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Haris asks Najib if he is “ready to die”

ABU swears that by God’s grace, they shalt “save this nation” by kicking Umno out (see Haris Ibrahim video below)

ABU says they will take their message of Change urging voters to “overcome the politics of Race” and bring in a New Regime.

ABU also cautions vigilance against the likelihood of phantom voters stealing legitimate votes.

Haris Ibrahim in the ABU video warns:

  • “To foreigners who have been given MyKads, please hear this. ABU has issued warnings to all of you to stay away from our polling stations on PRU13 day. Please take this warning seriously. On polling day, ABU squads will be patrolling all polling stations and they will deal with all foreigners who are intent on defying this warning. Please, I emphasize again, take this warning seriously.”
  • “To Pakatan and the other non-BN parties that will be facing Umno in this coming election. […] Please do not take the vote of the rakyat for granted. Understand this that you get our vote by default not because we love you but because we so despise Umno-Barisan Nasional and the manner in which they have cheated and robbed the rakyat all of these years.”
  • “If you do not deliver those reforms in the 200 days that we now give you, please understand that you will then see the rakyat on the streets.”


ABU promises that frogs will face the direst consequences

  • “Do not succumb (to the Umno offers) but if you do, take this advice – take what you will and leave the country. If you do not leave, trust me,  we will hunt you down and we will ensure that in the shortest possible time, a by-election will be held to fill up the vacancy that would have been caused. Take this warning seriously.”
  • “To Najib, understand this. […] We will go to all lengths and at all cost to ensure that on polling day the will of the people will be heard. We hear that you and your party intend to cause trouble before, during and after polling. We are ready for you. We, many of us, are ready to die. Are you ready to die?”

Now where is Senator Gan Ping Sieu when you need him? Just wanna borrow his intonation, “Wow, terribly impressed.”

Continues at:

Skuad Tahan isytihar perang terhadap Umno yang korup, kata ABU

Haris: “Bertaubat dan kembalilah ke pangkal jalan, korang”



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160 thoughts on “Haris asks Najib if he is “ready to die”

  1. terang-terang tidak mau akur dan sanggup menimbulkan huru-hara jika PR kalah. Taktik gangster lagi.

  2. Must be nice for DAP to have all this Malays willing to wreak havoc and die for them.

  3. Cakap dan sembang boleh lah…. Baru kena sergah sikit dah kecut telur….. Cakap besar je lebih… piiraahhh ABU konon…. Berapa duit Anwar bagi korang untuk buat provokasi?

    1. Perlu ke macam ni?

      PR troopers bila tak setuju dengan penyokong/ fans BN buat tuduhan yg lebih kurang sama (berapa BN bayar @ kata-kata yang serupa dgnnya)

      Come on. Claim the higher moral ground.

    2. Setuju dengan pendapat ini.

      Semaunya kerana wang. Bapa Saiful pun kalah dengan wang.

      Sama macam Al-Juburi yang pernah gertak Ummi Hafilda, guna Polis seramai pulohan orang, serbu rumah Ummi. Mereka ini semua adalah pengganas.

      Malaun Haris ni pun sama, nak tunjuk gangster pulak. Mari kita pakat ramai-ramai tengok gelagat dia masa Buang Undi nanti. Di mana agaknya dia nanti?

      1. Pada hemat saya, wang tidak menjadi faktor dalam perjuangan Haris.

        Sebaliknya dia mengalami Messiah Complex, yakni melihat dirinya sebagai Mahdi yang ditakdirkan Tuhan untuk menyelamatkan negara kita daripada cengkaman Dajjal.

          1. The last guy to publicly claim he was Imam Mahdi was shot after wielding a samurai sword in JPM wasn’t he? Memories are short, common sense in shorter supply still.

  4. Macam gangster aje … reminds of National Socialist in its infancy.

    Anyway, when a foreigner gets a Malaysian IC of the blue kind then he becomes a Malaysian, no? So, why is he threatening a fellow Malaysian albeit a naturalised one?

    A curious thing, if ABU is dead set against BN and at the same time do not trust PR (and hence the warning to PR), why aren’t they contesting in the PRU themselves – especially when they are so confident that they speak on behalf of the Rakyat …

    Finally, if the Rakyat is supportive of ABU, why the need for the threats in the first place … BTW, isn’t making threats a crime?

  5. Harris, semoga ALLAH membuka minda anda. Sebagai orang melayu, saya berdoa agar ALLAH memaafkan perbuatan kamu

      1. haha.. semangat melayu mcam ni memang kita perlukan tapi untuk bunuh Cina komunis.

        Melayu yang tak mahu race based tak mahu religion based tak mahu skin based agaknya nak macam mana?

