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Dapsters hate mualaf and mamak very much (open comment)

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The smear campaign carried out by Dapsters is beyond the pale.

In February, I received a tip-off from regular commenter ‘The International Jew‘ that my name “has been hijacked by the Dapsters to spread nonsense” at another blog (see screenshot below).

The imposter used the name ‘Helen Ang Abdullah’.

Internation Jew tip-off Helen Ang Abdullah comment

would DAP be willing Helen Ang 2013-04-09 20-54-46

Servant of God’s comment here

Hijacking other people’s names

Other readers also wrote in to alert me (see screenshot below).

I checked out the link url and found that the cybertrooper had impersonated ‘Calvin Sankaran’ to make the most vicious and malicious comments about me.

It is equally vicious and malicious that the imposter hijacked Calvin Sankaran’s name (see screenshot below) to make such dashyat comments.

Other readers of this blog have complained that their names (Aidil Yunus, Puak Pakatan Pembohong) were also stolen by the troopers.

That’s why in my previous postings I have sometimes penned the following line — “What kind of people are they?”

I won’t republish some of the other fitnah by the cybertrooper as its the type of lie that is so terrible that it can destroy relationships and break up families if casually repeated.

This individual who impersonates others and menabur fitnah merata-rata does not possess a shred of conscience to be doing this filthy character assassination.

Election 2013 Race contestation at its sharpest review 1955-69 Helen Ang 2013-04-09 20-25-11

Din Merican – For Sale To The Highest Bidder Stop The Lies 2013-04-09 20-40-01

Dapsters spreading lies far and wide

As a consequence of their fitnah, ‘Helen Ang Abdullah’ has become a Google prompt when you search keywords ‘Helen Ang’ (see screenshot below).

That’s how far and widely their lies have spread.

The readers of this blog had alerted me in the first week of February. By the third week of the month, searches on ‘Helen Ang Abdullah’ had begun landing in my blog (see screenshot below).

To date, a total of 33 searches on ‘Helen Ang Abdullah’ have been redirected to my blog.

helen ang - Google Search 2013-04-09 20-48-56


Consequences of their lies

So many people actually believe that Rosmah Mansor bought a RM24 million diamond ring.

The DAP even incorporated this libel into their ‘Ubah’ Psy parody on YouTube. So you see, it’s not just the cybertroopers who do these things. It’s the very top leadership by example.

So imagine that people out there being taken in by the unconscionable lie spread by the Dapsters and start believing that I’m a Muslim convert.

And what if members of the public should see me in a coffee shop eating bah kut teh? Or what if they see me eating in the daytime during puasa month?

Then, just like the Rosmah diamond ring slander, the lie about my converting to become Helen Ang Abdullah will take more twists and turns, such as I’m a munafik who converts in name only but doesn’t practice Islam.

Do you see how serious and how damaging this kind of fitnah is? Yet the Dapsters can pile lie upon lie without any qualms.

So again, I ask: Really, what kind of people would stoop so low to do such a thing?

If you read Annie’s posting, then you can see how intense is the hatred that these Dapsters have for Chinese converts.

What they’ve done is not merely menganiaya me – I’m not a Muslim and have never converted – but they are also being utterly disrespectful of Islam to take so lightly and mock the “binti Abdullah” name.

More about the imposters

The real Pakatan Puak Pembohong is a regular commenter and I’m familiar with his writing style.

PPP recently alerted me:

“These PR troopers are getting desperate now. Helen, you have my email address so if someone comes in here and claims he’s me, then you’ll know what I’m talking about when I write this comment.”

Yes, I do have the real PPP’s e-mail address. That’s why when the imposter came, I could spot that the comment was ‘faked (see screenshot below).

You can also see that their avatars are different — one is light green and the other is light blue even though both signed in with the PPP moniker.


PPP imposter

Yes, it’s ‘Ravin’

Despite being opened warned that he is an imposter, this particular cybertrooper dared to come back again.

His fake e-mail address is

Regular readers would be most interested to know that the imposter who tried to pass himself off as Pakatan Puak Pembohong is ‘Ravin’. Yet he uses the fake e-mail (see screenshot below).

Ravin abdamalik

You can see that Ravin’s light blue avatar is identical to that of the fake Pakatan Puak Pembohong above because both comments use the same fake e-mail.

