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Copypasted from Annie’s blog. She suspects the comment is from a Komtar cybertrooper.

R u muslim ? How do u think chinese feeling while being treated as 2nd citizen since born in here. . If social contract is de facto fair and impartial . It will not cause Chinese rebellion to against UMNO -BN . Secondly thing is , Malay historic facts are doubtful .Could u tell me , the historical time-line (Tamadun) in this land .Tanah Melayu never constituted before British colonial .I believe Orang asli is the origin . In the meantime, Malay must appreciate us on the other hand , because of China , Malay -Melaka -sultane is safe from Siam . If not , Malay will be so cocky nowadays. .. Annie , ur mum is religious traitor ,her soul will burn in hell . And u son of bitch , has no right to question Chinese will.
7 April 2013 03:27
Fuck u mum asshole .. convert to most evil religion . u son of bitch ..

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