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ABU: Treat dubious voter like a robber or a rapist

Excerpts below from The Star‘s report on Haris Ibrahim.
  • “ABU will be peacefully observing voters”
  •  “safeguard the sanctity of the electoral process”
  • “approach dubious-looking voters at polling centres and ask them for their ICs
  • “Squad members will also ask questions like place of birth, or school to confirm that the voter is not a foreign national voting illegally.”
  • “Malaysia belongs to its rakyat, and any attempt to cheat us of our most fundamental right – namely, the right to vote – will not be tolerated
  • “Haris added that the Squad Tahan would act in a polite and respectful manner.
  • “Over the last two months, ABU has been distributing warning flyers to foreign nationals” warning them against voting in the coming elections.

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Reporter yang otaknya di kepala lutut

This Tashny Sukumaran of The Star is the same reporter responsible for promoting the anti-BN twits that I’d blogged about earlier.

(1) “peacefully observing voters”


Watch the Haris Ibrahim ‘ABU Message’ video.

Haris says the ABU Tahan squad will “deal with” the voters they consider as looking “dubious”. He emphasized, “again, take this warning seriously”.

(2) “approach dubious-looking voters

What is the ABU criteria to judge someone as “dubious-looking”? Isn’t this racial profiling?

Haris is the founder of Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia. SABM shouts from the mountain top that it is rises Beyond Race. The SABM mascot is Hannah Yeoh who preached ‘Look Past Race‘ in The Star‘s Merdeka Day special feature.

And now Haris and his ABU Tahan squad want to detain voters based on how they look (going by facial features, skin colour or is it the Benetton brand apparel that they wear?) Not about RACE, meh?

Hannah Yeoh article
Hannah Yeoh article

(3) “ask them for their ICs

Do the ABU Tahan squads think that they’re the police?

(4) “Squad members will also ask questions like place of birth, or school”

Why should anyone feel compelled to give a response to their questions?

(5) “act in a polite and respectful manner”

Does the leader of ABU in his video delivering the ABU message for polling day sound polite and respectful or does he sound threatening?


(6) “warning flyers”

The ABU flyer warned that if the targets of the vigilantes show up at the polling stations, they will be “confronted with the wrath of the rakyat”.

(7) “cheat us of our most fundamental right – namely, the right to vote – will not be tolerated

Who is preventing whom from voting? Who is the one being intolerant?

The Star in its glowing report doesn’t even question these glaring anomalies that any casual reader can see, and which I’ve listed above.


Gunting dalam Lipatan

Therefore what is one to make of The Star article on Haris which is tagged ‘GE13’?

What is the paper trying to do during this heated campaign period by publishing the report the mindless way it is written?

Don’t you think that the MCA should be held accountable for what The Star is doing?


Ambiga, get real‘ — response in Haris Ibrahim’s blog

Malaysiakini (9 April, 2013) reports Ambiga as saying that the ABU video is “offensive”.

Haris’ blog has published a reply to her (excerpts below, capitalized by this blogger):

“Do you mean peace at all cost even in the face of the most blatant cheating this country has ever witnessed?
Peace even at the cost of the rakyat being cheated of their ‘voice’ at the polls?
Would you shout out ‘peace’ to a ROBBER WHO BREAKS INTO YOUR HOUSE intent on stealing your hard-earned belongings or worse still INTENT ON RAPING you?
You say, Ambiga, that the proper way to ‘address anything suspicious at the polling stations is to note it down for further action via election petitions and not play vigilante’.
Would you do that to the WOULD-BE ROBBER OR RAPIST? […]
What material difference is there when BN cheats its way to victory and in the process prolong its PLUNDERING FROM AND RAPING of the rakyat to the case of the WOULD-BE ROBBER AND RAPIST?
Do you have first-hand knowledge of the suffering of the rakyat, particularly those marginalized and who have had to endure decades of abject poverty, suffering and discrimination?”

Hannah Yeoh in The Star

In yesterday’s interview with the Subang Jaya incumbent, The Star quoted Hannah Yeoh as calling for “a fair election and campaign process”.

