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The Star promoting anti-BN twits who mock Najib

Yesterday, The Star once again promoted several of their usual favourite anti-BN Twitter “personalities” in connection with the paper’s story on the reaction in Twitterjaya to the dissolution of Parliament.

Pork Barrel Mushgul™ (amuse_gueule) on Twitter 2013-04-04 00-45-13

Above: NECF is the National Evangelical Christian Federation

The following social media “personalities” – who are as notorious as Haris Ibrahim for his ABU campaign – had poured the utmost scorn on Najib Razak. And The Star promoted them to millions of readers!


One of the twits promoted by The Star – see screenshot below (“saya pun dapat masuk news”) – goes by the handle @amuse_gueule aka ‘Pork Barrel Mushgul’.

Twitter amuse_gueule Oh my word! Akhirnya saya pun

Note: All the tweets screenshot for this posting are dated 3 April 2013

(I) What kind of twit does The Star promote?

For one, @amuse-gueule is a staunch Lim Kit Siang fan who tweeted that the DAP stalwart is “a legend“. (“He’s one of the best.”,  “I will continue to want him in parliament.”) — see screenshots below.

Secondly, @amuse-gueule is a Mahathir-hater who believes that the ex-premier is behaving like he’s still the Prime Minister. (“And pls don’t compare Kit Siang to someone who has practically destroyed everything that meant something in this country”, she tweeted.)

Thirdly, she tweeted that the electoral system in 2008 was dirty.

Twitter amuse_gueule@scamboy And why should Kit

Twitter amuse_gueule What to make of an idiot who

Twitter amuse_gueuleLogesMohan @n_izzah @najibrazak

Fourthly, she is aggressive and abusive in cyberspace.

You can read for yourself @amuse-gueule’s tweets (see screenshot below) to Farah Harith:

“Exactly, prune-face. Cows like you don’t deserve any kind decent attention. Now go whine elsewhere.”

@amuse-gueule was responding to Farah’s complaint that the former turned their Twitter exchange into “an insult-hurling personal attack fest”.

From @amuse-gueule’s Twitter timeline, it can be seen that Farah’s allegation is true.

In another tweet, @amuse-gueule called someone else a “chicken shit machai” who has pubic hair growing on his face and not between his legs. And in yet another tweet as well, @amuse-gueule labelled K. Kugan an “idiot” because the latter seemed [to her] to be a Dr M admirer (screenshot above).


The Star does indeed choose to promote a twit who hurls insults while making personal attacks.

Why does The Star elect to give positive publicity to someone who is such a poor role model?

The only reason I can think of is that it’s because @amuse-gueule is one of Hannah Yeoh’s online bff and part of the buddy-buddy network with the Jerusubang Star reporters. In other words, cronyism.

Twitter amuse_gueule @farahharith Exactly prune-face

Twitter amuse_gueule Cuma ada satu chicken shit


The second Twitter personality to be promoted in yesterday’s Star story is @bongkersz.

@bongkersz had tweeted the popular Pakatan slogan “Ini kali lah!’ (GE13 is the time for change). He also lent his support for a change in government.

The Star is promoting Twitter personalities who want to kick out the BN.

Note: All the tweets screenshot for this page are dated 3 April 2013

Tuan Tanam Tebu Bong (bongkersz) on Twitter 2013-04-03 23-38-14

Twitter bongkersz Okay now to buy food for my

(II) What kind of twit does The Star promote?

One, @bongkersz tweeted that “BN is running this country to the ground” (see screenshots below) whereas an opposition would be a “long-term gain” despite the “short-term pain”.

@bongkersz also tweeted that “over here” (in Malaysia) the abuse of power by the state authorities is “encouraged”.

@bongkersz tweeted too that Najib had poured the poison of suspicion “straight after the announcement” of the dissolution Parliament.

Twitter bongkersz Just as BN is running this

Twitter bongkersz Sounds good, acceptable

Twitter bongkersz @karmenlunarxisc sini okay

Secondly, aside from helping to publicize the Global Witness sting operation in Sarawak, @bongkersz also took a dig at the Sarawak Chief Minister’s abundant assets.

Thirdly, in anticipation of the dissolution of Parliament, @bongkersz tweeted a photo of the prime minister. In the @bongkersz  timeline, one of the twits commented that Najib had an “ugly face“.

@bongkersz also tweeted a whole series of mocking posters of the PM, themed: “You help me, I help you”, “Who dares to oppose me!?” etc.