        Sepatutnya kita berjuang untuk keadilan dan kesamarataan sesama insan.

        Orang muda Melayu perlu berjuang untuk keadilan bagi bangsa melayu yang dipinggirkan di negara sendiri. Orang Cina dan India di beri 80% oleh Presiden UMNO ekonomi Malaysia, itu memang satu yang patut ditentang.

        Keadilan adalah memberi hak Melayu dan kewarisan Melayu kepada orang Melayu yang telah dicuri oleh penjajah kristian kepada orang eropah, cina dan india. Itu adalah keadilan.

        Anak muda Melayu mesti berjuang untuk kesinambungan hak asasi orang Melayu di Tanah Melayu dengan menolak kemasukan cina komunis ke Tanah Melayu dan Singapura. Itu adalah perjuangan yang murni yang memerlukan jiwa dan raga.

        Bukan melalak macm orang bodoh Haris bodoh memperjuangkan Cina komunis dan India hindu di Tanah Melayu. Tiada keadilan dalam perjuangan Haris, tiada kebenaran sebab itu di jadi bahan tertawa.

        Nak die, dielah…tapi die for the kafir Chinese and Hindus buat ape Haris bodoh!!

        1. i won’t mind dying for org kafir yg baik hehe.
          (mind u to them kitaorg islam pun kafir jugak)
          but I don’t like Haris Ibrahim. you can feel the spittle landing on your face with the vehemence of his words. geliii.


  6. haris please go somewhere else and die.. if you think you are better please join in the PRU13. Dont just bullshitting and hitting asses like nobody business..

  7. i would rather see them die anyway… because they were the dumbest generation ever exists in Malaysia’s history timeline.

  8. I have given Pakatan chance to rule in Selangor ( and the 5 states ) in 2008. Instead of building the 5 base, they blundered big time.

    They cannot govern ( imagine taking part in raids with local authorities yet selective on who be raided, kedai mamak vs chinese hawkers ); returned back the beer that was raided by their own council employees; trying to politicize and further split the local authorities by suggesting local council public elections; never could explain well to the public on many issues such as Talam bail out; status development on PJ football field, the RM6 billion tunnel/road development in Penang ( this fails BIG TIME!! LGE!! );

    they preached about freedom of speech yet they ban some media that are not aligned to them; they remove banners of political rivals; their own party elections was rigged to the core!, the practice nepotism big time ( father, mother, daughter, son, in-laws in politics and all the goodies that comes );

    if the vote is not in their favor – they claimed foul,

    yet exclaimed ” the rakyat has spoken ” if they won, even with 50 votes;

    they protest slightest law issue, yet won many legal disputes ( sometime I wonder, our judges holier than thou attitude ) and the most depressing of all, they NEVER RESPECT THE LAW AND NEVER RESPECT OTHERS. You want to go on with these kind of people?

    To PAS members out there, think deep! I am not of any party members but I practice balance government. DAP tunggang pemimpin kamu, kepimpinan ulama kamu sudah kecundang. This time is to UBAH your party also la!

    To Haris, you think you can go to the streets if results is not in your favor! You think only YOU can go to the streets Hah? You think only YOU can DIE for YOUR cause Hah?

    1. re: “the most depressing of all, they NEVER RESPECT THE LAW AND NEVER RESPECT OTHERS”

      So agree with you on this!

    2. I have given them a chance also in 2008. Well, there’s nothing they could do. Cakap aje yang lebih…. habuk pun tak da… I’m voting BN this time around…. sorry!

        1. PKR has been nothing but bullshit since the day the were formed in 1998. Never ever! Those who think they’re ready n willing to die for this porn king are not impressing me. Dumbasses!!!

    3. Well said, aku menyesal voted PR the last GE. We will go to the streets to meet this malaun Haris, he thinks he can threaten people. Kuat sangat ke? Rambut dah putih bro, pi masjid bertaubatlah…

    1. oh yes…the ISA…I do miss it! and I guess tun M is smiling now looking at the stupidity of the opposition that caused the ISA to be no longer around.

      i believe if they become government (IF), the ISA will be reinstate…takut maaa….hari-hari BN demo!

  9. Willing to die my ass.. poraahhh.. kena sembur air pun dah cabut, blm kena tembak.

    As a malay, i can only laugh. Melayu ni sembang je lebat, buat x pernah. Nk mati konon. Dia tau dia punya sanggup mati kita punya dia x tau. Bunch of dumbasses, all talk no nothing. Take to the streets..hahaha.. its been done before, it never gets anywhere.

    Bangsaku yg byk sembang ini tiada kekuatan diri untuk turun setiap hari melakukan kekacauan secara berterusan. Arab springlah konon?? Kalau kena tembak pun akan terus mara macam arab2 kat Mesir or Libya tu?