The Star also said “it does seem likely that the people of Subang Jaya could see the return of Yeoh”. The MCA-owned paper had nothing to say about the MCA candidate who would be challenging Hannah for the seat.

PKR’s Wong Chen, who is tipped to contest the Kelana Jaya Parliamentary seat (under which the Subang Jaya DUN falls), is reported by The Star as saying he and Hannah Yeoh had something in common, that is two young children.

“We will be fighting for the future of our children, not only in terms of economic prosperity but for basic human rights. I have been to Indian estates in the country and seen for myself people living in extreme poverty. It is hard to imagine this kind of situation in our country,” The Star quoted him as saying.

The Star report on Hannah sounds like the Haris Ibrahim blog posting quoted above.

***  ***  ***

ABU threatens Hindraf pula sekarang

It is ironical that while the Haris blog posting talks about the “suffering of the rakyat, particularly those marginalized and who have had to endure decades of abject poverty”, at the same time is posted a statement against Hindraf, the group most involved with solving the problems of the estate Indians.

Attributing the demand to four men involved with some Hindraf activities in Kedah in 2007-2008, the Haris blog posting requires that Hindraf must commit itself to removing Umno from power.

It gives Hindraf chairman Waytha Moorthy “48 hours to renounce BN” or they will act. (Another threat? ish, ish, ish)

***  ***  ***


Lee You Hin (tweet above) is the MCA Kelana Jaya Youth chief who is a possible candidate for the Subang Jaya seat

Hannah ‘Vigilante’ Yeoh

But back to The Star and Hannah.

Hannah Yeoh is displaying the same vigilantism as Haris.

In her press statement, Hannah said:

“Our residents and supporters in Subang Jaya have been placed on high alert and will be monitoring the streets right up to polling day.”

She also accuses BN Kelana Jaya of “dirty campaigning”.

Star reporter interviewing Hannah Yeoh every other day
Tan Karr Wei interviewing Hannah Yeoh

What The Star didn’t ask Hannah

Pictured above is the The Star reporter who spoke to Hannah Yeoh yesterday. Like her colleague Tashny whose otak is located in the kneecap, Tan Karr Wei is similarly guilty of the most shoddy ‘journalism’.

She only got Hannah’s side of the story and neglected to interview the MCA potential candidate(s) for Subang Jaya whose teams have been alleged by Hannah as engaging in “dirty campaigning”.

Don’t the MCA candidates deserve the right of reply to Hannah Yeoh’s accusation, especially in a paper belonging to their own party?

Twitterhannahyeoh Blatant vote buying happening

“We will not tolerate”

Hannah Yeoh had also said that “we in Pakatan Rakyat will not tolerate anything less” than clean elections. Shouldn’t the Star reporter have asked Hannah Yeoh to clarify what exactly she planned to do to enforce their intolerance?

The Star article portrays the DAP and PKR as “fighting for the future of our children, not only in terms of economic prosperity but for basic human rights”. It alludes to the need to ‘Ubah’ for the sake of our children’s future as well as mentions Hannah Yeoh’s two young children.

The MCA-owned paper further praised Hannah who is “back at work barely two months after giving birth to her second daughter”.

Since The Star itself brings up the subject of her delivery, why didn’t the reporter ask Hannah Yeoh what is the race of her second daughter? Biasa lah. Bad news for the DAP is good news for the MCA is no news in The Star.

It really looks like MCA is complicit in all of The Star‘s shenanigans. What else is one to make of the two Star articles cited above?


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77 thoughts on “ABU: Treat dubious voter like a robber or a rapist

  1. these people are beyond redemption now.

    Hannah in The Star ? you should have written “Hannah is The Star”. that way her flock will for once, say something good about you.

    but I could be wrong here. for one thing, her flock tend to go nuts when you or Joceline write something about her. gotta go now. stay safe and stay vigilant. L O L !

  2. JUST VOTE lah , ABU TAHAN IDIOTS. Cast your vote at your designated polling place. If you go to other polling centre YOU ARE THE OUTSIDERS. I will ask for your IC, school then. IDIOT!!!

    1. Just because u use malaysian as your nick dont make u more malaysian than anyone else here..I would felt offended if AbUer ask for my IC.