This ‘Ravin’ creature had also previously sworn that he is a Muslim ‘Mohd Aziz’.

Very early on, some of the regular readers had already suspected that Mohd Aziz is not a Muslim although his command of BM is reasonably good.

See Khairul’s query (screenshot below) in July 2012 casting doubt on “mohd aziz’s” imposture.

To cover up, “mohd aziz” went to the extent of replying: “Hangpa nampak ke masa aku kat jamban pakai ayer atau kertai?”

Does The Star have a Christian agenda Helen Ang 2013-04-09 21-41-24

Does The Star have a Christian agenda Helen Ang 2013-04-09 21-49-13

Last August @ 2012/08/20 at 11:21 am, I had revealed that ‘mohd aziz’ is ‘ravin’ although I had blacked out his IP address.

He really does not deserve this courtesy of protecting his IP given his impersonation of Pakatan Puak Pembohong.

Furthermore, I strongly suspect Ravin was the one who left the ‘Helen Ang Abdullah’ fake comments as well.

My comment previously on 20 Aug 2012:

‘mohd aziz’ is a Yeopie

A number of readers have previously voiced their reservations that one commenter here calling himself ‘mohd aziz’ may not really be a Malay. However, this ‘mohd aziz’ has insisted that he is Malay.

‘mohd aziz’ posted his comments from an IP address (see screenshot below) which is identical to the IP address of ‘Ravin’ above.

Who is he?

Ravin SJ dinner rm150

What kind of people are they?

To give you an idea of Ravin @ mohd aziz’s profile, above is his comment boasting about paying RM150 per pax to attend the Subang Jaya DAP fundraising dinner featuring Lim Guan Eng and Hannah Yeoh as speakers.

Ravin-and-mohd aziz has a tendency to come in here to comment whenever there are Jerusubang threads.

Ravin has previously claimed in a comment in August 2012 that he is a resident of Subang Jaya (see screenshot below).

Among the nastiest (really, truly nasty beyond belief) comments I’ve ever received on this blog have come in our discussion threads on Jerusubang topics.

Ravin lives in Subang Jaya

Updated: 11.12 pm



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60 thoughts on “Dapsters hate mualaf and mamak very much (open comment)

  1. I think the Chinese in Malaysia needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are just simply anti-Malay. Seriously. I mean, everyone should try not to be a racist, but I think the closeted anti-Malays (and anti-Muslims) went bonkers after years and years of self repression.

    So many look down on the Malays that when the wealthy middle class came up, they are still in denial of their achievements and capabilities and attributed it to the tongkat. Perhaps in their narrow and parochial minds, one cannot support a “Malay” or “Islamic” point of view unless one is a muallaf.

    1. Overt hostility is easier is easier to handle.

      The irritating condescension, like when they claim “Oh, Malays are really among the nice people in the world BUT …”

      The first part of praise is proffered so that the “but …” can be tagged on, and which conveys the real intent of the speaker.

    2. I hate N’sync,

      Recently one useless PAS MP, Mahfuz complained that CEO of Tabung haji is drawing rM85000 monthly salary.

      What Mahfuz the court jester was telling is that “look UMNO pays the EO so much”. So, the CEO must be attacked to make UMNO looks bad.

      So, A professional must be insulted in order to whack UMNO. I see nothing wrong with Tabung Haji CEO earning a hefty salary. He is a CEO, not a manager.

      and RM85000 is considered low. Try checking the salary of top managements in this countries. But here is a Malay quoting a Malay and gave a disparaging remarks.

      In ceramah nearby my area, Syabas CEO was whacked and condemned for earning RM420000 per month. Who whacked him? ADUN Lembah Jaya of PAS and ADUN Sekinchan of DAP.

      “macam la Melayu mesti papa kedana supaya tak dituduh jahat”

      1. I think you mean RM42,000 per month for Syabas CEO.

        I actually am against CEOs taking big salaries like the US ones. On average European CEOs (including Nokia’s), take a far smaller salary compared to the Americans.

        I think we have many capable Malays, just like how we have good Chinese and Indians. The idea here is to give them as much opportunity as possible to fulfil their potential and harness their intelligence and abilities to benefit the nation. If the CEO of Tabung Haji earns a big salary, he must be justified or else the Board of Directors are sleeping on the job. Mahfuz claims that UMNO is responsible, that’s making UMNO omnipresent.