Twitter bongkersz Senarai Harta Taib Mahmud

Tuan Tanam Tebu Bong (bongkersz) on Twitter 2013-04-04 02-19-35

Tuan Tanam Tebu Bong (bongkersz) on Twitter 2013-04-03 23-40-50

Tuan Tanam Tebu Bong (bongkersz) on Twitter 2013-04-03 23-32-17

Tuan Tanam Tebu Bong (bongkersz) on Twitter 2013-04-03 23-55-06

Tuan Tanam Tebu Bong (bongkersz) on Twitter 2013-04-03 23-49-54

BN are “idiots” and “dungu”

Just like @amuse_gueule who scolded a Mahathir admirer “idiot”, @bongkersz tweeted that the Twitter admin ‘@barisanasional’ who expressed a sentiment that voters have decided that “BN is the way to go” is someone who is “sungguhlah dungu”.

@bongkersz was the moderator who hosted Hannah Yeoh’s appearance on the Star‘s Twitter programme. The paper highlighting @bongkersz yesterday is another instance of their buddy-buddy network with DAP.

The Star repeatedly features the same set of DAP people on their pages – be it the DAP 2.0 Jerusubang politicians or their fan club.

These twits are clearly anti-BN. They call the pro-BN people “idiots” and “dungus”.

Why does The Star choose to again and again promote twits who verbally abuse BN supporters?

Why did not the paper instead highlight BN supporters in its article yesterday on social media users who are interested in politics? Why are BN supporters, not to mention Wanita MCA and Beliawanis, almost invisible in The Star?

Twitter bongkersz Yang jaga handle ni sungguhlah ... 2013-04-03 23-15-51

The Star is an MCA-owned newspaper that persistently boosts the public profile of anti-BN twits and helping them gain more Twitter followers.

Previously, the paper had published a list of ICT-savvy politicians who use the social media. ALL the Twitter accounts listed by The Star in its article belonged to Pakatan politicians without even a single name from the BN side.


The third Twitter personality to be featured in the Star article yesterday is Justin TWJ.

See screenshot below on the Star digital page — “you’re in the news bro”.

Twitter @TypicalMsian youre in the news

typical (JustinTWJ) on Twitter 2013-04-03 22-48-16

(III) What kind of twit does The Star promote?

The Star chose to put @TypicalMsian – see profile above – in its news article yesterday about the online buzz following the long-awaited announcement that elections will be called.

This Twitter “personality” that The Star chose to promote is very rude to the Prime Minister.

@TypicalMsian had tweeted yesterday:

“@NajibRazak  I’m coming for you! And you can start changing your bio…”

Twitter JustinTWJ NajibRazak I'm coming for you


What this twit means is that Najib Razak is expected to lose the election and would soon no longer be able to describe himself in his biodata as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

It is kurang ajar for a Dapster to tweet to the PM  “I’m coming for you!” — That’s typically cybertrooper language when they try to bully the writers who dare criticize their DAP icons.

Why is The Star promoting Dapsterism in its pages?!


This is not the first time. The MCA-owned paper has been consistently doing this over the last five years, aside from fostering the DAP 2.0 evangelista personality cult.

How else do you reckon that the DAP today can manage to gain 85 percent support from the Chinese community? Surely The Rocket doesn’t have a reach to 5.63 million readers.

Updated: 8.38am

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27 thoughts on “The Star promoting anti-BN twits who mock Najib

    1. Its a Chinese thing. Tunku never had time to think things true when he fought the British for independence. Citizenships means right to vote and decision making. Tapi ini negara Tanah Melayu dan Sultan-Sultan melayu. Bagaimana kita membenarkan dan membiarkan orang luar India dan Cina menentukan kerajaan kita.

      Strategi jangka panjang perlu dibuat untuk menstabil kan keadaan. Cina komunis/sosialis tetap Cina. Mereka mungkin mengaku kalah dalam peperangan komunis -melayu tetapi mereka mempunyai budaya dan cara hidup sendiri yang bertentangan dengan kehendak dan budaya melayu.

      Slogan 1 Malaysia adalah langkah pendek. Strategi jangka panjang adalah menggalakan perpindahan pulang Cina dan india ke negara ibunda mereka kerana mereka pasti mahu mati di negara ibunda mereka.

      Mereka datang miskin dan bekerja seperti buruh bangla dan Indon sekarang. Kita tidak menawarkan kerakyatan kepada bangla dan Indon jadi kenapa Tunku tawar kerakyatan kepada Cina dan India.