      Btw, i have full right not to give my ic to them..they’re not authorize to hold my IC pun..

      1. I hope Malaysians could put-on the attire which looks like Boyans, Rohinyas or Pinoys, May 5 polling day.

        If these ‘TAHAN pungkoq’ guys come to ask question and ask for your IC, don’t layan them or turn your face the other way.

        If they act aggressive, whack the hell out of them till their teeth strew all over the polling station. That will make them come to their senses, what ‘citizen’s voting rights’ really mean.

        1. I’m gonna hunt for an Aung San shirt this weekend. They really wanna know the will of the people? They’re in for an effing surprise

        2. No true malaysian will put on attire looks like Boyans, Rohinyas or Pinoys, May 5 polling day. Only stupid people will do that. Even I were to do that I can’t hide my malaysian appearance. However those true Boyans, Rohinyas or Pinoys will try very hard to dress like malaysian as they have something to hide or they better hide rather than being monitored by ABU.

          1. you’ll be pleasantly suprise to know how stupid you just made yourself to be. Pray tell, what is ‘Malaysian appearance’ and, ‘dressing like Malaysians’ – wtf is that all about? OMG – living in a bubble, much?

          2. anakjamil, perhaps they should take our DNA sample for a profile to see if we’re Malaysians.

            Truly, I hope the hoodlums will approach me for an ID check. I wanna see to what are the boundaries they’re willing to cross to reach their goals.

            And since they cult leader claimed grandiosely that they were prepared to die, may I suggest they book their tickets to Sarawak.

            For those who don’t already know, in olden times warriors in Sarawak are only acknowledged as one after they have killed & beheaded an enemy. Their machete is then treated like a sacred item as it has tasted blood. Such machetes are passed down for generations & elaborate rituals are done to appease the spirit of the machete with a cockerel’s blood.

            An urban legend which grew out of these traditions would be the one of the Borneo Headhunters. Skulls of those beheaded are placed in the foundations of buildings, bridges etc to ensure no bad luck befalls the structure.

            Team ABU should be deployed to border areas such as Entikong, Serikin & Tebedu where Indonesians freely enter the town through unofficial border crossings to trade. Try stopping the locals & before long Team ABU (TABU) will kena tabu (local speak for getting a beating).

            If they don’t already know it, we East Malaysians don’t take to kindly to orang Malaya telling us what to do.

    1. Agree.. We should UBAH especially an old man like Lim Kit Siang. He should rest in peace.

      1. Yeah Penang girl,

        We ubah the non productive opposition who can only scream in the Dewan Rakyat wasting so much of dewan time with non destructive argument and politicking.
        Malaysia don’t deserve to have such opposition team ,we needs better team.

  3. No civilian can ask another civilian to produce their identity documents for inspection in public. Only law enforcers are allowed to do so but only after adhering to protocol by identifying themselves.

    How’s this for a warning & challenge TAHAN? I’ll be voting at Parlimen Petra Jaya at SRK Matang Jaya come polling day. Try asking me for my MyKad & see what happens.

    As for the Star, they should just rebrand themselves as Rocket’s Star. Utter rubbish reporting & devoid of journalistic ethics.

  4. the more i read about Haris, ABU & Tahan, i come to a conclusion what a tormented soul Haris is. He’s so plagued with insecurity, hatred, desperation that he is fast becoming a walking tragedy.

    I emphatize with whatever that’s troubling him & I hope he find peace one of these days.

  5. The full Board of the Star and Wong Chun Wai should be sacked forthwith for the long list of complaints and also for doing business with the Singapore Government. Are the Star people seeing stars ?

  6. Since we are allowed to make citizen arrest and if ABUers try to deny us our right to vote, can we tahan the TAHAN thugs ?

    I suspect that the real motive of TAHAN squad is to prevent BN supporters from voting, just like during the Lunas by-election. I would love to be tahan-ed by the TAHAN squad…that would give me a perfect reason for me to give them a bloody nose…literally.

  7. I see that Ambiga has joined the PR ceramah circuit and campaigning for them. Finally she has come out of the closet and revealed her true intention – regime change. Expect more such people to come out of wood work in the coming days.