        Banyak masalah korporat di negara kita bukan semata-mata kerana UMNO (atau BN). Some of it is systemic due to patronage economics. Esok tukar PR pun 2 x 5 aje.

        I do agree with Outsyed the Box – Malays must not be ashamed of their wealth as ONE indicator of material success. Malaysians must be educated to prize dilligence and intelligence, rewards terpulang. Some people go for power, some go for money, some go for influence. As a nation we must not be apologetic to reward success and achievement to encourage performance. Sama juga dengan parti-parti politik ni.

        1. re: “that’s making UMNO omnipresent”

          LOL. Yessss, Umno is responsible for EVERYthing. Wow, terribly impressed!

  2. DAPster are racist and lies all the time. All these pr cyber troopers are moral pariahs. They impersonate, lie and commit fraud and forgery. The same thing above happen to me at my blog and I’ve posted dedicated postings for posterity for everyone to see these scums. Rubbish betul all of them.

  3. The persons who left the comments, I’m assuming they are of a young age (Gen-Y, maybe?) The young, they seem to emote over every issue. And when arguments based on facts and logic fail, they resort to the personal.

    That’s one of the reasons I used to love reading comments on sopo blogs; to see how fast the arguments degenerate to the adult equivalent of “my daddy is bigger than your daddy” taunts.

    Now, I am saddened and distressed by the level of hate and violence coming out in cyberspace. You know, there’s a reason why we shouldn’t glorify the west so much, cause we are not just picking up the good but also the very worst of their culture.

    Some in the US celebrated bin Laden’s death and yesterday some Brits organised street parties to celebrate the death of Thatcher. They even had a FB movement to push the Judy Garland song “Ding dong the witch is dead” to the top of the charts. We already have ABU threats. If we get to that death celebration point I’m switching off the internet.

  4. Helen,

    From DAP’s viewpoint, ‘mamak” is “immortalised” by none other than Dr Mahathir.

    For reason best known to them only, DAP seems to have phobia on people with darker complexion. A manifestation of colonial mentality of bygone era.

    As such, many times we will hear them saying “Hitam Metalik”, “mamakthir”, and many other insinuating remarks.

    The funny part is that malays have no issue with “mamak’. It is DAP that cant stand “mamak”. I guess because “mamak” seems to leans towards UMNO. also because of mamak seems to have a flair on business.

    As for Hannah Yeoh, she , typical of DAP. overstates her intelligence , importance when everybody knows that such criteria are simply alien to her

    1. Malays not only have no issues with mamak, we have no issues with Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Senoi, Ibans et al, as long as they treat us with respect.

      The only problem we have with blacks is we have to call them blacks, which is rude in malay culture so we tend to call them negros which is rude to them so that’s confusing.

      The problem with the Dapsters, they believe and behave like they are better than any other group of people, like shamsul wrote above overstate their intelligence and importance.

      As a group they impose their values, value judgement on others and they talk like they are always right even when they are so obviously wrong.

      And I’m guessing they pick on muallafs because this group turn on their own religion to join Islam which in this country is the Malays. The Dapsters don’t realise that they are actually the “muallaf” Christian.

  5. Working in an office with around 250 staff makes for interesting observations of human behavior. More so when the racial distribution of Malays, Chinese & Indians are somewhat equal with a sprinkling of bumiputera Sabah & Sarawak.

    At lunch, you’ll see two major cliques going separate ways once they leave the elevator. The Malays are quite comfy joining the Indians for lunch at the nearby food court. As for the Chinese, they’ll hightail to the coffee shops & restaurants serving non halal food which are a dime a dozen in Damansara Uptown.

    The Chinese would welcome the odd Indian or two who “qualifies” to join them if they fulfill one or all of a few criteria. They must either be conversant in Chinese and/or be married/dating a Chinese and/or holding a high position in the company. As for Malays, we don’t really see them mingle together with the Chinese for lunch probably due to the non halal food.

    Another thing I’ve observed is that despite repeated reminders, the Chinese staffers are fond of speaking in Chinese despite repeated reminder to not do so in respect of colleagues who do not speak or understand Chinese. I never seem to have this problem with the Indians or bumis.

