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Dapsters hate mualaf and mamak very much

The smear campaign carried out by Dapsters is beyond the pale.

In February, I received a tip-off from regular commenter ‘The International Jew‘ that my name “has been hijacked by the Dapsters to spread nonsense” at another blog (see screenshot below).

The imposter used the name ‘Helen Ang Abdullah’.

Internation Jew tip-off Helen Ang Abdullah comment

would DAP be willing Helen Ang 2013-04-09 20-54-46

Servant of God’s comment here

Hijacking other people’s names

Other readers also wrote in to alert me (see screenshot below).

I checked out the link url and found that the cybertrooper had impersonated ‘Calvin Sankaran’ to make the most vicious and malicious comments about me.

It is equally vicious and malicious that the imposter hijacked Calvin Sankaran’s name (see screenshot below) to make such dashyat comments.

Other readers of this blog have complained that their names (Aidil Yunus, Puak Pakatan Pembohong) were also stolen by the troopers.

That’s why in my previous postings I have sometimes penned the following line — “What kind of people are they?”

I won’t republish some of the other fitnah by the cybertrooper as its the type of lie that is so terrible that it can destroy relationships and break up families if casually repeated.

This individual who impersonates others and menabur fitnah merata-rata does not possess a shred of conscience to be doing this filthy character assassination.

Election 2013 Race contestation at its sharpest review 1955-69 Helen Ang 2013-04-09 20-25-11

Din Merican – For Sale To The Highest Bidder Stop The Lies 2013-04-09 20-40-01

Dapsters spreading lies far and wide

As a consequence of their fitnah, ‘Helen Ang Abdullah’ has become a Google prompt when you search keywords ‘Helen Ang’ (see screenshot below).

That’s how far and widely their lies have spread.

The readers of this blog had alerted me in the first week of February. By the third week of the month, searches on ‘Helen Ang Abdullah’ had begun landing in my blog (see screenshot below).

To date, a total of 33 searches on ‘Helen Ang Abdullah’ have been redirected to my blog.

helen ang - Google Search 2013-04-09 20-48-56


Consequences of their lies

So many people actually believe that Rosmah Mansor bought a RM24 million diamond ring.

The DAP even incorporated this libel into their ‘Ubah’ Psy parody on YouTube. So you see, it’s not just the cybertroopers who do these things. It’s the very top leadership by example.

So imagine that people out there being taken in by the unconscionable lie spread by the Dapsters and start believing that I’m a Muslim convert.

And what if members of the public should see me in a coffee shop eating bah kut teh? Or what if they see me eating in the daytime during puasa month?

Then, just like the Rosmah diamond ring slander, the lie about my converting to become Helen Ang Abdullah will take more twists and turns, such as I’m a munafik who converts in name only but doesn’t practice Islam.

Do you see how serious and how damaging this kind of fitnah is? Yet the Dapsters can pile lie upon lie without any qualms.

So again, I ask: Really, what kind of people would stoop so low to do such a thing?

If you read Annie’s posting, then you can see how intense is the hatred that these Dapsters have for Chinese converts.

What they’ve done is not merely menganiaya me – I’m not a Muslim and have never converted – but they are also being utterly disrespectful of Islam to take so lightly and mock the “binti Abdullah” name.

More about the imposters

The real Pakatan Puak Pembohong is a regular commenter and I’m familiar with his writing style.

PPP recently alerted me:

“These PR troopers are getting desperate now. Helen, you have my email address so if someone comes in here and claims he’s me, then you’ll know what I’m talking about when I write this comment.”

Yes, I do have the real PPP’s e-mail address. That’s why when the imposter came, I could spot that the comment was ‘faked (see screenshot below).

You can also see that their avatars are different — one is light green and the other is light blue even though both signed in with the PPP moniker.


PPP imposter

Yes, it’s ‘Ravin’

Despite being opened warned that he is an imposter, this particular cybertrooper dared to come back again.

His fake e-mail address is

Regular readers would be most interested to know that the imposter who tried to pass himself off as Pakatan Puak Pembohong is ‘Ravin’. Yet he uses the fake e-mail (see screenshot below).

Ravin abdamalik

You can see that Ravin’s light blue avatar is identical to that of the fake Pakatan Puak Pembohong above because both comments use the same fake e-mail.

This ‘Ravin’ creature had also previously sworn that he is a Muslim ‘Mohd Aziz’.

Very early on, some of the regular readers had already suspected that Mohd Aziz is not a Muslim although his command of BM is reasonably good.

See Khairul’s query (screenshot below) in July 2012 casting doubt on “mohd aziz’s” imposture.

To cover up, “mohd aziz” went to the extent of replying: “Hangpa nampak ke masa aku kat jamban pakai ayer atau kertai?”

Does The Star have a Christian agenda Helen Ang 2013-04-09 21-41-24

Does The Star have a Christian agenda Helen Ang 2013-04-09 21-49-13

Last August @ 2012/08/20 at 11:21 am, I had revealed that ‘mohd aziz’ is ‘ravin’ although I had blacked out his IP address.

He really does not deserve this courtesy of protecting his IP given his impersonation of Pakatan Puak Pembohong.

Furthermore, I strongly suspect Ravin was the one who left the ‘Helen Ang Abdullah’ fake comments as well.

My comment previously on 20 Aug 2012:

‘mohd aziz’ is a Yeopie

A number of readers have previously voiced their reservations that one commenter here calling himself ‘mohd aziz’ may not really be a Malay. However, this ‘mohd aziz’ has insisted that he is Malay.

‘mohd aziz’ posted his comments from an IP address (see screenshot below) which is identical to the IP address of ‘Ravin’ above.

Who is he?

Ravin SJ dinner rm150

What kind of people are they?

To give you an idea of Ravin @ mohd aziz’s profile, above is his comment boasting about paying RM150 per pax to attend the Subang Jaya DAP fundraising dinner featuring Lim Guan Eng and Hannah Yeoh as speakers.

Ravin-and-mohd aziz has a tendency to come in here to comment whenever there are Jerusubang threads.

Ravin has previously claimed in a comment in August 2012 that he is a resident of Subang Jaya (see screenshot below).

Among the nastiest (really, truly nasty beyond belief) comments I’ve ever received on this blog have come in our discussion threads on Jerusubang topics.

Ravin lives in Subang Jaya

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