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Young faces of DAP 2.0

Lim Guan Eng is considered by the Chinese to be a hero, according to his political rivals in Gerakan. — see FMT (4 April 2013)

LGE a Chinese hero, but…Free Malaysia Today 2013-04-07 07-29-33

“I want this country to be healed after years of pilferage, greed, lies and corruppptiooon!!!” – Douglas Tan’s “maiden” speech in Ipoh, October 2012


Douglas is a member of the City Harvest Church KL (located in Subang Jaya), coordinator of DAP Kampar service team and, FMT and Malaysia Chronicle columnist.

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By Garrett

LL  [‘Lousy Lawyer’, comment screenshot below],

…naivety is not necessarily a bad thing, like you say, but it could be dangerous, in politics. And it’s ok to be righteous, but not self-righteous.

Self-righteousness is defined as a feeling or display of (usually smug) moral superiority. Youths who are self-righteous will eventually become arrogant and disdainful of anyone who do not share their sentiments or opinions.

And all the adulation from DAP supporters will definitely feed his ego and encourage him to believe that he and his affiliations and opinions are superior to everyone else. A good example is Hannah Yeoh.

BTW, it’s Gil, not Gillian. I’m a guy. Cheers!

Garrett’s comment originally @ 2013/04/05 at 11:03 am in reply to

Why the dresses backstory is very, very important


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32 thoughts on “Young faces of DAP 2.0

  1. The DAP leadership lacks the brilliance of Lee Kuan Yew’s academic qualifications [edited]. This is why the DAP sat on their butts for 44 years and shouted ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ and did not help the Chinese, the Bumiputras and all in any way. And now, one of their smartest fellows said recently that Malaysian Politics is Malay based. All I know is it is Singaporean Chinese influenced and the City Harvest involvement confirms.

    1. you forgot something. let me add a little bit. the DAP and their supporters, these people are the descendants of coolies sold by their own brethren in China to the white men in the 18th and 19th centuries. so you simply cannot expect anything good to come out from these people. they are gullible and easily influenced by other people. that’s why so many of them are embracing Christianity, the religion of the white men.

      1. Tawarikh 101: …and the MCA and some Gerakan founders were Mandarins from China sent to Melaka during the Ming Dynasty to set up camp permanently in Tanah Melayu.

        P.S: correct me if I’m konpius HT. he..he

        1. those that came during the Ming Dynasty were scholars and military officers, whereas those that came in the 18th, 19th centuries, were mostly coolies. and the descendants of these coolies are now the core supporters and members of this developers associates party.

      2. I believe we should let eugenics bring us down to DAPster level, every human have same potential.

  2. >> Give him some credit when it is due.

    Talk is cheap. I have listened to all these cliche stuffs for the past 5 years already. It’s like broken records. Until he has actually done something or anything for the community (or even for abandoned animals like dogs or cats), to me, he’s just another empty vessel (his own words best describe himself actually).

    PS: I didn’t realize there’s a lousy lawyer replying to another lousy comment; I never read all the comments unless it’s good stuffs from the likes of Conrad, I Hate N’Sync, et al.

    1. you have to give the guy some credit though. by that I m referring to the CM of Penang. he failed as an accountant, yet he managed to become CM. but that’s where the fun begins. as a CM he too failed. he has a track record of becoming something, someone, yet when he’s at the job, he failed.

      speaking of him being an empty vessel, truth be told, he’s not an empty vessel, to begin with. he merely boarded a vessel captained by his father. the father gave way and he merely stepped into the job. here too he failed. he’s a nothing.

      as for Hannah, I never quite get it. what’s so great about her ? a law graduate yet she turned into what ? an event planner………..

      and now she’s a state rep, or was a state rep since the state assembly was dissolved a couple of days ago. she has neither the looks nor the intellect, nor aptitude. oh wait, hold on……..

      speaking of aptitude, I believe she does possess some, like for instant insulting people.

      1. But I would disagree with you on this matter. What LGE and Hannah have in common is look. I have written about this again and again. When we say look, it does not mean that LGE has to have Brad Pitt’s look or Hannah to have Maya Karin’s look.

        What they both have is the above average Chinese look who has the combination of good looking, corporate like, educated look and trendy in the case of Hannah. That makes them stand out among the chinese leadership crowd.

        1. i beg to differ, grandmarquis – as a gay man, I speak with authority that LGE is NOT in freaking hell has the above average look.

          He, however has the standard look of someone who works in the accounts department who issues cheque or doing the account receivable bit: very brylcreemy if you ask me!

          As for Hannah, she looks like a soccer mom with a penchant for Vodka & Xanax! Her twitter profile pic is like 20 years old: age and working as a politician doesn’t agree much with her!

    1. Tak yah lah sampai tahap genius. Kalau tahu guna sempua untuk mengira, dah cukup syarat gak.

      1. they are bad bean counters. when they got the numbers wrong, they will blame Microsoft Excel.

        1. My roomate was a bean counter…gosh most of them are lazy, only four or so classes per week in their undergraduates…yet most know nothing of economic principles like Keynesianism, they tambah tolak and expect to get into the Big 4 to get bribes by their clients for tax evasion.

          Its a reason the West collapse, the bright ones go into Banking or accounting for secure boring jobs that allo highest chances of promotion without understanding economics in its latent form.

          Am by golly Taoking screwed up in that also.

  3. If the DAP leadership wants to ape Lee Kuan Yew’s failed policies for Singapore, we may be certain their DAP Pulau Pinang policies are going to fail – more concrete, more high-rise etc in the name of increased revenue.

    This is not the way to go. There are so many better ways in keeping with our Malaysian way of life. With more development on Pulau Pinang, it means higher property prices and inflation which will squeeze the 99% Rakyat out of the island.