    1. Regime change is not a bad thing. Let’s make 5/5 a new independence day from the evil regime of UMNO.

      1. Lol….itd be a new dawn for malaysia..because guarantee after that all pakatan asshole leaders will be too old by pru14 and remain BIGGEST LOSER

        1. They’d compel parliament to provide them with hearing aid, Braille and wheel-chair facilities.

  8. Mat Seman: saya ingat mengucapkan berbanyak-banyak terimakasih kepada Encik Harris Ibrahim keran perjuangan saudara selama beberapa tahun menggunaka ABU sebagai platform telah mengembalikan keyakinan saya kepada UMNO, BN dan kerajaan pimpinan Najib.

    Harris Ibrahim: Whaaaattttt the f**k??? Are you ready to die Mat Seman?
    Mat Seman: Are you?

  9. Seriously, we should respond by wearing indonesian kebaya, filipino shirts (those banana fibre ones) and kurta…. see what they can do…. when one of us get hurt by the DAPster ABU Hitler squad…. we screw them in court big time..

    1. You know what would be funnier? What language shall these ABU people use when communicating with these alleged phantom voters: If it’s Bahasa Malaysia, sei lor..manyak olang kena pick up suspected to be from PRC wor!

      1. PRC type not given free IC from UMNO. UMNO only give free IC for Muslim Bangla, Indon and Pinoy. They are willing to sell thier country for votes.

        1. What about those Malay Muslim from Thailand who will be voting for PAS? UMNO’s gave them free IC too?

          If a Muslim foreigner applying for citizenship, cannot?
          Muslim from PRC, also cannot?
          Dark skin people of Indian origins, also cannot?

          Fair skin non-Muslim like PRC, Korea or Japan, can?

          What kind of damn racist ‘Malaysian’ are you?

          1. The Malay Muslim from Thailand have been staying here for centuries and hence given the ICs but not the Bangla, Indon or Pakistani who are given free ICs when they just arrived in malaysia for months or even days in exchange of their votes.

  10. We should try and point at Ambiga and shout bangla bangla in front of the ABU Hitler Youth to see how far they are willing to die

  11. Threatening Malaysians while claiming to act peacefully.

    Sounds like the Sulu intruders all over again.

    1. At least Kiram was taking a strategic political gain for himself, this Haris Ibrahim, just wants to watch Malaysia burn…

      1. Well, they both act on lies.

        Kiram: The lie that he’s a Sulu Sultan and he owns Sabah.
        Haris: The lie that UMNO is evil and uses phantom voters to win.

        This is merely a ploy to intimidate and harass people from voting, and to cause trouble on polling day.

        Somebody needs to act and smack this idiot straight.

        1. HarRACIST suffers from colour complex. Tried hard as he did with skin lighteners, he still couldn’t make himself noticed. Hence the brimstone and hellfire. But these type of guys would be the first to run for their lives at the slightest sign of trouble. I’d love to know his whereabouts on polling day to prove my point.

  12. I support bro Haris ABU to take stringent measures to ensure a “clean and fair” GE13 by their definition. Let them do what they feel they have to do, politely and with respect, fair and legally of course. Let them be the watchdog and filter at all the polling stations. The people should even give them money to operate.

    When the result is announce and BN is the winner, then, they should be gentlemen and brave enough to be the WITNESS that it has been a clean and fair election! And nobody then should go to the street mindlessly to protest. I support you bro Haris! I am for Peace Malaysia.

    1. You seem dubious, I don’t think you’re a Malaysian, why don’t you put down your ic number here so we can check.

      1. Bro, pls read what I have written above, again, so you’ll know where I stand. I am a proud peace loving Malaysian.

        1. Easy to tell where exactly you stand.
          Your hypocritical reaction is as expected.

          I hope people won’t be fooled by the likes of you.
          Well, at least the regulars of this blog won’t be fooled.

    2. Yes you are right but without the foreign help, BN is quite impossible to win election.

      1. Just like without lying, rabble rousing & exploiting emotional issue PR can’t win is it?

      2. Indians Malaysian could be the kingmakers this time but surely not these foreigners. BN will win in this clean and fair election. But once and for all, let our bro Haris prove it. I hope he won’t chicken out.

