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The Star mendokong twit yang melagakan Najib dan Muhyiddin

“The space between Najib and Muhyiddin is…Exactly four keris, and a tiger,” kata @bongkersz — seorang juru twit yang dipromosi oleh The Star dalam balas-membalasnya dengan Fahmi Fadzil, setpol Nurul Izzah.

Twitter bongkersz Telling

Bersambung daripada ‘The Star promoting anti-BN twits who mock Najib

Dalam posting saya itu kelmarin, saya mengenengahkan juru twit yang ditonjolkan nama-nama mereka oleh The Star dalam sebuah rencana tentang reaksi Twitterjaya terhadap pengumuman PM untuk membubarkan Parlimen.

GE13Twitterjaya abuzz after dissolution of Parliament - Nation The Star Online 2013-04-05 13-45-24

Juru-juru twit tersebut yang mencaci BN ialah:

@bongkersz yang pada hari pembubaran Parlimen telah mentweet cogankata Pakatan “Ini kali lah!’, dan

@amuse_gueule aka ‘Pork Barrel Mushgul’, iaitu seorang yang terlibat dalam aktiviti-aktiviti Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM)


“What about you, @amuse_gueule?”, kata tweet The Star menjemput @amuse_gueule menjadi moderator rancangan iPad anjuran Kumpulan Media Star yang mempunyai audien seramai 5.63 juta orang

Twitter amuse_gueule Chicken Shit Machai with pubic hair

Twitter amuse_gueule @pualdidan Cybertroopers BN

Gunting dalam Lipatan

Cuba anda lihat atas dua tweet oleh @amuse_gueule yang berbunyi “Chicken Shit Machai with public hair on his face ONLY reads Utusan” dan “Cybertroopers BN are paid, in cash or in kind. PR punya are cyber ninjas. Purely driven by their passion & commitment 4 change.”

Yang saya hendak tahu, kenapa The Star menjemput @amuse_gueule yang bersifat begitu agresif dan bercakap kasar untuk membintangi rancangan Twitter mereka?

Saya rasa sebabnya ialah The Star pun sama kuat sentimen anti-Utusan mereka.

Star Editor's Choice (TheStarEC) on Twitter 2012-12-30 21-08-17


The Star memihak kepada Jerusubang

Perkara yang wajar disingkap ialah kecenderongan The Star untuk mempromosi para aktivis pembangkang khususnya yang pro-DAP selain akhbar milik MCA itu sengaja menenggelamkan suara-suara pro-BN.

@bongkersz telah muncul dalam sebuah rancangan The Star berjudul ‘On the Spot’, yakni satu program dalam talian yang pernah juga menampilkan juru strategi DAP Ong Kian Ming untuk sesi panjang tempoh 5 jam.

Hannah Yeoh to be in live tweet session Nation The Star Online 2013-04-05 11-30-50

Kenapa The Star mahu mempromosikan timeline @bongkersz, memandangkan twit ini seorang yang sudah cukup terkenal sifat condongnya yang melebih-lebih kepada Pakatan?

Tidak bolehkah The Star memilih netizen (warga alam maya) yang lebih neutral dan berhemah untuk dilonjakkan sebagai bintang-bintang program mereka?

Lihat kandungan lain dalam timeline @bongkersz yang memberi reaksi kepada pendedahan oleh blog ini

The Star promoted a Twitter timeline that uploaded mocking photos of the PM and scornful comments that said "ugly face"
Tweet oleh @bongkersz tentang pembubaran Parlimen disambut dengan komen “ugly face”



kata @bongkersz

dan dibalas oleh @ImCeddy dengan komen “@bongkersz  Oh You just insulted our dignitarian. How could you […]”

Twitter ImCeddy @klubbkiddkl @bongkersz

Ceddy Lopez (ImCeddy) on Twitter 2013-04-05 11-21-30


Tuan Tanam Tebu Bong (bongkersz) on Twitter 2013-04-04 02-19-35

Twitter bongkersz Najib dah start kempen, straight

Gergaji dua mata

Persoalannya ialah kenapa The Star sering memilih jenis twit macam si @bongkersz ini, yang nyata telah mencerca PM serta suka memaki-hamun?

Adalah ia hak seseorang itu untuk berkempen di Internet menentang BN kerana kita sebuah negara demokrasi. Namun mengapa pula The Star beriya-iya mempromosi para juru twit yang giat berkempen pilihanraya untuk memenangkan DAP?