    1. HA…HA..HA…ketawakan aje si Harris ni. bukan berani pon. cakap je berdegar, lawyer pondan LGBT.

      1. He was the lawyer holding a watching brief for the Bar Council in the Lina Joy case as well as represented Ayah Pin’s wife in the Terengganu court. His civil rights activism was more in the area of religious freedom than in LGBT rights.

  10. Wah… Now can make invidious comments in the name of political expediency eh? If the other Ibrahim, you know the Ali one speak these words surely many would howl for his arrest no?

    The vigilante squad is made up of unit amal & Penang’s voluntary patrol is it? And if PR occupies Putrajaya, they are absorbed as immigration officers lah?

    His message was sent to PR & other non BN parties facing UMNO. What of non UMNO BN parties? Are they OK? Or are they not OK? Not nice lah leave out some parties. Like playground bully leh. One side good, the other side acceptable but not necessarily good. Another side just left out & ignored. Talk about inclusiveness what???!!!

    As for taking to the streets, I wonder why lah these idiots never learned anything from the prolonged Arab Spring that has fallen into an Arab Winter (Daim yang kata, bukan saya) of discontentment. So did their protestations bring them the change the clamored for? I’d hazard a guess that the answer to that question is a resounding NO!

    Talk about hunting people down, nowadays we got hit squad is it? Why confine it to domestic hunts only? Where got conviction & commitment to the cause like that? Sumore tell them to run. You think depriving them of nasi lemak, satay, bakuteh, roti gajah, laksa, mee tuaran, kolo mee, pansuh etc is punishment enough is it?

    Who promised chaos & protests if they lose the election? Who was dumb enough to declare publicly that they’ll take to the streets if they lose due to fraud, perceived or actual notwithstanding? As for being prepared to die, where the hell were you all when the Suluks decided to claim a piece of real estate in Sabah?

    Hoo haa hoo haa & it boils down to a big bully making threats to others. What? Lawless, western outpost is it not unlike OK Corral is it? Try harder & maybe when Quentin Tarantino plans to make another spaghetti western he’d draft you in so you can die a gory or explosive death the way Leonardo & Samuel did.

    As for your stickers & sprayed graffiti? Vandals taking the moral high ground by breaking the law which they vowed to uphold in the first place.

    Ta… TGIF. At least I can indulge in a beer or three this evening after this inane madness brought about by the silly season of election.

    1. FYI, bin Ibrahim sahaja yang boleh cakap macam ni dan tak kena tindakan atau bantahan, malah ditepuk sorak penuh galakan.

      1. In the Jerusubang alternate realm, the Haris bin Ibrahim ditepuk sorak penuh galakan but the Ibrahim bin Ali dibaling batu dan kata-kata nista.

        So the double standards depends on whether the Ibrahim is placed belakang ke depan.

        1. Ya lah. Kalau ‘Belakangnya’ Ali yang cakap macam ni, sudah bikin kecoh, dari Perlis sampai ke Sabah. Mana itu Ambiga, BAR council, ada apa-apa comment?

  11. Haris Ibrahim in the ABU video warns…

    who you think you are….. in Malaysia there is law and order.. do not create sentiments 100 days or 200 days are not poker chips..or otherwise !!!

    1. Itu Haris atau ABU cuma orang suruhan Anwar Ibrahim….. nampak sangat dia ni sebelah Pakatan… konon bagi amaran kat Pakatan, kena tunai manifesto dalam 200 hari lepas menang pilihanraya tapi amaran dia sebenar kat UMNO…..

      Takde keje lain selain nak menakutkan pengundi…….!

  12. This iidiot does not realise, he is safe now, feeling safe all this while is becuse UMNO is in power. Bodoh puinya orang, nak menakutkan rakyat cuma dengan guna fikirannya yang cetek. Akal baghal, pergi mengundi sudahlah.

  13. “Orang tua Mabuk” . kalau ABU berani mati ….rakyat yg rasional dan bertanggungjawab telah sedia menyiapkan lubang Kubur “Pakatan Rakyat”. Dont talk shit lah Pak Haris ….

  14. WTF!!! I’d be ROTFLMAO if this wasn’t so despicably pathetic. He does know that abu means ashes. To get to the state of ash, you would have already crashed and burned. Question: is it a free and fair election when you spout off threats? Doesn’t the EC have guidelines on what is acceptable campaigning? Personally, this is the kind of madness I can do without.

  15. I see so many gangsters haris, latheefa koya, nga, ngor, kit siang, karpal, u ulang I saman, tokong ….

    the list is too long

    Ssooooo refreshing to see the fair and cool face of DS Najib who keeps saying “Rakyat Malaysia yang dikasihi” – no threats just sensible advice and his earnest plea to save Malaysia.

