”

            Talking about funding propaganda, who is funding TMI, MC and who funded The Nut Graph? Unlike MK, these three portals don’t have the excuse of receiving subscription payments to keep afloat.

          2. Haha, anybody who has access to the internet can compare car prices. What a lame attempt to muddy the waters. Who cares about your conversations?

            Rosmah herself claimed she saved up for the ring. This new story of hers took two years to cook up. You still on 56kbps izzit? Didn’t get the memo?

            Nobody said what Mr Superman did was acceptable. Who did? But for one Mr Superman, there are thousands of examples of horrific behaviour from BN which are documented all over the internet. Who can forget the Buntut Negara gang outside Ambiga’s house? Ex-army personnel and Muslims too. That’s how UMNO behaves. The ganging up by police on unarmed protesters during Bersih 3.0 for example, and the fake rabble rousers who have been exposed as UMNO members. Ibrahim Ali’s threats to start another May 13 and burn Bibles. This is not just hypocrisy, it is criminal.

            Thanks for reminding us that NFC was indeed exposed by the Auditor General. I don’t care who exposed it, really. Rafizi Ramli just supplied several tons of verifying information. So much detail that even the Cow Woman had to be swept under the carpet. If the RM250m loan was supposed to be repaid, repay it then. It’s due. What supreme nonsense. I would love to get such a loan too.

            You UMNOs really think people can’t verify for themselves? You live in the ancient past. Deceit is so yesterday. Anybody who lies nowadays is just asking to be shown to be a fool because information is available at the click of a mouse, and most of it can be checked and double checked. UMNO and BN are going to find that one pretty soon. Good riddance, criminals.

          3. Rosmah herself claimed she saved up for the ring. – Since you’re gullible enough to believe that wool pulled over your eyes with that so called front page report, what can I say? One word to describe you – STUPID. Nuff said

          4. Sunny Chan : If you are referring to the socalled Utusan Malaysia (Utusan) report re DS Rosmah saving up money to buy the ring, please look closely at the “date” printed on the socalled Utusan report and you will see that its in 2008 … BTW, wasn’t the ring’s entry into Malaysia was in 2011 – as such, appreciate if you could explain how can the Utusan report be dated 2008, unless said report was a fake report lah ;-)

        2. I am tempted to call you stupid, but I shall resist, because that is the trait of a pakatoon.

          1. That RM250 million is a loan. The money will be recovered. You DO know what a loan is, right?

          2. How much is PR spending to advertise itself? Not just using your converted lorries and busses, but also payment for ceramahs and paying pakatoons like you. Get that figure, then divide by number of PR members so that we’ll get a normalized figure. Then only compare, otherwise there is no basis.

          3. You’re still on APCO? Sad.

          4. Cheaper cars? That costs billions. Show me where UMNO is paying billions for advertisement, otherwise you’re just some kera mengangkan for pisang.

          5. So share laa the truths, I’d love to evaluate them. Will your “truths” be like that shitfest rafizi cooked up about how Anwar was the one who saved Malaysia from IMF? If it is, send it in anyway, because anti-PR people would like more ammunition.

          6. It’s weird you chose the name “Sunny Chan”, cuz I suspect you’ve got your head in a place where the sun don’t shine.

          1. I called him stupid. He deserves it IMO since he claims the report on Rosmah menabung for the ring as real. How idiotic can you get?

            If that’s the truth Sunny, please obtain 10 copies of the original cutting. If you can do that, I will post an apology to you in all major newspapers in the country.

            And if you still wanna talk cock, go ahead. You probably get a kick out of having the last word as you don’t get the same kick wanking yourself silly.

        3. Rm250 million NFC project is an ongoing project. It is a loan, not free money, at certain interest rate, payable over a period of 20 years. What are you spinning here? That the money is already lost forever and the project never exist? Not a single cow was found?

          PTPTN scholars? You talk crab. Those who excel do not have to pay a single cent back. You mean to say everybody should pay nothing to study in university/colleges whether or not they study hard or they play play in their studies? If that’s the case, go tell your idol the sodomizer Anwar on what moral ground he accepted scholarship for free education only for her daughter, yes her daughter, currently studying in a private college?