    3. Dear Cal Se,

      You trust a partisan group that call themselves “Asal Bukan UMNO” to ensure a “clean and fair” election? If we let everyone do what they feel they have to do, will you support Perkasa to be the watchdog too? Why not?

      Who gave Haris the right to intimidate and harass voters on polling day? Are they independent observers approved by the Election Committee? Cakap jangan main ikut sedap hati atau buntut aje!

  13. “Haris says the ABU Tahan squad will “deal with” the voters they consider as looking “dubious”

    in Kelatenistan, you simply can’t tell the different between Jusoh from ‘Kale Chepa and Jusoh from Pattani. They look the same, speak the same local lingo, heck even wear the same kopiah putih. So how ABU? it is reported that they’ll be ‘imported voters’ ready to cross Golok river this May 5 so they can have extra RM50 in the pocket paid by PasPissPus.

    1. I’m curious, is ABU going to tahan the chinese voters and check their IDs? Or are they under the delusion that there are no Chinese illegal immigrants? After all, there’s no chinese on the flyers, right?

      1. Team Tahan akan duduk di mana-mana bucu/sudut di saluran mengundi dan akan menahan diri sendiri untuk diperlakukan seperti ketua kelas SMK Tun Hussein Onn, Penang oleh semua pengundi-pengundi yang hadir.

        Sejurus itu, ABU akan mencatatkan statistik kekerapan bagi gerakan flying kick/muay thai yang dilakukan oleh pengundi dan menghantar laporan secara online melalui CAT (computer aided transcription) seterusnya direkod di dalam Excel, dicetak dan dikumpulkan untuk dihantar ke Bukit Tagar selepas PRU 13.

      2. Don’t think ABU is going to stop Chinese voters. Ther are of course chinese illegal immigrants but illegal immigrant means they do not have proper document to vote. Chinese from PRC also are unlikely even to be given free ICs to help BN as BN especially UMNO has Chinesephobia.

        1. true Malaysian .. BN is so chinesephobia that we see only 100% purebred Malays in the current government, right? Stupid much?

  14. ABU, fair and free? The name and the conduct doesn’t say so, well at least spraying around town on public and private properties doesn’t seems FAIR to me and repainting the ABU sprayed walls; definitely not FREE!

  15. Cal Se dan Malaysian, pernahkah anda mengundi sebelum ni?..disetiap saluran mengundi ada wakil calon-calon yang bertanding, mereka dibekalkan dengan senarai pengundi.

    Kita masuk tunjukkan kad pengenalan dan nama kita ditandakan dan dibaca dengan kuat oleh pegawai undi, kemudian kita diberi 2 kertas undi, satu untuk parlimen dan satu lagi DUN, warnanya berbeza. Kita pergi kemeja undi untuk pangkah calon yang dipilih dan kemudiannya ke kotak undi untuk masukkan kertas undi kedalamnya.

    Wakil calon boleh tandakan nama pengundi yang datang mengundi pada senarai pengundi yang mereka ada…itupun kalau mereka rajin dan tak tidor…

    Itu musim lepas, musim ni ditambah dengan dakwat kekal lagi.. pak ard akan minta dakwat itu ditandakan pada jari tengah supaya pak ard boleh tunjukkan jari tengah pak ard pada wakil calon berkenaan…

    Wakil calon boleh semak tiada yang mengundi dua kali dan mereka boleh campurkan jumlah pengundi setiap saluran untuk mengetahui jumlah mengundi di pusat mengundi tersebut. Undi akan dikira mengikut pusat undi dan akan diumumkan… bandingkanlah…

    Cal Se dan Malaysian, tolong tanyakan Haris pernahkah dia mengundi sebelum ini?.. Siapa dia dan “tahan” untuk menghalang mereka yang tersenarai namanya dari mengundi… jika ada keraguan pada senarai undi, itu urusan dia dengan SPR… jangan halang “rakyat lain” yang bukan “rakyat mereka” dari mengundi,.. janganlah terlalu besar kepala…

    1. terima kasih Pak Ard atas penjelasan mengenai perjalanan hari pengundian. Saya first time nak mengundi ni, sexcited teramat.. tak sabar dah nak pangkah dacing!