  16. Pihak polis dan tentera patut bersedia menghadapi manusia jenis ini semasa PRU ke 13! Orang yang berlagak samseng ke yang ingin kita pilih menjadi pemerintah? Ugut sana, ugut sini kalau keadaan tidak berpihak kepada diri sendiri.

    Hendak mati pergilah mati! Mati kamu mati katak.

    Kita hendak hidup berbakti kepada agama, bangsa dan Negara. Kalau mati, kami mahu mati dalam keadaan yang diredhai Allah dan penuh bermakna seperti perwira Negara yang gugur di Lahad Datu menentang species seperti kamu!

  17. Is Haris really ready to die? Or is he inciting others to die for him?

    We will all have to wait to see how brave he really is or if he is just simply the kelentong type like the person he so idolises. Should see how he was salivating looking at Anwar for signs of acknowledgement and approval during Bersih 2. What a joker!

    To put it mildly, I think he is just a lapdog.

    To quote Conrad: ” (We) don’t respond well to threats” :)

    1. re: “how brave he really is”

      There was the tweeter named Ceddy Lopez when I highlighted her comment about “ugly face” which she made (see here) came up with his piece of apologia ”

      What do you mean ” scornful comments that said “ugly face”” When I was calling Bongkerz ugly face?”, and saying, “I have the MOST respect towards our PM and you wanna defame me without knowing me?”

      I do not think Haris is un-brave like Ms Lopez. If Haris calls Najib “Jibby” or “Pink Lips”, he would not in the same breath declare “I have the MOST respect towards our PM”.

      1. I doubt the person referred to above is a her. A feminine & bitchy him perhaps by the sound of it.

        1. Dunno.

          Well, since you’re on Twitter and I’m not, care to do the honours of looking at the pix more closely?

  18. those are clearly death and bodily-harm threats to the groups of people he mentioned and should be taken seriously. i think this man should be hauled in by the authorities just based on those threats alone.

    even if this is just so much cheap shot bravado, the b*stard is a lawyer and should know better than to hurl this kind of irresponsible sh*t from his mouth.

    i’m so disgusted. to think that i once thought rather positively about this loser. :(

    1. helen and fellow visitors, my apologies for the foul words. the gangsterlike threats were just too much for me.

      and who is he to elect himself the arbiter of who is malaysian and who isn’t? and how will he and his thugs go about establishing that on polling day? by demanding random persons to show their ic? gosh, if that doesn’t call for a spit in his perasan face, i don’t know what is.

  19. Si penjilat buntut PKR dan DAP ni thinks he is the `only gangster in town`. Dalam video bolihlah cakap besar….

  20. Helen,

    But why all these provocative remarks dared to be made? The answer lies to the fact that there is no action against them.

    I do not know whether you have heard this sentiment. There is sizable segment of people who thlnk AG is sleeping (literally) on his job.

    “fitnah bermaharajalela”.

    Nizar can lied under the sun about imaginery RM207 billion allegedly given by Japan. Japan had denied it. Why no action against him?

    Perhaps it is time to get the new AG.

    1. re: ““fitnah bermaharajalela”

      Setuju 101 peratus. Fitnah yang ditabur di merata-rata terhadap saya bukan main dashyat. Manusia jenis apakah mereka-mereka tu …

    2. We’d need to spend billions to build new correctional facilities & spend on other incidentals just to put these idiots in confinement. Don’t think the AG will even have time for bowel movement sessions if he takes all these howls & barks seriously. Makes you wonder if the saying on a dog’s bark & bite was made with these people in mind eh?

    3. Ini adalah ugutan yang serius dan secara terbuka yang bolih menyebabkan rakyat takut untok keluar mengundi, kerana kuatir akan keselamatan mereka terancham.

      Shak wasangka yang menimbulkan keraguan bolih menyebabkan petelingkan yang akan mengakibatkan pergadohan yang bolih belaku pertumpahan darah yang akan merangsang suasana tidak aman dan kachau bilau yang tidak diingini akan belaku.

      Implikasinya adakah kerajaan yang ada pada hari ini begitu “lemah” yang membolihkan sesiapa sahaja membuat ugutan bagi mengancham kentertraman awam dan keselamatan rakyat sesuka hati bagi tujuan yang mereka sahaja ketahui.

      Kalau anchaman sebagini dibiarkan beluas-luasa adakah ia menepati sologan kerajaan yang ada pada hari ini,’rakyat didahulukan’?.