      Kekayaan Tanah Melayu bukan hanya 10% untuk orang Melayu atau 20% atau 30 % seperti yang di ilhamkan oleh Mahathir dan kuncunya Muhyidin. Ini adalah pengkhianatan kepada Sultan dan rakyat Melayu.

      Hak galian emas, timah, minyak, radio semua adalah hak orang Melayu bukan untuk diberi kepada rakyat Cina. Adakah Komunis Cina memberi emas, timah dan tanah kepada orang melayu? Tidak bukan!

      Begitulah cina dan india di TheStar mereka semua ada agenda bukan Melayu. Biarkan dan biarkan mereka pulang ke negara asal mereka.

  1. They instill so much hatred in other people’s mind. Is this what we want for our country?

  2. I have been doing heavy workouts, with special work on my arms and legs so that I can give these Star Dapsters the tight slaps they deserve, soon after the elections.

  3. What the fuck that old kit siang want to contest anywhere else when he done nothing to constituncies that he had won and lost earlier. He should just retire and enjoy life on what Tun Dr Mahathir had built the nation for rather than he (kid siang) live on spreading hatred and deceiving the rakyat.

    This kit old and young borned with full of hatred and ill feeling towards human living in harmony and progress. To all Dapsters, can you all list down the good things old kit siang has done towards nation building? Or for that matter what any of the DAP elected leaders had done good since they won their respective constituencies?

    1. hello ALL Dapsters……still no one response…….that just proved that those DAP’s so self claimed leaders contribution to nation building is ZERO………ZERO……….ZERO!

  4. Sorry to say this, Chinese Malaysians especially the anglophile one think they are genetically superior that they can talk down on their nons.

    Yesterday had an amusing chat with another DAPster acquaintance who claim Malaysian Navy only have three ships that go to war and seem to be enjoying that little myth, the level of misinformation among Malaysian Chinese is epidemic, god knows what rubbish they tell foreigners of their own tanah air.

    1. The anglophiles and evangelists believe they are superior not just to the nons but even to their own Chinese who are locally educated and do not adopt their lifestyle. And man, they are so loud, and surprisingly the young locally educated ones are so attracted to the noise that they look up to these evangelists and aspire to be like them.

      I find it sad that they equate rudeness and filthy language with freedom of expression where they are concern, but can see it for biadap behaviour when they are the objects of such expressions.

      And that navy thing, its not just among the Chinese but even rural Malays who are obsessed with PAS and Anwar and attend their ceramahs of hate and misinformation religiously.

  5. If you insult me, you’re being racist/uncouth/kurang ajar/biadap/*. If I’m the one doing the insulting, I’m practising my freedom of speech.

    * delete whichever not applicable

    If evidence surfaces with regards to the wrongdoing of PR leaders, it is a conspiracy. If evidence, dodgy as it may be, surfaces with regards to the wrongdoing of BN leaders, it is the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth so even God can’t help you.

    If BN disburse aid to the people, it is called a bribe. If PR do the same, it is called… Well, aid.

    If PR defects to BN, you ask how much money was thrown. If BN defects to PR, you say it is the act of a principled person.

    If there’s a difference of 2+ billion before a PR project, you blame it on a typo. If there’s a difference, whatever the amount after a BN project (taking into account price variations, incidentals etc) it is corruption.

    BN is made up of component parties to cater to the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Bumiputera Sabah & Sarawak, yet they don’t pretend otherwise. PR is made up of a party manipulating Islam, a party of political rejects with the sole aim of putting a serial adulterer, bugger & liar into the chair of the PM & the piéce de rèsistance – a Malaysian Malaysia party promoting equal rights that is made up of Chinese, speaks Chinese, fights for all things Chinese, swears like a drunken Chinese & preach of Christian love…

    As for short term pain for long term gain? Try putting it the other way round idiot.

    Mun anok kitak bodo kelak manas. Madah sikda skolah, sik juak. Otak nok ada ya mun sik pakei pun sik kitak dapat juak nya second hand kat sapa sapa. Molah malu orang Sarawak jak. Nie ndak orang Malaya semua suka jak nipu orang kedak kawu ya.

    1. OMG sejuk ati nangga ada org Sarawak dpt berhujah mcm kitak

      Btw what you’ve been saying is what RPK had been writing about (part of it anyways) in one of his articles :)

  6. You really dont have anything meaningful to add isnt it? Youve bitched, spinned and tried danngerously created an anti chinese and anti christian environment. Well elections are almost here. Time to see how effective you will turn out to be. Either way though, youve shown your true class….