    Another thing I’ve realized long ago was that despite my employers being an equal opportunity MNC, the local chapter’s management is almost entirely Chinese as recruiting and promotions are done locally. In fact, there are only 3 Indians & 2 Malay management level when they are 24 Chinese. Shocking eh?

    Going back to the issue, do the Dapsters (by extension Chinese community) hate Malays/mamaks etc? I think that “hate” is too strong a word. I would opine that the Chinese feels superior to the other races in Malaysia. Thumbing your nose at someone don’t necessarily equate to hate. So I suppose we can say that Dapsters think they’re the best example of God’s creation, misguided as thY may be.

    1. My headline says hate ‘mualaf’, i.e. Chinese who convert to Islam.

      Read Annie’s piece, and the nasty comment directed at her mother.

      Even my mother who’s passed away is the subject of nasty comments by those unhappy about my writings. How kiasu can they get?

      1. My bad. You only have to see how they treat Ridhuan Tee to justify your arguments. To an extent, much as I dislike the term, ultra kiasu describes the worst of them best

      2. Sought out a colleague of mine, pure bred Chinese but converted to Islam when her dad passed away about 8 years ago. I asked her the reason for the conversion long ago & she said because it afforded her mother, her sister & herself peace of mind. I suppose that’s what faith does to you when you seek solitude in it.

        That said, she mixes freely with the Malays as she speaks BM well. She’s accepted as one of their own & she even has a right proper Malay name, not one of those English disguised as Malay names.

        Never thought of it before reading your piece so I was curious of her relationship with Chinese colleagues & friends. Her answer was somewhat revealing as she said that I was probably her best Chinese friend in the office.

        We probably have lunch together a few times a month when we happen to meet in the elevator but rarely do we actively go out of our way to plan to have lunch together unless we needed to talk. I get along well with her as she’s a Sarawakian & somehow we Sarawakians have an affinity to stick together. So if I’m her best Chinese friend, that tells a lot.

        So I asked her why isn’t she accepted among Chinese colleagues since she looks Chinese, acts Chinese & speaks Chinese. For good measure, she is Chinese & that doesn’t change regardless of her religion right?

        She then said the most common reasons thrown at her was her inability to consume porcine food & alcohol. Also, they threw somewhat crass jokes about her needing to “hit her head on the floor” five times daily.

        I know she observes most rites assiduously. She prays on schedule, fasts during Ramadhan etc. But, I also know she takes a bit of liberty with regards to her lifestyle. She has a pug & an adopted mongrel at home. Sometimes, she’d pop by & join her friends for a drink in a non halal coffee shop so long as she does not consume any pork. But still, being Muslim is a sin, seemingly unforgivable for a lot of Chinese, at least here in Malaysia today.

        The conversation reminded me of a line that stuck in my mind from To Kill A Mockingbird; There’s just one kind of folks – folks. (Even if some of them are dapsters…)

        1. Why do you think conversion to Christianity is acceptable to the Dapsters (it also involves a name ‘change’/addition although not mandated) but conversion to Islam is not?

          1. May i butt in?

            To answer your question, my hubby has a theory. When he came to Malaysia about 12 years ago, he was shocked at how Americanized a lot of Malaysians were. He said we have lumped all of the whites and their white culture as those coming from the US. He said that we are clueless to the fact that the white culture is very broad and not as narrow as Malaysians seem to think. For example, there is a huge difference in culture between the northern and southern europeans, the continental europeans to the Brits, the europeans to the americans etc. But here in Malaysia, we have lumped the US culture as the white culture, which is totally insulting to him as he is a european and europeans do not have high regards towards americans, especially the so called american culture. To them, americans are kiasu too, with no adab and no culture. Funny, isn’t it?

            Anyway, he noticed that some people in Malaysia, i.e. the bananas and cocunuts, are completely taken with the american culture and psyche that they are easily influenced by the way the US gov and media propagate things. For example, the anti-Islam stance post 2001. The American narrative has been completely accepted and absorbed by the bananas and cocunuts here in Malaysia. When before we had no problems with inter-racial mixing, post 2001 things gradually changed. If you talk to the bananas and cocunuts, their stories are the same as those coming from the US. They relate more to the US culture, follow the US narrative, embraced anything and everything from the US of A.