      Sesungohnya kalau ancaman sebegini serious dibiarkan, rakyat akan takut untok keluar mengundi dan proses democracy tidak akan dapat dilaksanakan dengan sepenohya.

      Pehak berkuasa “wajib” mengambil tindakan, kalau tidak, kerajaan yang ada pada hari ini tidak wajar diberi mandat baru, kerana dilihat terlalu “LEMAH”.

      1. Helen,

        amat jelas bahawa zaman sekarang terlalu ramai orang bodoh tetapi bongkak kerana merasakan dirinya bijak.

        amat jelas juga betapa rendahnya akhlak manusia yang terang-terang menyokong Pakatan menggunakan ugutan kepada rakyat Malaysia yang bebas, merdeka.

        tidakkah si-haris ini tahu bahawa tidak ada sesiapapun mempunyai kuasa untuk minta-tunjuk IC aka mykad kecuali pihak berkuasa?

        nampaknya profesion beliau sebagai seorang peguam tidak membawa apa-apa makna selain pemahaman bahawa beliau boleh bercakap apa saja dengan ketiadaan ISA.

        ABU : Angkatan Bodohkan Umat!

      2. Polis jangan tunggu lagi ambil tindakan segera sebelum melaun ini buat hal, jangan pikir panjang dan ambil masa yg lama untuk ambil tindakan, takan Polis nak tunggu mereka buat haru hara baru nak bertindak.

  21. This guy is pathetic. He thinks he is “V for Vendetta”. But good for him. This video will alienate all the fence sitters. This idiot has truly lost the plot, and lost his marbles. Because no one is paying attention to him.

  22. i am always under the impression that the older a man gets, they will become wiser but i guess i was wrong, some turned mental & cuckoo..

    1. It is about the lalang and the padi. Some grow old gracefully, others disgracefully*!

      * ada ka word macan tu?

  23. You can’t take the guy seriously. This is obviously a joke for the election. What comedy, Haris! hunt and kill down konon, lari 200 meter pun kengkang, choih!

  24. Was having a cup of coffee with my colleagues when the conversation gravitated towards ABU as it was spray painted on the pillar outside the cafe.

    A colleague remarked that what is it with the Ibrahims anyway? We have a principled Ibrahim in Zaid. An inept, sock puppet of an MB in Khalid was mentioned next. And the towering, God sent serial philanderer who is a PM in waiting for some 2 decades in Anwar. And now we have the rabble rouser in Haris. Distinguished sorts we have there don’t you agree?

    Everyone at the table agreed that this election is driven by the patricians among us to get the plebs to support the drive to oust the current government. Main reason would be the fact that they feel entitled to it based on the tax they pay. Besides being way up the food chain, they are not the target of a majority of the government’s initiative.

    As for the middle income folks, one supposes that they would be anti establishment for being caught smack in no man’s land. Nowhere close to prosperous but not mired in poverty to be an active party in the government’s programs catering to the low income group. Resentment is supposedly simmering in this group.

    That all points to the urban seats being out of reach for BN. They’d be hoping their traditional strongholds in the rural & semi urban will see them to the finishing line.

    1. re: “We have a principled Ibrahim in Zaid.”

      He resigned from the Cabinet but was retired by the Pakatan mob.

      re: “As for the middle income folks … not mired in poverty … Resentment is supposedly simmering in this group.”

      Their resentment that makes them go ballistic-here-and-berserk-there is clearly on public display daily and everywhere. But their total lack for empathy for the bottom feeders in the food chain makes me wonder “What kind of people are they?”

      1. Helen, we maybe at the bottom of the income chain but we don’t like to be called bottom feeders, bad connotation. We don’t mind rural, kampung, low income and maybe even poor. Just fyi.

        1. Just checked the online dictionary. I had in mind the literal meaning “An aquatic creature that feeds at the bottom of a body of water” since I used the word as an extension of the idea and together with “food chain”.

          But you’re right about the negative connotation. I shall be more careful the next time with this piece of vocab. Thanks and cheers.

          (btw, a friend of mine a couple of months ago asked me if it was in any way possible for me to relocate to Terengganu. Thinking about it, I figured yes I could if only I were rich enough and had a cosy nest egg.

          So in my case, the choice of living in a kampung would have to mean that I’m rich enough to retire :) which unfortunately I’m not. But I do miss the musim tengkujuh there. Actually, I so miss ‘Ganu.

        2. This is one reason I keep coming back for more on this blog. Learning new words, phrases etc. It’s a learning tool as well for those wanting to buff up on their BM & English. Kudos!

      2. “But their total lack for empathy for the bottom feeders in the food chain makes me wonder “What kind of people are they?””

        Greedy ingrates..