          Why not ask that bloody hypocrite Anwar to fight for free education for everyone in that college, or for that matter in all universities/ colleges throughout this country, rather than quietly secretly for just his DAUGHTER. Proof? Go ask one of his daughter’s collegemates (same class in some subjects). The collegemate could be one of my kid.

          Bloody hypocrite this Anwar! He should have refused any scholarship if he has any principle. What say you about PTPTN now?

          Cheaper cars? compare to what? Which country? Why not compare petrol prices, other product costs, taxes, etc. of those countries too?

          Apco, Fbc, JT…..before you talk more crab with your generalised allegations, go figure out what I said above first. Especially about that hypocrite fella. Otherwise, you are exactly what this article is all about.

          1. Sunny Chan : If you are referring to the socalled Utusan Malaysia (Utusan) report re DS Rosmah saving up money to buy the ring, please look closely at the “date” printed on the so called Utusan report and you will see that its in 2008 … BTW, wasn’t the ring’s entry into Malaysia was in 2011 – as such, appreciate if you could explain how can the Utusan report be dated 2008, unless said report was a fake report lah ;-)

    3. “(Helen Ang) ‘re just MCA, MCA, MCA…”

      hehe, didnt know you were born just yesterday, which private hospital eh?

    4. Sunny Chan, what good it brings you if MCA is totally dead while UMNO wins more than 80% of their seats in parliaments and states this coming GE? ABU is nothing but a fat hope.

  3. Everybody, no matter what race benefited from BN`s 57 yrs of helming this nation. Everybody has dissatisfaction during 57 yrs even Malay too. No one is 2nd class citizen.

    Everybody if free to do whatever they like (within the ambience of the law). Free to earn a living to become rich or poor (for being lazy). Free to stay or migrate to other country (if not happy with our system).

    Free to practise your religions and your mother tongues in your own vernacular schools (and majority Malays just accept your needs). Free to spit and spat in your internet and blogspheres.

    No one is penalised for doing any of the above. Post GE13, there will be lots of penalties irrespective whether BN or PR wins and it is all about RACE based politics and sentiments as well as who is 1st or 2nd class citizen….

    1. Sometimes, I think when LKS was young, he spent a lot of time watching that classic movie “Lost Horizon” and since then he’d dreamt of his version of a utopic Shangri-la. And somewhere along the 40, 50-year time line, his version of Shangri-la has started to look so real and he’s got a whole lot of other people believing in it and they can all actually see it and taste it and they would do anything for it.

      And my advice to them, get a REALITY CHECK. We wouldn’t be where we are now as a nation if not for the visions and hard work of all those before us. You DAP can promise us the world but if you can’t even check your typos and calculations, why would we believe that you can deliver what you promise?

      1. “You DAP can promise us the world but if you can’t even check your typos and calculations, why would we believe that you can deliver what you promise?”

        The above is worth repeated 1000x

        They even “forgot” to invite 30% of the 2,500 delegates to attend/vote in party election, on the other hand they can count number of cows missing in NFC.

  4. Finally, parliament is dissolve and may the best party wins.

    The choice is between the devil and the deep blue sea or better the devil you know rather the angel you don’t.

    BN is tested over the years but it carries a lot of baggages or skeletons accumulated over the decades whereas the opposition is untested and consisted of 2 parties with diametrically opposed ideologies held together by a charismatic Anwar who is a chameleon.

    I will vote for BN to give them another term to give the PM to continue the transformation and to put in mechanism to curb as most people are saying massive corruption.

    Let him prove that he is a leader for Malaysians irrespective of race or religion.

  5. Hey Helen,

    What do you mean ” scornful comments that said “ugly face”” When I was calling Bongkerz ugly face? This is how we joke around, I have the MOST respect towards our PM and you wanna defame me without knowing me? Lady please, I don’t give a damn who you wanna support but if you misinterpret my tweet then we’re gonna have a little problem. You’re the SCORNFUL one.

    1. Jolly good.

      What an illuminating comment that you have just left in my blog for all to see.

  6. I don’t mind if people wanna see my comments, after all you STARTED the whole thing with me, I don’t even know you, and most importantly, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ME. So do your lil research smart woman before you start saying things like OH I MAKE SCORNFUL comment. Keep being patriotic, it sure is good for you but till then, mind your own business and leave me alone. Toodles!