            So, he thinks because this group of people are so white inclined, they have embraced everything white. And since to them, white = US, they follow the US narrative. Thus, love, LGBT, equality, anti-islam etc have become their lingua franca. The sad part is, the US culture is one that is mired in intolerance, hypocrisy etc and now that they have embraced that in entirety, they too have become intolerant, hypocrite, etc. unfortunately, they are not able to see that.

            The sad part is, the US narrative is slowly changing as they are starting to pay more attention to east asia, and slowly leaving middle east. Notice how now, we are reading more and more about Buddhist uprising and intolerance towards others of different religious background, contrary to the teaching of Buddha e.g. Sri Lanka, Myanmar? Notice too that the latest Iron Man have as the baddy, a man called the Mandarin? Coincidence or are we being prepared for the new target of US, i.e. China.

            If this is true and more anti China propanganda is churned out, how will the bananas react?

          2. Melonhead

            the Americans can pivot to Asia all they want. its not going to affect China at all. they can even continue to use Hollywood to bash China. the Mainland Chinese just don’t give a hoots what the Americans think of them.

            the way I see it, this American pivot to Asia is the final throw of the dice of the Evil Empire. they are already in terminal decline. look at their economy. the fact that they needed to print money to save their asses shows that they are utterly bankrupt.

            as for Hollywood continuing to churn out anti China garbage, well, they better think about what all these anti China films will do to their business. you actually think the Mainland Chinese are going to the cinemas to stomach all these anti China garbage ?

            speaking of the banana Chinese here in Malaysia. they are not Chinese anyway. in fact, these are the very people who will jump into bed with foreign devils to stab at the Chinese on first notice.

          3. sbb dia orang perasan anut agama christian jadi mat salleh kot. pada hal as Orangkampung said above, they are also muallaf christians. i dare say real matsallehs would think of them as totok wannabes. most of them cakap omputeh pun lentang pukang, dahlah perangai mcm kudung baru kenal/dapat cincin semacam. hahaha, joke on them!

          4. Think global perhaps? Maybe because Christianity has western roots thus must be “better”. After all, Chinese likes comparing themselves to the gweilos right? They don’t seem wowed nor terribly impressed by Asian, African or Middle East countries no?

            Secondly, as surmised many times previously, Malays are looked down upon by Chinese for a variety of reasons. And by being Muslim, one is said to be Malay. Don’t believe me? Ask the Hokkien speakers. To convert to Islam, the term is “jip huan” or loosely translated as “enter Malay”.

            Then again, the two theories above are just that, theories cooked up by my demented mind which was screwed big time by UMNO.

            On a personal note, I have two cousins who are married to Malays thus converted. I’ve seen how they’re disrespected by my uncles, aunts, cousins etc. Even on CNY, they’re openly offered pork dishes, bakkwa, beer etc, at times in the presence of their respective spouses.

            My parents asked my cousins long ago if they’re practising Islam & since the answer they got then was affirmative, they’ve respected that & thus serve them appropriate food every year. Mum even tells them to come on the 3rd or 4th day of CNY as that’s when we bring in the halal caterer for our Muslim friends.

            I think the indifference shown by my family members towards one of their own is reflective of how Chinese view Muslim converts. Yet, they will aggressively evangelize to get a new family member to convert when they marry into the family. We’re 3rd generation Catholics you see.

            You wanna know what’s the irony? The most “evangelical” among my dad’s sibling, is mother to the 2 who converted. And you know why I’m always so skeptical towards Catholic religious (priests, nuns etc)? My aunt, a nun is actively trying to reconvert my cousins…

        2. In the late 50s and early 60s, I went to college with many bananas and a few mangosteens who act saling tak tumpah like the subangites were acting now. We christened them ‘The Ugly Americans’.

          1. if you tell this to Americans, they will laugh……..not at you, but at those bananas and mangosteens. L O L ! because what these bananas and mangosteens do, it merely confirms what Americans and other westerners have suspected all along, that these bananas and mangosteens have an inferiority complex. L O L !

          2. I have to ask what’s a mangosteen? O_o
            I get the term bananas and coconut… hut mangosteen??

        3. Melonhead, there are a lot of truths in your hubby’s observations. Having been based in Europe for almost 3 years, I’ve grown to appreciate the rich culture of the different countries there.

          We have the famously prim & proper, stiff upper lip Brits, the colourful & fiery (especially when drunk) Scots, the famously proud French, the passionate Spaniards etc.