  25. just wondering.. how is this abu squad going to identify suspected foreigners or phantom voters? is it by their fluency in bahasa or simply by the face distinction?

    either way, pakatan leaders themselves look like foreigners to me, they don’t speak bahasa fluently, they don’t look like malaysian, for example.. i mean i you put kit siang or teresa kok in china, u can’t even tell the different with the rest of the chinese.. put nik aziz in pattani and you gonna hv a hard time differentiating him with the local there..

    if you put haris himself with the illegals Burmese here, hmm cannot tell which one is which for sure.. plus they all hate almost everything about malaysia..

    so how arr abu?

  26. Notice how many people suddenly sprang from no where and tell others that they represent the voice of the rakyat.

    1. Man, if MCA or UMNO boast about the size of their party membership, at least there is a way to gauge their influence. ABU or not, some people just have the divine wind from their behind to assert their “influence”.

    2. And Jerusubang represents the voice of God whom the evangelical churches say is one and the same god as the Muslim God.

      1. Represent the voice of God? Jezebel more like.

        The one, the only king of R n R, Elvis got it all figured out;

        You look like an angel
        Walk like an angel
        Talk like an angel
        But I got wise
        You’re the devil in disguise
        Oh, yes, you are
        The devil in disguise

        You fooled me with your kisses
        You cheated and you schemed
        Heaven knows how you lied to me
        You’re not the way you seemed

  27. Send him to Tampoi Mental hospital.

    He needs help very badly.

    He can’t distinguish reality and fantasy….. what a pity.

  28. this uncle only willing to die in court with its thick bi-focal and so called given knowledge on law..

    but he missed ethics…

    to me.. its is like watching al-qaeda vidz.. if this is USA.. patriot act his ass so fast, he can’t finish this sente

  29. He looks like the football coach of ATM.

    Sathia, better be careful.

    You’ll be accused of double voting.

    They will hunt you down……..ooooops ATM will be behind you !

  30. Haris, when are you going to shut up ? awak tak letih ke ? Haris is a typical Malaysian First Fruitcake. the only difference between him and the bananas and the coconuts is his skin color.

    bananas = Chinese
    coconuts = Malays
    mangosteen = Indians

    *I noticed that the outer layer, the skin of the mangosteen is darker than that of the coconut, therefore I assigned mangosteen to Indians although my friends told me that generally Malaysian First Indians are referred to as coconuts.

    on the outside all are of different colors but the inside is the same. all white.

  31. Masha Allah ….siapa nama Mamat ni !!!!!!!! Mamat ni kurang waras tak cukup sifat otak mereng terlalu banyak termakan asutan DAP yang racist.

    Mamat ni lekas2 berjumpa Tuan Guru Harun Din utk mengubati hati dalaman yang sakit banyak tompok2 hitam.

    Melayu lekas lupa daratan ini lah jadi nya…………

  32. sometimes people thought that i looked like a bruneian. occasionally chinese shop owners spoke in chinese to me when i stepped in to their shops. a matsaleh office colleague told me i didn’t looked like a typical Malay.

    if one a**hole ABU stops me at the polling station just because i dont look like a malay, i am going to go berserk!

    this p*k*mak Haris is acting like those Sulu terrorists. Ptui!

  33. “… trust me, we will hunt you down and we will ensure that in the shortest possible time, a by-election will be held to fill up the vacancy that would have been caused. Take this warning seriously.”

    Haris…you’ve got me quaking in my boots! I’m so frightened!

    This chappy thinks he’s in a Hollywood movie! Jeez…I would laugh out loud if I didn’t despise him so much!

    Haris, old chap…you want to make threats, at least be original. The “hunt you down’ line has been rehashed countless times in movies, and also also used by George Bush in his threats on the 9/11 perpetrators!

    Aku Bini Ubah, bro…

    1. silap. ABU tu sebenarnya bermaksud Aku Banyak Untung. kalau dahulu kala tak berapa ramai orang yang kenal Haris. kerana ABU lah dia di kenali ramai. oleh tu dia banyak dapat untung ke ke ke !

  34. No point lah bising2 di sini.. Someone go do police report .

    Lu langsi Lu mati lah Harris !!

    ABU represent Anything But Melayu to most malays. So bring it on Harris..kita lihat siapa yang mati dulu !

  35. haris ni ingat dia seorang je duduk malaysia ni kot … kami semua ni xde hak … ini lah masalah penyokong2 puak PR ni … mereka saja paling berhak pada malaysia ni …tak caya baca blog raja petra ..dia pun letih tabiat puak PR

  36. This guy has gone insane. Criminally insane. Who the F does he think he is? There is so much hate in him. He needs to kick Umno out simply because under BN rule, he is a Malay that’s constitionally Muslim and is subject to the Syariah…

  37. I am glad that he’s ready to die, for ABU will die a natural death after the 13GE.

    Can you imagine such speech made by pro-BN NGO leaders (say Ibrahim Ali) to LKS or DSAI? The online media will go berserk and make this as an international issue and say that it is the proof that BN wants to intimidate the Opposition by issuing death threats !