    1. and your job, as an SS officer, is to come here and talk nonsense to divert attention from your leaders’ failings. funny though it took you at this particular hour to come in. you had a committee meeting just now to flash out your strategy to face the GE ? as for showing one’s class, you sure did show yours. and guess what ? you’re a low class, cheap beyond cheap low life.

      1. According to High Priestess of SJ, his class is a lot higher than those who oppose the leaders bestowed upon men by God above.

        “Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

        The day of judgment is close at hand! May God have mercy on you, you, you & you sinners for He created you in His image. And yet by your racist tendencies, affinity for lies, unbridled brashness, lust for power & all that is bad, you hammer nail after nail after nail into Jesus’s fragile body on the cross.

        We come now as God’s angels of vengeance. We shall swing our swords of righteousness as we speak in all (Chinese) tongues to deliver judgment upon you sinners. We will cast you from your Putrajaya throne & throw you into the hottest depths of hell to suffer for time immortal.

        In your place, God shall install those made in God’s image, both outwardly & inwardly. In case you’re wondering, those upon whom God’s favor rests are those sporting DAP, PKR & PAS, yes PAS the Islamic party.

        Behold, for the time is now. The place is here. By the Holy Spirit & in God’s name I will defeat you racist, corrupt, vile zealots who are should I add, made in God’s image.”

        An imagined but not inconceivable sermon to be delivered this weekend in church by …..

          1. I’d think somewhere along the line of a hippo in pink or whatever color she fancies this Sunday. I wouldn’t mind putting that hippo on a huge rocket, light the fuse & launch it into space or kingdom come, wherever as long as she pergi jauh jauh never to return.

        1. The Lady of SJ will deliver her sermon this Sunday in English. Her sermon is for High Class People, The High Society Type.

          Those “Chinese”, they are not worthy of The Lady of SJ, therefore they are not allowed to hear her sermon. The Good News is only for the Faithful, The High Society Men and Women. who are these Chinese ? they are Heathens!

          When news got out that The Lady of SJ insulted the Chinese, she will make a phone call to The Star. Yes The Star, Her Star ! then The Star, Her Star, they will go on the offensive, I don’t know what that means, The Star, Her Star will go all out to cover The Lady’s backside and then The Lady will once again call her detractors low class people.

          1. They’ll talk about how the Star led them to the manger where Jesus lay, I mean to the window pane where a divine apparition appeared, curiously in SJ.

          2. Saya suka! saya suka!
            What an entertaining story. Today is my lucky day…..I, I, who has nothing….

        2. What the fuck are you on about? Get your head out of umnos arse and try to make sense next time.

          1. Try checking whose arse you’re brown nosing in your brown shirt mate…

    2. Somebody is going to be booted out from office…what i can say is bye bye rocket guys.

  7. Helen,

    Your post, inclusive of the many before, has clearly stated that the MCA-owned newspaper sided with the DAPsters without any objection from it’s owner because of the high dividends flow into their pocket and therefore, as long as the big money keeps flowing in, the Star can do whatever they want.

    I see that I cannot blame the DAPsters for making full use of the Star since MCA seems to allow it.

    Today, I read Tun M commented that the Chinese supports to BN is booming base on the attendance during BN programs held. This shows that the Chinese are in dilema’s too.

    There may be over 65,000 followers that follows HY tweet and almost the same number is seen on tweet meter for @typicalMsian.

    The way I see it, their followers probably were of the same person who may carry more than 1 twit-identity. DAPsters cybertroopers used to change it frequently to avoid being slammed by BN supporters who also champions in returning abusive words too and therefore the Dapsters knew it well that number of twit-followers doesn’t mean the actual vote is there for them.

    I believe many can’t wait to see the actual polling day result to see who actually is this Chinese people in Malaysia.

    1. Alwie,

      You’re right that @TypicalMsian is a popular twit.

      His has 43,720 followers and his latest stats are over the last week are: “more than 5k retweets received, 1 new listings, 983 new followers, more than 1k mentions”.

      You’re also right about his dual identity, just like how DAPSubangJaya is Hannah Yeoh’s alter ego.


  8. The Star is doing business whatever with the PAP Government of Singapore. That’s why ? Who is responsible is easy to find out ?

  9. Aiyoh ! Yoh ! Mr Lim Kit Siang retired long long ago when he entered politics. All you folks have been supporting his life-style, his books and his sayings and his family which has since entered politics and his grand-children too. Who says Malaysia has no democracy ? We are like the United States of America, aren’t we ? Aiyoh ! Yoh !

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