          As for US, 3 months of training in Memphis, TN was enough to see a country somewhat rotten in terms of morals. TV shows, movies etc however always portray a romanticized version of the real, gritty & grim picture thus the adulation of all things American.

          I certainly don’t mind visiting US for a vacation. But to set up roots there is a definite no no. Can’t say I’m terribly impressed by the drugs, the guns, the alcohol & all things decadent there. I suppose I’d prefer the more refined Canucks (especially in the French speaking regions) to the “great” US of A.

          1. the USA is after all a nation of immigrants. you know, one European I know, a French fella living in KL, he said that all those undesirables of Europe, they were “dumped” to the New World for good measures.

            I m not surprised by the antics of those who imitate Americans. birds of the same feathers flock together.

    2. Yes, even my chinese colleagues converse in Hokkien prior to a meeting. We are aware sometimes they utter rude words in front of the non Chinese, but we ignore it.

      The chinese generally believe they are culturally superior backed by their long history. When i talked to a Chinese colleague how the Egyptian Pharaoh institution lasted 3000 years from King Menes to Cleopatra, he berlagak pandai and reminded me China was longer whereas in fact Ancient China was much smaller and fracture along smaller kingdom for most of the time with each dynasty having a different version of its monarchy traditions compared to the Ancient Egyptian Pharaonic tradition who were thoroughly preserved and organized between each successions. Such feel of superiority can be observed in folks like Shuzheng and his writings. Even anglophile chinese are proud of their ancient chinese history and brag about it to mat salleh friends.

      Hence they , like their Japanese and even korean counterparts have an insular mindset when dealing with foreigners if different cultures. They are fine trading or dealing for short time, but living with darker complexion people of different cultures may prove difficult as they will surprised that the darker Africans or even Malay could perform as good as them,hence the homogeneous societies in East Asia, with Japan and Korea actively restricting immigration while China just have too many people to allow more aliens in. The mobilization of the Chinese economic strength in the Nanyang regions is a form self preservation to ensure their kind survive when in foreign countries, hence when they will hire theirmown kind and justify it as meritidracy to put down other people to create a monopoly, for example, it is a geneal knowledge that the manufacturing industry is strictly chinese territory, it is very clanlike culture that still permetaes through MNCs dominated by Chinese management.

      My company is a US company but only recently that we finally have two Malay Head of Departments out of ten HODs, the rest are Chinese with an Indian, and the Malay HODs were promoted from Missouri rather than our Chinese HR Manager or MD which fielded Chinese candidates for the positions. You can well guess how they feel having two Malay HODs reporting directly to a Mat Salleh director than a Chinese MD, jatuh air muka.

      And the Chinese colleagues will actively gang up to sideline the off Indian or Malay in their department or team to get better review for higher salary revision, you tau la, yg cina dapat lima, india empat, yang melayu semua tiga dua satu…. then the BUT comes from the Chinese…

      1. I do not say this is a trait of racism, but an act of self preservation by the Chinese especially the overseas Chinese, to them, the Malays or non Chinese are the Sabre Tooth tiger, but when the Malays of Indians use the same instinct… the Chinese call it racism and throw it at us.

        1. which is why the past couple of days, Shuzheng is getting panicky, as you’ve said previously.

          my observation of the Chinese of South East Asia is best summed up in the following.

          the Chinese of South East Asia, most of them being the descendants of coolies, they tend to have this inferiority complex. you see it, you feel it the moment you come into contact with them. they act, behave more Chinese than the Chinese in the Greater China region and those in western countries. I attribute this to the fact that they know for a fact that they are descended from… coolies, who were mostly… you have to understand the context here. Most of those who came in the 18th, 19th centuries, they were mostly of the “without culture” type, in other words their level of “civility” is much lower than even the natives of South East Asia.

  6. You guys should visit Penang to see first-hand how the mamaks are being treated and looked upon here.

    The Dapsters for some reason view them as a sort of the lowest of pond scum. And because mamaks are very much into business, they can be easily punished by creating all kinds of false rumors. You should see the kinds of nasty rumors that these Dapsters spread to prevent people from eating at Nasi Kandar restaurants.

    I heard some restaurants have closed down and many have seen business plunge as much as 50% after 0308.

    Every mamak person I know says he/she will vote and support for UMNO and punish DAP and Pakatan. And mind you many of these mamaks actually voted or some even financially contributed to DAP in 2008.

