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The Rocket ejects the Indians

FMT has an exclusive today hinting that the DAP is going to reduce the number of Parliamentary seats offered to its Indian candidates.


God’s Gift from Jerusubang

The reason is that after the tsunami, the DAP had “attracted so many new faces, mostly from the Chinese community”, a DAP Indian leader told FMT.

Exactly! Don’t the Chinese just love winners…

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One example of a new DAP evangelist member to be given a Parliament seat to contest would likely be @imokman (see above), the DAP election strategist Ong Kian Ming who joined the party in August 2012.

The Star story on Ong’s DAP entry is reported by Regina Lee (well, who did you expect?)

Spell, M-E-R-I-T-O-C-R-A-C-Y

One of the Indian leaders interviewed by FMT for the story – about the DAP planning to jettison some Indian holdovers from 2008 – also revealed that these new Chinese DAP members feel that it is their right to contest in the election.

Exactly! Because the DAP practices “meritocracy”, y’see, and thus rejects “race-based politics” that reserves seats for minority Indians.

The DAP Indian leaders had spoken to FMT “on condition of anonymity for fear of party reprisal“.

And that is exactly how the DAP operates. There is always a witch hunt against its people who defy the Dear Leader’s countless gag orders.

“Doing a Joceline”, wor

The FMT story ‘DAP to reduce Indian MPs?‘ is bylined to K. Kabilan.

A Facebooker (screenshot below) in his response to the FMT article accused Kabilan of “doing a joyceline” and being guilty of “gutter reporting”.

DAP to reduce Indian MPsFree Malaysia Today 2013-04-08 19-13-56

Isn’t that exactly how a Dapster responds whenever he reads something yang tak sedap telinga?

The funniest part is the sheer presumption of the utterly condescending commenter Guna Rethinasamy, who wondered, “why FMT has not kicked this moron (writer)” that according to him has “no weight nor credence”.

Ka-ka-ka-kah. Kabilan is the FMT editor-in-chief himself lah. Just because the article is not palatable to Guna, out comes the Dapster S.O.P. of ad hominem attacks.


Like The Star, DAP accused of plagiarism

Another writer scolded today by DAP supporters because he said something they did not like to hear is Dr Kua Kia Soong.

Dr Kua was told by the Dapster: “you have also sold yourself to the devil”. (Ka-ka-ka-kah, will Dapsters ever stop predictably resorting to insults and thuggery? … hmm, naah, don’t think so.)


In ‘Pakatan’s missed opportunity with Hindraf‘, Dr Kua wrote about the “bizarre and total inconsistency of this Gelang Patah Declaration” unveiled by Lim Kit Siang recently. He asked why was not the DAP version – which Hindraf said DAP had plagiarized – viewed as “racist” when the Pakatan had earlier insisted that the Hindraf blueprint was racist.

Dr Kua also predicts that “having been spurned by the Pakatan manifesto, we could only expect the fury of the Hindraf backlash against the plagiarism by DAP” (see above).

DAP’s “instant noodle” declaration

Commenting on the Hindraf blueprint as well as was Tunku Aziz who said for five years the DAP Indian representatives merely stood by and watched while the Penang and Selangor Pakatan rulers “failed to implement any worthy policy to benefit Indians”.

He told FMT two days ago (April 6):

“Hindraf is not demanding the sky and the moon for the Indians. It’s just asking the government of the day to correct past wrongs done on Indians. It’s just asking for a policy for Indians that by right should have been implemented long time ago.”


According to Tunku Aziz, the DAP Gelang Patang Declaration was something drafted instantly like mi segera to hoodwink the Indian voters.

Tunku Aziz said during his time in DAP he had never heard of Lim Kit Siang nor his son or the Indian representatives such as Deputy Chief Minister (II) P. Ramasamy “highlighting, discussing or finding solutions for Indian issues”.


Hindraf replies to Mariam Mokhtar’s 10 questions


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16 thoughts on “The Rocket ejects the Indians

  1. I have deep reservations about Guna Rethinasamy’s comments over K. Kabilan’s article. His biggest bone of contention is KK’s failure to quote a source for the piece. As such he considers KK’s article to be unreliable & should warrant no attention as it is presumably a masterpiece borne of a warped imagination.

    Has Guna not heard of the Holy Spirit????!!!!!

    How can he be a supporter, card carrying or moral notwithstanding, of DAP if he has not heard of the Holy Spirit a.k.a Holy Ghost? LGE, Ngeh, Nga, Hannah, Tony, Teresa etc are always guided by the Holy Spirit thus their ability to spew truckloads of nonsense, I mean sense that if is in physical form, would reclaim land size bigger than Penang island.

    I’m gobsmacked by Guna’s ignorance. Really, I am… Hannah should reeducate this fella…

    1. FFC,

      Actually Kabilan’s article is not a secret. In fact this is known in PR circles and that’s one of the reasons for PR not releasing its candidates list.

      It is a known fact among PR insiders that many Indian candidates were solely selected because of the Hindraf tsunami in 2008. Now that DAP and PR have done with Indians, they can be discarded like used banana leaf.

      Not only in parliamentary seats but there will be a big drop in Indian candidates for the state seats too. I expect a reduction of around 50%.

      When PR releases their candidate list, they will be a massive uproar in the Indian community. I don’t think any of PR leaders will dare to face the Indian community when this happens.

      This guy Guna’s a ABU-er, all he cares is getting rid of BN.

      Interestingly while these guys speak about Anak Bangsa Malaysia, but if asked to really embrace the concept by closing vernacular schools, media and TV/radio stations, they will strongly oppose.