Perdana Menteri sendiri telah mengakui bahawa medan tempur PRU13 buat pertama kalinya akan turut merangkumi arena media sosial.

The Star sudah lama berkecimpung dalam dunia digital serta mampu membariskan teknologi canggih media.

Nampak macam MCA sebenarnya telah meluluskan tindakan-tindakan The Star selama ini yang mengerah sumber dan tenaga kerja syarikat kaya-raya tersebut untuk menjulang perjuangan evangelis DAP 2.0.

Twitter bongkersz We need #electionmemes #GE13memes
Juru twit yang dipromosi oleh The Star sehari sebelum diumumnya pembubaran Parlimen


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

25 thoughts on “The Star mendokong twit yang melagakan Najib dan Muhyiddin

  1. Actually Bongketz’s a notorious PR supporter (from Sabah or Sarawak I think) with a foul mouth and a bad attitude to match. He has been active well before GE12.

    He’s well known among the PR circles as a leading cyber Red Guard advancing their cause. That the Star not knowing this is hard to believe.

    1. Sarawak. Someone posted his blog’s link on the previous post.

      All I can say is that if someone has money to spare for dog food then they should count themselves lucky. Years of junior college & IPTA education gives rise to a generation of selfish & ungrateful citizens.

  2. Awww Helen, I see my tweets are featured once again! :D It’s so rare somebody would actually pay attention to what I have to say. Thanks for your obsession, sending you infinite love. Mwah! :*

    1. And you’re tracking me by the minute. This posting is barely up half an hour and already you’ve made your way here.

      Must be a slow day in Jerusubang for me to be made the object of the oppo obsession.

  3. Yep, that’s how I’m showing you love, don’t you want your readers to be loyal and track every post that you uploaded? I’m showing you support. I’m also sending my friends to read your blog, so empowering.

  4. Bongkerz is a demon. I saw him ate babies for breakfast and puppies for lunch. He is indeed a DAP (Demon Always Preferred) supporter. Thanks for exposing this demon to us god fearing malaysian. I will pray that the lord god will smite him and ensure a for the win for BN

    1. Ha ha ha. Since you joined him for breakfast, may I ask if the braised babies were tasty? What seasoning did the chef use?

    2. So that’s why he was buying dog food. He was fattening them for the slaughter!!!

      BTW, do you know that some indigenous groups in Sarawak consider dogs a delicacy? I’ve seen them boil them for many hours until the water turned black. Then they’d change the water & braise them again before chopping into bite size pieces to be cooked with lotsa ginger, onions, garlic, chillies, turmeric, galangal, peppercorns & soy sauce.

      They claim it tasted good especially with tuak or langkau on a cold rainy evening.

      Hope I didn’t spoil your appetite but I doubt so since you saw someone ate babies today.

  5. If you really follow Bong’s twit feed, he doesn’t comment at only one party. He has commented on a lot of people from different political parties. Not only BN lah… why does it have to be everything about BN?

    1. My issue is not with Bong. He’s got his right to politically campaign for “Change” as he sees fit. Just as my blog is seen as unfavourable of certain DAP personality cultist idols.

      Like I said in the copy above, we’re a democratic country (more or less) and our political activism – Bong’s and mine – is not against the law.

      For any newspaper to take sides is not illegal either. Media partisanship is a fact even in the substantively democratic countries of the First World.

      My issue is with The Star hypocritically presenting itself to the world at large as the MCA mouthpiece when it’s doing all this backstabbing and thinking it can escape notice.

      The BN formula has its quid pro quo – I help you, you help me. The Umno machinery on the ground is helping MCA to get the Malay votes.

      The quid pro quo is that the MCA machinery is to help Umno and the other BN component parties to get the Chinese votes as well as, in the case of The Star‘s utility, the votes of English-speaking Malaysians.

      Insofar as the Star subterfuge is unfolding before our eyes, I really urge the BN to appraise whether MCA is pulling its weight and shouldering its share of the coalition responsibility.

      1. If I have not followed Bong’s tweet feeds, I’d think that he is a PR hardcore supporter…. thus my comment above. That is what I would get from this article although you are actually talking about TheStar… hehehe

        1. re: “I’d think that he is a PR hardcore supporter”

          I’m in the same mind as Calvin Sankaran. I don’t follow Bong but from what I’ve read sporadically since before the 2008 GE, my perception is that he IS a PR hardcore supporter.