      1. Unfortunately I’m sexcited not at all. My kawasan DAP sure win one.

        Anyone can share creative ways to spoil the ballot?

        1. Then you have to ask why DAP sure win and why they won every past elections? MCA not hard working enough in your area?

          1. MCA is also expect in scaring the CHinese that PAS is controlling the DAP. Voting DAP is like voting PAS. So why this didn’t work? For me, if Ong TK continue to lead MCA, MCA maybe the favourite now rather than MCA. The moment when CHua CD used money politic to win the no 1 seat means, MCA is a rotten party plus thier total loyalty to UMNO means a good recipe to be abondoned.

      2. First time? Good luck. harap2 anak jamil antara yang bertuah di tahan harris abu.

        1. Ibni Ismail,

          saya boleh gerenti saya akan ditahan oleh TAHAN. LOL! Kalau polis pun dok pikir saya berkemungkinan thai atau indon atau orang burma .. rasanya perjumpaan saya dengan ABU sudah pasti!

    2. Pakard, itulah yang saya nak cakap. Kita ada prosedur yang ketat masa mengundi. Kita ada NGO sebagai observer, watchdog dll. KIta sudah adapun sistem yang clean and fair. Tapi mereka mereka ni masih buat rakyat tak percaya dan cakap yang karut marut. So inikalilah, biar bro Haris sendiri buktikan. Saya percaya dia tak akan dapat tahan sesiapa pun…kecualilah dia bawak orang asing sendiri. Itu sudah lain kes..

    3. Masalahnya, senarai pengundi yang dikeluarkan dianggap ‘tidak bersih’. Ramai pengundi adalah diragui terutamanya ramai yang didaftar pada tahun lepas. Ramai yang tiada alamat tetap dan jelas didaftar sebagai pengundi. malahan pada satu rumah setinggan di Selangor, seramai 50 orang pelbagai bangsa didaftar dengan alamat yang sama dan bila usaha dibuat untuk mengesan mereka, tidak dapat sahkan mereka tinggal di situ. Aduan telah dibuat kepada EC tetapi EC tidak mahu ambil tindakan. Tapi dari segi undang-undang, semua ini adalah ‘pengundi sah’. Fenomena ini paling teruk di negeri Selangor.

      1. M…

        Saya tinggal di Selangor. Kawasan Tanah Lot (harap awak faham maksud tanah lot, ye). Sepanjang kawasan tanah lot ini, ada kira-kira 20 rumah (rumah sendiri serta rumah sewa).

        Saya tidak pasti samada penyewa-penyewa di situ akan mendaftar sebagai pengundi untuk negeri Selangor memandangkan kebanyakannya dari Kelantan atau Kedah tapi bagi keluarga kami yang agak besar, kami semua mendaftar sebagai pengundi dengan alamat yang sama.

        Hampir kesemua kawasan kami adalah ‘tanah-tanah lot’..Kemungkinan untuk mendapat lebih dari 20 – 30 orang pengundi berdaftar menggunakan alamat yang sama adalah tinggi.

        Jadi, fenomena ganjil apanya yang awak cuba katakan?

        1. Fenoma ganjil ini timbul selepas PRU 12yang membawa semangat untuk mereka memerintah. Spesis mereka ini memang ganjil..

  16. my area would be BN vs PAS and no way in freaking hell would i vote for a faux-islamic party.

    Speaking of which and since my mode of transportation would be taxis, i’ve spoken to some of them – just to keypo la. It seems the usual PAS supporters will not be voting their party in but will be race based. i.e. meaning if BN put out a Malay candidate, BN will get the vote. This feeling is shared by quite a few.

    As for indians, they like Najib and would want him to win. Unfortunately, I never did manage to ask this question to a chinese taxi drivers.. I just assume they would vote for DAP.

  17. Although I don’t know Haris personally, I actually do like Haris, personality wise. He has the balls to do what he thinks *right*, the berani-buat-berani-tanggung type. I hope Haris would at least respond to Helen’s posts here, but so far haven’t seen any yet.

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