    1. Jolly good again. Why don’t you post some more?

      My blog would benefit from further commenters like you seeing the light of day here (as in a Show & Tell demonstration). I admit my blog readership is rather imbalanced in being Malay majority and pro-establishment – and thus we don’t get enough of exposure to your like, Ms Lopez.

      But in any case, glad to know that my posting (this one) has gotten the attention of the Pakatan fan clubs as well as from The Star.

      1. I hate to be called pro-establishment, I am just anti-stupid. Ramai orang bodoh di kalangan politikus-politikus kita, baik BN atau PR.

        Some people think it is fashionable to be anti-establishment. The truth is that our criticisms of the federal and state governments, regardless if it is under BN or PR, stem from our subjective concern towards our rights (and responsibilities). That is how it is supposed to work. Everyone is now geared up to cast their votes, majority had no idea who their candidates are, but their mind is already made up.

        Since 2008, it has been 5-years of political campaigns, subterfuge and mud-slinging. The Prime Minister immediately went to work when he took over (smart of him), and despite the alphabet soup criticisms of picking low hanging fruits, the PM-in-waiting was busy with reverse takeovers, squibbles and conspiracies. Everyone started with a bang, opening new Pusat Khidmat Rakyat, pledging to work with the local community and raising their profile with the hoi polloi.

        A few years down the road, we see some of our Parliamentarians began showing their true colours. Kerusi belum panas, contracts began in earnest to benefit their family members and cronies. In the name of efficiency, new deals were made but the results were undelivered. Constituency service centers are always under lock and key and unstaffed, while their rivals try to do what they can for the locals in preparation for a comeback. Those in power are asleep while those dispossed yap and yelp with little concrete contribution. What I do is for the rakyat but what you do is vote-buying.

        Then the NGOs started calling in favours and high profile movements began to gather steam with political endorsement and support. Some drunk with new found power and wealth went bonkers. Party intrigues in once dormant branches began to threaten internal stability, and sabotage was so common place you wonder if party members have any loyalty at all.

        Then we have the born-yesterday stupid people – the non-card carrying party members, who just believe in the crap our politicians dish out. Experts and professionals saw their opinion devalued by prostituting colleagues and idiotic fraternities. No one is allowed to be an independent voice of sanity, reason and constructive criticism. Man on the street has more credibility than rocket scientists on chemical properties.

        The sloganeering was taken to new heights when you cannot avoid cliches and crazy overtures everywhere. A mantra repeated often began taking itself as fact. New personalities emerged as old hands lost ground in Web 2,0 and 3.0. Macam tengok drama soap opera. Am I glad elections will be here and over soon? Why? So that they whole madness can start all over again in June?

    1. Jolly good. And I believe I’ve made mine too. Thanks for the Show & Tell.

      As I’ve said, it’s not every day that this blog demography gets to meet a commenter who has got your tone of language.

    2. Ceddy Lopez’s point = I didn’t call our PM ugly and I have the MOST respect of him.

      Awww, I’m touched. You’ve been a bad girl Helen. You shouldn’t have got Ms. Lopez into trouble. She is just calling Tuan Tanam Tebu Bong ugly rupa-rupanya.

      I just think it is irrelevant. I know some people like pretty and colourful things, like rainbow. Kalau nak mengundi ikut tahap kehensem-an of our politicians, susah-lah. We can do a poll of who is considered the most handsome or pretty MPs. May the best looking con-sultans win!

      1. Since you mention “hensem”, Ah Bong Kor (how @bongkersz styles himself to Hannah Yeoh), changed his avatar between yesterday and today. Below’s profile photo was yesterday’s. Which one more hensem?


        1. That depends. Do I look like I care? No offence to Ah Bong Kor. LOL!

          I still haven’t seen the point of Facebook and Twitters, except the opportunity for people to be interactively stupid. Make no mistake, stupidly can be perpetuated via e-mails, YouTube or blogs even. I suppose in FB and Twitters’ case, the stupidity can go viral. :P

  7. What??!!! Show & tell session over so soon??!! And it was just getting interesting. Wet blanket.

    Btw Helen, is there a Malay perumpamaan which goes something like buang batu, sorok tangan? Just asking, that’s all. Not insinuating anything at all.

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