          However, of late some Pakatan supporters have gotten more critical of the oppo (Haris would be one example) whereas I’ve gotten less critical of the BN.

          So I don’t disbelieve you when you say that “He has commented on a lot of people from different political parties. Not only BN lah”.

          1. I am not in Twitter either so I don’t know what this guy’s up to. But I do recall having several fierce running battles with him in some blogs and FB.

            He is arrogant, potty mouthed and has a very high opinion of himself. After a few debates which he fared poorly, he disappeared. Another of those PR hard core supporters were Vijay Kumar Murugavel.

            These 2 used to be ultra active and chief vanguards of Pakatan. But in the last 2 years or so kind of all but disappeared.

            1. Possibly Bongkersz shifted his writings from blog to Twitter.

              Blogs are so yesterday. Social media is today and has many times the reach. Blogs can’t go viral. Tweets can.

              The MCA people are not doing things right. Fakin’ Fake Calvin at my urging signed up as Gan Ping Sieu’s 2,310th follower last night. I just checked Gan’s Twitter. It’s not moved an inch from 2,310 followers.

              He’s the Deputy YOUTH (!) Minister. If he’s the most “Gen” that the MCA’s got, then how to match the DAP in cyberspace?

  6. Just to warn, i work with the Jerusubang type in my office (I live in KL but work near Jerusubang) and these people use the social media to kill off opponents, its common that these people spy on people facebook and twitter and report to HR of colleagues writing complains on facebook about the company that they get ahead in promotions, sadly, after a colleague in trouble, I deleted almost all the Jerusubang types in my office from my FB.

    Its one reason I am never active on facebook and twitter, just use them to watch and observe, guess i am already too old for social media but I think I know my limitations unlike the Jerusubang Gen Y who talk loud like morons on social media.

    One thing to point out, online bullying is endemic in Anglophile countries, even caused suicides among teens, seems more imported shit from their dominions by these Jerusubangites and DAPsters.

  7. Well, just one small thing to pick on a person who actually went through the hassle to create a twitter called BNstinks.

    “Bersekutu bertambah mutu” means “Unity is strength” and that is the motto on our national coat of arms. I don’t think it is funny or fair to be partisan about it.

  8. I am just wondering why DAP is going against their own constituition by fielding candidates who been members of the party less than 2 years. Should the ROC suspend the party for such violations? Wonder why such democratically inclined-party is being undemocratic.

    1. Good point. Sak joined DAP in Jan 2012.

      I’d previously blogged:

      Sebenarnya mengikut Fasal XXX (10) (c) perlembagaan DAP, seseorang ahli yang menyertai parti untuk tempoh kurang daripada dua tahun tidak berkelayakan untuk dilantik sebagai calon parti bagi pemilihan sebagai Adun dan/atau Ahli Parlimen.


      Also, Sudah tentulah Guan Eng dikecualikan daripada Fasal X (2) perlembagaan DAP yang menyebut “Setiausaha Agung tidak boleh memegang jawatan itu bagi satu tempoh yang melebihi tiga penggal berturut-turut”.

      Guan Eng mula menyandang jawatan Setiausaha Agung DAP pada bulan Mei 2004.

      Fasal VIII (1) perlembagaan DAP menyebut bahawa kongres kebangsaan parti – serentak dengan pemilihan 20 orang ahli Jawatankuasa Tertinggi Pusat – patut diadakan setiap tiga tahun sekali.

      Guan Eng akan tamat penggal ketiga perkhidmatannya tahun [2012].

      Akan tetapi DAP telah memutuskan untuk menangguh pilihanraya parti kerana dijangka PRU13 akan berlangsung tidak lama lagi. Ini bermaksud Guan Eng kekal menjadi Setiausaha Agung tanpa bertanding masuk penggal ke-4.

      1. Sak dapat kelulusan Jawatankuasa Tertinggi Pusat-lah tu. Bila Sak menang, agak-agak teruskan lagi ke usaha nak tutup sekolah Cina dan Tamil ala mendukung konsep Malaysian First?

        1. Invoking the exemption clause?

          So Tokong’s men and the normal DAP folks follow different procedures?

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