    1. re: “You should see the kinds of nasty rumors that these Dapsters spread”

      I know how capable the Dapsters are in this dept. I’m one of the victims of the Dapster rumour-mongering.

  7. it’s due to the ‘kiblat’ Helen.. If your kiblat is Hollywood, then conversion to christianity is considered quite trendy. Moreover, they can convert but yet be a non-practising christian but pick and choose which christian holidays you wanna celebrate i.e. Christmas & Easter.

    Plus, Islam is a party-pooper religion. Far too many rules & regulations, far too many things to do i.e, pray 5 times, fasting, qurban and dressing up all covered up, etc. So, to them Christian is modern and free-er.

    In Malaysia, the converts are disliked because they’re considered traitors to their race & religion and that where the saying ‘lebih melayu dari melayu’ came about of late. RT is a prime example for them.

    1. Ironic ain’t it?

      Those Dapsters who convert to Christianity (Hannah Yeoh converted at the age of 19) give me a fictional binti Abdullah name to demonize me among their kind who consider mualaf a “traitor to race and religion”.

      Yet I’ve never converted out of my parents religion. It is they themselves who have left the Chinese traditional faith belief system for evangelical Christianity, and they’re also the lynch mob carrying out the witch hunt against Chinese mualaf.

      Really, what kind of people are they?

      1. Samalah juga dengan pentaksub PAS yang mengkafirkan orang-orang UMNO. Pada mereka, merekalah yang paling sempurna. Semua yang tidak menyokong ideologi mereka dimurtadkan.

        Itulah hebatnya PAS dan DAP sebab mempunyai lebih ramai ulama dari ulama, lebih mufti dari mufti. Bila mereka menambah nama anda kepada Abdullah secara tidak sengaja berlegar di kepala saya nama Abdullah Ang yang pernah trending suatu ketika dahulu.

        1. re: “Semua yang tidak menyokong ideologi mereka dimurtadkan.”

          Ada yang meletakkan label ‘Kafir No.1’ bagi saya.

          Sekarang ni pula, mereka memasukkan saya ke dalam agama Islam. Semua ikut diorang suka.

          1. Helen,

            Religion is a potent weapon. Popes of Middle Ages were able to control wayward European Kings by saying that their voices (Papal statements) representing divine instructions.

            So, we have “tweeter queen’ who spends her time tweeting and loves preaching to others how “exalted’ she is or how ‘righteous” DAP is. That is equivalent to saying Hitler was a saint.

            And Malay community too is plagued with self appointed divine representative. They self styled themselves with Islam itself. Questioning them is deemed as challenging islam. Only they can talk about Islam. Others (meaning UMNO) is not qualified to give opinion on Islam.

            They spent entire life “ceramah sana sini” while earning income through donations from Malay folks using Islam. What a good way to earn income. Just “maki hamun” the others (meaning UMNO) while being paid by audiences who feel they (the audience due to lack of “beribadat”) will be “compensated” in afterlife by donating.

            Due to the habit of spending entire life in finding faults with others (meaning Rosmah not wearing a tudung becomes an issue), they simply do not have time to self introspection.

            Now why on earth I suddenly think of Mohd Sabu, Mahfuz the joker, or Guan Eng when I write here.

        2. Agree with Lim Tat, that’s why LGE, LKS can get along fine with NA. Maybe they even considered themselves to be the Superior Club occult highest priest.

      2. Allow me to explain my demented views on the religious caste system practised by Hannah & those yang sama sama jenis dengannya.

        Those who profess another faith ends up at the bottom of the pile. That means Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists etc.

        Those who share the same faith (somewhat, since evangelical churches are not considered a denomination after all) goes in the middle somewhere.

        Ditto those whose faith are inherited as they’ve not necessarily achieved the nirvana of being born again. These two groups would best describe someone like me though one may not necessarily have both traits.

        And finally, those being born again into the faith that God favors would in return be granted God’s favor. To earn even more indulgence in their amanah saham afterlife passbook, they must go forth & spread the good news to the blind, the deaf, the ignorant, the downtrodden, the oppressed etc.

        These kinds end up as the highest caste in the system. The cream of the crop as they would like to think themselves as.

        And that ends a short introduction on religious caste ala evangelist 101.