  2. Interesting to read in grk that an Indian DAP members claims the Indians members are fed false information so that they are excluded from imporatant party events or come late to jeetings so that Indian grievances are not discussed in the minutes.

    And the DAPster run amok when Hindraf parley with UMNO.

      1. I guess the benefits of stronger opposition post Tsunami is that BN or UMNO has been more responsive and receptive to the minorities, you cannot imagine UMNO in the past attending a Dong Zong event let alone entertain the idea of making the UEC acceptable in Malaysian universities, while ironically the DAPster become the opposite and in danger or endangering us by being the dynastic racist dictatorship and possibly advocating hand chopping Ayatollah style hudud by sleeping on the same bed with PASters.

        The imperfections which they claims inherent in their Barisan enemy is ironically staring at them back in the mirror and at the same the DAP is time diluting the Chinese poltical clout in another highly probable Dacing federal government.

        uOne wonders how the astute Chinese can be so deceived by such an inherently undemocratic and unChinese party, no wonder Shuzheng is on panic mode and went berserk these days.

        DAP call Hindraf racists for advocating Indian agenda but ironically, what card were they playing when they play second fiddle with Dong Zong which advocate Chinese agenda besides tricking the Chinese vote behind them, then there is nothing wrong with UMNO in preserving the constitutionally lawful Malay rights, it is a strange world.

        With the kind of undemocratic attitude of DAP, Hindraf have better chances with UMNO, at least both eat rice with their hands which DAPster would never do.

        1. Forrestcat,

          The truth is that many in UMNO are not happy with Najib talking to Dong Zong.

          Dong zong may not say it out loud but it wants “mini chinas’ in Malaysia. Separate school in totality. Those teachers not proficient in Mandarin (meaning non chinese) have no business teaching in Chinese schools, they say.

          The truth also Chinese unwittingly bringing themselves directly to clash with Malays by supporting racist DAP.

          1. I think Najib should just stop trying to please the 85% Chinese community who are not going to support BN in the next GE.

            Enough kow-tow to the absurdly-overdemanding Chinese community!

            The worst thing that Najib could do is to accept Dong Zong’s demand of creating mini-Cina schools in this country. The hell with Dong Zong’s Cina-exclusivity demands. Balik tiong-kok laa, if Dong Zong want everything Cina in their lives.

        2. I think that with MCA and MIC not seen to be pulling their weight, UMNO as the biggest partner in BN has to step in to touch base with the Chinese and Indians. The Dong Zong meeting, the PSY CNY concert, has Najib coming down to the ground for the event. This has not happened before, not even during Pak Lah’s tenure. The efforts to naturalise stateless Indians and greater economic participation by Indians also appear to have a strong UMNO component with MIC support.

          It looks like UMNO will soon be United MALAYSIANS National Organisation.

          1. That was Onn Jaafar’s vision. Indeed Umno has to become like what you say, that’s the only viable option for the future. It’s the big picture that I see (I blogged this idea in June 2012).

            However the ABU concept is “Kuburkan Umno” and appears to be what the Chinese voters unanimously want.

            In 1958, Umno and the Malay rulers opened up citizenship. Now Umno is called upon to open up its party membership pula.

            Looking at the behaviour of Dapsters, which Umno member would be ‘brave’ enough to do that? :D

  3. DAP evangelists think they are much more superior and the chosen race by God to lead the party and Malaysia.

    same thinking like the Jew (especially the Zionist), think they are the most favorable race and most loved by God compared with other races.

    it’s all about their right. other races (Malay & Indian) have no right and don’t deserve to ask anything. good enough if they become macai, coolies, suck up their Chinese master’s ass in DAP (pardon my language this time).

    so…this is about Ketuanan Cina in DAP, chest thumping the so called championing Malaysian Malaysia???

    no place for goyim in DAP. goyim is word for non-Jew but I think it suits with DAP now.

    and definitely no place for black goyim in DAP unless black goyim follow all their saying. Indian think they can produce one like Obama. dream on.

  4. They think Malaysia Indians are bodoh and can only goyang kepala for whatever the politicans say. Not anymore. Talking about goyang kepala came across this, a popular song in the 80 goyang kepala remixed by a fellow Malaysian. [YouTube]

  5. This is typical of DAP’s strategy. They talk about equality of all races but when they field only Chinese candidates or elect Chinese for the central committee, they cite meritocracy and Anak Bangsa-ism.

    They scream loudly of ethnic discrimination and use it to run down BN but when the same accusation made against them, they accuse their opponents of using race card.

    They come up with race-based Gelang Patah Declaration but when Hindraf declares its Blueprint for the betterment of Indians, it is called as racial politics.

    They shout out loud “Ubah” to change BN govt but keep the same leaders for half a century. They demand for democracy and freedom of speech but impose gag orders and select leaders.

    They fight for clean and fair election but manipulate their own party elections to install their cronies by citing Excel problems.

    1. Calvin,

      And that is DAP. Only “Lim Dynasty” matters. chinese legitimate interests (already well taken care off by UMNO) is a mere facade to garner Chinese votes.

      So, anyone still dreaming about DAP so caring on ‘malays, Indians’. DAP simply demolishes Malay stalls. And for Indians please take note. Even Dr Zambri is insulted as “hitam metalik”.

      So, please know your place (from viewpoint of DAP).

      1. For the life of me, I do not understand why Malays join DAPig.

        Have they makaned ‘nasik-kankang’ cooked by DAPig?

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