    1. re: “squeeze the 99% Rakyat out of the island”

      Shhhh, why you let out the Tokong’s secret plan?

      1. Bet he has plans to turn Penang into money laundering site via offshore banking for corrupt billionaires, not unlike Singapore, it’s the least a failed accountant can think of.

        1. his plan of turning Penang into a money laundering site is via property development. Penang has no hope of becoming an offshore banking center. that’s why we now have so many property developers coming up with so many projects and foreigners coming to Penang to buy property.

  4. There are 13,000 lawyers in the country. And Malaysian Politics is a new RM 8 Billion core industry which comes round once every 3-4 years. In 1954, the Alliance was wholly financed by the towkays for only Straits Dollars 450,000.

    With each electoral tussle, the value of the Malaysian Politics industry should increase because the bills for the previous elections have not been paid. The only qualification for this new industry is only gift of the gab ! We realy do not require the brilliant academic qualifications of Lee Kuan Yew which was 20th century stuff !

  5. Has anyone observed that in a country the size of England, our beloved Malaysia has the Wilayah, plus 13 State Governments and the Federal Government. Take the case of a chap who sat around for 44 years – he can take allowances from both the State and Federal plus pension plus his Party management fees. You work it out. This guy is a multi-millionaire thriving on the forever unhappy issues of the beloved land. This is what I call creativity, innovativity and originality. What are you waiting for ladies and gentlemen ?

  6. And for the reasons given by me previously, we have a rapidly expanding population of politicians to rule over our beloved country with a population half that of England.

    From this genesis, the tasty low hanging political fruits harvested by the lst generation is now passed on as a legacy to the 2nd generation – all in the name of public service but totally and wholly supported by the Rakyat !

    The Cabinet is now nearly 50 members. Some pundits say it is larger than India’s with a population of 1.1 Billion.

  7. I had to warn the Rakyat because there are many better alternatives to ape Singapore’s development at lesser cost and more beneficial revenue. Singapore’s record of building modern, shiny and tall buildings cannot be replicated elsewhere.

    You need the forceful leadership, you need the laws, you need the people who can deliver etc.etc without hurting the indigenous folk. Vide. Singapore Government’s White Paper on Population. 1959. Lee Kuan Yew took power. Indigneous population 100%. 2013 62%. 2030 45% ! The finest screwdown of those who supported the Government !

  8. I have always said that the Malaysian Chinese are the best treated in the whole wide World even better than Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and the rest of the World.

    We can all see Opposition Chinese leaders make a lot of money with some Chinese calling them heroes and can pass the legacy to the 2nd generation. Tell me where Opposition Chinese leaders are multi-millionaires working within the legal system, outside of Malaysia ?

    Who can say we are not fair and practising our Malaysian style democracy ? And you can see more and more fellows climbing on to the bandwagon !

    1. Yes, I do see the carpetbaggers climbing onto the DAP bandwagon in the last couple of years.

  9. What is going to bring down the DAP ? Simple. The same reasons that brought down the failed policies of Singapore. Yes men ! You see one already wrapped round the source of power and happiness in colour ! No more ! No less ! So soon ! So early ! OMG !

  10. Helen,

    Guan Eng is the “son of Heaven” within DAP circle. Which explains why he is now “the person” to deal with in DAP. Karpal , as a chairman, is a mere ceremonial head to give the racist party a multicultural outlook.

    Just like the imperial “son of heaven” locked within the forbidden City, Guan Eng shares the same traits. expecting the highest accountablity from others while he himself showing lack or rather none of the good values.

    As such, he sulks like “pondan”. he cant take rejection in real life like a man. Sheltered from criticism within DAP, he expects Malaysians to “buy” his story.

    “typo” error. Come on. Typo error mistake is an excuse given only by clerks. Not by a head of a government. and he says he is an “accountant’. hmmnnnnn.

    For all who care to observe, Guan Eng is also a mortal man. Although DAP wants to portray him as “dewa”, “saviour” to the chinese community. From what.

    What else? “alleged “tyranny” from UMNO (meaning Malay)


    The problem is not Guan Eng or DAP. The problem lies for all to see. Total refusal of MCA and Gerakan to “take bull by its horn’. That is the problem.

    Although I can sense that Chinese purposely gives mixed signal to Najib in order to extract maximum goodies from him, I also sense apprehension that they (the chinese) think they maight go overboard.

    The feeling comes from realisation that while their votes are important, a dose of reality is a must. Meaning as what I repeated earlier, they might end up voting themselves out of Federal Govt.

    And by doing that (rejecting whole heartedly) MCA and Gerakan, they in other words make what the Malays have been saying as correct: that they only think bout themselves.

    Najib I am afraid will be in position that he has no choice but to exclude the Chinese from his ministerial line up to appease the Malays.

    And that is the tragedy when one wittingly or unwittingly sides with the losing party.

  11. True story. On gift of the gab. In the early 1980s, a minor minister said in front of me ‘They call us Toong kwok mahu ! We fight ! We fight !’ Soon he retired and an upmarket residents association sought his help. He could not be found. And later sold his RM10 Million Bukit Tunku house. I saw him a few weeks ago in his T shirt, boxer shorts and slippers with his family looking happy and contented, strolling in a mall.

  12. It is the legal loophole that Pulau Pinang can provide for the 10 casino and on-line gambling licences which maybe issued by a chummy Federal Government that is the icing on the cake for all the moths now floating around the flickering lamp !

  13. I am unsure as to what have I done to deserve such degrading and humiliating treatment in the form of this blog post. I deeply regret your actions, dear Helen.

    With regards to your incessant attacks on such persons like Hannah Yeoh and Douglas Tan, I strongly believe that they are unwarranted. It is about time you stop these attacks.

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