        Be honest. Aren’t you wowed by their terribly impressive righteousness in their search for the Promised Land? Little wonder that they haven’t learned a lesson from the Old Testament wanderers who wandered lost in the desert for 40 years.

        1. re: “wandered lost in the desert for 40 years”

          That really got me laughing out loud.

    2. If you, me and those born again Chinese Christian Muallaf care to google on Islam/Muslim in China, they will be surprised to be informed that there were more Chinese non muallaf Muslim in China than Malay Muslims in Malaysia!

      In Sabah (or is it Sarawak) there is even a group of Chinese Muslim migrants from China making their kampong there for a few generation.
      It is only that, the Chinese Christian muallaf do not know their history thinking they were the saved people of the universe!

  8. morning Helen. despite your best efforts, another PR cyber trooper has just posted a comment at Stop The Lies this morning at 9.21am using the name “Helen Ang Abdullah” :

    Helen Ang Abdullah says:
    April 10 2013 at 9.21am

    F.L.O.M did not pay for the berlian. But she did she save her pocket money from young and now her pocket and ” pocketed ” money is probably by billions.
    She should write a book about how to get ” pocketed ” money and guide malaysians to be millionaires if not billionaires.

    here’s the link. guys, see for yourselves, how despicable these people really are.

    1. It’s a direct reaction to this posting. The cybers monitor my blog 24/7 just like The Star does.

      I wonder if MCA monitors my postings too (I’ve heard that CSL’s office does read) and if they do, why still so adamant in refusing to add BM to their trilingual Chinese-Tamil-English slogan?

      Yes, the Dapsters are really very despicable. Hope you and other regular readers will leave a comment in STL to clarify.

      1. They do, some MCA dude used to quote Shuzheng blog to run down DAP, have any MCA used any of your blog entries to attack DAP?

        1. I’ve noticed that the banana Jerusubangites gravitate to the hate blogs for confirmation bias.

          1. I comment using anonymous at Stop The Lies. don’t worry. we will handle this pest. he’s a pest. he has to fly here and there to make a living.

    2. Hi International Jew,

      Are you my bro Anonymous also from Malaysia Today & STL? If yes. . .Ahhhhh ok then correct then. . .

  9. Bad cake mixture….with rancid butter AND rotten eggs. And whatever else normal people don’t consume. That’s what Dapsters really are made of and that’s what they are. Rotten to the core. Can do ah?

  10. Wah. . It seems that my name has been mentioned here. . I feel like a superstar now Helen. . Hahaha

    Hey bro FFC & PPP, we all know how low this cyberpoopers can go now do we?? Just continue to whack them kaw2 every chance we get. . Also let’s support our comrade SYA in his debate with DAP this Friday yea. . .

    Tolak PR
    Undi BM
    Selamatkan Malaysia

      1. Thanks Helen. . . I will be going to support SYA on this historic debate. .

        1. Haiyah brader. Lu lama tarak jumpa la… Well, the next 3 1/2 weeks will witness even more mud slinging, impersonation, slander etc. Gotta pace ourselves eh?

          For some reason or another I’m gravitating more towards Helen’s blog. Come to think about it, I enjoy sniping at the “righteous” Christians who claim the moral high ground in every thing they do. Heck, if it gains them another few votes here & there, they’ll even imagine up the interpretation of some bible verses telling you the kosher way to shit every morning. That’s how they manipulate & exploit the religion to make lambs out of the electorate to follow them to the abattoir.

          Talking about exploitation, how’s this tweet for child exploitation?

          My husband has successfully influence Shay to like Bon Jovi at this age (not even two!). She only wants “Because We Can”….

          I’m apoplectic with rage at this. I am not at all wowed or terribly impressed with this blatant exploitation of Bon Jovi especially at this delicate time when Richie Sambora was just kicked off their tour & rumored to be leaving my favorite rock kapak band!!!

  11. The whole board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai should be sacked forthwith arising from all the complaints about being pro-DAP and doing business with the Singapore Government.

  12. I see many here have spoke of America and their manipulated goals. This is a good article to read

    You want something more exciting then watch this video.

    Maturity & wisdom is not about what is politically convenient but between you and me as a community without infringing each others. Good luck Malaysians in GE13 when our maturity and wisdom ripens for the betterment of our fellow Malaysians irrespective of origin.

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