    1. re: “The online media will go berserk …”

      Then the role, not to mention the hidden funding, of the online has to be openly questioned. Why hasn’t The Star done this the last 5 years?

      1. Well, Star was infected with the typo & copy paste influenza bug due to their close *ahem* proximity to DAP. Check out their apology & correction over the table published in the GE13 pullout on page 18 today.

        “…the figures were accidentally transposed.”

        1. I must remind you that close proximity in Islam is khalwat. where is Pas ? what have they got to say ? why are they so quiet about this ? aren’t they an Islamic party ?

        1. Must be because Uncle Kit, Anugerah Tuhan, Jelutong Kitty et al serenaded their kids when they were little with “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to sleep. They remained in lalaland since.

          1. uncle kid is not an appropriate name for him. he should be called the Comeback Kid. after all he is coming back to contest in his home state. although not JB but nonetheless Gelang Patah is still in Johor.

  38. BTW, I wonder what our Lady of Democracy (Ambiga) has to say about such statements from her good buddy? Does she think this is a part of “Bersih” politics?

    1. she will say its freedom of expression, free, free speech and all those blah blah shit. I really hope she starts another rally. it will really bury her and PR for good. but I doubt she’s going to call for another rally. she’s a coward.

    2. Well, she did come out with a “Code of Conduct for Participants of the 13th General Election & Caretaker Government Guidelines”.

      Warned that those who breached the Code would be listed on Bersih’s website along with their names & deeds.

      Non partisan supposedly like Wong Tack but was an invited speaker in an event which included Uncle Kit, Ngah Ngah & Superman alongside Wrong Track.

        1. Everything is kosher as long as the end justifies it. That’s principles a la mode in Malaysia today

          1. when they are on the receiving end they will say its threats, its slaughter, its mass murders, its genocide. and with the Americans behind them all the way, why not ?

        1. Dalam pada itu, kuliah di masjid-masjid dan surau yang terbabit harus lebih bertanggungjawab dan proaktif. Apalagi Mais dan Jais sudah berkali-kali memberi amaran agar kesucian rumah ibadah tidak dicemarkan dengan kegiatan-kegiatan politik muruhan, terutamanya yang melibatkan karenah si politikus bukan Muslim.

        2. its been happening for years. only difference is the level of intensity will shoot straight into orbit, into outer space courtesy of The Rocket.

    1. Will he substitute Allah for Tuhan as the Catholic priests & some pastors (I heard, unconfirmed) substituted God for Allah in the sermon?

        1. Was a norm when the issue was a hot potato then. Nowadays, don’t really know as I’ve sworn off the “political” churches in Klang Valley

          1. The excuse by Christians “but we’re only 9 percent of the population” is disingenuous. Indians (ethnicity) are 7.5 percent but the disparity in the volume and influence of their numbers is vast.

            Numbers are not the sole indicator of power. The Assad and the previously Saddam Hussein as well as several current Arab and North African regimes clearly show that the minority can rule.

  39. Within a minute Haris has already lied. 40% of Malaysians living in impoverished conditions without any basic necessities? That’s about 11 million people. Unless Haris doesn’t know the meaning of the words impoverished and basic, which I doubt, he was really being malicious. Since that lie was his opening line, I shall not give any weight towards the rest of his gangster kampung dusun style of statements.

    Thank you Helen.


    1. that’s not the only lie. there is another one. they claimed that there’s 1, 2 million overseas voters. now its confirmed that only 6200 have registered to vote in 13GE. where are the millions of voters ? phantom voters hired by PR ? where’s the millions of voters as claimed by PR ?

    2. JMD, you racist, how dare you lump us kampung people with gangsters? Lols. Of course 40% of us are impoverished; we drive first generation Protons, we drink water from taps mind you, we don’t have astro, going to McD is a luxury, riding that moving stairs they have at the mall is like riding a rollercoaster and I can go on and on.

      See when you live in that Bangsar reality, that is probably what poverty means.

  40. Sori, saya nak post dalam BM.

    HBI ini anak didik FBI, sepupu sepapat CIA ka?

    Berapa kerat you punya geng sanggup mati?

    Kami rakyat Malaysia turun ramai ramai pijak hangpa habis kaput. Tak payah guna senjata, guna tulang empat kerat cukup.

    Hang faham dak?

  41. The more I listen to him, the more he reminds me of the Mad Hatter. (They just had the Johnny Depp “Alice in Wonderland” last week on tv. Love Johnny Depp).

    There is a part where Alice asked “Do you think I’ve gone round the bend?” and the Hatter said

    “I’m afraid so. You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”

    I think that describes HI best, he’s a mad hatter who believes his own spin.

    1. he’s still in wonderland. maybe he will stay there. we certainly hope so. him coming back to Malaysia will only annoy the people.

  42. If Haris was transpoerted to pre Merdeka, he would, ironically be threatening the non Malays and would be considered a Caveman by our open minded the leaders of those times.

  43. Forget him la. This video proves once and for all that he is a spent intellectual force. Delirious from being ignored. He thinks he lives like the movie “V for Vendetta”. But only in his head. In real life, more like the movie “Psycho”.

  44. “based on what we have seen 40% malaysian live in impoverished condition….? statistik mana dia guna? based on his 2 bijik mata?

  45. I think the police know their job very well.

    Who is this stupid Haris? Lu mau mati pergilah mati sorang. Why buat orang lain susah? Lu satu family mau mati pun apa gua peduli!

    Lu lu, gua gua …mana ada sama.

    Am sure the police are getting smarter now. Ayer Tenang ada banyak buaya tau…… don’t play play.

    To the police force…… jalankan undang undang negara dengan bijaksana dan the peace loving rakyat will be behind you.

    Hell to troublemakers!

  46. LOL… ‘40% malaysian live in impoverished condition’, it’s amazing to think what Jack Daniel’s, Smirnoff vodka, and cheap todi can do to your brain. This moron must be very very drunk…

  47. Satu kenyataan yang datangnya dari orang yang gagal melihat ke dalam dirinya sendiri. Sangat malang bila beliau menjangka bahawa hanya beliau dan rakan rakan nya sahaja yang sangat telus dan berani..

    Saya anggap manusia yang mengeluarkan kenyataan ini seperti si pelawak yang hanya bertujuan menghiburkan penonton dari kelompok dia sahaja.

  48. He sounds like a discontended communist who have been brainedwashed by internationalist who drums the message of regime change never mind what had happen in Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia.

    European Countries now on the brink of total collapse. This Guy is a total gone case.

  49. Todi apa die minum..gua pun mau boleh kaa.. aiyoo kasi share laa ..brader..,

    sorang2 saja merapu.. syok sendiri.. mana boleh..

  50. actually who give this maderplucker the mandate to become the polling police??? We know that now people pay good money for Raja Lawak, may be he wants to become one…he…he…he

  51. Helen, saya selalu baca blog u tapi tak pernah komen. Tapi malam ni terpanggil untuk komen. Komen saya senang aje… jangan layan si bodoh ni

  52. Haris should go back to Sri Lanka, more peaceful, rich and all are equal. All very rich and no poverty.

    Malaysia no good, very dirty and all corrupt.

  53. Waaa, aku takutlah. Itu Harris sudah dapat wahyu melalui anugerah Tuhan dia mau kasi Malaysia kiamat dulu.Aku, keluargaku, anak-anak ku, cucu-cicitku, orang kampung ku semua mau lari jauh-jauh takutlah Haris dan gengnya mengamuk.

    Heh, heh. Pigilah lu Harris. Lu mau ABU. Kami mau ABAljubs.

  54. im laughing madly about this guy..

    1. Most poverty is in PR state. ( agree? yes) why?? well they never really Menjanji menjadi kenyataan. Like Pinang (even though they said there are richer then KL .. i want to tell you Hows the malay right at there? Casino here and there.. you call Pas as PR party as Islamic ?

    why the azan volume become lower? Yes selangor did give free water… only? where is free education you promise? where did you go when when Dengkil was flooded by releasing extra water at there without any notice?

    Did you help us reduce tax for our food and cars? the answer is NO from all this question. I will say Yes For BN to change this PR bullshit.. and Selangor will be BN back. tq!

  55. No need to die ! Pray tell us which Bumiputra, Chinese, Indians and all did not benefit by way of jobs, etc. etc. through the policies of the BN as led by the UMNO with 14 component parties since 1957.

    1. Funny little bastard, aren’t you? First you claim Najib lies all the time, without a shred of evidence to back it up. And then you yourself plant the biggest lie – Najib plans to embezzle RM1 trillion? You do know that’s the entire GDP of Malaysia, right? So… no development at all for the year following elections?

    2. No. Nobody has heard your lie. I think you’re going into Guinness World record as the only prophet whose lie nobody take seriously.

  56. Bullshit bastard, cakap macam negara ini datuk dan bapak dia yg punya. Kerajaan pun tak cakap macam ni. Tak ada sape pun nak takut.


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